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Cooperative Activities in Music Education in the Primary School
Kružíková, Dominika ; Selčanová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Prchal, Jan (referee)
Annotation: The diploma thesis focuses on cooperative activities connected with methods of critical thinking in the teaching of music education. I follow up on my annual paper dealing with cooperative games in primary school education. In my previous teaching practice, I focused on group teaching. It is the co-operative activities that offer a synergy of a particular group of pupils, thus not only helping to achieve learning objectives, but also strengthening the positive relationships among pupils within the group. The cooperation offers scope for the development of critical thinking among pupils. In conjunction with other alternative forms of learning, it develops the pupil's musical abilities more effectively (unlike normal frontal education). I started to devote myself to this topic mainly because I did not meet with a similarly invigorating approach in my previous practice in schools. It was a strong motivation for me to explore this issue and try it practically. I would like to give my teacher colleagues new insights into the concept of music education. The work explains the basic concepts of cooperative teaching. It brings the methods and forms of teaching that are appropriate for the development of the necessary key competencies. My goal will not be to focus on all the key competencies the pupil...
Software as a teacher's assistant for disciplines of music education
Kyjovský, Jan ; Bělohlávková, Petra (advisor) ; Prchal, Jan (referee)
In his thesis, the author presents several computer programs, which can be used in music education. Ways of use are also suggested. The first part focuses on the development of digital technologies up to now. Author names current trends in education, such as Bring Your Own Device, Massive Open Online Courses and online education in general. Special attention is given to the near future of education according to the latest Horizon Report study. This is followed by the overview of the virtual reality technologies as they enter into mainstream adoption next year. A little attention is also given to the beginning era of cognitive computational systems, which will have essential impact on forming education in the future. In the second part, the author deals with available software for Windows, as it is still the most widespread operation system on desktop and laptop computers. Only the software, which can be used in school environment, is included with special focus on music education. In the same way, applications for mobile devices on Android platform are examined, due to the predominant global market share of this operation system. Google announced that there are currently 1.4 billion active Android devices worldwide last year. This number has been growing at the pace of 1.5 million new activations...
The Bathymetry of Němčice reservoir
Prchal, Jan ; Máca, Petr (advisor) ; Bašta, Petr (referee)
Bathymetric measurements are important for mapping relief of current reservoirs and streams. Due to the lack of similar measurements in the Czech Republic is presented diploma thesis focused on the implementation of the first bathymetric survey on the water reservoir located on the basin Němčice - Sedlický stream. As a part of the work was done bathymetric data collection device River Surveyor M9 data processing interpolation procedures and evaluate the mutual comparison of estimation results. It was also evaluated the effect of the resolution to the retention volume of the tank and its sedimentations regime. Based on the evaluation of the measurement is based on a minimum average error method Universal Kriging. Processed data were measured during the year 2015. The result of the work can serve as a guide for subsequent measurements and estimates bathymetric data on a similar small reservoirs in the catchment areas of the Czech Republic.

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