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Phenomenon, meaning and substrate - for a phenomenological metaphysics
Michel, Beat ; Novotný, Karel (advisor) ; Schnell, Alexander (referee) ; Salanskis, Jean-Michel (referee) ; Jean, Gregori Jean (referee)
Phenomenon, sense and substrate - the case for a phenomenological metaphysics What is the substrate of consciousness, or what is it that "makes consciousness"? Asking this question amounts to not being satisfied with an answer that may seem self-evident: this substrate is the brain. In fact, situating the substrate of consciousness in the objective body, as part of the world - whether in the context of phenomenology, philosophy of mind or naturalism - leads to a circular ontology: consciousness in the body, the body in the world, the world thought, perceived, conceived, constituted by consciousness. However, even if all circularity is not necessarily problematic, we seek to show that this circularity of a general ontology is indeed fatal. So we take another path, from the subjective body to a substrate that is not located in the world. This substrate is constructed as an abstract notion, by operating two consecutive merges of existing concepts. First we bring together in a single concept, that of abstract substrate, the Aristotelian hylemorphism, on the one hand, and the idea of supervenience, from the philosophy of the mind, on the other hand, by establishing that the two are, in a way, coextensive. We then appeal to the notion of absolute Life, introduced by Michel Henry in the last period of his work,...
Combination of laser spectroscopy methods for chemical analysis
Holub, Daniel ; Novotný, Karel (referee) ; Pořízka, Pavel (advisor)
The topic of this Master’s thesis is combination of laser spectroscopic methods. LIBS and Raman spectroscopy were chosen for the combination. This combination is applied to plastic identification and separation as a mean to automate sorting of plastic waste. Data handling was done via different methods of computer learning algorithms scripted in R language. Plastic sorting accuracy over 90 % was reached thanks to the combination of chosen methods. This work also addresses some issues implied by combination of two different methods.
Fantasy in Phenomenology
Fazakas, István ; Novotný, Karel (advisor) ; Mazzù, Antonino (referee) ; Römer, Inga (referee)
RESUME (FRANÇAIS): Dans le présent travail, nous partons de la thèse selon laquelle un changement du concept du phénomène - comme celui qui s'est accompli dans les dernières décennies dans la phénoménologie contemporaine - implique nécessairement un changement du concept de l'ipséité. Pour attester cette thèse, nous nous donnons la tâche de dégager l'ipséité qui correspond au champ phénoménologique le plus archaïque. Ce champ, nous pouvons le caractériser, en suivant Marc Richir, comme le champ de la phantasía. Or, nous défendrons ici l'idée selon laquelle l'ipséité spécifique que nous pouvons décrire à même la phénoménalisation des apparitions de phantasía permet également - dans le cadre de la phénoménologie nova methodo de la phantasía - de repenser l'ipséité du soi en général. Il faut cependant tenir compte du fait que dans le cadre de cette nouvelle phénoménologie développée par Marc Richir, il n'y a pas de phantasía qui ne plonge d'emblée dans une dimension affective. En outre, le champ phénoménologique doit également être articulé avec le champ symbolique. Dans cette thèse nous analysons, en suivant Marc Richir, les couches les plus archaïques de la constitution intersubjective de l'ipséité et son institution symbolique et imaginaire dans une identité. Ces analyses montreront que l'ipséité est...
Cyanoacrylate in treatment of great and small saphenous vein.
