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Women's rights in interwar Japan
Kunešová, Martina ; Sýkora, Jan (advisor) ; Labus, David (referee)
(in English) The purpose of the thesis is to analyse and evaluate the first wave of feminism in Japan and to compare it with similar movements in the world. In the beginning, the thesis describes the key characteristics of the first wave of feminism in the world; then it outlines the features of the social development in the modern Japan that created the context of the first wave of feminist activities. Further on, the thesis analyses the process of the formation of the women's rights movement, with a special attention to its institutional aspects and the role of the leading figures of the movement. Finally, the thesis compares the extent to which the Japan's interwar feminism resembled the similar processes in the world and identifies the specifics of the first wave of feminism in Japan.
The effects of opioid ligands on their receptors in model cells (e.g. lymphocytes, neural cells, cell lines)
Cechová, Kristína ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Sýkora, Jan (referee) ; Jakubík, Jan (referee)
Morphine and other opioids are powerful drugs used for pain relief, but their clinical use has limitations as prolonged treatment leads to tolerance and addiction. Opioids bind to opioid receptors, and besides pain, they regulate mood and stress. Even though the primary role of opioids and opioid receptors is in the central nervous system, they also affect the immune system. The mechanisms of how they affect the immune system, but also the mechanisms of tolerance and addiction build-out, are not fully understood. These processes may be demonstrated as changes in the opioid receptor expression level, alteration in their function or oligomeric state. The dimerization of opioid receptors is a controversial topic in literature with many contradictory results. In this work, changes in the protein level of opioid receptors in the rat forebrain cortex were not observed after morphine treatment. However, a specific increase in the amount of µ- opioid receptors was determined in rat lymphocytes, using flow cytometry. In other studies, an increased mRNA level of the µ-opioid receptor was connected with immunosuppression. The increased µ-opioid receptor protein level indicates a similar effect. The overall effect of morphine on the protein composition of lymphocytes was determined by proteomic analysis. The...
Narrative techniques in the works of the director Yamada Naoko
Jojko, Tadeáš ; Tirala, Martin (advisor) ; Sýkora, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the life and works of Japanese anime director Yamada Naoko. It briefly depicts her professional career; however, the primary focus is on the narrative techniques of her films and television series. Those techniques are put into the context of the directors Yamada cites as her inspiration, and the thesis touches on the similarities of their and Yamada's works. First two chapters are aiming to give the reader a brief look into Yamada's career and which experiences and directors have shaped her narrative techniques. Third and fourth chapter then analyze distinctive aspects of Yamada's work. Methodology is based on the analyses by David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson from the book Film Art: An Introduction (Nakladatelství Akademie múzických umění v Praze, 2018). Keywords Japanese film, anime, Yamada Naoko, narrative techniques
Comparison of the NHK with the Western models of public broadcasting
Machytková, Marie ; Sýkora, Jan (advisor) ; Labus, David (referee)
(in English): The main goal of this work is to compare the activities of the Japanese public broadcaster NHK with the generally valid media models and western medial patterns. It also supposes to determine whether these models corresponds with the work of NHK. Japanese Nippon Housou Kyoukai is ranked among the largest media companies in the world and i tis often being linked to british BBC, which (in the world of journalism) stands out as a clear and strong leader and model. Therefore, this work tends to use the BBC as a mirror for NHK activity. It will compare these two public broadcasters in terms of credibility and popularity with the audience, and it will also examine the goals of public broadcast set by those two companies. NHK in contrast with the BBC has a difficult position. In order to be a proper public broadcaster and to be able fo fulfill the public service obligations, it has to offer its content mainly in two different languages. Because of this, this works also compares editorial approaches to news processing for Japanese and Western audiences, because the approach can sometimes vary and may affect the message's appearance. This work should also find an answer, wheter NHK deserves to be linked to the BBC and whether it can be considered as a solid news source. At the same time, it...
