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Data transmission in mobile networks
Bílek, Petr ; Molnár, Karol (referee) ; Havelka, Dušan (advisor)
The Bachelor’s thesis deals with mapping and usage of mobile networks of data transfers. It describes every particular generation of networks and technologies that they can use. This thesis is divided into two main parts, theological and practical. In the first part, the technologies of the second and third generation currently used for data transfer in mobile networks are described there. This concerns especially GPRS, EDGE and UMTS services. The thesis focuses on modulations used for these technologies, together with the coding and bit rates possible. It compares their advantages and disadvantages and presents their utilization among national operators. It also tries to sketch out the way the data services of mobile networks will proceed. The second part of the thesis is also divided into two parts. The first one is the simulation of the UMTS network with the assistance of the OPNET Modeller 14.5 environment. In this case, the thesis aims at two important characteristics - such as the dependence on the bit rate and distance of the primary station, and dependence on the bit rate and total load of the whole network. Both characteristics are observed mainly because of the bit rate and power characteristics. It describes objects and funcions of the OPNET environment. The next part in the practical section is the factual measurement of the Internet 4G service, provided by T-Mobile operator. The thesis focuses here on the presentation of the outcomes which were accomplished by the practical measurement of that service. The end of this thesis is dedicated to the comparasion of simulated outcomes with the outcomes practically measured, and to the conclusion of the results emerged from them.
Development and use of non-destructive testing methods from the point of view of forensic engineering
Bílek, Petr ; Vala, Jiří (referee) ; Vodička, Jan (referee) ; Hobst, Leonard (advisor)
Concretes reinforced by, using distributed steel reinforcements (fibres) are known as fibre-concrete. In case of disturbances or accidents of concrete structures reinforced with wires, it is necessary to carefully examine the actual implementation of dispersed reinforcement. Fibre concretes belong to modern building materials whose possible applications have not been fully utilized so far. Have been mainly used for floor structures loaded with factory halls and warehouses. Recently, thanks to well-known physical and mechanical properties of fibre-concrete, there were numerous attempts of designers, and namely investors, to utilize this kind of materials for support structures either. Favorable properties of wire-concrete can be utilized if there is a necessity to increase the resistance of concrete to stresses exceeding its strength, cyclic stress or impact stress. Daily practice shows to prove that the applications of fibre-concrete in such structures lead to the economic success. Necessary condition for successful application of steel fiber reinforced concrete in constructions however consists in its uniform dispersion, a homogeneous distribution of the wires throughout the volume of the structure. In case of inappropriate processing and deposition of the mixture during the manufacturing process fiber-concrete structures, the fibers are often unevenly distributed. Wires itself represent unfavourably shaped mixture components and they are extremely deteriorating its workability. A grouping of wires may be encountered as well, which reduces the overall homogeneity and the quality of steel fiber-concrete structures. If the homogeneity of fibre-concrete is not kept, the material possess different properties in various parts of the structure (for example, tensile strength), which can lead to defects in the structure (generation and development of cracks). The relevant lower reliability of the structure which is caused by unequal distribution of fibres (wires) in concrete volume can lead to damage of the property as well as the safety and the human lives can be jeopardized. Hence it is necessary to secure the effective control of the fibre-concrete homogeneity in ready support fibre-concrete structures. Contemporary homogeneity control is still ongoing on fresh blends, but if the fibre-concrete hardened and is a part of the construction, no known reliable methods are currently in available to test the homogeneity of the fibre-concrete on the structure without its destruction. The methods developed to control the concentration of wires in wire-concrete structures are based mostly on magnetic or electromagnetic properties of wires. The thesis deals with the development of the magnetic method in situ using permanent magnets for monitoring the distribution of fibers in hardened steel fiber-concrete structures. The test principle is based on measurements of the changes in magnetic field strength of permanent magnets which are induced by a change in wire distribution in steel fibre-concrete structure. Test is characterized as a so called local- failure- test using a small diameter core drill. In this sense it is a semi-destructive method.
Marketing Research for the Sticky Password Product
Nárožná, Gabriela ; Bílek, Petr (referee) ; Chlebovský, Vít (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with marketing research for Lamantine software, a.s. software company. This company operates in the area of software development. Specifically this thesis aims on marketing research for the Sticky Password product, password manager and form filler. The stress is put on identification of competitive products, target groups and segments, their needs and expectations. With the help of marketing tools and web analytic tools the marketing environment analysis and survey are accomplished.
Measuring Quality of Telephone Calls with the Asterisk PBX
Bílek, Petr ; Šilhavý, Pavel (referee) ; Daněček, Vít (advisor)
This thesis contains description of the present methods and algoritms for measuring the quality of telephone call on the PBX Asterisk. Further develop the concept of a system for measuring and implementing the call embbeded system VOIPAC PXA270M. Based on theoretical analysis is carried out discussions between C, Java and PHP,which results in the selection of appropriate programming language suitable for implementation in embedded system. The concept is realized by creating an application written in a particular programming language. Part of this work is verification created application using experimental measurments of telecommunications system. The results of experimental measurements are discussed in the final evaluation.
