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Cardiorespiratory fitness of sporting population
Novák, Jaroslav ; Zeman, Václav (advisor) ; Votík, Jaromír (referee) ; Heller, Jan (referee)
Cardiorespiratory kapacity in sporting population J. Novák Summary VO2max and VO2max/kg values were directly obtained during 2777 measurements in competitive athletes and active but not competing subjects. The normatives of cardiorespiratory capacity for different age groups of male and female endurance athletes (Group A), team sport players (Group B) and other sports (group C) were established, and compared to normatives for Czech population based on the International Biological Program (IBP) results (Seliger a Bartůněk 1976). The most favorable values of cardiorespiratory capacity (both VO2max; VO2max/kg and W170;W170/kg) were found in the group A athletes (endurance trained) - both males and females. Their level highly exceeded the values of untrained CS IBP population and also those obtained in control group D in this study. The highest correlation was found between VO2max and Wmax and between VO2max/kg and Wmax/kg. This high correlation was very similarly high in the whole sample of 2777 examinations, in the sample of men (n=2015) and women (n=762) and also in all age-groups in different athletic groups A to D. It was proved that VO2max and VO2max/kg values could be calculated according to the maximal performance attained on bicycle ergometer. During spiroergometric examination the values of stroke...
Problems of renal tumours in patiens with terminal stadium of renal failure
Ürge, Tomáš ; Hora, Milan (advisor) ; Novák, Jaroslav (referee) ; Zachoval, Roman (referee) ; Morávek, Petr (referee)
Objective: Risk of renal carcinoma is minimal 10 x higher in group of patients in terminal stadium of renal failure (end stage kidney disease - ESKD). We have only some information about chromosomal changes in renal tubules, from which rise renal carcinoma, and about pathogenesis of renal carcinoma, which seems to be different from carcinoma in common population. Aim of the study: In clinical part we valorize characteristic signs of renal carcinoma in ESKD by using of statistic methods. In experimental part we can explain pathogenesis of this carcinoma by analysis of selective chromosomal aberations. Material, methods: In 2000 - 2007 were 184 patients with ESKD in care of transplant centre and nephrologic ambulation of Faculty hospital Plze_. In 15 patients we diagnose renal carcinoma. In this group we valorize: age, gender, causation of renal failure and dialysis duration. Age, gender and type of renal carcinoma we confront with carcinoma in common population. In experimental part we valorize numerical aberations in chromosome 7, 17 and Y of tubular epithelium using fluorescent hybridization in situ (FISH). Results: We have 15 patients in average age 55.7 ± 11.5 years, long of during dialyzation was 78 ± 54 months. We do not find dependence between causation of renal failure and genesis of renal...
Prevention of postural defects in the population
Langmajerová, Jana ; Müllerová, Dana (advisor) ; Novák, Jaroslav (referee) ; Dlouhý, Pavel (referee)
This dissertation aims at verifying methodology used for somatographic evaluation of the shape and statics of the spine. The potential of the methodology verified lies in increased objectivity of upright body posture evaluation and thereby contributes to the specification of preventative measures for postural defects, and their consequences. Under a cross-sectional pilot study, a non-invasive somatographic method-a diagnostic DPT-3 system designated for spine shape diagnostics-was used to examine selected biomechanical parameters (spinal curves and statics in the sagittal plane in the upright position) in a total of 508 probands. Of this, 326 were school-age children and 182 adults. Among the key parameters monitored were: Cl (depth of cervical lordosis); LI (depth of lumbar lordosis); the sagittal balance of Cl/Ll, and VThk (distance of the peak of the thoracic kyphosis from the ideal verticals-IV). A questionnaire was used to evaluate the level of movement activity in probands and the relation between the occurrence of painful back and headaches and the measurement of biomechanical parameters and movement activity. A total of 81.3 % of children and 94.5 % of adults were found to have deviations from the biomechanically ideal posture model, which signals a postural defect. The values of the Cl (p...
Gamification and its use in online education
Potoček, Marek ; Vaňková, Petra (advisor) ; Novák, Jaroslav (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the term gamification and its use in online education. In the theoretical part the thesis defines the terms "gamificiation", games" and "online education" and briefly describes the basic principles, history and usage. In the practical part, the thesis focuses on mapping out the most important websites, portals and then it selects appropriate applications that can support today's online education.
Development of algorithmic thinking of primary school pupils
Vais, Jan ; Štípek, Jiří (advisor) ; Novák, Jaroslav (referee)
The presented diploma thesis examines the possibilities of developing algorithmic thinking in primary school pupils. Algorithmic thinking is a necessary tool for effective analysis of the problem and the creation of a procedure for its subsequent repeatable solution. The main research topic of this work is effective and efficient ways of developing algorithmic thinking, especially how to formulate a problem and how to develop algorithmic thinking with the greatest effect in the educational process. The work summarizes various ways of developing algorithmic thinking and the approach to its teaching. The concepts of computer thinking, algorithmic thinking, algorithm and algorithmization are defined and analyzed. Furthermore, contemporary means of developing algorithmic thinking described in the literature are specified. They are then critically evaluated and at the end of the theoretical part the most suitable set of means is selected and the way of their use is proposed. Action research was carried out in the circle of informatics at the primary school in Prague. The verification of the effectiveness of the selected instruments took place during fifteen sixty-minute lessons. The focus of this research lies in increasing the quality of pedagogical practice of the teacher, in the development of his didactic...
