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Water scarcity in the world and in the Czechia
Krištof, Petr ; Janský, Bohumír (advisor) ; Matějček, Tomáš (referee)
I used mainly research and compilation methods in the theoretical part of the bachelor thesis. The water scarcity is very actual issue in the era of climate change. Unfortunately, in my opinion it doesn't get that much attention in public space. The first part of thesis summarizes the causes and consequences of water scarcity, there are examples of bad water usage including ways of solution. The goal is popularize the topic of drought and water scarcity and help to implement these attractive topics to the school curriculum. The chapter about water scarcity in the Czechia is mainly focused on drought and measures to eliminate it. We have to realize, that our water comfort is not eternal. Episodes of drought are occured more frequently also in central Europe now. The practical part of thesis contains one-day lesson programme about water scarcity and hydrometeorological extremes for 8th - 9th grade of primary school. Key words: climate change, water scarcity in the world, water consumption, consequences of water scarcity, water scarcity in the Czechia, drought, measures
Hydrological drought and surface water quality as research education on grammar school
Janečková, Petra ; Matoušková, Milada (advisor) ; Matějček, Tomáš (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the topics of hydrological drought and water quality in the school environment. The goal of the thesis is to create a worksheet using research-oriented teaching, on the above-mentioned topics. In the theoretical part, from the available professional and popular science sources, it characterizes both professional and didactic issues with the help of research. The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis serves as a basis for creating a worksheet. In the practical part, with the help of a worksheet, it increases students' awareness of hydrological drought and surface water quality. The conclusion of the thesis discusses the students' results from the worksheet. Key words research-oriented education, hydrological drought, surface water quality, worksheet
The international project "Climate Detectives" and the evaluation of it's potential in the Czech educational system
Jakouběová, Ivana ; Matějček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Jelen, Jakub (referee)
The Climate Detectives is an international educational project established and maintained by the European Space Agency. It focuses on an enviromental and climate issues, which makes it a perfect tool for usage in natural science subjects, especially geography. The project reached Czech Republic not long ago, which sparked an idea to investigate it's potential through this thesis. The goal is to analyze the previous projects, that have already taken place and evaluate it's use in the czech educational system. To fulfill this goal, this thesis uses three research methods, first being a content analysis. Through this method, it is possible to aproach the subject from various angles and find the topics that could inspire possible future teams from Czech Republic. The second method is a written questionnaire distributed to the czech teachers of appropriate age groups of students. This will provide an insight in the opinion and stance of the teachers towards the project and could possibly reveal any limitations. Last method is an interview, conducted in written form with foreign teachers, that already have some experience with the Climate Detectives project. Their views and observations are invaluable for finding possible solutions to the issues that the czech teachers may encounter. The results derived...
Everydayness in teaching regional geography
Benešová, Markéta ; Matějček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Cimová, Tereza (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to find out the potential of using the phenomenon of the everydayness in the teaching of regional geography. In the theoretical part, the concept of everydayness is presented from different perspectives, and we further focus on its connection with geography. In the practical part of the diploma thesis, several activities based on the stories of the daily life of the inhabitants of the selected region are put forward and tested in the lesson. The investigation was carried out using qualitative research methods. The source of the data were the notes from the participants' observation conducted during the lesson and the submitted outputs of the students (in the form of worksheets or a short questionnaire). These data were then analyzed, and the results were subjected to a discussion in which they were confronted with the fulfillment of the respective objectives. The conclusion of the thesis contains, among other things, suggestions for further possible geographical research in the field of everydayness. key words: everydayness, regional geography, geography of everyday life, geographic education, qualitative research
Assessment of disused sand and gravel pits in the Třeboň region from the perspective of landscape ecology
Eliášová, Kateřina ; Matějček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Lipský, Zdeněk (referee)
This thesis summarizes findings gained about abandoned sand and gravel pits located in the Třeboňsko Protected Landscape Area. A study of written documents, old maps, aerial images and a field survey of selected sites were used to find out information on mining and mining pits. In the survey, erosion of mining walls, pollution, land use, land cover, dominant and invasive plant species and moisture of mining pits were monitored in sectors of approx. 1 ha or the bank length of about 500 m. A total of 127 sites was included, 37 of which were surveyed in the field. A classification has been created based on age, size, moisture conditions and current land use. Changes caused by mining, including changes in land use and land cover before and after mining, as well as the interaction of mining sites with the Territorial System of Ecological Stability (ÚSES) were also monitored. The majority of sand and gravel pits are small with an area less than 1 ha, dry pits predominate, and most sites were abandoned in the 1970s to 1990s. In about half of the cases, the land cover or land use from before mining have been restored. The main land cover change is the formation of large lakes and forests while the non-forest surface is more diversified after mining. Sites converted into arable land or built-up areas are...
