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Absolute Pitch: Theoretical Concept and Practical Issues
Bártová, Jitka ; Váňová, Hana (advisor) ; Pecháček, Stanislav (referee)
The thesis aims at complex assessment of absolute pitch both theoretically and practically. It describes the functioning of ear and main issues related to processing of sound and tone height. In addition, it clarifies related terms stemming from musical psychology. Especially, it endeavours to identify causes of absolute pitch and factors which form it. The thesis surveys several phenomena connected with absolute pitch, for example with synesthesia, and with other aspects such as occurrence of absolute pitch among population. It uses not only the Czech but especially English written literature which has not yet been used in such a scope in the Czech musical research.
Verify the effectiveness of Ladislav Daniel's "Bridge Book for 2nd primary school" in practise
Herdegenová, Marta ; Váňová, Hana (advisor) ; Veverková, Jana (referee)
Author abstract In my thesis I pursued verify the effectiveness of Ladislav Daniel's "Bridge book for 2nd Primary School" in practise. This textbook had the task to compare the dificiencies and gaps in the music skills of students 2nd Primary School, which become from the music lessons at 1st Primary school. I realized my exploration in the 6th classes of one Prague school, where I have been this year teach music. The status of the music skills induced me to try Daniel's "Bridge book for 2nd Primary School" and return the music lessons between "living subject". Before my exploration I had to realized the initial review in the experimental group and in the control group too, read up Daniel's methodology of music education, textbooks with its methodological guide and analyzed Bridge book for 2nd Primary School with its methodological guide. Pursuant these books I worked out the studing plan of each lesson with methodological steps. At the beginning of the experimental teaching students accesed the lessons very critical. But in a short time they became very active. They carried away new skills and knowledge from each lesson, which they could used and repeat in the next lesson and learn some new. They accept the Bridge book and work with it. After five months of teaching with Daniel's Bridge book I can say,...
Preferences of Adolescents in the Perception of Music - Resources and the Environment Analysis
Baďurová, Veronika ; Nedělka, Michal (advisor) ; Váňová, Hana (referee)
SUMMARY: This thesis deals with problems of adolescents and listening to music. We focused on the selection of music, music sources and musical environment. We were interested in whether contemporary adolescents attending live concerts interpreted, whether looking for a new musical environment, and new resources. The questions that we directed the popular musical genres, could help teachers so old students, finding new music group, which attracted students. We believe that this will enhance the effectiveness of live concerts attendance. In the theoretical part we focused on contemporary music resources and brief description of selected musical genres. Practical work includes the preparation of research, where we established the methodology and hypotheses, then the actual implementation of research. The research results were divided on the results of individual schools and in the end we made a summary of all results obtained for greater clarity.
Application of vibrational spectroscopy in the study of violacein pigment
Váňová, Hana ; Němec, Ivan (advisor) ; Šmejkal, Petr (referee)
This thesis deals with the study of microbial pigment violacein in the real sample of lyophilized microorganisms. The sample was investigated by using methods of vibrational spectroscopy with focusing on the applicability of surface enhanced and resonance micro-Raman spectroscopy. For this purpose several different systems for enhancing Raman intensity together with the set of excitation lasers emitting in the visible light region were used. The conclusion of this thesis are the recommendations connected with the appropriateness of using each amplifying systems and excitation wavelengths for the successful identification of violacein pigment in the sample. Powered by TCPDF (
The use of low organisms for bioassay testing
Váňová, Hana ; Vytlačilová, Jitka (advisor) ; Vopršalová, Marie (referee)
The fact that many various substances produced by industry, metabolised and excreted by animals and human contaminate environment, became the major problem of present years. These substances have a negative effect on number of animals in different ecosystem levels, but retroactively also on human body. Nowadays, the most important substances are endocrine disruption chemicals (EDC) which have many negative effects. They disrupt the reproduction and regular development of animals and endocrine system of human (cancerogenic effect, lower quality of sperm). That is why it's necessary to test these substances. Testing of lower form of life is necessary for two reasons: Partly due to the regulations and legislative organs, which prefer the testing of invertebrates (so called alternative methods of testing) as well as due to the lowering occurrence of these organisms in nature, which has the implications on the whole ecosystem. My effort was to explain how EDC can interfere to inveretebrates life and other lower forms of life, to find their practical use for testing and the specific species for experiments, to classify endocrine active substances and to assess the effect of pharmaceuticals on environment.
Possibilities of the Interactive Whiteboard Use at the Lessons of Music at the First Grade of Elementary Schools
Doležalová, Andrea ; Váňová, Hana (advisor) ; Bělohlávková, Petra (referee)
v anglickém jazyce: This Diploma thesis aim is to describe the issue of the interactive whiteboard use, as well as its advantages and disadvantages at the lessons of Music. The goal of the Theoretical part is to cover the history of the interactive whiteboard application, the main types of boards, their characteristics, programmes, available learning programmes etc. The Practical part offers several personal examples of the work with the interactive board proven to be successful in my educational music practice. A research of the use of the interactive whiteboard by the primary teachers at a chosen sample of elementary schools will also be included.

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