Novotný, Karel ; Pafko, Pavel (advisor) ; Lindner, Jaroslav (referee) ; Šebesta, Pavel (referee)
Introduction: Cyanoacrylate gluing technique is the least strenuous treatment of varicose trunks which does not necessitate tumescent anaesthesia and post procedural stocking compression. In response to the long-term unavailability of commercial kits with N-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate (Histoacryl) in the Czech Republic, we used a modified technique, which is based on the technique of endovascular treatment of AV malformations in the brain and uses a mixture of cyanoacrylate and Lipiodol to clog. We evaluated the success of the method, complications and clinical improvement of chronic venous insufficiency. Parts of the work are histological findings of collected samples of veins at various time intervals. In an in vitro experiment, we compared the bond strength of a bonded shear to a tear device. The adhesive mix values used were compared with those of commercially available adhesives for this purpose. Patients and methods: Fifty-six limbs in 49 patients suffering from great saphenous vein or small saphenous vein insufficiency in combination with symptomatic chronic venous insufficiency and complicating comorbidities were treated with a modified endovascular cyanoacrylate glue application technique. A histopathological examination was conducted on vein samples from six. In each patient a sample of the...
Prášek, Petr ; Petříček, Miroslav (advisor) ; Novotný, Karel (referee) ; Romano, Claude (referee)
The Becoming-other of the Existence, Essay on Contemporary Phenomenology, is both a systematic and a historical study of phenomenology. By choosing a systematic problem of becoming-other of the existence it attempts to present and to confront five major contemporary phenomenologists in France within a single phenomenological field: Henri Maldiney, Claude Romano, Jean-Luc Marion, Renaud Barbaras, and Marc Richir. The study enters phenomenology with Edmund Husserl and presents some key original concepts invented by two generations of post-husserlian authors who marked out the road to contemporary phenomenology: Martin Heidegger, Erwin Straus, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Jan Patočka, Emmanuel Lévinas. Then it turns to "evential empiricism" in the work of Maldiney and Romano who consider the existent and the world in their belonging-together: the event is thus understood as co-birth of the subject and the world. Nevertheless, because of the fact that the existence that "becomes-other" is necessarily a finite existence, a radically separated existence from the metaphysical transcendence of the world, three other authors must become involved in the discussion: Marion, whose adonné is a limit of the givenness, and then Barbaras and Richir who explore the most archaic layers of the subjectivity within a...
Design of motorized optical system used for focusing of a laser beam
Zobač, Evžen ; Novotný, Karel (referee) ; Novotný, Jan (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the structural and optomechanical design of automatization of focusing laser beam for a remote laser spectroscopy device. The chosen solution uses an active rangefinder and a rotary unit to control the change of the focus plane of the device's optic system. The dependence of the focus plane’s change on the shift of lens in the focus plane was practically measured. For proper control of the rotary unit, this dependency is needed. Structural parts were made based on the created drawing documentation. The structural parts were mounted in the existing assembly of the device together with the purchased components. The proposed solution enables a change of the optical system, for example, in order to obtain a more appropriate range of focal planes.
Phenomenology of touch. Ethical Readings of Discontinuous Paradigms
Molina García, Erika Natalia ; Novotný, Karel (advisor) ; Römer, Inga (referee) ; Schnell, Alexander (referee)
Phenomenology of touch. Ethical readings on discontinuous paradigms. Touch is not only the sense that allows us to appreciate shapes and textures. It is also the sense that allows us to feel the tenderness of a caress or the violence of a punch. It allows us to feel temperature and pain, balance and the position of our body, feelings of itching and tickling, vibrations and sexual arousal. In recent years, research on touch has blossomed in the most diverse fields, and these works are unanimous in saying that touch is a crucial factor in our lives and on our health: interhuman cooperations, pain endurance, empathy, compassion and care are all touch depending activities. Starting from a scenarisation of Western philosophy in terms of opposition between continuism and discontinuism, we reinterpret the phenomenological method, by a radicalization of the meaning of its tool (epoche), to put it at service of the analysis of touch phenomena. In this context, our work is presented in a double duality: On the one hand, it unfolds around two main thematic axes, discontinuity (self- thematization) and touch (thematization). On the other hand, it takes the shape of two distinct textual bodies, a purely philosophical one and a philo-performatic one, which intersect and thus aim to perform in the writing of the...
