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The Confidence Gap and Its Influence on Women in Leadership
Kudrnáčová, Michaela ; Šanderová, Jadwiga (advisor) ; Voleková, Hana (referee)
Confidence gap a její vliv na participaci žen ve vedoucích pozicích Michaela Kudrnáčová Abstract This thesis is aimed on the gap between male and female confidence and its influence on women in leadership. The paper serves as a summary of the most important current information concerning this topic. The aim is to find the extend of the deficit of women's confidence on participation on women in leadership, and to identify this problem in the Czech context. Depending on the literature and other available empirical findings, women are to a great extend lead to the stereotypical behaviour since their young age. This is highly influenced by the corresponding gender roles and it can result in the deficit in their confidence and also negatively influence the participation in the leadership. Findings of this paper open a societal discussion about the way women are perceived and accepted by the society, and the way to change the situation of working women for the better.
New Forms of Tourism and their Impact on Cities
Klicnar, Filip ; Balon, Jan (advisor) ; Šanderová, Jadwiga (referee)
This thesis charts the increasing volume and changing nature of tourism in Europe. It was allowed by the liberalization of air travel market (the emergence of Low-Cost Carriers), and by the emergence of sharing economy (Airbnb). Followed by these changes a new segment of tourists, who were described as independent travelers, emerged. The thesis focuses on the interaction of those three factors and their effect on urban space - thus on its socio- geographic, socio-economic and socio-cultural fabric. Because of Low-Cost Carriers, tourists and travelers are concentrated in several European cities - those which were able to accommodate its environment for these airlines. In the cities, tourism spread from the concentric zones of the city center to the zones of the inner city, where a new tourist industry was adjusted for independent travelers. This touristification deepens the process of gentrification and spatial inequalities. Because of Airbnb, the limited hotel supply in the city center was surpassed, and the accommodation sector was integrated into residential fabric of the inner city. Those touristified spaces of the city become socio-culturally heterogenic. However, with increasing costs of living in the inner city, this space is more and more socio- economically homogenous. Consequently,...
Ligitimization in the human rights discourse
Andresová, Zuzana ; Šanderová, Jadwiga (advisor) ; Hájek, Martin (referee)
The author, in her text, attempts to answer the question of how the concept of human rights is used for legitimizing certain power positions. In the first part of the text, she describes sociological theories that deal with the concept of human rights and attempt to discover the foundation of human rights. In the second part she deals with the process of symbolic domination. She uses Bourdieu's theories of power field, habitus and symbolic power in order to describe the mechanism of symbolic interaction. She describes the specifications of this mechanism within the school environment. She also uses these theories for descriptions of the law field and the human rights field. Finally, she analyzes high school human rights lectures in order to describe the specific ways in which human rights are used to legitimize a certain position.
Discourse analysis of childbirth in the Czech media
Suchánková, Markéta ; Kabele, Jiří (advisor) ; Šanderová, Jadwiga (referee)
The thesis focuses on the analysis of a dispute regarding home birth and discourses associated with it. The thesis focuses on the analysis of a dispute regarding home birth and discourses associated with it. The thesis focuses on the analysis of a dispute regarding home birth and discourses associated with it. Choice of location and proces sof giving birth in czech environment remains very limited and domestic deliveries are subject of controversy among professional medical community and state institutions on the one hand and midwives, civil movements and comitted mothers on the other hand. Theme divides laical and expert public. It's established through discourses, reflect the views and opinions of the two quarreled groups - supporters of medically controlled childbirth and supporters of natural birth. In the context of media reporting can be identified two main streams of discursive formations, scattering of concepts, thematic choices, objels and modalities of coming to the statement - medical discourse and natural discourse. The controversy both discourses in the Czech media escalated with court case with midwife Ivana Königsmarková, who in 2009 assisted at home birth that ended tragically - serious damage and subsequent death of a child. Just on the case of Ivana Königsmarková and its...
