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Silence in Comics
Klabanová, Tereza ; Činátlová, Blanka (advisor) ; Bílek, Petr (referee)
(in English): This study focuses on displaying silence in narrative comics. It attempts to affirm or disprove the question if wordless panels always signify silence in the story. Wordless panels are understood as those, which do not include a text bubble with character or narrator speech. Due to this, the study is largely devoted to wordless/silent comics and their usage of sound within the story. The text is divided into two parts. The first is a theoretical-methodological portion and it summarises the most up to date knowledge regarding the mediality of comics, wordless comics and methods of comic narration with a focus on time in the story and types of closure. The second part analyses specific examples of displaying silence in three comic works: Sojčák (2016), Řeka (2015) and the series Usagi Yojimbo. The analysis uses two approaches. The first is Semiotic analysis described by Michal Uhl and the second is a neoformalist approach of Kristin Thompson taken from film studies.
Towards an Eco-inspired poetics of minimalist narrative
Kuzmičová, Anežka ; Bílek, Petr (advisor) ; Pokorný, Martin (referee)
What is a minimalist narrative, and what are its characteristic features? How do you identify one? For many critics, minimalist writing is a strictly historical notion - even though they at the same time, like John Barth does in his famous apologetics "A Few Words About Minimalism", paradoxically enough stress its ubiquitous nature throughout literature of all times. By narrative minimalism the American critic generally means the austere style of the novels and short stories of Raymond Carver, Amy Hempel, Mary Robison, Joan Didion, Ann Beattie. An American literary current of the 1970s mainly, devoted merely to the quotidian, descriptive, often reduced to what can be perceived from the outside of a human character. Thereby: the "dirty realism" or "K-mart realism". These derogatory labels tell us that the literary reviewer and critic of today still formulates his terms and judgments out of a hierarchically ordered, traditional presupposition of what a narrative text is and should be, working with a virtual model of balance between "form" and "content". Translated into the language of classical narratology: story discourse.
Translations of Czech Literature into English
Valvoda, Rostislav ; Tobrmanová, Šárka (advisor) ; Bílek, Petr (referee)
This MA thesis focuses on translation of Czech literature into English offering a historical account of its development (mainly from a quantitative perspective). To achieve this, an up-to-date bibliography of Czech literary translation into English has been compiled drawing upon existing research in the field. Covering Czech literary translation into English from its modern beginnings up to 2010, the bibliography contains about 2,500 records of works of Czech authors published either as separate books or in anthologies. Apart from the Excel version of bibliography enclosed to this thesis, the bibliography is also available as a web application enabling easy and ongoing updating in the future. Data collection was the main method of this part of the thesis. In addition, the thesis discusses in detail its methods and methodological issues helping better understand the nature of data and process of their collection. This is particularly useful for translation history researchers and for anyone interested in mapping literary translation into another language. The thesis also gives a basic outline of Czech literary translation into English summarizing major trends both in history and the present day, highlighting 15 most published Czech authors and discussing in more detail the renderings of their works...
Transformation of Czech literary context after 1989
Hrubá, Eva ; Janáček, Pavel (advisor) ; Bílek, Petr (referee)
This thesis focuses on the key period in the life of Czech society which relates to political and all-society changes linked with the year 1989 and the fall of the communist regime. The results of transitology research, focusing on the transformation of society from a totalitarian into a democratic system proved, that the process and result of the society transformation greatly depends on the ability to absorb the heritage of the past. Conscious evaluation of the part of life in nonfreedom and under oppression seems to be absolutely essential for further development, even though it might bring, that the newly built society might sometimes find difficult so solve. Using the transitology knowledge and the findings from the research of the transformation of society from a non-democratic into a democratic constitution, the thesis tries to map, how much the social change has affected the Czech literary context. It focuses mainly on the change of literary life elements, i.e. participants in the literary communication. It follows the processes and their consequences, which are typical for the transformation from a totalitarian-directive model of literary life into a democratic-liberal one. The most significant consequences are difficulties to come to terms with the past, when proscribed authors and their works...
Pilgrimage to the myth of place and J.S. Machar
Heller, Jan ; Bílek, Petr (advisor) ; Hrbata, Zdeněk (referee)
V následujících řádcích se zaměříme na žánrový statut literárního zpracování cesty - cestopisu, a to se zvláštním zřetelem ke zpracování cesty do Itálie v české literatuře. Klademe si otázku, čím je toto literární zpracování specifické jakožto žánr či podžánr a jaké jsou určující rysy poetiky takového cestopisu. Z této práce by mělo vyvstat komplexní panorama žánru, prozkoumaného z různých úhlů pohledu. Svou práci pojímáme především jako teoretickou, ale pro připojujeme k ní i vzorový rozbor jednoho díla české literatury 20. století, jež je podle nás typickým představitelem žánru, jejž zkoumáme: Řím Josefa Svatopluka Machara (1906). Metodologicky vycházíme z prací inspirovaných strukturalismem a historickou poetikou, nevyhýbáme se však ani novější literatuře naratologické.
