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Implementation of RVP in physical education at elementary school in relation to pupils and their opinions (preferences)
Hoffmannová, Tereza ; Dvořáková, Hana (advisor) ; Fořterová, Petra (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the personal opinions (preferences) of 1st grade elementary school students regarding the implementation of physical education lessons in relation to the content level of the framework educational program. The diploma thesis is divided into theoretical part and a practical part. In the theoretical part of the thesis are specified in more detail the characteristics of the younger school-aged child, the physical activity of the younger school-aged child and the framework educational program Man and Health. In the practical part of the diploma thesis is carried out research in the form of a questionnaire survey of primary school pupils and formal interviews with the pedagogy of primary school. The aim of the diploma thesis is to find out whether the opinions (preferences) of pupils in the 1st grade of primary schools coincide with the content fulfillment of the goals of the framework educational program of pedagogy implemented in the lessons. The task of the diploma thesis was the analysis and evaluation of the data obtained from the questionnaire survey of pupils of the 1st grade of elementary school and formal interviews with the pedagogy of the 1st grade of elementary school and drawing the results into further pedagogical practice. The opinion preferences of the...
The Organization of Secondary School Skiing Training Course
Růžičková, Sára ; Dlouhý, Martin (advisor) ; Fořterová, Petra (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the organization of Ski course at high schools. In the theoretical part I deal with the characteristics of the ski course, the legislation of its organization and the overall organization from the initial planning through the arrival at the course and run of the activity. As part of the organization of the course I deal with topics such as staffing, accommodation and transport, equipment, or safety of pupils on a ski course. In the practical part I focused on state and private grammar schools and with a survey I compare their organization of ski courses. Here I compared whether grammar schools go to courses abroad, whether they accept external instructors, or what safety equipment they require from their pupils. The results of the research showed that private grammar schools are more likely to hold their ski training courses abroad and to recruit external trainers more often. On the other hand, state grammar schools have greater opportunities for renting ski equipment to pupils. A very positive finding was that all schools surveyed require safety equipment from pupils.
Proposal of sport programme with focus on athletic for preschool education
Hollasová, Kateřina ; Fořterová, Petra (advisor) ; Panská, Šárka (referee)
Title: Proposal of sport programme with focus on athletic for preschool education Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to develop a movement program focused on athletics for preschool children and to test it in a kindergarten. Methods: This is a case study that is descriptive in nature. We used testing to provide input on the motor abilities and skills of preschool children. In addition, the test battery served us to test the effect of an applied movement program focused on athletic skills. We selected the tests from the DMT and MOBAK test battery - 10 m run, long jump from a standing position, depth of forward bend, and target throw. In addition, scaling was used to assess the ball throwing technique. The last method used was participant observation during the implementation of the movement program. Results: The movement program focused on athletic skills was divided into 10 sessions of 45 minutes each and each session included 4 parts: busy, preparatory, main and final. The effectiveness of the program was verified by a selected test battery. Significant improvement was observed in the long jump test from the spot and in the 10 m run. Similarly, there was a significant improvement in the technical performance of the shot put. There was not as much improvement in the flexibility test and the...
Changes in the technique of swimming style crawling in children of younger school age the swimming club Brandýs nad Labem
Hřídelová, Kateřina ; Svobodová, Irena (advisor) ; Fořterová, Petra (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to evaluate, based on observation and testing, the swimming technique of crawling in children of younger school age before the start and after the end of the swimming course in the swimming section. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the history of the swimming crawl, the meaning of swimming, swimming lessons, a description of the swimming crawl technique, the clarification of the most frequently occurring errors in this swimming method and the characteristics of children of younger school age. The practical part consists of a description of the research and an analysis of the results. Several research methods were used to prepare the work. The method of compilation, observation, testing, scaling, and to process the results, a statistical method of analyzing the data obtained. KEYWORDS swimming, teaching methodology, swimming level diagnostics, elimination of errors, children's crawl swimming technique, errors in the swimming style of crawling
The most common injuries and diseases in artistic gymnastics
Vosyková, Julie ; Panská, Šárka (advisor) ; Fořterová, Petra (referee)
Aims: Aim: The main aim is to identify the most common injuries and illnesses in sports gymnastics in men and women. Methods: A non-standardized questionnaire with open and closed questions was used for the research. A total of 92 questionnaires were sent out and 70 completed questionnaires were returned. Results: The results of the bachelor's thesis are information and summaries of injuries and illnesses occurring in sport gymnastics (n=60, ninjuries=55, nillnesses=5. Injuries are more frequent in the training cycle for both men and women and the most common gymnastic apparatus where injuries occur is acrobatics. A positive finding was the increasing percentage of inclusion of recovery and rehabilitation in the training cycle. Conclusion: Injury rates in competitive gymnastics are higher than morbidity rates. The most common mechanism of injury in gymnastics is falls and rebounds. KEYWORDS disease, rehabilitation, artistic gymnastics, sports training, injury
Swimming lessons in the Prague 5 - Barrandov area
Končelová, Tereza ; Svobodová, Irena (advisor) ; Fořterová, Petra (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to map the compulsory lessons of children of younger school age in the Prague 5 - Barrandov area. The theoretical part of the thesis introduces the importance of swimming, the history of swimming, the legislation of swimming schools, the swimming methods taught in basic compulsory swimming lesson and the teaching methods. In the practical part, we will find the results of an investigation of the level of basic compulsory swimming lessons in selected swimming schools in the Prague 5 - Barrandov area. The investigation methods are the method of qualitative questioning - survey and the observation method. The resulting data are statistically processed and entered in tables and, for better clarity, in pie charts. KEYWORDS swimming, importance of swimming, history of swimming, swimming school, compulsory swimming lesson, teaching method, swimming method, teaching, pupil, instructor
Swimming plan aiming at tuition of school-aged children - basic swimming skills
Štěpánková, Simona ; Chvostek, Lukáš (advisor) ; Fořterová, Petra (referee)
Title: Swimming plan aiming at tuition of school-aged children - basic swimming skills Objective: The aim of the work is to create teaching material for a swimming school focused on practicing basic swimming skills (BSS). Methods: The research sample was evaluated in the first lesson to determine their initial skills using a standardized scale. Exercises and activities related to the topic of the work were included in subsequent swimming lessons. Observations and insights were drawn from their practical use for further application. A final output evaluation was conducted in the last lesson. The data from both evaluations were finally compared using the arithmetic mean (x ) and the median (Med(x)). Results: The output values showed improvement in almost all students. Out of thirty-eight participants, ten students achieved the maximum number of points, while another ten lost only one or two points. The remaining eighteen students did not achieve such scores, but visible progress was still recorded in the results. KEYWORDS swimming, swimming lessons, non-swimmers, basic swimming skills

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