Stock Optimization Proposal
David, Ondřej ; Bílek, Petr (referee) ; Šunka, Josef (advisor)
This thesis deals with the optimization of warehouse for electroinstallation company. It includes determination of optimal order quantities, inventory storage, logistic way and it quantifies the potential savings.
Jakuba Katalpa and Characterization of Selected Prose Works
Hrabánková, Zuzana ; Králíková, Andrea (advisor) ; Bílek, Petr (referee)
This bachelor thesis is dedicated to the author's personality of contemporary Czech writer Jakuba Katalpa. It presents her personality and characterization of her selected prose works. This bachelor focuses on the analysis and above all the interpretation of the author's novels. Specifically, the works Němci (2012), Doupě (2017) and Zuzanin dech (2020). I chose these novels because I was intrigued by their themes and interested in how the various literary theoretical categories function in them. The analysis focuses on narrators, characters, space, time, language, composition and narrative style. Based on the analysis of these novels, a summary comparison of all these aspects is made.
The fiction reading habits and experiences of Czech Language and Literature students: a focus group study
Výborná, Adéla ; Kuzmičová, Anežka (advisor) ; Bílek, Petr (referee)
The thesis deals with the question of how the study of the Czech language and literature affects the reading of fiction, while assuming that the expert readers have a different approach to reading than the non-expert population. The work concentrated on empirical research using the focus group method, which was carried out at four universities in the Czech Republic (6 groups, 30 participants). The method allowed to explore the collective nature of the phenomenon while generating data going deep into the topic. The aim of the work was to find out how the students of the Czech language and literature approach the reading of fiction as an experience, whether and how this approach has changed in the course of study, and how it varies depending on the study of differently designed study programs. On the one hand the findings of the work are theoretical in nature, but they are mainly directed at practice. The thesis can serve as a guide to enhancing academic competences of students while promoting their positive attitude to reading fiction as an activity that, by its very nature, should bring pleasure.
Myths and Metamorphoses: Fantastic Worlds in Contemporary Japanese Fiction
Koníček, Marcel ; Šebek, Josef (advisor) ; Bílek, Petr (referee) ; Abbasová, Veronika (referee)
This dissertation is concerned with fantastic elements in contemporary Japanese literature. Fantastic elements function in it as a productive narrative tool. However, sufficient attention has not been given to them in this context. The goal of this thesis is to map the meaning and functions of these elements through detailed analysis of literary works using a comprehensive theoretical and analytical framework. These analyses are performed on selected works of four contemporary Japanese authors - Murakami Haruki, Ōe Kenzaburō, Medoruma Shun and Tawada Yōko. Fantasy is in the context of this thesis perceived as a modification of alethic modality of the fictional world, of what is possible and impossible in said world, and as a means of expression utilising the opposition between natural and supernatural domains of the world. The relationship between these domains therefore becomes an object of my inquiry. Because of this the analytic framework of the thesis is based on the theory of fictional worlds represented by Lubomír Doležel, Nancy Traill, Umberto Eco and Thomas Pavel. The fictional world theory allows me to describe the structure of the domains of the fictional world of a novel, characterise the relationship between these domains and to what extent is the existence of supernatural in this world...
The imagine of the Author in the Educational Context
Černovská, Tereza ; Králíková, Andrea (advisor) ; Bílek, Petr (referee)
(in English): The thesis deals with the phenomenon of the image of the author, specifically the thesis is focused on the image of the poet Jiří Wolker in the secondary school literature education. The theoretical definition of concept of the author's image reflects on previous interpretations. The construction of Jiří Wolker's image is realized on the basis of high school textbooks, manuals and reading books. The aim of this thesis was to find out how the constants of Jiří Wolker's image changes from the 1950s to the 1920s and what aspects contribute to the image of this author, as well as to analyze the interpretations of the works and the constants of the author's life. The thesis first deals with the definition of the aspects affecting Wolker's image, then moves on to the individual constants, namely the author's life and the interpretation of his works before and after year 1989. The changes in the interpretation of the author's position and work for the purpose of teaching literature are compared. The thesis serves to investigate this didactic problem and thus contributes to previous similar research work by its focus on the image of another writer. The findings of the thesis are then primarily theoretical in nature, generating an image of Jiří Wolker in teaching and its transformations.
Participatory creation of fictional world on the SCP Foundation forum
Manďák, Michal ; Bílek, Petr (advisor) ; Krásová, Eva (referee)
This thesis explores the SCP Foundation internet forum, its community and work. It consists of three parts. The first part offers a description of the forum's functioning and of its content. It mainly describes its participatory model, which allows all of its users to contribute to the forum's content and to review already published texts. It also describes the strict formal requirements of the SCP articles, which make up the majority of the forum's content. The second part concerns itself with the forum's cohesion. Even though the forum's authors should be in theory working on a single fictional world, their works may contradict each other. This work explores the convergent forces inside the forum from three perspectives: the perspective of fictional worlds generated by the texts, the perspective of canon formation, and the perspective of the constitution of meaning in the texts. It suggests a conceptual cluster model for the forum's set of fictional worlds, describes the role of authorities and generic users in the formation of a dynamic canon, shows the central motivic conflict of an institution and the supernatural, and describes the possibilities of digital text. The third part of this thesis offers an analysis of one of the forum's authorial continuities, on which it demonstrates conclusions...

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