Wilderness and recreation in the Šumava NP - typology of the relationship
Zitová, Anna ; Romportl, Dušan (advisor) ; Matějček, Tomáš (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on evaluating the relationship between wilderness and recreation, specifically in the Czech National Park Šumava. Šumava is one of the unique natural sites, not only due to its location in Central Europe, but also due to its unique natural wealth hidden in the heart of Europe. Moors, peat bogs, river springs, but also forest vegetation and much more are among the treasures of this Czech national park. These places are an attraction for many visitors. The work examines how to reconcile these two opposing tendencies. On the one hand, it is a desire to protect the natural environment and, on the other hand, it is the ever-increasing pressure of tourism and recreation. The diploma thesis is divided into two basic parts. The first part is a search of the evaluation of the "wilderness" itself and offers a view of this concept from different angles. It is evident that the view of the wilderness will be different in the world context from what we know from the Czech Republic. Furthermore, it is possible to get acquainted with the influence of recreation on the natural environment, resp. "Wilderness". The work examines the effects of recreation on fauna and flora in the most detail. The practical part of the work addresses the relationship between recreation and "wilderness" in...
Changes in light pollution during the night
Klauda, Ondřej ; Matějček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Müller, Miloslav (referee)
Light pollution is an environmental problem, the consequences of which include higher level of night sky brightness, negative effects on organisms and natural ecosystems, degradation of quality of life and potential human health problems. Light pollution arises due to improper focusing of luminaires, excessive intensity of artificial light and lighting in unsuitable time. This diploma thesis focuses on changes in light pollution during the night. The main working hypothesis does not assume significant changes in light pollution during the night. The literature review of the diploma thesis describes natural and artificial influences on night sky brightness, temporal changes in light pollution, methods of visualization of light pollution in maps and characteristics of the study area. Within the study area in the Central Bohemia, there were executed measurements of night sky brightness using a Sky Quality Meter. The field stands have been chosen to represent urban, suburban and rural landscape. Based on the analysis of time series of night sky brightness, three types of night sky brightness courses were identified. The most intense changes of night sky brightness were proved in suburban landscape. On the contrary, the least intense changes of night sky brightness were proved in rural landscape....
Integrating Geography and Literary education
Čistecká, Barbora ; Matějček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Kafková, Michala (referee)
As the title implies, this diploma thesis discusses integrating Geography and Literature education. The theoretical part summarizes the main positive aspects of integrated teaching in general, and in particular it focuses on the synthesis of Literature education and Geography. A significant part of the thesis is based on the overview of specific examples of the way literary works are used in teaching Geography, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Further attention is then paid to interlinking biography and Geography. These theoretical starting points are subsequently applied in the research when analysing biographical sources of five explorers. From each of these explorers' biography several short passages suitable for teaching Geography have been chosen. Each text has been extended with suggestions how to use it in teaching. The final sample of texts consists of topics from various areas of Geography and the suggestions presented here confirm the wide range of possibilities of integrating Literature and Geography.
The level of invasion by alien plants in the Ploučnice River basin
Šenová, Vendula ; Matějček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Romportl, Dušan (referee)
The level of invasion varies according to the habitat type. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the level of invasion in the basin of the Ploučnice River in North Bohemia. The values of the level of invasion were quantified for vegetation plots from the Czech National Phytosociological Database and for segments of riverbank vegetation which were mapped at own field research. Ten maps showing the level of invasion by alien plants were developed based on a quantitative assessment of the level of invasion of particular habitat types at different altitudes. The levels of invasion were measured as proportion of the species that are aliens and total cover of alien species, the same was done for archeophytes and neophytes separately. The other option to quantify the level of invasion was using levels of count of invasive neophytes in the riverbank vegetation. Within each habitat the level of invasion was related to altitude. If the relation was significant, the level of invasion in that habitat was extrapolated according to that relation to altitude. Mean levels of invasion were used for the habitats which the relation was non-significant for. The west, northeast and the central parts of the assessed basin were evaluated as the most invaded areas. It is caused by the occurrence of the most invaded...

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