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Tax and health care challenges in economic policy : three essays
Chalupka, Radovan ; Schneider, Ondřej (advisor) ; Dlouhý, Martin (referee) ; NÁHRADNÍ, OPONENT (referee)
The first paper evaluates tax legislation in Slovakia, effected January 2004 and major changes in the period 2005 - 2010, according to principles of optimal taxation and optimal tax systems. The author evaluates the Slovak system with particular regard to taxes on labour, taxes on capital and taxes on consumption. The adoption of a flat personal-income-tax rate and a uniform VAT rate is viewed as in line with the optimal taxation theory, and the projected lessening of administrative costs and degree of tax evasion is positively evaluated. However, it is concluded that there is still room for improving the system by further shifting the burden away from taxes on labour to higher taxation of consumption and capital. The second paper analyses possible options to improve the risk adjustment of the health insurance system in the Czech Republic. Out of possible options it argues for including Pharmaceutical Cost Groups (PCGs) as additional risk factors since it is an improvement that can be implemented almost instantaneously. On real data from an anonymous sickness fund it confirms that predictive performance of PCGs models is consistently better than the performance of the demographic model that is currently used. The study also describes and examines the Czech health insurance market and implications of...
Causes of PPP s Failures
Kubištová, Michaela ; Sedláček, Tomáš (advisor) ; NÁHRADNÍ, OPONENT (referee)
The paper aims to identify and analyse the reasons for the failure of public - private partnership projects (PPPs). PPPs are a common means of ensuring public services or public infrastructure. In the Czech Republic, this method is relatively new and is considered rather fabulous because of the media publicity surrounding the D47 project. For this reason, the principles on which the whole concept is based are explained in detail and discussed critically. I then identify and analyse the reasons for the failure of unsuccessful PPP projects implemented in various sectors. The causes for these failures are illustrated in detail in several case studies, among which the D47 is also included. Ways for preventing these failures are examined based on the identification and analysis. This section is based on theory as well as on work experience in the field. At the end of this paper, I make recommendations for implementing PPPs more successfully and effectively with regard to the contemporary situation in the Czech Republic.
International Trade Liberalization in the European Union Development Policy
Foitová, Lucie ; Kučerová, Irah (advisor) ; NÁHRADNÍ, OPONENT (referee)
Diploma thesis' ultimate objective is to assess the role of International Trade Liberalization in the European Union Development Policy and to put the EU's activities in this field within the global framework of world trade in the context of the WTO. European Union within its budget and the European Development Fund provide more than half of all global funds for world development assistance and is thus the world leader. Its main objective is the gradual integration of developing countries into the world economy, promoting sustainable development and especially poverty eradication. The thesis is on a number of examples confirming the absence of general consensus on the benefits of liberalization of world trade not only for developing countries, but also in general. It cites numerous studies highlighting the growing concern of poor countries about the impact of continued trade liberalization, resulting in a dramatic increase in imported agricultural and food products, which the developing countries cannot compete. The thesis is in its conclusions commenting on realistic voices within the EU leadership, taking into account concerns of developing countries about the rapid and complete liberalization of trade as legitimate. EU is the largest commercial and development partner in the world and therefore must take...
Pazderníková, Kamila ; Urban, Luděk (advisor) ; NÁHRADNÍ, OPONENT (referee)
This work focuses on the reasons and beginnings of creation of European energy policy, the role of environment in this policy and different kinds of energy sources with special focus on the renewable ones. The hot topic of liberalization of European energy policy is also discussed. Powered by TCPDF (
Chess and chessplayers in the Soviet society - Mikhail Botvinnik's case
Umancová, Barbora ; Reiman, Michal (advisor) ; NÁHRADNÍ, OPONENT (referee)
Diploma thesis "Chess and chess-players in the Soviet society - the case of Mikhail Botvinnik" deals with the position of chess and chess-players in Soviet Union mostly in the years 1930-1960. The first chapter describes those factors that lead to mass popularity o f chess in the Soviet society and rapid improvement of masters and grandmasters. State and party support was the key influence, especially Nikolai Krylenko, feared state prosecutor, who was in charge of Soviet chess organization for most of the inter-war period, played very important role. Thanks to this support Soviet chess-players could maintain quite wide international contacts, which was unique compared to other Soviet sports in that time. Second chapter shows the connections between chess and politics on the example of M. Botvinnik. It introduces his correspondence with CC RCP(b)/CPSU and examines two cases in detail: the discussion about possible match Botvinnik - Aljechin (1948) and Botvinnik's letters to CC CPSU secretary Pospelov on political topics (1954). The third chapter focuses on presentation of chess- players, mostly again M. Botvinnik, in Soviet media (the daily Pravda and magazine Shakhmaty v SSSR). The last chapter briefly describes chess in the context o f Soviet culture, particularly its connections to sport, art and...

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