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The Otherness of the Marxist Philosophy of History: An Attempt at Symbolic Conceptualization
Zagvozdkin, Nikita ; Trawny, Peter (advisor) ; Sepp, Hans Rainer (referee)
The Otherness of the Marxist Philosophy of History: An Attempt at Symbolic Conceptualization Abstract: The presented master's thesis makes an attempt to re-contextualize the Marxist philosophy of history in relation to its otherness (Anderssein) and thereby to shift the methodologically central accent away from the category of totality (worked out mainly in Lukács' "History and Class Consciousness"). This new perspective is to be centred on the phenomena that cannot be fully covered in a scientific or strictly materialist manner and that nevertheless belong to the conceptual framework of Marxism. For this purpose, the other (das Andere) is defined as the symbolic (das Symbolische), which is further examined in the first part of the thesis with reference to Kant's "Critique of Judgment" and on the basis of several descriptions - discursive and phenomenological alike. The symbolic is then outlined as a special type of figurative that overcomes the figurative itself and thus constitutes a transcending operation. In the second part of the paper, this definition is applied to the Marxist philosophy of history with the aim to explicate its symbolic figures and to show their conceptual tensions. In accordance with the established meaning of the term, three symbols are consecutively considered and analysed: The...
Epoché and Alterity - On certain Invariants of the Performance of Epoché and the Path to an Abstaining Stance
Sitsch, Marius Armin ; Sepp, Hans Rainer (advisor) ; Schnell, Alexander (referee)
The present master's thesis investigates the epoché as a performance and experience and its connection with alterity. It aims to provide a description of the epoché in its processual or ex- ecutive dimension and thus to show the experience or the performance of the epoché in its existential depth dimension. This means to shed light onto the existential experience that un- derlies the epoché in order to examine the connection between the theoretical concept and the depth dimension of the experience. In order to accomplish this, the investigation develops its own method based on the eidetic variations of Edmund Husserl and the act of empathy of Edith Stein, which consists of the processual "passing through" six examples of the epoché. The ex- amples are: the epoché in ancient skepticism, the practice of Samatha and Vipassanā and the experience of awakening (bodhi) in Buddhism, the contemplation (Nachdenklichkeit) by Hans Blumenberg, the epoché of Edmund Husserl, the epoché of Natalie Depraz, Pierre Vermersch and Franciso Varela and the epoché of Hans Rainer Sepp. After going through these variants, preliminary invariants and thus a preliminary description of the performance of the epoché can be obtained. This reveals a close connection between the epoché and alterity. The investigation ends with a...
Between the Absolute Ego and the Other:A New Form of Utopia Following Emmanuel Levinas
Wang, Shiwen ; Sepp, Hans Rainer (advisor) ; Rössner, Christian (referee)
If one returns with patience to Levinas' own writings, one sees that Levinas used the term "utopia" in many of the crucial passages of his two major works - totality and infinity and Otherwise than Being or beyond essence - to convey some of his unique views. In this work, "utopia" is seen as a common thread, and I finally try to sketch a new picture of possible utopia by describing and analyzing the current state of human existence and mentality in today's society with the help of Levinas' thinking. Keywords: Utopia, Levinas, ethics, dialogue
Existence as a chase - A persecution of the borders of meaning
Niemann, Lutz Aloys ; Sepp, Hans Rainer (advisor) ; Joisten, Karen (referee)
(Deutsch) Diese Arbeit versucht sich unter Einbeziehung interkultureller Quellen im Dialog mit Julio Cortázars Erzählung "der Verfolger" [el perseguidor] an einer Verfolgung der Jagd. Sie hofft, mit dem Begriff der Jagd und seiner Ausdifferenzierung in verschiedene Modi fundamentale Bewegungsrichtungen der menschlichen Existenz zu beschreiben. Die menschliche Existenz kommt dabei als spannungsreiches Zwischen ("inter") von sinngetragener medialisierter Bezogenheit und außer-sinnhafter realer Faktizität in den Blick. Im Verlaufe der Arbeit werden anhand ausgewählter Szenen der Erzählung nicht nur die Spannung des Zwischen selbst, sondern auch seine Pole zum Gegenstand des philosophischen Fragens gemacht. Schlüsselworte: Jagd, Cortázar, Zwischen (inter), Sinn, außer-Sinn, Reales, Leib, absolutes Nichts
Perspectivity and Catastrophe. The Ambivalence of Progress
Zeman, Jan ; Sepp, Hans Rainer (advisor) ; Nitsche, Martin (referee)
Human perspectivity, furthermore progress in all it's categories (for example technical, social or ethical progress) and finally the decline of a culture, are the main emphasizes of this thesis. It will address the issues of what human perspectivity is about and how it behaves towards progress and a cultural-socially overall structure. In historical context, the evolution of progress is set in relation to the evolution of human perspectivity. After the explaining of these two components and the connection between them, lastly, using a concrete example with the perished Easter Island in the southern pacific, it will be shown, how and why civilizations go through certain stages like early culture, high culture and late culture. So the point of this thesis is, to show, how and why human civilizations come to an end and what we should learn from them. Aside from other factors (for example military conflicts with enemies from the outside, which can lead also to a disaster of a culture), in this thesis the focus is on a cultural-ecological research of a self-inflicted catastrophe. The thesis is completed with a proposed solution for the above mentioned problems to improve the relationship between man and his environment, especially the animal. Keywords: human perspectivity, ecological catastrophe,...
