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The Study of Serviceability of Highway network with Using of Telematics
Bruna, Jiří ; Hájek, Martin (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
In the mean time there are only a few objective information available in a road accident . A electronically motor vehicle operational data recorder, that is main topic of my graduate work could record maximum of vehicle operational data (time, velocity, activity of brakes, activity of ABS, lights, blinkers, operational engine measures). This information could contribute to faster car crash investigation.
The Yugoslav War in Bosnian media
Delic, Lamija ; Hrůzová, Andrea (advisor) ; Hájek, Martin (referee)
Lamija DELIC, The Yugoslav War in the Bosnian media Abstract The contemporary media play a significant role in constructing fresh myths within society. Some of these myths stem from the world of entertainment and celebrity culture. Nevertheless, the media, being an integral part of the cultural framework, also actively contribute to the formation of novel political myths. In societies with strong ethnic or national identities, these myths serve as a foundation for uniting the nation and defining its sense of self, especially in times of conflict or war. Their function is to portray a worldview by shaping historical narratives that portray members of other cultures and nations as adversaries. The main focus of the diploma thesis will be on collective memory, specifically examining how journalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina experienced the 1992-1995 war through the lens of the media and their role during that period. War journalism plays a crucial role in shaping collective memory, as journalists act as interpreters, presenting stories and framing events that contribute to the public's understanding of the war. Through their selection, interpretation, and dissemination of information, journalists possess the power to influence how citizens perceive and remember the conflict. The study acknowledges that what we...
"It should be as important as your basic hygiene": How Students in Singapore Experience and Understand Sexuality Education
Shamsun Nahar, Nur Amalina ; Hájek, Martin (advisor) ; Hrešanová, Ema (referee)
Sexual health (SH) encompasses more than the mere absence of disease; it includes an individual's overall well-being in matters of sexuality. During formative years, access to comprehensive information and knowledge about sexual health is crucial for developing SE literacy. Therefore, sexuality education (SE) is pivotal in moulding sexual well-being. Globally, two approaches to SE exist comprehensive sexuality education (CSE), which has demonstrated better sexual health outcomes, and abstinence-only until marriage (AOUM). In Singapore, the predominant strategy is AOUM, which emphasizes abstinence as the primary defence against pregnancies and STDs. Some argue that Singapore's heteronormative culture and economic objectives influence the adoption of AOUM. However, amid increased reported sexual misconduct cases among students and teachers, questions arise concerning the effectiveness of SE in place. This study explores the understanding, meaning, and experiences of SE among students in Singaporean schools. Employing a qualitative methodology, eight individuals were interviewed, and thematic analysis guided by Braun and Clarke was utilized to analyze the data. The study identified four prominent themes: unmemorable encounters, emphasis on abstinence, a demand for greater knowledge, and the presence...
Not surrendering your power": Freebirth in the Czech Republic
Jiřičková, Barbora ; Hrešanová, Ema (advisor) ; Hájek, Martin (referee)
This thesis addresses the issue of unassisted childbirth from the perspective of medical anthropology, or the anthropology of childbirth. Particular attention is paid to the question of why some women choose to give birth this way, taking into account the (Czech) social and legal context in which this choice is made. The work is based on qualitative research, and draws primarily on in-depth interviews with nine women who have had their own experience of at least one birth without professional medical assistance. The main findings of this thesis are primarily based on thematic data analysis and its interpretation, which identified five main thematic categories: own (emic) conceptualization of childbirth; following one's own needs; distrust of doctors and the bio-medical system; authoritative knowledge; and care during childbirth. The overall overarching theme is women's desire to 'not give away (surrender) their power', which corresponds with their effort to establish and maintain agency within the pregnancy and birth process. In addition to the particular factors that influence the decision of the mothers, the thesis also presents structural barriers that may influence their decision, which is mainly the unavailability of community (certified) midwifes, caused to a large extent by the Czech legal...
Social Management of Intragender Nudity
Tomková, Hana ; Hájek, Martin (advisor) ; Grygar, Jakub (referee)
Social management of intragender nudity Hana Tomková In this thesis, I examine women's behaviour in spaces with limited privacy, such as changing rooms and showers at sports venues or wellness facilities. In the theoretical part of the thesis I try to use the literature to highlight the issue of judging not only female nudity and the issue of increased female veiling in spaces where intragender nudity is expected. In this first, theoretical, part, I deal with the definition of shame and its possible presence in such spaces. I formulate the assumption that this shame, and by extension increased levels of veiling, may be due to the judgement of bodies based on the prevalence of medical and other professional discourses among the lay public. I use Foucaultian theories of judging the obedience and utility of the body to define such judgments in this thesis, where I attempt to point out that in our, modern, age, experts are not the only ones with the power to judge. In this thesis I have used qualitative research, specifically ethnographic and autoethnographic observations, supplemented by interviews. The research showed that rather than a sense of judgement, it is habit, covering up based on learned stereotypes, the desire to maintain personal space and, last but not least, personal responsibility,...
Cohort differences in understanding and strategies to accumulate and preserve economic capital
Janda, Matyáš ; Hájek, Martin (advisor) ; Tremčinský, Martin (referee)
The thesis Cohort Differences in Understanding and Strategies of Economic Capital Accumulation and Preservation compares the strategies of two different generations in the context of economic capital accumulation and preservation. The theoretical part focuses on the term capital, both from a historical and a modern perspective, while describing the term from a multi-paradigm perspective, particularly from an economic and economical-sociological perspective. Furthermore, the thesis provides insights into Karl Mannheim's theory of generations. Our research has helped us to find and understand the main differences in capital accumulation and preservation strategies, such as the approach to risk or the approach to the ever-evolving financial market. The paper is also critically reviewed in the Limits of Research chapter, where we analyze what could be more effectively explored in future studies of this topic.
Pro-Ana Phenomenon on Twitter
Temesgenová, Natálie ; Hrešanová, Ema (advisor) ; Hájek, Martin (referee)
Pro-ana is an abbreviation of pro anorexia, referring to supporting and favouring of anorexia and understanding it rather as a choice, not a disease. On social media platforms this phenomenon is embedded in communities gathering to exchange knowledge and practices and provide social support to each other. This master's thesis aims to explore this phenomenon on Twitter by conducting digital ethnography and scrutinizing the development of the pro-ana discourse and its relation to biomedical discourse. In regards to the findings, the relation between the biomedical and pro-ana discourse is rather one sided and parasitical. This relation provides a foundation to conceptualizing the pro-ana phenomenon as an emancipating self-help people changing institution, allowing for holistic perspective and greater understanding of the discourse rooted in the discourse itself.

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