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Impact of an early tennis specialization on physical development of an individual
Fiala, Jan ; Kočíb, Tomáš (advisor) ; Carboch, Jan (referee)
Title: Impact of an early tennis specialization on physical development of an individual Objectives: The objective of this bachelor thesis is to evaluate the impact of early tennis specialization on physical and mental development of young athlete and it's comparison to early sampling. Methods: Thesis uses document and physical data analysis and questioning chosen individuals in the form of structured interview with opened questions. Answers of respondents are evaluated by inductive and deductive method of data analysis. Results: The result of bachelor thesis is evaluation of impact of an early tennis specialization on physical development of an individual, his/her mental statement and relationship developed to tennis as a professional sport activity. Keywords: early specialization, impact, individual, sport, risks, benefits, development
Design of a quadcopter model
Fiala, Jan ; Dosoudilová, Monika (referee) ; Hůlka, Tomáš (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the creation and implementation of a quadcopter model. The first part summarizes the basic division of unmanned systems and the rules of legislation limiting their operation. Subsequently, the problematics of motion dynamic is discussed. The practical part first describes the selection of components used, their connection, and the creation of the quadcopter frame. The implemented control system and calibration are also described. In the final part, a flight test, price analysis, and rating in comparison with the competitive product are included. The conclusion contains an evaluation of the work, possible improvements, and reflections on the future use of the model.
Data collection from 3D printer
Fiala, Jan ; Baštán, Ondřej (referee) ; Arm, Jakub (advisor)
This work is dedicated to design and implementation of a funcitonal model for data processing from 3D printer using sensors in IoT concept. Measured data will be processed and transfered to basic units with connection to the cloud server for any ongoing work. Part of this work is selection of suitable sensors and system members, creation of a functional model of data transfer and its implementation on a 3D printer.
The Prestige of Teachers Occupation
Fiala, Jan ; Šanderová, Jadwiga (advisor) ; Gorčíková, Magdaléna (referee)
Thesis deals with the prestige of the teaching profession. Its main goal is to try to find out how teachers themselves perceive the prestige connected with their profession. The research consisted of in-depth semi-structured interviews with teachers on this issue and their subsequent analysis. It turned out that although teachers occupy on occupational prestige scales regularly top positions within the interviews they spoke about very low prestige connected with their occupation. The thesis also presents and describes in detail the factors based on analysis of interviews which emerged in connection with low self-esteem of teachers in terms of prestige as a major. This mainly concerns the relatively low income and the related lower standard of living, which forces teachers to have a secondary income. Furthermore, the analysis showed that teachers low self-esteem is affected by alleged lower difficulty of faculties of education, difficult assesment of work results and underastimated difficulty of work from the publics point of view. Not forgetting the little influence of educational unions and the lack of professional organizations that defend the interests of teachers. Last but not least, the low self-esteem of teachers is also affected by publics belief that teaching is not professional or highly...
Human and Social Capital in Inner Peripheries of Czechia: case study the Rakovník Region
Fiala, Jan ; Chromý, Pavel (advisor) ; Pileček, Jan (referee)
The subject of research of submitted thesis is a process of space polarization and the analysis of human and social capital in region Rakovnicko, which is in national and regional development documents qualified as a problematic area with lower socialeconomic development. But the interested area is not a compact unit from the space link's point of view it is determined by significant social-economic and social-cultural differentiation. This variety is connected mainly with an existence of "internal periphery" of macrolocational characteristics, whose part can be located mainly along the border of interested area with region Ústecký and Plzeňský (Fiala, 2007). Previous surveies show, - 8 - that insufficient engagement of mayors and key figures of regional development and also insufficient cooperation of villages within the scope of microregional unions contributes to today's peripheral situation of many villages. In the submitted thesis we will try to make an analysis of differentiation of human and social potential in internal peripheries, that hasn't been sufficiently solved yet, respectively relation between the existence of problematic, peripheral area and the quality of human and social capital. Powered by TCPDF (
LGBT Movement in the Czech Republic from an Activist Point of View
Fiala, Jan ; Císař, Ondřej (advisor) ; Tuček, Milan (referee)
The thesis deals with issues of LGBT movement in the Czech Republic in the context of the ongoing campaign "We are fair" for equal marriage. The intention was to try to find out on the basis of in-depth semi-structured interviews with LGBT activists how these activists perceive the status of sexual minorities in the Czech Republic and the related situation of the Czech LGBT movement with regard to its emancipatory potential. It turned out that the activists sensitively perceived the limits of the conditionality of the tolerance of Czech society and that they were aware of the changes in the social and political context in relation to minorities. However, particular minorities are not perceived in the same way by the society, and according to activists, LGBT rights can even be a tool for legitimizing aversion to other minorities, especially religious or ethnic minorities. On the level of reflection on the ongoiong campaign's strategies, activists put the emphasis on political lobbying for equal marriage, with the support of community mobilization and the formation of collective identity defined by the requirement of equal marriage. From the perspective of activists, it is therefore important to balance the professionalized lobbying with grassroots activism. Although, according to activists, the...
Development of pulse labelling technology for studying the dynamics of protein complexes.
Fiala, Jan ; Novák, Petr (advisor) ; Preisler, Jan (referee) ; Sosic, Alice (referee)
(IN ENGLISH) Structural mass spectrometry (MS) is an evolving field of structural biology introducing novel techniques for the characterization of biomolecules. Although MS-based techniques only can provide "low-resolution" information compared to standard high-resolution techniques representing by X-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy or nuclear magnetic resonance, its uniqueness lies in the ability to easily obtain structural information about various biomolecules in their native or native-like environment. By employing various approaches, from protein covalent labelling through chemical cross- linking to ion mobility, structural MS provides insight into the structure and dynamics of proteins and their complexes over a broad timescale. This thesis is dedicated to the development of novel structural MS approaches based on pulse covalent labelling and chemical cross-linking. Employing the developed quench-flow microfluidics apparatus, we performed footprinting experiments on proteins and protein complexes in timescale from a few microseconds to single seconds. Specifically, fast photochemical oxidation of proteins (FPOP) and novel fast fluoro alkylation of proteins (FFAP) techniques were utilized to track structural changes of myoglobin upon release of the prosthetic heme group....
Data Interface for Sharing of "City Data"
Fiala, Jan ; Špaňhel, Jakub (referee) ; Zemčík, Pavel (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to explore existing solutions of closed and open data sharing, propose options of sharing non-public data, implement selected solution and demonstrate the functionality of the system for sharing closed data. Implementation output consist of a catalog of non-public datasets, web application for administration of non-public datasets, application interface gateway and demonstration application.
Preconditioned Krylov Subspace Methods in Optimization Algorithms
Fiala, Jan
One of the possible ways of solving general problems of constrained optimization is to convert them to a sequence of unconstrained problems. Then the need arises to solve unconstrained optimization problem reliably and efficiently. For this, Newton methods are usually applied, often in combination with sparse Cholesky decomposition. In practice, however, this approach may not be optimal in some cases and a suitable iterative algorithm may be preferred. The aim of this work is to use iterative algorithms with preconditioned Krylov subspace methods, like CGM and QMR, to solve unconstrained problems originating in the Augmented Lagrangian method applied to nonlinear and semidefinite programming (NLP-SDP). The specific implementation was carried out in PENNON software package.

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