Support of Intergenerational Dialogue and Cultural Older Adults´ Participation as Tools of Transfering and Sharing Cultural Values at Local and Regional Levels
Bargel, Robert ; Bednářová, Hana ; Černá Lucie ; Gregoriniová, Jindřiška ; Lössl, Jiří ; Klementová, Kateřina ; Perlín, Radim ; Novák, Jaroslav ; Zborníková, Andrea ; Kocianová, Renata ; Baumgartner, František ; Kopecký, Martin ; Richter, Eva ; Šerák, Michal ; Národní informační a poradenské středisko pro kuluturu NIPOS ; Katedra andragogiky a personálního řízení FF UK
The fundamental goal of the project presented is to encourage older people’s cultural participation and the associated positive intergenerational impact of cultural events and activities at the local and regional levels. The project’s implementation will provide public administration with comprehensive guidelines for systematic encouragement of intergenerational transfer and sharing of cultural values through cultural dialogue at the local and regional levels. In that way, public policies in the area can significantly contribute to intergenerational cohabitation. The project enhances understanding of a character of the mechanisms of intergenerational dialogue that is connected with learning and cultural transmission in the contexts of local and regional cultural events and initiatives. It shows the possibilities and indentify the competences (of public administration sector), that need to be strengthened if we want to improve the mechanisms of dialogue. The practical goal of the project is to offer the set of recommendations how to support the process of intergenerational dialogue and create the space for its functions in the public space of the municipalities and regions.
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Zefektivnění postupu stanovení variability půdních vlastností pro precizní zemědělství
Novák, Jaroslav
This thesis deals with the study of soil variability and soil properties through direct and indirect methods. The aim of this work was to verify whether the combination of data, determined by direct and indirect mapping methods, will allow to identify the variability that will be used to more accurately differentiate the cultivation measures. Within the thesis, a model of bare soil variability assessment was also developed from the RS data defined by the arable land blocks from the LPIS through the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Coefficient of Variation (CV). The model was verified by two sets of atmospherically corrected data and the observed values were compared with the results of Agrochemical Soil Testing (AST). Conformity was particularly evident in blocks with an area with more than 100 hectares, where a larg number of samples / pixels was evaluated. In order to verify the using of the data combination of directly and indirectly mapping variability, two plots of 53 and 38 ha were analyzed. At both sites, soil sampling, soil electrical conductivity (ECa) was measured, and the Digital Terrain Model (DTM) data and the derived Topographic Wetness Index (TWI) were obtained for optimization purposes. In total, three types of sampling designs were created for each data source of indirect mapping methods using regression analysis, variability of indirect mapping data, and a combination of ASP results from previous designs and indirect methods data. A comparison of the sampling designs has shown, that the combination of direct and indirect methods refines the variability of soil properties. However, there is a link between the input data of direct and indirect mapping methods. It is also evident, that sampling designs based on indirect measurement data provides more accurate information about the variability of the observed soil properties.
Thirty years in the service of cultural heritage objects in light of statistical data
Novák, Jaroslav
Pohled na ekonomické postavení tradiční (netržní) části kulturního dědictví zahrnující mimo jiné údaj o velmi nízkém stupni soběstačnosti (v roce 2017 jen necelých 26 %) zvýrazňuje potřebu veřejných výdajů, které pro ni – i přes poměrně příznivé výsledky dosažené v předcházejícím třicetiletém období – mají bez nadsázky existenční význam.
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Child and parent in the arms of digital technology
Zemanová, Helena ; Mazáčová, Nataša (advisor) ; Novák, Jaroslav (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of digital technologies in relation to toddler children, analysis of differences in education and approach of their parents. The theoretical part defines terms such as digital literacy, digital technology, parent, toddler and others, which is closely related to the topic, mentions their brief characteristics and evokes connections between them. It introduces the reader to the developmental specifics of the toddler's child and presents different styles of attitudes of parents and educators to the current nature of digital media and the subsequent impact on the chosen age group. Based on the comparison of used literature and deeper exploration of the topic, the thesis confirms the chosen hypothesis, which is the starting point for the practical task. The practical part is focused on application-didactic work, where we find a list of suitable recommendations, available programs and applications, which are a guide for parents and educators who are not fully oriented in the risks and consequences of using current digital technologies, especially the target group of children in the pre-stage. entering pre-school education.

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