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Adaptation to climate change: assessment of urban vulnerability to heatwaves and extreme heat
Suchá, Lenka ; Geletič, Jan ; Vaňo, Simeon ; Bašta, Petr ; Jančovič, M. ; Duchková, Helena
The methodology is focused on integrated modelling of climate change impacts on social-ecological systems in cities and on the methodological approach to vulnerability assessment of heatwaves and extreme heat at local and city scales. Recent approaches are often based on insufficient data where land use, land cover and distribution of population in space are considered as constant. This methodology then presents a complex approach to scenario building of future vulnerability of cities to heatwaves and extreme heat, that is based on data synthesis originating from spatial modelling and participatory processes. To this end, the methodology elaborates on the aspects of climate modelling, land use and land cover scenarios development and socio-demographic scenarios until the year 2050. The outcomes of the application of the methodology are a significant tool for urban adaptation planning in terms of adaptation measures allocation to the areas with recent and future sensibility to heat stress.
Elaboration of methodical data and technical data in relation to the temperature conditions in the city, survey of attitudes and public participation and adjustment of the system of monitoring by adaptations in the city
Lorencová, Eliška ; Cuřín, Vojtěch ; Geletič, Jan ; Baďura, Tomáš ; Bašta, Petr ; Nawrath, Martin ; Lekeš, Vojtěch ; Vačkář, David
This report presents outputs from analyses supported by City Council of Prague. The report summarizes the results from the simulation of temperature extremes (heat waves) and the evaluation of the potential solutions for the pilot area of Prague 6. The second part introduces survey, aimed at investigating public attitudes in the field of climate change impacts and adaptation and elaboration of the basis for realization of the crowd-source mapping and elaboration of the methodology for participation and communication with the public, urban areas and the wider public. This part presents the results of the public survey processed on a representative sample of 550 inhabitants of the city of Prague. In addition, a proposal for setting up monitoring for the selection and evaluation of pilot adaptation projects is presented, which is focused on the monitoring and evaluation of ongoing and new projects implemented in the framework of the Prague Adaptation Strategy. \n \n
Vulnerability analysis of climate change impacts in the city of Prague
Lorencová, Eliška ; Emmer, Adam ; Geletič, Jan ; Bašta, Petr ; Vačkář, David
Climate change is one of the key challenges of the 21st century, both in terms of adaptation as well as mitigation. The aim of this research was, following the Adaptation Strategy of the City of Prague, to prepare the background analysis for the Adaptation Action Plan, focusing on vulnerability assessment. The vulnerability asssessment focused on the climate change impacts related to: (i) temperature extremes - heatwaves, (ii) insufficient rainwater retention and extreme rainfall. The approach included spatially-specific analysis using ArcGIS based on climatic, land use and socio-economic indicators for the current status and future RCP 4.5 and RCP 8.5 scenarios. Regarding vulnerability to heatwaves, the most affected areas are located in the city center (Prague 2, Prague 3, Prague 6, Prague 7, Prague 1) and some peripheral areas with industrial buildings (e.g. Libeň or Štěrboholy). Vulnerability to extreme precipitation and insufficient rainwater retention was highest particularly at the confluence of the Vltava and Berounka (Velká Chuchle, Prague 16, Zbraslav and Lipence).
Influence of landscape type surrounding the roads towards the frequency of traffic accidents in Písek region
Necid, Pavel ; Bašta, Petr (advisor) ; Gdulová, Kateřina (referee)
Bachelor thesis aimed on analysis of car Accidents in the area of MEC Pisek in relation to the landscape. Database of car accidents within years 2007 - 2013 was analyzed as well as the basic terrain parameters.The results show high complexity and interconnection between all factors. The results of simple database analysis show, that there is higher risk of car accident on Monday and Sunday, as well as highest risk of drink drive offence on Saturday. Elevation and slope of the terrain does not play any major role. There is also no reason for fear from driving in the forest. For detailed analysis, much more complex data are needed.
Analysis of the water network development and utilization of water resources in and around Hradec Králové
Barborik, Lukáš ; Gdulová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Bašta, Petr (referee)
This thesis analyzes the use of water resources, development of water supply and water management structures since the 60s of the 20th century to the present day. Background materials provided on request by Vodovody a kanalizace Hradec Králové a.s. from their archives. The materials consist of text and map outputs from master plans of water supply network. For the analysis were created maps of water network in the years 1973, 1981, 1994 and 2010, whose underlying maps are digitized material from the period. As graphical output was used ArcMap program. The analysis assesses the development and future of drinking water resources, water network and water management structures and can serve as a starting point for a more detailed examination of historical events and developments in and around Hradec Králové.
