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Contemporary Tendencies in Anthropology and How They Change the Possibilities of an Anthropology of Ritual
Slapnička, Aleš ; Kroulík, Milan (advisor) ; Chlup, Radek (referee)
In my thesis I will focus on the theory of anthropology of ritual from the point of view of contemporary anthropological currents. The work will be based on the fundamental researchers of the 20th century (such as Victor Turner, Mary Douglas, etc.), whose concepts entered not only the canon of anthropology, but also in anthropologically focused religious studies. In my work, I will ask myself how these concepts (liminality, clean/impure...) are still fully applicable in their original form and how it is possible to work with them today. To this end, the thesis will assemble the arguments of contemporary (not exclusively) anthropologically oriented academics. A single specification of their focus is difficult, their texts contain the ideas of posthumanism, STS, poststructuralist and philosophical anthropology, deconstruction and many others. In my work, I will present these concepts under the heading of key authors and re-read their original texts through the lens of selected critically tuned texts. I will try to evaluate the validity of the criticism and what the proven concepts subjected to criticism can further offer. I will also consider how a critique of the anthropology of ritual/religion can influence the religious studies scene in general. Keywords anthropology of ritual, Gilles Deleuze,...
Myths and Narratives about Climate in the Czech Internet Medium Focusing on Apocalyptic and Eschatological Visions
Tréglová, Zuzana ; Chlup, Radek (advisor) ; Kozák, Jan (referee)
The bachelor's thesis focuses on mapping climate myths and narratives present in the Czech online environment. Specifically, it involves a qualitative analysis of a representative selection of news websites, including those often regarded as fake news websites. Myths and narratives are approached here from the perspective of Gérard Bouchard's book: "Social Myths and Collective Imaginaries." Based on the analysis, the myths are categorized into two distinct groups: those perceiving climate change as a fundamental threat to life on Earth, and those considering these concerns exaggerated, seeing no need to respond to climate change. Both myth groups are further divided in the thesis and mapped in terms of occurrence and mutual compatibility.
The Phenomenon of Exopolitics in the Czech Republic from the Perspective of Religious Studies
Malá, Tereza ; Chlup, Radek (advisor) ; Kozák, Jan (referee)
In this work I describe a Czech group of people who gather around the themes of exopolitics (political relations with extraterrestrials), history and spirituality. With this description, I answer my research question of whether it is relevant to apply religious studies methods to a group that defines itself in opposition to religion. For this purpose, I conducted five semi- structured interviews and completed two days of participant observation. I analyze and frame the collected data using Ninian Smart's seven dimensions of the sacred. First, I adapt the given method to be applicable to this contemporary phenomenon. I use Zygmunt Bauman's terms of "solid and liquid modernity". The seven dimensions were constructed by Ninian Smart in solid modernity, and so its framework must be adapted to be applicable to liquid modernity phenomena such as this group. The ritual dimension is shown to be strongly present, specifically in their rituals and methods for contacting extraterrestrial beings and cultivating the "inner self". I approach the doctrinal dimension through the lens of liquid modernity, where characteristics that are not perceived as doctrine by the group itself are shown as such. The narrative dimension manifests itself through authors such as Zecharia Sitchin and Erich von Däniken. The...
Czech Christmas versus contemporary Orthodox and Muslim traditions
Ivančenková, Alžběta ; Chlup, Radek (advisor) ; Antalík, Dalibor (referee)
This work compares three different concepts of Christmas celebrations in the Czech Republic in order to achieve a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of modern Czech Christmas. It juxtaposes the Christmas of Orthodox Christians, the Christmas of Muslims, and the classic Czech Christmas, which are described based on literature and practical research. The result is a short historical analysis of Christmas celebrations and a description of current Christmas traditions for each compared group, supplemented with quotes from research respondents.
Problems of use of the term "syncretism" in the context of Manichaean religion
Lednický, Matyáš ; Chlup, Radek (advisor) ; Antalík, Dalibor (referee)
Problems of Use of the Term "Syncretism" in the Context of Manichaean Religion The aim of this paper is first to summarize the issue of the use of the term syncretism, the validity of which has long been debated in religious studies. It will then briefly introduce Manichaean religion, taking into account in particular its origins, elements that have long been identified as alien, and contacts with other religious traditions. Finally, it will attempt to transfer the insights from the general section to the context of Manichaeism, thus contributing to the ongoing debate that challenges the tradition of labeling this religion as syncretic.
