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Possible Worlds and Enactivism: Narcotization in Cognitive Narratology
Tomášek, Lukáš ; Šebek, Josef (advisor) ; Bílek, Petr (referee)
In Lector in fabula, Umberto Eco describes narcotization as a process of suppressing or overlooking a certain characteristic of the entity emerging from the narration. This process is part of the discursive presentation of these entities and both the author and the reader may be responsible for its effects (even both at the "same time"). In this thesis, we are concerned with narcotization on the side of the reader, namely on two main levels: firstly, on the level (or in the sphere) of representation, and secondly, on the level (or in the sphere) of expression. The first plane reflects Eco's conception of the properties of entities, which are formed, among other things, on the basis of the goals of the topic (or topics) and the optical effect; in the second plane, we look for the equivalent of narcotization in the field of enactivist thought, represented here above all by the work of Marco Caracciolo - in this complementary plane, we conceive of narcotization as a hierarchization of experience or the circumstances of experience. The topic of narcotization is closely linked to the nature of the fictional world and its relationship with the (currently) actual world, as well as to the theme of "unnatural narrative", and the thesis conceives narcotization as a tool with the help of which we may be able...
Animal Gaze in the Works of Adalbert Stifter
Červený, Lukáš ; Topor, Michal (advisor) ; Šebek, Josef (referee)
Animals have a peculiar place in the works of Adalbert Stifter, a 19th century Czech and Austrian writer. He deals with them in his prose, but also in an unpublished essay "Zur Psychologie der Tiere". Stifter's concepts of the animal are linked by the reccuring figure of animal gaze. First, the thesis delineates Stifter's way of viewing animals within conventions and beyond them. Then, interpreting animal gaze in Stifter's prose is the work's main focus. In these texts, gaze represents a non-mechanistic view of the animal like a subject with soul, such as it was later explored in the philosophy of Martin Buber and Jacques Derrida. Yet Stifter also articulates the possibility of an impenetrable boundary between man and animal, established precisely through this gaze. Symbolic repression of danger is another important aspect in Stifter's works, emphasizing the ideal of a harmonious coexistence of all living things in nature cultivated by man. That is why the last chapter takes a look at the environment that humans and animals inhabit.
Character-Artist in 1940's novel
Fráňa, Jakub ; Vojvodík, Josef (advisor) ; Šebek, Josef (referee)
(in English): The thesis analyses mainly two novels about art written and published in the 1940s, Thomas Mann's Doctor Faustus [1947] and Hermann Hesse's The Glass Bead Game [1943]. In three parts, I gradually present a methodological ground, prominently focused on the character in the narrative considering its dimension of values and in the form of the artist; then the intermedial aspect of the novels, characterized mainly by musicality and intertextuality and denoting a wider cultural field; and the reflexive element, which both questions the character type and its cultural world and thus actualizes it. The text thus presents a comprehensive analysis of the ways in which fictional texts thematise art and its role in society, which is analysed as a historically conditioned phenomenon of the period of "crisis", but also as an universal principle of cultural continuity.
Evaluation of the Company´s Financial Performance Using Benchmarkingu Approach
Lukáš, Lubomír ; Šebek, Josef (referee) ; Bartoš, Vojtěch (advisor)
The master’s thesis deals with evalutation of financial performance of company through benchmarking. A firm AQUA PROCON, Ltd. operates in field of designing and engineering activities with a focus on water management constructions. Business in this thesis is analised from two points of view. The first one is comparison with a specific field according to CZ-NACE M-7112 – Engineering and another technical consulting. The second one is company‘s performance compared to chosen competitors. The aim of analising both views is to find weak spots and suggest solutions, which will lead to improvement of performance and stability of the company on the market.
Sewer mining
Šebek, Josef ; Macsek, Tomáš (referee) ; Hlavínek, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis presents the topic of waste water reuse straight from the sewer system (sewer mining). It contains energy recovery (heat recovery in particular) from sewer system as well as wastewater treatment and reuse in demanded locations, in compliance with the policies of circular economy. The first part contains research of wastewater topic. Individual components of municipal wastewater, treatment and reuse options are characterized in this part of thesis followed by more detailed description of methods and technologies for heat recuperation from wastewater; and available technologies for sewer mining options at the end of the first part. The second part contains a technical study about wastewater heat recovery on a specific location.
Assessment of hydraulic reliability of drainage system in urban area and solution of extra-urban storm water.
Šebek, Josef ; Macsek, Tomáš (referee) ; Hlavínek, Petr (advisor)
This diploma thesis presents the topic of urban drainage systems. The first theoretical part contains methods and options for urban drainage systems, stormwater management, blue-green infrastructure (BGI) in urban areas and introduction of numerical modelling of sewerage systems. The application of modelling platforms is further described in the feasibility study in the practical part of this thesis. By using the simulation model, the study assesses the hydraulic reliability of the drainage system in the city of Jedovnice in the Czech Republic, identifies hydraulic issues and their causes on the urban drainage system. The second part of the study assesses extra-urban stormwater inflow from fields around the city caused by heavy rainfalls, which causes local flooding in the urban area. The identification as well as proposed solutions and capital expenditures, their comparison and recommendation of the optimal solution are included in the study.