The comparison of digital terrain model sources in GIS for hydrological purposes
Klempíř, Hynek ; Bašta, Petr (advisor) ; Gdulová, Kateřina (referee)
This thesis deals with comparsion of digital terrain models from different sources processed in GIS for hydrological purposes. The diploma thesis is composed from several parts. First part sis consist of characteristics related to watershed and water flow, which are important for the understanding this work. The thesis also describes digitial terrain model, his creation and methods for obtainig digitial models. Then, there are described data sources from which is possible to gain digitial models. Next chapter is dedicated to the coordinate system. The last parts of this thesis describes drain alghorithms. Characteristic of this area was collected on experimental watershed Modrava II with the ESRI ArcGIS Desktop software that would mainly Spatial Analyst and ArcHydro extensions. The results of this diploma thesis can be concluded that the free digital terrain model SRTM 90 is not suitable for small regions with diverse terrain structure. Thereason is a small resolution model. Other terrain models provided free of chargé are sufficient even for small areas as the selected area of interest. Paid digitial models can al lbe established for the area of interest as appropriate.
Resources of thermal waters in Děčín basin area
Strnad, Petr ; Kuráž, Michal (advisor) ; Bašta, Petr (referee)
Bachelor thesis on Sources of thermal water in area of Děčín´s basin is literature review, as is in the title, thermal resources in Děčín´s basin, some experts sometimes called as Děčín´s thermal structure. In first part focussings in history of thermal water diversion, at that time inherently involved with the beginings of baths in Děčín, second part of bachelor thesis takes up readers with geological situation in area of Děčín. In the third part bachelor thesis is describle actual situation of thermal water in Děčín, detail description particular bores including their localization in area of Děčín. Then Bachelor thesis suggests to provision their saving, resousces of saving Děčín´s thermal structure, but the same some possibilities of their progress. The result of bachelor thesis will be not only propose actions to save the Děčín´s thermal structure, but find possibilities other wastes to Děčín and enviroment as well.
Derivation of rating curve for discharge estimation in the centre of Prague
Fojtová, Tereza ; Pavlásek, Jiří (advisor) ; Bašta, Petr (referee)
This thesis deals with the processing of data of water levels and flow measurements in measuring profile Vltava at Charles Bridge in Prague. The work is divided into theoretical part, ie. literature search and the practical part. Review of literature deals with the characteristics of the Vltava River, the basic hydrological concepts. For the most part it focuses on the importance hydrometry or the science of water, which thoroughly explains how the water levels and flow rates are measured and how measurement methods can be used. The practical part describes the characteristics of the territory and processing measured values, which were measured at three different points in time. They referred to the resulting data are shown in the tables and plotted in the graphs. Finally, the work was compiled empirical density curve, which graphically illustrates the relationship between the water level and flow. To curve the optimum, we have chosen various processing procedures.
The Bathymetry of Němčice reservoir
Prchal, Jan ; Máca, Petr (advisor) ; Bašta, Petr (referee)
Bathymetric measurements are important for mapping relief of current reservoirs and streams. Due to the lack of similar measurements in the Czech Republic is presented diploma thesis focused on the implementation of the first bathymetric survey on the water reservoir located on the basin Němčice - Sedlický stream. As a part of the work was done bathymetric data collection device River Surveyor M9 data processing interpolation procedures and evaluate the mutual comparison of estimation results. It was also evaluated the effect of the resolution to the retention volume of the tank and its sedimentations regime. Based on the evaluation of the measurement is based on a minimum average error method Universal Kriging. Processed data were measured during the year 2015. The result of the work can serve as a guide for subsequent measurements and estimates bathymetric data on a similar small reservoirs in the catchment areas of the Czech Republic.
Location study of suitable sites for pumped storage power plants
Strnad, David ; Gdulová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Bašta, Petr (referee)
This theses reports on facts about pumped storage power plants. The first part of the theses introduces us to the importace of hydropower, consists of a description of historical development of pumping sets, and also defines limitations for its potential suitable localization. The research is processed via ArcGIS software and it´s methodologically divided into three phases. The first phase is searching for the minimum suitable terrain gradient on the whole Czech landscape and it defines local insterests for the next phase of research. The second phase is based on limited factors and assesses the chosen location of interest. The final phase provides detail on the most potentially suitable destinations with specific locations of pumped storage power plants. The study resulted in map outputs of final destinations and locations of interest across the Czech landscape. The distinction of source data and the importace of classification of enviromental factors are included in the discussion.

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