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Changes of the catecholamins, serotonine and lactate levels during sport climbing on a climbing wall depending on the leader climber's style of belaying
Strnadová, Kateřina ; Vomáčko, Ladislav (advisor) ; Bunc, Václav (referee)
Title: Changes of the catecholamins, serotonine and lactate levels during sport climbing on a climbing wall depending on the leader climber's style of belaying. Goals: The Goal of this thesis is to build on the bachelor thesis and develop its goals. The research is focused on a detection of blood hormonal changes before performance, right after it and after a 15- minute pacification depending on a style of a personal profile and style of belaying of the climbers. Hormonal changes have been compared during the performance on two climbing routes of the same difficulty and different styles of belaying. Methods: The randomized research sample consisted of 10 women, climbers, who climbed two routes using the OS (on sight) style on the level of maximum effort. One of the routes was climbed with clipping in protection points against the second route, which was climbed without protection points. The research was performed using a blood collection from v. brachialis and spinning off the blood plasma of the collected blood. Lactate was determined on Siemens Adria 1800 in a routine laboratory, serotonine was determined using LS-MS/MS with a gradient elution. Catecholamines were determined using LS-MS/MS with an isocratic elution. The survey composed of three psychological questionnaires (DMV, RCAI, Eysenck's...
Assessment of body composition and physical fitness using the ALPHA test battery
Husovská, Andrea ; Jandová, Soňa (advisor) ; Bunc, Václav (referee)
The present thesis deals with the influence of body composition on physical fitness. The thesis deals with the issue of increasing prevalence of obesity in children and adolescents. The aim of the thesis is to assess physical fitness in older school-aged children using a validated test battery and to determine the association of physical fitness in these children with their body composition. A total of 52 pupils aged 12-14 years were tested, of whom 34 were girls and 18 were boys. We used a modified Assessing levels of physical activity (ALPHA) test battery to determine the physical fitness of the children and adolescents. We also used a questionnaire survey to determine anthropometric parameters relevant to body composition. For the actual measurement, we used three skinfold measurements, dynamometry, Unifittest (6-60). F-test was used to calculate statistical significance of differences and Cohen's d was calculated to calculate substantive significance. The results showed that girls had higher amount of subcutaneous fat than boys. There was no difference in body weight and body height between girls and boys. Compared to boys, girls had a lower mean time spent in physical activity outside physical education. In conclusion, body composition has a great influence on physical fitness in older...
Assessment of the energy cost of florball and flag football
Máchal, Tomáš ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Jandová, Soňa (referee)
The thesis elaborates the difficulty of flag football compared to floorball using heart rate measurements. Measurements for each sport were taken with six players in the age range of 18- 37 years old for twenty minutes of the game. Players are active in these sports and were selected after consultation with coaches. The measured values were processed using statistical data analysis and presented through bar graphs. Five load zones were determined for data analysis, using Polar application. The first zone of 50% to 60% of maximum heart rate and each subsequent zone covered values ranging 10% higher. The measurements showed that floorball players reached a significantly higher average heart rate during the game, 153.1 ± 9.4 bpm, compared to the average heart rate of 131 ± 6.7 bpm achieved by flag football players. The floorball players also measured a higher average maximum heart rate, which was 190.5 ± 9.4 beats/min. In flag football players, this value averaged 173.8 ± 8.5 beats/min. Furthermore, the measurements showed that the flag football players spent significantly more time in the lower load zones during the game than the floorball players. Specifically, flag football players spent 25.2% of the time in the first zone, 32.8% of the time in the second zone, 28.5% of the time in the third zone,...
Levels of physical activity, fitness and obesity in primary school pupils in the Czech Republic and selected European countries
Uher, Vít ; Dlouhý, Martin (advisor) ; Bunc, Václav (referee)
The aim of this study was to determine and then compare the level of physical activity, physical fitness and obesity among primary school pupils in the Czech Republic and other selected European countries. The theoretical part of the thesis provides a comprehensive framework for understanding the concept of physical activity and physical fitness. It also discusses the characteristics, causes and consequences of obesity and the interrelationship between these three areas. The research part of the thesis is based on a quantitative survey in which available data on physical activity levels, physical fitness levels and the prevalence of obesity in primary school pupils in the Czech Republic and other selected European countries were collected, analysed and compared. The results of the survey showed that the results of the Czech Republic compared to the selected countries are different, disjointed, some of them contradictory. The data of some countries are not presented in the compared research, come from a different period or are collected on different age groups. For this reason, comprehensive research at a transnational level would be needed. Keywords: fitness, school age, comparison, exercise, children
Assessment of physical fitness in seniors of Prague 12
Dusová, Veronika ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Jandová, Soňa (referee)
Assessment of physical fitness in seniors of Prague 12 Abstract: his final thesis is focused on assessment of muscular condition and on an influence of lifestyle on a body composition and muscle strength of upper and lower limbs of seniors. Since the end of the last century there is no longer the aim to prolong human life but its quality improvement. This can be achieved by active lifestyle and regular physical activity. The problem is that older people do not perform movement and consequently they lose muscle mass quickly. That is why it is important to focus on the rating of muscular apparatus and strength. This thesis deals with basic age attributes. It explains the higher level of muscle productivity and physical activities. It also warns about the consequences of the passive way of life. The main goal of this thesis is the evaluation of the current level of muscle productivity of the elderly sample of Prague 12. The partial goal is to evaluate self-sufficiency and independence of a research group. This research group was formed by nine senior women aged from 70 to 85 and by four men aged from 71 to 82. The thesis evaluates overall participants muscle productivity related to their lifestyle and self sufficiency. The research is a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. The qualitative part...
