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The influence of the Second Vatican Council on the Church's attitude to the world. Illustration on the theology of church history in the Czech lands during communism.
The dissertation deals with impact of Second Vatican Council in attitude of the Catholic Church to World and it is illustrated in life of the Church in Czech countries in the course of communistic period, because of marginal differances between Church and World. Read the sings of times and aggiornamento are key concepts of Second Vatican Council. Main source are documents of Council and works dedicated to Second Vatican Council, what give us the most comprehensive information. Situation of the Church in the Czech countries from the point of view of systém of government, what effort to eliminate the Church, and response of the Church to it, what impacted reception of Second Vatican Council, and it is illustrated in thematic works and contemporary witness of communist regime. Generaly impact of Second Vatican Council find to reflection directed to situation of the Church and society and the ways, what Church choices for spreading of Gospel. In the Czech countries the Second Vatican Council encourage catholics to be active and take responsibility for civic society.
The implications of China’s aging population to the nation and the world
Lashkova, Ekaterina
Population changes have been identified as among the global challenges in recent decades. While advanced economies have experienced an ageing population, underdeveloped economies have witnessed a surge in the birth rate. Arguably, this issue has been a Chinese issue since the second half of the twentieth century. Against this backdrop, this bachelor thesis tries to assess the dynamics and implications of the size and age structure of the Chinese population within the country and the World. Secondary data was obtained from reputable sources for the analysis. Using a descriptive approach, the findings show that China's ageing population brings opportunities and difficulties for the country and the rest of the world. There are chances for innovation and growth in industries like elder care and technology, although there are enormous economic and societal challenges, such as a diminishing workforce and growing healthcare expenditures. The demographic trends in China also affect the rest of the world, especially in East Asia, where ageing populations are a common worry. Ultimately, this thesis helps us better comprehend how China's ageing population affects the country and the rest of the world. It emphasizes the requirement for legislative actions to address the problems and seize the changes by demographic shifts.
Singularity and Plurality of the World. Martin Heidegger and Bruno Latour on the World-Nature relationship
González Warcalde, Tadeo ; Sehgal, Melanie (advisor) ; Trawny, Peter (referee)
The basic problem guiding this work is to what extent, in times of the New Climate Regime, the formation of the world in Martin Heidegger's Being and Time can be determined only by the understanding, signifying, and historical capacities of Dasein, and whether, consequently, it is possible to think a concept of the world within the framework of the existential analytic that forms itself beyond Dasein. This question places the relationship between the world and the Earth, as well as the materiality of the world itself, at the center of the discussion and invites a series of questions that are fundamental to thinking about both contemporary philosophy and the (eco)political problems of our society. By explicating this problem, we will first try to clarify the limits of the concept of world and existence in the framework of existential analytics, then we will deal with the concepts of matter and nature - largely neglected in this field - and finally we will reflect on the notion of co-inhabitability in relation to the concept of world. However, this question is posed starting from a theoretical position that stands outside of Heidegger's own philosophy, but which shares common elements with it to some extent, namely: Bruno Latour's postnaturalism. This philosophy, on the one hand, emphasizes the role of...
The dialogical existence of human being. A socio-phenomenological approach to the language for the question of the human In-Between
Schmitz, Vanessa ; Sepp, Hans Rainer (advisor) ; Kurbacher, Frauke (referee)
According to the topic, it is only possible to offer a conclusion of the main concern. Considering to the irrevocable world-relationality of the human, the main concern consists in describing the siginificance and necessity of speaking with each other concerning the concrete constitution of reality, with an eye on the limits that go along with it. Finally, the development of a Poetical Attitude is given as a suggestion to solve with the question of human intersubjective existence based on the motives of justice and love, and which is closely interwoven with the dialogical dimension and the intersubjective narrative entanglement of people with one another. Keywords: Togetherness, Speaking one to Another, Poetical Attitude, Openness, Justice, Friendship, Dialouge, Life, Love, Human Existence, World, In-Between.
