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The Proposal of the Business Plan - Delivering Services
Merta, Michal ; Ondroušková, Renata (referee) ; Martinovičová, Dana (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with a proposal of a business plan for setting up a company Merta, Inc., which be engaged in a salt cave. The first part is focused on a theory and structure of a business plan, the second part is focused on an analysis of a current situation. As an output of these parts is proposal of a business plan.
Insurance portfolio proposal of a selected business subject
Tomaštík, Václav ; Ramachová, Marie (referee) ; Martinovičová, Dana (advisor)
Topic master´s thesis is „Insurance portfolio proposal of a selected business subjekt“. The work drala about portfolio proposal, where situation of this copany is analyse and gives recommendation how to lead it too.
The Suggestion of Changes in Employee’s Remuneration in the CS EXPRES, plc.
Pinková, Pavlína ; Barvová, Jindřiška (referee) ; Martinovičová, Dana (advisor)
The topic of this bachelor´s thesis is the suggestion of changes in employee’s remuneration in the CS Expres, plc.. The theoretical part summarizes current knowledge about different types of combination compensation, inclusive of legal, social and other aspects. The practical part analyses a combination compensation in the company and suggestion for changes to this system.
Proposal of a suitable car insurance of a selected business subject
Mlčoch, Zdeněk ; Pokluda, Jaroslav (referee) ; Martinovičová, Dana (advisor)
This Thesis work solves one problems that comect with the complex insurances of the company MAB audit, s. r. o. It includes a proposal for the improvement of current insurances of the bleet of cars of a company.
Complex Insurance Protection of Company HP Konzult Ltd.
Procházka, Ondřej ; Strbačka, Jiří (referee) ; Martinovičová, Dana (advisor)
This diploma paper deals with the problems of the suggestion of a complex insurance protection of entrepreneurial subject, which is company HP Konzult Ltd. It contains basic theoretical solutions in the area of the insurance of entrepreneurial subjects, risk analysis, and complex insurance protection to minimize analized risks that threaten company operation.
The Offer of the Range of Products Concerning Life Insurance at Česká pojišťovna a. s.
Andrlíková, Marie ; Ptáček,, Roman (referee) ; Martinovičová, Dana (advisor)
This Master´s thesis is focused on wide range of products concerning life insurance. It includes analysis of life insurance and describes the situation of this issue in the Czech Republic. Life insurance as a market product is described in detail in Česká pojišťovna a. s. The results from the mentioned analysis are applied on life insurance products and give suitable choices of this type of insurance to different group of clients.
Life Insurance as an Effective Tool for Stimulation of Employees in the Selected Company
Žďánský, Radek ; Gabrielová, Eva (referee) ; Martinovičová, Dana (advisor)
The aim of Master’s thesis is the issue of a life insurance as a tool for stimulation of employees. It includes the current situation analysis of employees insurance in the selected company. It also includes selection and compare of insurance products and proposals or recommendations for their selection to employees of chosen company.
Business Plan - Construction of Fotovoltaic Power Station
Bendová, Jana Ludmila ; Stříbrnský, Petr (referee) ; Martinovičová, Dana (advisor)
Bachelor thesis presents the business plan of fotovoltaic power station construction with special rotation system. In these thesis are named relevant legal norms, which effect given project as well as theoretical and practical business plan analysis.
Property insurance problems of a selected business subject
Kylarová, Lucie ; Čejchan, Petr (referee) ; Martinovičová, Dana (advisor)
This master’s thesis analyzes problems related to property insurance of the selected business subject. Includes analysis of all risks and suggestion of a property insurance that can help the selected business subject minimize the most serious risks to its activities through commercial insurance and reduce to lowest level the threats to those activities.
Company Car Insurance Problems of a Selected Business Subject
Smejkalová, Dagmar ; Polášek, Petr (referee) ; Martinovičová, Dana (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis puts focus on the motor vehicle insurance provided by Internet Shop, s. r. o. It evaluates current state of the insurance and compares it with current offer of insurance policies of selected commercial insurance companies on the Czech insurance market. It is suggesting solution for improvement of the insurance coverage of motor vehicles within the company Internet Shop, s. r. o.

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