Module for the detection of light elements in ferrous alloys by the Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy technique
Hrabal, Zdeněk ; Novotný, Karel (referee) ; Novotný, Jan (advisor)
Tato diplomová práce je zaměřena na analýzu lehkých prvků (tj. uhlík, sýra a fosfor) v železných slitinách pomocí metody laserem indukovaného plazmatu (LIBS). Hlavním cílem je vyvinout a implementovat nový modul, který bude umožňovat analýzu v hluboké ultrafialové oblasti (VUV), což je nezbytné jak pro stanovení chemického složení lehkých prvků v ocelích tak pro mnoho dalších aplikací metody LIBS. V první části je vytvořen přehled moderních přístupů optické emisní spektroskopie (OES) a rovněž jsou shrnuty tradiční techniky používané v metalurgii pro analýzu ocelí. Teorie absorpce ultrafialového záření vzduchem a optickými skly byla důkladně studována a shrnuta k získání potřebného teoretického základu k vývoji modulu. Před návrhem finální verze modulu byl navržen experimentální modul s cílem otestovat navržený koncept analýzy ve VUV oblasti metodou LIBS. Na základě testování byla navrhnuta finální verze založená na unikátním klínovém mechanismu. Funkční vzorek byl vyroben ve spolupráci s extérním výrobcem a vlastnosti modulu byly následně demonstrovány naměřením pěti certifikovaných ocelových standardů. Experiment určil limity detekce pro uhlík jako 0.028 hm.%. Nicméně, síra ani fosfor nebyly detekovány v žádném ze vzorků. Tato práce vytvořila modul nezbytný pro budoucí zkoumání metody LIBS v oblasti VUV v Laboratoři laserové spektroskopie v Brně.
The experience of cinema A Husserlian approach to the filmic experience
Gonçalves Trindade, Hanna ; Novotný, Karel (advisor) ; Fulka, Josef (referee) ; Rodrigo, Pierre (referee)
Cinema seeks to recreate human experiences, expressing the relation we entertain with our reality. A film is not only the mechanical record of facts, but a visual manifestation of an interpretation of the world. But how does the spectator experience this specific form of expression of life itself? We propose an answer to this question through the point of view of the Husserlian philosophy. The focus of Edmund Husserl's phenomenology is not the description of things themselves, but of the structure of the subject's experience of them. His analysis aims at unveiling how reality appears to consciousness, manifesting a sense through this apparition. If we take films to be an expression of experience (of the filmmaker) through experience (of the spectator), then phenomenology becomes a particularly suitable perspective for understanding cinema. It enables the understanding both of how films manifest a sense of life and of how is structured the viewer's experience of this type of manifestation. Consequently, a Husserlian approach allows us to grasp the universality of filmic experiences: it is always a matter of a consciousness engaged in an act of apprehension of an object with the specific form and content. How is this relationship constituted? Keywords Films - Phenomenology - Experience -...
Origins of intentionality and Husserl's late thinking
Zelenka, Jiří ; Novotný, Karel (advisor) ; Zika, Richard (referee)
This work aims to pursue the roots and sources of intentionality. Intentional structure of consciousness is the very core of Edmund Husserl's phenomenology and plays the main role since his Logical investigations. The problem of intentionality is complicated and complex and resonates through the Husserl lifelong work Our starting point is Husserl's late work Erfahrung und Urteil. The reason why we choose this work is twofold. First, this work shows the thoughts which result from the life long investigation of problematics. And the second reason is, this work hasn't been the subject of examination as much as Husserl's earlier works so far. The key to our work is the perspective in which every phenomenon shows. That's the reason, why we follow intentionality in three perspectives, which gradually uncovers itselves. The first perspective is the descent from acts of judgment to the original layers of intentionality. This brings us to the second perspective, which is the instinctive intentionality. This is the subject of following part of our work. The exposing of instinctive intentionality underlines the role of embodiment. The importance of embodiment in regard to intentionality is the final perspective. We investigate this with help of Maurice Merleau-Ponty Phenomenology of perception. This will...

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