Horizon and Alterity in Husserl
Lünser, Julian Alexander ; Novotný, Karel (advisor) ; Brudzinska, Jagna (referee)
Julian Lünser Master's Thesis Master Erasmus Mundus: Europhilosophie Charles University, Prague 5th May 2023 Abstract Horizon and Alterity in Husserl The problem of alterity was not thematised frontally by Husserl, in contrast to the work of later phenomenologists. Notwithstanding, following the thesis that is defended here, it is possible to conceive of an implicit conception of alterity in Husserl's writings. Such a conception shows itself in a more precise analysis of Husserl's concept of the horizon which stands in an ambivalent relation to alterity: On the one hand, the horizon structure refers to a non-given excess, and thus opens up alterity; on the other hand, this excess is always already, at least minimally, prescribed and hence withdraws the otherness from the alterity. This ambivalent relation is described in the course of this master's thesis on different levels. This allows to distinguish between the alterity of the immediately appearing, exemplified by things and the own self, and the alterity of the mediately appearing, such as the other person. While it is possible to directly explicate and hence test the horizons of the immediatly appearing, such a possibility is not given for the apperception of the mediately appearing. In addition, the temporal structure of the appearance of alterity is...
Spatial Differentiation of Tobacco Smoking Rates in
The bachelor thesis examines the spatial differentiation of tobacco smoking rates in the world at the national level. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. It aims to analyse tobacco use rates in different countries of the world and to produce more general outcomes at the macro-regional level based on the results obtained. The sociopathological phenomenon under study is analyzed using nine socio-economic indicators, which are divided into three groups - economic, social and other. Using correlation analysis of the selected determinants, the dependence of each indicator with the proportion of adult smokers is observed. With the help of the created map outputs, some spatial differences, certain specifics and regularities of the observed phenomenon are clarified, which in the conclusion of the work confirm or refute the established hypotheses.
Characteristics and comparison of hop regions in the world.
VOLF, Adam
The bachelor thesis characterizes and compares hop regions around the world. Firstly, it deals with the literature concerning the geographical aspects of hop growing and presents the characteristics of hops (botanical and agricultural characteristics, conditions of hop growing, hop usage). The world's hop-growing regions are defined in the thesis as a regional concentration of at least 100 ha of hop gardens (hop harvest areas). The analytical part processes and compares data on the area of hop harvesting areas, hop production and hop yields based on Barth Reports statistics using proportional symbol maps, graphs and tables. Climatic types of hop regions are also compared. About 50 % of the hop harvest is located in two regions - Hallertau in Germany and Yakima Valley in the USA. The North Korean region Ryanggang Province and the Czech region Žatec follow with a gap. A large concentration of hop regions can be found in Central Europe and the northwest of the United States. Large hop yields occur in the German region Hallertau, in the Chinese and Australian regions. The increase in harvest areas and hop production between 1990 and 2020 occurred mainly in the US regions. A structured description of more than 30 hop regions of the world is given in the appendix of the bachelor's thesis.
Prostorová diferenciace přítomnosti korupce ve světě
SAMEC, Martin
This bachelor theses focuses on the presence of corruption's spatial differentiation in the world at the level of states. It is being analysed on the basis of chosen socio-economic indicators. The state of corruption's presence and perception in the analysed countries is based on the data provided by the international non-profit organization Transparency International. This data is compared with the chosen social, economic and political indicators. Their impact on the given socio-pathological phenomenon's distribution is determined based on correlation. In the synthetic part, the observed phenomenon's causes and causalities are explained: In addition, the spatial differences, regularities, and the specifics of this phenomenon's occurrence at the world macro-regional level are interpreted.
The attitude of today's world to hearing impaired people
The main purpose of this work is to show the mindset about hearing impaired people mainly in the Czech republic in 21. century. To show the difference between accepting hearing impaired people through the history and in todays society. This work includes the differences between states like Germany, Norway and United Kingdom and czech society. Also I am writing about the possibilities that our society has created to help hearing impaired people hear again or improve their hearing and how it is making it easier for hearing impaired people to be part of our society. My work is divided to two sections. The teoretical part, where I discribed the history. I discribed some of the medical and technological divices which is made for hearing impaired people. Then I also mentioned in my theses the problems with integration and inclusion. And of course I am looking for support in our laws and their realizations. In the second part, the practical one, I focused on the proves. Those I am looking for through my interview with hearing impaired person and people from hearing society.

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