History of the matches between AC Sparta Prague and SK Slavia Prague in the era of Austro-Hungarian Empire
Šnajdr, Marek ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Kašpar, Ladislav (referee)
The master's thesis deals with the history of football matches between Prague's Sparta and Slavia between years 1891 to 1918. The introduction focuses on the history of football in our territory and worldwide to better understand the beginnings and to become acquainted with the situation of both clubs at that time. The main part of the thesis is divided into individual matches between the teams from their first encounter until June 9, 1918, shortly after which Austria- Hungary ceased to exist. Since this period is not the most successful era for either of the clubs there are not many historical sources. The information is mainly based on newspaper articles from a publication called Národní listy, newspapers that was being published at that time. Furthermore, the thesis introduces the most significant players, coaches, and personalities of both clubs, who had a significant influence on the clubs' operations at the time, impacted the youth, and divided Czech citizens into two camps, maintaining this tradition of rivalry to this day. The conclusion of the thesis contains findings regarding which team had better leadership during this period and achieved more victories in their internal rivalry.
Possibilities of the motor performance influencing, body composition and equilibrium assumptions in ten years old sedentary girls using aerobic forms of physical activity
Šimková, Michaela ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Čepička, Ladislav (referee) ; Jaklová Dytrtová, Jana (referee)
Title: Influencing of the physical fitness, body composition and balance abilities in ten-year-old girls with sedentary lifestyle through the aerobic form of physical activity Goal of the study: The goal of the dissertation is to verify if there's any influence of Aerobics exercise on girl's physical fitness, their body composition and balance abilities. The study wants to find out if four-month Aerobics intervention (twice a week, 60 minutes of each session) can impact the physical fitness, body composition and balance abilities in ten-year-old girls. Methods: For physical fitness testing four items of standardized test battery UNIFIT test 6-60 (standing broad jump, sit/ups per minute, 4x10m Shuttle run, endurance Shuttle run) were used. For body composition testing the bioelectrical impedance method was used (tetra-polar multifrequency B.I.A. 2000 M). Body fat percentage, body water content, muscle mass were measured. For balance abilities testing the pressure plate Footscan was used - duration for 30 seconds, four types of stands: stand with eyes opened, with eyes closed, one leg stand od right/left leg with eyes opened. Results: After four-month of Aerobics intervention these results were found out: - The testing group is 1,1 cm higher in average, body weight increased of 1,4 kg in average....
Leisure time sport activities of children between age 12-14
Hynek, Josef ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Strejcová, Barbora (referee)
Tittle: Leisure time sport activities of children between age 12 - 14. Objectives: Goal of my thesis is find a way how prepubescent kids spending their time, amount of lemure time and what exercise regime they have. What kind of activities are they choosing and who has brought them to sport. In the sekond way we are examining thein relationship to PE and if theirs parents are doing some sort of sport. Subjekt: In our researche were includet 103 kids in age 12 -14. 27 of them are living Libiny in Perštejn (16 boys and 11 girls) and 76 of them are from Klášterec nad Ohří (38 boys and 38 girls) Methods: Survey Results: I was confirmed ,that main impulse of sport activity of kids are they parents. The second comfirmed result is, that count of boys doing some sport activities is bigger than girls. Keywords: kids, sport activity, leisure time
Ball games for overweight elementary school-aged children
Saglová, Tereza ; Suchý, Jiří (advisor) ; Bunc, Václav (referee)
This master's thesis focuses on ball games for overweight children. Its aim is to propose a set of enjoyable exercise units used by physical education teachers, coaches and parents. The work was conducted in collaboration with the national program BF24, which aims to prevent obesity in children. The theoretical part addresses the diagnosis of obesity and overweight, describing measurement methods and recommended physical activities for overweight children in the early school years. It also emphasizes the importance of play and the inclusion of balls in sports activities. Based on the theoretical foundation, the practical part selects suitable ball games for overweight children in the early school years. I have developed 15 exercise units, which are categorized by focus into 4 categories - ball handling, throwing, and catching, hitting the target and coordination skills with the ball. They all have one common goal and that is the motivation for regular sports activity for overweight children. Ball games are divided into individual parts - introductory, main, and final. The entire exercise unit is spread over 45 minutes. Each exercise unit includes objectives, recommended age range and number of children, location, and necessary equipment for implementation. The preparations were designed to be...
The use of plyometric exercises for badminton players
Palán, Václav ; Suchý, Jiří (advisor) ; Bunc, Václav (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the use of plyometric exercises for badminton players. The theoretical part consists of two main parts. The first part is dedicated to the general characteristics of badminton, from its history to all the sport components represented. The second part characterizes plyometrics from historical, physiological and methodological perspectives. The objectives of the thesis include an analysis of the literature on plyometrics, a search for relevant studies on the use of plyometric exercises for badminton players and their summaries, a search for adequate plyometric exercises with a plyometric box on social media, and finally the compilation of a set of plyometric exercises with a box and on court. We achieved these objectives by researching the literature on badminton and plyometrics, entering keywords into an internet search to find expert studies, creating tables and graphs to provide an achieved sporting results, and were inspired to create a set of plyometric box exercises by the available literature and public posts on social media. Exercises with the box and on the court are also accompanied by photographs. The result of the work brings the claim that plyometric training has a positive effect on the dynamic strength of the lower limbs of badminton players and on...

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