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Residential house Rakovnik, technological phase roofing
Procházka, Václav ; Nečasová, Barbora (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with building technology stage roof of a residential building in Rakovník. It deals with the supporting structure of the roof, attic insulation, plumbing and roofing elements. The work includes technical regulations, bills of quantities, schedule, drawings and other technical documentation in stages.
Multifunctional House - project planning and management of construction
Krč, Jan ; Diaz, Yvetta (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
This master´s thesis deals with project planning and management of construction of multifunctional building. The main part of thesis are budget of object and schedules of work, which contain realization of reinforced concrete structure and other related works. Another part of thesis deals with the technical regulations about the implementation of horizontal and vertical parts of reinforced concrete structure and from finishing works about realization of inside plasters. Following this part there is design and schedule of using of appropriate building machines and small machinery for their implementation, design of site equipment, quality assurance of works performed, safety of work and minimization of environmental impact. The thesis contains also proposal of contract of work. This work does not deal with substructure of multifunctional building, because this is solved in bachelor thesis.
Construction-technological project of the building in the area of Rotana
Kadlec, Michal ; Brandtner, Michal (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to process a construction-technological project of the building in the area Rotana. The aim of the thesis is to propose a suitable implementation procedure of the building. The thesis deals with the time schedule of the main object, itemized budget, major building machines and mechanisms, project of site equipment, study of the main construction phase realization, plan for securing material resources, technical report, time and financial object plan. The thesis also focused on the comparison bracing of foundation with the slopes.
Residence Smíchovská, technological stage finishing
Skokanová, Šárka ; Krejčí, Michal (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
Subject of this thesis is the technological stage of completion of work, execution of external thermal insulation composite system and two variants of flat roofs, residential building Smíchovská residence in the district of Prague 13 - Smíchov. Building technology project thesis contains principles of organization of construction site equipment including drawing, technological regulations for insulation system, scaffoldings and two variants of flat roofs, budget and schedule, design mechanical assembly, wider relations routes, quality requirements and ensure and sources of risk. The work includes also comparing the cost of construction of two variants of flat roofs from the financial, time and technological aspects
Silage trough Litkovice - construction and technology study
Zadák, Petr ; Krejčí, Michal (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis deals with the construction and technology studies of the silage trough in Litkovice village. For this specific construction project will be primarily compiled a technology study of the main technological stages implementation, a technical and case report, principles of construction organization, a construction site technical report, a technological regulativ for concrete sump, health and safety regulatives at a construction site, a inspection and test plan for concreting the sump wall, a construction project time-schedule, a budget for both projects - SO01 silage trough and SO02 sump.
Construction-technological project of Ayurvedic pavilion in Počátky
Lisý, Ondřej ; Selník, Petr (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with realization of an Ayurvedic pavilion in the premises of Saint Katerina Resort. The proposed new compound is designed to extend the leisure services of the Saint Katerina Resort in Počátky. The feasibility study of the main technological stages of the project is solved in this diploma thesis. The construction of the object is described in the technical report. Both a detailed itemized budget of the construction and a detailed timetable to show the duration of each process is elaborated for the construction technology project. Futhermore, the design of site construction equipment, design of machine assembly, time deployment of machines and staff balance is elaborated. The project includes a technological regulation of the realization of the skeleton supporting frame structure and both control and test schedule. The work safety for the assembly of the wooden building supporting frame is composed.
Construction-technological project of the revitalization of the tipping plant in Vítkovice
Labaj, Ondřej ; Diaz, Yvetta (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the proposal of a construction technological project of the tipping Plant in Vítkovice. The work consists of a technological report, transport routes proposal, study of the realization of the main technological stages, time and financial plan of all main objects, construction site project, design of main construction machines and mechanisms. The project also includes itemized budget of the main building structure together with a detailed timetable, financial plan and schedule deployment of construction machinery and workers. The content of this thesis also includes a technological project for the implementation of semi-assembled ceiling structures with a plan for securing material resources and a technological project for the execution of remediation works of concrete structural elements, for which an inspection and test plan with the description of inspection was prepared. The health and safety plan was also created from the perspective of the health and safety coordinator.
Construction-technological project of extension of elementary school Šlapanice
Vrbka, Jiří ; Diaz, Yvetta (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with construction-technological project of extension of elementary school Šlapanice. The thesis is focused on the design of the construction site equipment, the time and financial plan, itemized budged, the design of machines and mechanisms, the technological regulations, the control and test plan and the noise study. Part of this thesis is also the detailed time schedule and the thermal assessment of the roof.
Sports hall, entrance portal implementation
Vondrák, Tomáš ; Krejčí, Vlastimil (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis was to develop a construction-technological project for a technological phase of the project realization - the construction of a sports hall entrance portal in Jinřichův Hradec. The construction-technological project deals mainly with the technological procedures for boarding, fortifying and concreting of the vertical monolithic construction of the entrance portal. The project also includes a time schedule of the construction, budget, project of a device, controling and piloting plans for operation pursuing, principles of construction organization and solution of safety operation. The project also contains a design of the constructional situation, an arrangement‘s building site drawing as well as the drawing of the boarding.
Architectural and technological project the polyfunctional file EASTGATE
Plaček, Michal ; Diaz, Yvetta (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
The aim of this master's thesis is the architectural and technological project of office building the polyfunctional file EASTGATE. It deals with a solution of the developing process in term of time, financial and material requirements based on client and designer requirements. Architectural and technological project of the master's thesis contains technological regulations, building equipment, schedule, itemized budget, design mechanical assembly, inspection and test plan, health and safety, etc.

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