Intercultural dialogues and the creativity of knowledge - A study on Daya Krishna
Coquereau-Saouma, Elise Isadora Marie Colette ; Sepp, Hans Rainer (advisor) ; Bhushan, Nalini (referee) ; Raghuramaraju, A. (referee)
This work discusses the contribution of the philosopher Daya Krishna (1924-2007) to the realm of intercultural dialogues. A leading figure of academic Indian philosophy, Daya Krishna left an immense and eclectic, yet mainly unexplored, corpus. Firstly, I offer one approach to his diverse philosophy by focusing on his philosophical project as a whole. His project attempts to unveil the presuppositions of thinking, which can only be effectuated in dialoguing across philosophical traditions founded on different presuppositions. Applying his project to the realm of intercultural dialogues, I begin by questioning the limits encountered by recent intercultural theories aiming at deconstructing Eurocentrism and establishing a global philosophical dialogue while responding to their postmodern European heritages. As a counterpoint, I introduce the challenges of Anglophone Indian philosophers in India, facing an uprooting from their own traditions. They feel this uprooting as cultural subjection, deprived of their own philosophical past. Within this context, Daya Krishna connected isolated communities of thinkers by organizing multilingual dialogues (called 'saṃvāda') between traditional paṇḍits, ulama and Anglophone philosophers. I reconstruct some of these experiments, thereby emphasizing methodological...
Phenomenology of Communication
Kaiser, Benjamin ; Sepp, Hans Rainer (advisor) ; Joisten, Karen (referee) ; Schmiedl-Neuburg, Hilmar (referee)
Doctoral thesis by Benjamin Kaiser (FHS UK): Title in English: Relating and unrelating. A phenomenology of impartation. Abstract (English) Using a phenomenological analysis of the living body, this thesis investigates the dynamics of relating and unrelating in the context of philosophical anthropology. The first main chapter on "Mediation and Deprivation" argues that, in the context of early 20th century, certain philosophical paradigms arose which made the medium an absolute concept: some examples are those of environment; milieu and media theory. On the other hand, Husserl developed the phenomenological Epoché; and Plessner's and Scheler's emphasised the world/environment- difference as a negative response towards these paradigmatic accounts on mediation. An excursus further investigates the "sceptical beginnings of phenomenology" by making a comparison between the Epoché of the ancient Greek scepticism in the works of Sextus Empiricus and the phenomenological Epoché of Husserl. It shows that already in its earliest forms in ancient philosophy the Epoché was understood as related to our bodily existence. The second main chapter develops a "Phenomenology of Boundary Embodiment [Grenzleiblichkeit]". Following Hans Rainer Sepp's anthropology of the living body, this chapter analyses certain phenomena in...
Über den Pinselstrich - unter demAspekt des Verhältnisses von Gesichts- und Tastsinn. Eine phänomenologische Studie
Huang, Ziming ; Sepp, Hans Rainer (advisor) ; Schmiedl-Neuburg, Hilmar (referee) ; Joisten, Karen (referee)
Summary: The dissertation conducts a phenomenological study of the brushstroke in art from the perspective of the relationship between sight and touch. The previous analyzes of painting focus mostly on the sense of sight, this thesis is characterized by the emphasis on the importance of the sense of touch in visual art. The theme is related to both philosophy and art, so the investigation consists of two main parts, "Theoretical Analysis" and "Detailed Analysis". In the part of the "theoretical analysis" first a "historical overview of sight and touch" is led. The philosophical research on perception and the relationship of sight and touch are summarized. Phenomenological observation points to the fundamental meaning of the sense of touch in the corporeality. According to the research of simple perception, the "layer analysis of the image" is carried out. Image-consciousness is a matter of multiple objectivities and their apprehensions. Different layers in image theory by Husserl and Ingarden are presented and compared. In terms of aesthetic experience, Dufrenne's distinction between the artwork and the aesthetic object is guided. The importance of sight and touch in the aesthetic consideration of the brushstroke is recognized. On the basis of the "theoretical analysis" the "detailed analysis" is carried...
Forms of Absorbedness: The Role of Dream Analysis in the Early Works of Eugen Fink
Chu, Ming Hon ; Sepp, Hans Rainer (advisor) ; Nielsen, Cathrin (referee)
In Vergegenwärtigung und Bild, his doctoral thesis published in 1930, Fink has worked out the idea of being absorbed in a world for elaborating the specificities of unreality. And the phenomenon of being absorbed in a world is most exemplarily effective in the case of dream. The phenomenon of dream opens up a theoretical horizon for questioning the reality of the factual world, by indicating the conceivability that the factual world we believe as real might turn out to be a dream for another real world. Thanks to the "epistemological argument", Fink thereby discloses a conceivable emigration from the pre-given world to another world, with the clue of dream. And this "transworld" movement is not only an arbitrary speculation like a round square, but transcendentally threatens the self-familiarity of man. We would like to put forward the idea that the faith in the world is relativized by the conceivable unreality of our pre-given world. In this work, we attempt to articulate the transcendental instability of world- belief. Since the subject of transworld movement is neither a man living in the pre-given world, for it quits the pre-given world, nor the transcendental subject in its purity, for it is still situated in a worldly context, we suggest the inquiry of transword movement to be a supplementary part...

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