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The Development of Algorithmic Thinking among the Pupils of Lower Secondary Schools
Fiala, Jan ; Vaňková, Petra (advisor) ; Novák, Jaroslav (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the development of algorithmic thinking among the lower-secondary students as one of their digital competences. It is based on the principle of algorithmic thinking related to the concept of computational thinking and it searches for the ways how to develop it in pupils. The theoretical part is supported by Skinner's concept of programmed learning and with the help of gamification proposes the research based on the students' observation in one school year in which the competence is developed. The raised issue is solved by setting a complex set of teaching materials and learning activities (both in the digital environment and unplugged activities) and their partial transfer into the teaching to a virtual, algorithmic environment of the specially designed application called Prográmko. The goal of the thesis is the analysis of the possibilities of how to include the gamification and the programmed learning into the practice of the development of algorithmic thinking taught at the lower-secondary schools. The research also evaluates the applicability of the application Prográmko and the proposed set of materials provided with methodological guidelines in the practice.
Programming tools for development of algorithms and programs at elementary school
Dümont, Jan ; Novák, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vaňková, Petra (referee)
This thesis monitors the past and current status of the educational area of algorithms and computer programming in elementary school, on the basis of research carried out at the Department of Information Technology and Technical Education of the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University in Prague. It provides an overview of the different teaching methods and programs that contribute to the development of the skills of pupils, due to their age and skills achieved in this area. In the theoretical part of the thesis are explained the basic concepts of the topic of algorithms and programming, which follows the practical part with the use of these procedures in the ICT lessons and in other school subjects.
Males as a target group for internet food sale
NOVÁK, Jaroslav
The topic of the bachelor thesis is males as a target group for internet food sale. The objective of the thesis is to assess the behaviour of the shopping men and their attitude to online shopping. The theoretical part focuses on the area of the consumer behaviour, shopping behaviour, electronic shops and internet selling which are characterized there. The practical part contents a collection of a data using questionnaires in the electronic form. The questionnaires were sent to respondents of younger (15-44) and older (over 45) age. The results of the analysis can be used for a marketing strategy or potential sellers who deal with internet food sales.
The Teaching Materials for the Subject Computer Graphics
Votápková, Michala ; Jeřábek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Novák, Jaroslav (referee)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is the creation of a teaching materials for computer graphics. Teaching aids will be provided to students and teachers of the field of study Packaging Technology (Packaging and Graphic Design) at the Higher Technical School of Packaging Technology and secondary school in Steti. The thesis content two parts. The theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part describes the areas of computer graphics that are typical for the given field of study. Following is the curriculum curriculum analysis, the curriculum evaluation, and suggested recommendations for possible curriculum enhancements. The practical part aims to create a set of learning support in the LMS Moodle environment. The mission of the practical part is to increase students' level of readiness in computer graphics.
Prevention of postural defects in the population
Langmajerová, Jana ; Müllerová, Dana (advisor) ; Novák, Jaroslav (referee) ; Dlouhý, Pavel (referee)
This dissertation aims at verifying methodology used for somatographic evaluation of the shape and statics of the spine. The potential of the methodology verified lies in increased objectivity of upright body posture evaluation and thereby contributes to the specification of preventative measures for postural defects, and their consequences. Under a cross-sectional pilot study, a non-invasive somatographic method-a diagnostic DPT-3 system designated for spine shape diagnostics-was used to examine selected biomechanical parameters (spinal curves and statics in the sagittal plane in the upright position) in a total of 508 probands. Of this, 326 were school-age children and 182 adults. Among the key parameters monitored were: Cl (depth of cervical lordosis); LI (depth of lumbar lordosis); the sagittal balance of Cl/Ll, and VThk (distance of the peak of the thoracic kyphosis from the ideal verticals-IV). A questionnaire was used to evaluate the level of movement activity in probands and the relation between the occurrence of painful back and headaches and the measurement of biomechanical parameters and movement activity. A total of 81.3 % of children and 94.5 % of adults were found to have deviations from the biomechanically ideal posture model, which signals a postural defect. The values of the Cl (p...

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