Literature and the inhuman. Alain Robbe-Grillet and posthumanist criticism
Sýkora, Ondřej ; Bílek, Petr (advisor) ; Vojvodík, Josef (referee)
The work has launched out from reading Alain Robbe-Grillet texts within the framework of Posthumanist criticism in literature and the arts. It reaches, however, beyond the enclosed context of the "Nouveau Roman", toward broader aesthetic and philosophical nexus: French Structuralism and Post-Structuralism in particular. The work falls into two parts, representing two approaches that reflect and complement each other. The first part, "Viewpoint and Non-Human Object of Art", critically approaches humanism, existentialism, and visual aspects of Robbe-Grillet's texts. Robbe-Grillet's critique of anthropomorphic metaphor and Barthes' "Writing Degree Zero" are linked with Ortega y Gasset's modernist concept of "The Dehumanization of Art". Comparison of Jealousy with Sartre's Nausea expounds Robbe-Grillet's approach of impersonal description. Consequently, the paper discusses the relation between speech, rhetoric and ontology (in Foucault's interpretation of Roussel), Deleuze's "structure of the Other", the reading process, and the technique of literary and cinematic angle and image. Final chapter interprets Robbe-Grillet's "stage", comparing it to Duchamp's Etant donées as a strongly visualized object that changes the perception and attitude toward a text. The second part, "Literature, death, technique" discusses...
Facing the loss: Loss figures in the postwar central european literature
Petránková, Michaela ; Činátlová, Blanka (advisor) ; Bílek, Petr (referee)
My paper will focus upon the theme of loss in postwar Central European literature in works of Nabokov, Bachmann, Bernhard, Handke, Esterhazy, and Chwin, which are narrated as a modern subject's testimony of loss. My goal is to make a collection of loss figures (inspired by Roland Barthes's Fragments of a Lover's Discourse) to examine the nature of testimony in relation to the acts of writing. Any analytical inquiry that focuses itself on the literary testimony as a work of art will have to deal with these textual mechanisms: transparency, suppression, deleting, distancing, turning over, heaviness and reduction.
Intertextuality in Game of Thrones series
Štěpánková, Lucie ; Bílek, Petr (advisor) ; Švelch, Jaroslav (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with intertextuality in Game of Thrones series from the academic perspective. The thesis presents a comprehensive summary of selected intertexts including their classification according to the different types of semantic connection. The theoretical frame is based on the theoretical approaches of leading intertextuality theorists in literature and culture in general. In addition, it reflects the position of Game of Thrones series in the cultural mainstream, both in regards of its popularity and dissapointment of viewers over the final series. Based on national and international critical reviews, this diploma thesis analyzes the genre changes in Game of Thrones and focuses especially on the shared features with the soap opera genre. The fantasy genre specifics and its possible influence on reality is also briefly described. The methodological part summarizes the analytical tools and formulates research questions. According to the different types of semantic connection, the analysis is divided into three parts: the referential intertextulity (the connection to history), the intertextuality between texts (the connection to other works of culture) and the inner intertextuality (the connection to other elements inside the series). The first part of the analysis describes...
The Poetics of Space in The Alexandria Quartet.
Malý, Lukáš ; Bílek, Petr (advisor) ; Pokorný, Martin (referee)
Poetics of space in The Alexandria Quartet is created by multilevel structures. This poetics is closely connected to the main space of the story - Alexandria, which is at the same time one of the novel's topics. Each level is suggested in connection to various theoretical conceptions which are subsequently used for my own analysis. Alexandria is initially an aesthetic coulisse of the story which is portrayed by descriptive passages. Strongly subjective and lyrical descriptions of the city establish overall impression of the story and potentially support reader's experiential illusion. Alexandria and its specificity is further modulated and thematised by its special macroscopic conditions which border Alexandria as an autonomous fictional space with its own rules within the novel's fictional world. Part of poetics of the space in this novel is also portraying spatio-temporal aspect of the reality (chronotope) no only on the level of the story, but also on the level of storytelling. Alexandria is further explicit rhetoric and also through semantic indexation personified and enters semantic relations with the main characters and events. Each level is complementary to another and all are part of the semantic gesture of the novel. Alexandria becomes a separate symbol, mythical entity which importance is...
"Moje blues" by Josef Kainar: a critical edition
Penkala, Vít ; Bílek, Petr (advisor) ; Šrámek, Petr (referee)
Název poslední Kainarovy sbírky (avšak ne tak docela forma jednotlivých čísel tohoto souboru) se hlásí k mimořádně vlivnému a životnému hudebnímu žámu. Blues vzniklo na přelomu devatenáctého a dvacátého století na jihu Spojených států z hudby černých otroků, zavlečených do Ameriky ze západního pobřeží Afriky. Jeho postupný rozvoj a prolínání s domácí tradicí daly vzniknout jazzu i rockové hudbě. Jako hudební forma přetrvává dodnes. Klasické, dřevní blues má ustálenou podobu. Jeho harmonické schéma vychází ze střídání ,základních akordů - tóniky, subdominanty a dominanty - v pevném schématu: čtyři takty tónika, dva takty subdominanta, dva takty tónika, dva takty dominanta, dva takty tónika - dvanáct taktů bluesové "dvanáctky" -, přičemž pro melodiku blues je "nejpříznačnější svérázná tzv. blues tonalita s charakteristickou oscilací mezi durovou a mollovou tonalitou" 1 7. Nejde nám zde o přesnou hudební terminologii, ale o zachycení pravidelného, až monotónního schématu: ,,( ... ) současně s dvanáctitaktovou periodicitou se ustálilo pevné schéma rýmovaných dvojverší ( ... ), jejichž sémantická stavba odpovídá africkému call and response [zvolání - odpověď] principu (a-a-b)"ls. Zdánlivá jednotvárnost ovšem jen podtrhovala hypnotickou účinnost, nakažlivou rytmičnost i emocionální působivost bluesových písní.

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