Subjective social status and class. Their determinants.What influences the perception of people's own position in society?
Daneš, David ; Šanderová, Jadwiga (advisor) ; Tuček, Milan (referee)
The present thesis deals with the subjective dimension of social stratification, more specifically subjective class and subjective status. The author begins by pointing to the subjective aspects of traditional theoretical backgrounds of class and hierarchical conception of social stratification. Then he analyzes subjective class and status as their analogous concepts and describes their application in empirical research, both foreign and Czech sociology. The analytical part presents its own secondary analysis of data from a representative survey ISSP 1992, 1999, 2009 and Social distance 2007 for the Czech Republic. Through this analysis author describes the differences between the two approaches and changes of their distribution and relation in time. Whereas subjective status is relatively stable in selected period, subjective class goes through a lot of changes. These changes are caused primarily by subjectively identified working class, whose representation weakens in time and approaches the class to subjective status. The author also deals with the differences of the declared reasons for identifying with class. For the lower classes it is especially their income which has the highest importance, middle and upper class also mentions the education and type of employment. But for higher classes it...
The Prestige of Teachers Occupation
Fiala, Jan ; Šanderová, Jadwiga (advisor) ; Gorčíková, Magdaléna (referee)
Thesis deals with the prestige of the teaching profession. Its main goal is to try to find out how teachers themselves perceive the prestige connected with their profession. The research consisted of in-depth semi-structured interviews with teachers on this issue and their subsequent analysis. It turned out that although teachers occupy on occupational prestige scales regularly top positions within the interviews they spoke about very low prestige connected with their occupation. The thesis also presents and describes in detail the factors based on analysis of interviews which emerged in connection with low self-esteem of teachers in terms of prestige as a major. This mainly concerns the relatively low income and the related lower standard of living, which forces teachers to have a secondary income. Furthermore, the analysis showed that teachers low self-esteem is affected by alleged lower difficulty of faculties of education, difficult assesment of work results and underastimated difficulty of work from the publics point of view. Not forgetting the little influence of educational unions and the lack of professional organizations that defend the interests of teachers. Last but not least, the low self-esteem of teachers is also affected by publics belief that teaching is not professional or highly...
Life strategies of women in science
Novotná, Hana ; Balon, Jan (advisor) ; Šanderová, Jadwiga (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is the ways of harmonization of harmonization of scientific work and care in the context of the transformation of science. The author aims to describe the transformation of the institutional aspects of scientific work and its'reflection in the biographies of women scientists. At first the author focuses on the insight into the history of science to map participation of women on the scientific inquiry and to describe the transformation of science. Afterwards she moves her focus towards the actual discourse of equal chances for men and women in science, which high lightens contradictory pressures of the standards of scientific work and motherhood that women in science must face. In the main part of the paper the results of a qualitative survey conducted by the author are presented. The author came to a conclusion that even though the gender stereotypes on men's' and women's' role in science and family are still persisting some progress towards the equality of men and women in science has been made. On the other hand the transformation of scientific work is posing new threat of insecurity of the scientific work that is grounded in the principles of free market Keywords: Science, women, transformation of science, precarity
"Who doesn't jump is not from Brdy": Sociological Study about Phenomenon of Sport Fandom in Příbram Region
Černohous, Tomáš ; Šanderová, Jadwiga (advisor) ; Vrbíková, Lucie (referee)
This study focuses on the importance of fandom for sport supporters. The aim of this thesis is to study those groups of fans that were neglected by academic studies. It consists analyses of semi-structured interviews that were conducted with fans (precisely members of supporters' clubs) of volleyball and football clubs from city of Příbram. Outcomes identified positive social dimension of fandom. Consequently, theoretical model of ideal types of football spectators created by Richard Giulianotti is applied to volleyball supporters. Although this model is particularly successful at identifying some types of spectators, some respondents shows characteristics of both traditional and consumer fans.

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