Narrating life. Ethical value of the narrative process in the context of totalitarianism
Šilhán, Petr ; Šebek, Josef (advisor) ; Králíková, Andrea (referee)
This bachelor's thesis will analyse selected novels published in the 1970s (Life is Elsewhere, The Ascension of Lojzek Lapáček from Silesian Ostrava and The Questionnaire or A Prayer for a Town and a Friend) using the methodology of narrative hermeneutics. Specifically, it will address the question of how the life story of an individual whose horizon of possibilities is narrowly limited by the political situation can be meaningfully retold and what ethical value such a complex narrative can have in a society dominated by totalitarian narratives. The theoretical section will describe the framework of narrative hermeneutics and the narrative ethics that emerges from it. The interpretive part will examine how individual authors reflect on the ethical potential of storytelling in their works. Key words: narrative hermeneutice, ethical potential of storytelling, narration of life, totalitarian regimes, narrative
Terror and the supernatural in Chinese avant-garde literature of the 1980s
Lexa, Filip ; Andrš, Dušan (advisor) ; Šebek, Josef (referee) ; Reismüller, František (referee)
Using selected novellas by the Chinese writers Ge Fei and Yu Hua, this dissertation thesis examines the function of elements of terror and the supernatural in Chinese avant-garde literature of the 1980s. Simultan- eously, it focuses on the issue of how these literary works testify to the possibilities afforded to human subjectivity: whether they depict the sub- ject as a free, autonomous individual, or rather as a being determined by its environment and psychological setup. The literary works under study are treated as examples of "fantastic literature" (as defined by Tzvetan Todorov and Nancy Traill), and elements of psychoanalytic theory are used in their interpretation. Through a close reading of these works, the dissertation thesis reaches the conclusion that while Ge Fei's and Yu Hua's novellas demonstrate that human subjectivity is limited by many internal and external factors, they simultaneously do grant the subject a certain degree of autonomy in being able to recognise these factors, adopt an original attitude towards them, and thus transform its way of relating itself to the world. Elements of terror and the supernatural present in these literary texts act as a "catalyst" of the epistemic function of literat- ure: within fictional worlds constructed by the given texts, they give rise to...
Myths and Metamorphoses: Fantastic Worlds in Contemporary Japanese Fiction
Koníček, Marcel ; Šebek, Josef (advisor) ; Bílek, Petr (referee) ; Abbasová, Veronika (referee)
This dissertation is concerned with fantastic elements in contemporary Japanese literature. Fantastic elements function in it as a productive narrative tool. However, sufficient attention has not been given to them in this context. The goal of this thesis is to map the meaning and functions of these elements through detailed analysis of literary works using a comprehensive theoretical and analytical framework. These analyses are performed on selected works of four contemporary Japanese authors - Murakami Haruki, Ōe Kenzaburō, Medoruma Shun and Tawada Yōko. Fantasy is in the context of this thesis perceived as a modification of alethic modality of the fictional world, of what is possible and impossible in said world, and as a means of expression utilising the opposition between natural and supernatural domains of the world. The relationship between these domains therefore becomes an object of my inquiry. Because of this the analytic framework of the thesis is based on the theory of fictional worlds represented by Lubomír Doležel, Nancy Traill, Umberto Eco and Thomas Pavel. The fictional world theory allows me to describe the structure of the domains of the fictional world of a novel, characterise the relationship between these domains and to what extent is the existence of supernatural in this world...
Analysis of female characters and the theme of exile in the work of Iva Pekárková
Michálková, Denisa ; Šebek, Josef (advisor) ; Heczková, Libuše (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the prosaic work of the writer Iva Pekárková and on the development of her poetics in the time horizon from the 1990's to the present. Her texts depict her journey to exile in North America in the late 1980's, later work presents a very unconventional, but realistic depiction of life in the suburbs of New York City in the USA, while her other works follow the path of other genres, which are mainly travel novels and "blogbooks". Due to the time of her emigration (1985), Pekárková tells stories from later years than most other authors of Czech exile literature, and she also brings in the relatively unusual theme of multiculturalism, racism and various taboos for Czech literature. The thesis also focuses on the development of poetics in the author's work in relation to female protagonists, who are significant and interesting especially in terms of the themes they carry. The thesis will therefore in this second part primarily work with the theory of the three dimensions of literally characters discussed by James Phelan. This gradual development of the heroines is most evident in the first three novels, which will be the main basis of this thesis. It focuses mainly on the analysis and comparison of female characters, who acquire in the works of Iva Pekárková the forms of...

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