Spatial expressions as a indication of understanding of one's individuality
Kocourek, Vojtěch ; Kanasugi, Petra (advisor) ; Sýkora, Jan (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to contribute to a long-lasting debate between proponents of the collectivistic view and proponents of the individualistic view regarding the way in which the Japanese comprehend themselves by analyzing and contrasting language behavior of Japanese and Czech speakers, specifically willingness of the speakers of the two languages to adopt non- egocentric view when expressing spatial relations. The opening section of the thesis presents a brief introduction of the two discussed stands and the theory of language relativity which serves as a substantial part of the used methodology because it connects language and thinking. In the following section, the model experiment done by Imai et al. (1999) which examined the preferences in the use of spatial expressions among Japanese respondents, is summarized. The used variation of the experiment is explained, and the results are presented and interpreted in the given context. Keywords: Japanese language, spatial relations, collectivism, individualism, linguistic relativity
Korean minorities in contemporary Japan
Dvořáková, Barbora ; Sýkora, Jan (advisor) ; Labus, David (referee)
1 Abstract The thesis deals with the issue of Korean minorities living in Japan. It is divided according to time periods into the pre-war 1930's, when nationalism was rising in Japan, into the post-war years, which represented many changes in the perception of foreign minorities, the 70's-80's, when internationally recognized human rights treaties gradually came into force, and finally it focuses on current events in Japan, taking into account Japanese-Korean relations. Keywords Japan, Korea, minorities, discrimination, Mindan, Soren
Censorship During the Allied Occupation of Japan
Církvová, Gabriela ; Labus, David (advisor) ; Sýkora, Jan (referee)
(in English): This thesis deals with the censorship in post-war Japan. It examines the impact on various areas of culture and the factors that influenced the form of censorship from the beginning of the occupation in 1945 until its end in 1952. Examined areas not only include reform of education (especially of history textbooks) and censorship of media, which were key to the suppression of militarism and ultra-nationalism, but also the impact on filmmaking, literature and theater. Emphasis is placed on changes in the policies of the Occupation Administration and the United States, which have affected the form of censorship and the nature of the materials that have been censored. Discussed aspects include not only the nature of specific materials that have been censored, but also the approach of censors to the actual implementation of censorship and their content.
Haga Yaichi and his role in the making of the concept of Japanese uniqueness (nihonjinron)
Chrdlová, Helena ; Sýkora, Jan (advisor) ; Labus, David (referee)
Aim of this work is to valorize Haga Yaichi's work in Concept of Japanese uniqueness. About concept of Japanese uniqueness in general is written in the introduction. The first chapter is briefly describing the part of the Japanese history when Haga Yaichi lived, which is from 50s of 19th century till the end of Taisho era. Focus is on social and intellectual changing process through that time. In the second chapter is written about Haga Yaichi's life. Focus is on Haga's life moments which could have made some statement for Haga's work. The other part of the chapter is about Haga's work Kokuminseijuron. Apart of basic introduction of the work, the part is also describing every chapter of Kokuminseijuron separately. In the last chapter I tried to examine what other intellectuals of that time thought and what today's intellectuals thinks nowadays. I found out that Haga's work was commented till the end of the second world war. Then because of the nationalistic thoughts in Haga's work after war the work was moved away from center of Japanese thoughts. There was no return to the center because of changing the concept of Japanese uniqueness to concept of uniqueness of Japan in 70s of 20th century. In conclusion I suggested that return of Haga's work could be occur in future. Apart of that I found out...
Japan's Defence Policy at the Turn of 18th and 19th Century
Francová, Kateřina ; Labus, David (advisor) ; Sýkora, Jan (referee)
This thesis discusses the topic of Tokugawa shogunate defense policy at the turn of 18th and 19th century. This period is defined by the arrival of Adam Laxman's expedition to Japan in 1791 and the year of 1825, which is defined by the adoption of the Edict to Repel Foreign Vessels (ikokusen učiharai rei 異国船打ち払い令) and the publication of the key work of the Confucian scholar Aizawa Seishisai (会沢正志斎, 1782-1863), the New Thesis (Shinron 新論). The aim of the thesis is to analyze in detail the steps of the shogunate government defense policy based on the analysis of specific historical events, and to answer the research questions. Given the topic of the thesis, I consider it necessary to put Japanese defense policy in a broader context. The first two chapters are devoted to the time period that chronologically precedes the period defined in the thesis topic and they analyze Japanese defense policy and foreign relations during the 17th century. Chapter 1 focuses on contacts in the southeast and the roots of Christian missions in Japan. Chapter 2 discusses the shogunate's contacts on the northern border. The following part of the thesis focuses on the intellectual tradition and the spread of the Dutch learning in Japan. The main content of the fourth and fifth chapter is the analysis of specific events at the turn...
External Part of the Receiving System for UHF Satellite signals
Sýkora, Jan ; Herceg, Erik (referee) ; Urbanec, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with omnidirectional antennas in the UHF band, especially Lindenblad’s omnidirectional antenna and its nulls in the radiation pattern. The aim was to design a preamplifier, power supply circuit and bias tee with the transmission of power supply, UHF signal and reference GPS signal through single coaxial cable towards a receiver. A further requirement was to design a mechanical part of the antenna which holds it together with considering modern manufacturing processes - 3D print. The final task was the measurement of antenna’s real parameters.

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