Belief in jinns and jinn possession in Islam
Khodari, Annette-Marie ; Oudová Holcátová, Barbara (advisor) ; Chlup, Radek (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the phenomenon of jinn in Islam and the possession by jinn. It seeks to present the different ways in which the possession by jinn can function within specific cultural contexts as a form of communication. The phenomenon of jinn affects the lives of Muslim communities and their members in the social and religious spheres. The thesis first introduces these beings within an Islamic cosmology. It summarizes their specific characteristics, the places where they are most commonly found, and the ways in which they are referred to in the Qur'an and other Islamic sources. Jinn are invisible but mortal beings who have been endowed by God with free will just like humans. How the free will of both beings has a significant impact on their relationships with each other is discussed in subsection 2.2 Free Will of Intelligent Beings and section 2.2.1 Free Will in the Relationship between Jinn and Humans. Here it is explained how and why human possession by a jinn can occur. Before the three main anthropological researches on which the thesis is based are presented in subsection 3.3 Areas of Research, the entirety of Chapter 3. Possession as a Warning Signals is dedicated to the ways in which the worlds of jinn and humans may intersect. Furthermore, what the safe boundaries of the...
Environmentalism in the Paradigm of Charles Taylor's Secularization Theory
Pinto, Jana ; Matějčková, Tereza (advisor) ; Chlup, Radek (referee)
will be based on Charles Taylor's secularization thesis, which claims that people in today's - - claim that religion will inevitably disappear. I will try to refute or confirm Taylor's thes a concrete phenomenon. The goal therefore isn't to prove that environmentalism is a religion,
New reality. Man's path to humanity and a better world thanks to teachers-wizards
Prchal, Jan ; Vojtěch, Daniel (advisor) ; Chlup, Radek (referee)
The comparatist work provides a comprehensive and broad view of a specific literary genre of the last decades, which is called "dialogue with teacher-wizards". A wizard is understood as a person with unusual, supernatural abilities who imparts knowledge of a certain kind to his or her apprentice with a specific goal in mind. A literary analysis of the genre (including an excursus into the history of dialogic forms) and an analysis of selected structural parts of the wizard's "myth" are made as a basis for comparison. Finally, a basic line of interpretation is outlined. The aim of the thesis is to lay the foundations for the study of this "new" genre in the Czech literary environment and to provide summary information on the C. Castaneda and V. Megre. Keywords: dialogical form, fantasy, wizard, apprentice, Carlos Castaneda, Vladimir Megre
The character of immortality in yogic texts
Ondračka, Lubomír ; Chlup, Radek (advisor) ; Deák, Dušan (referee) ; Mallinson, James (referee)
The theses addresses the question of the character of immortality in yogic texts (primarily composed in Sanskrit, but also in other Indian languages). It aims to demonstrate that the numerous references to immortality in yogic works are indicative of immortality in a given biophysical body, and not immortality in some transformed, immaterial, spiritual body, as the vast majority of scholars believe. After introducing the primary sources and reviewing the current state of research, the various conceptions of immortality in the Indian religious milieu are laid out. From this description, it is evident that the dominant concept in India has been that of the immortal soul. Since an investigation into the character of immortality in yoga is really an enquiry into the body in which immortality is achieved, the exposition then proceeds to introduce Indian concepts of the body and to analyse the different types of bodies in yogic texts. Here it is shown that the generally negative attitude towards the body has radically changed in the tantric traditions, which yoga follows in this respect. The core of the thesis are three chapters that analyze the different techniques of achieving physical immortality. In the chapter devoted to the management of the nectar of immortality (amrta), there are two special...
The concept of Tyche in the Greek novel
Fialková, Lucie ; Chlup, Radek (advisor) ; Fischerová, Sylva (referee)
Ve své práci se zabývám postavou bohyně Tyché a jejím působením v žánru řeckého románu. Oproti tradičnímu chápání řeckého románu jakožto určitého typu pokleslého žánru se naopak snažím - právě i přes postavu Tyché - poukázat znovu na náboženskou relevanci románových textů. Vycházím především z námětových a topických souvislostí a zaměřuji se hlavně na proměny funkce božské "režie" i jednotlivých božských postav, které v románech vystupují. Pro celé zkoumání je důležité i působení románů na řeckého čtenáře a jejich dopad na vnímání osudovosti v době pozdní antiky.

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