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Black.(Selected cases of phenomena in visual arts, culture and their possibilities in education)
Pfeiffer, Jan ; Fulková, Marie (advisor) ; Havlík, Vladimír (referee) ; Vartecká, Anna (referee)
Univerzita Karlova Pedagogická fakulta DISERTAČNÍ PRÁCE Černá. (Vybrané případy fenoménu ve výtvarném umění, kultuře a jejich možnosti v edukaci) MgA. Jan Pfeiffer 2023 Charles University, Faculty of Education DISSERTATION Black. (Selected cases of phenomena in visual arts, culture and their possibilities in education) MgA. Jan Pfeiffer 2023 Abstract The subject of this work is black, or the designation for color. But it is also an artistic concept and means of expression. The subject of my interest are selected cases of the black phenomenon in visual arts, culture, and their possibilities in education. I understand black as a phenomenon that I explore through my own creative work. In the course of it, I ask myself questions, such as: what stimuli, for example, black gives us and how it is connected with our socio-cultural background and its perception. I also ask contemporary artists working consciously or unconsciously with black, what black enables them in their work, and how it supports them, whether it is crucial for them. My intention is to open new perspectives on the subject of black and its connection with daily life, the ability to treat this phenomenon as a conscious gesture, an opinion - distinguishing different uses of black context. I also examine the possibilities of reasoning verified in...
Ritual -between visual Art and Theatrical drama
Janda, Jakub ; Pfeiffer, Jan (advisor) ; Tsikoliya, Lenka (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with ritual as a link between the artistic and theatrical worlds. The theoretical part explores the broad field of rituals, which serves as a starting point for the pedagogical task. In the didactic part, the emphasis is on viewing art from the perspective of the theory of the "Gesamtkunstwerk", whereby pupils can be introduced to other topics in culture, art and history through art activities. Based on research into the field of ritual, the opera Rosenkavalier was selected as a suitable topic for didactic transformation. It is not only possible to focus on the issue of rituals, but also to explore the Baroque and Rococo periods, the reign of Maria Theresa, or to go into the field of literature through the work of Hugo von Hofmannsthal, the author of the libretto, by learning about opera as a dramatic and musical theatre form and the work of Richard Strauss, the author of the music for this opera. The author's part of the thesis focuses on the forms of drawing and its use in relation to dramatic art. KEYWORDS ritual, drama, opera, baroque, rococo, art series, drawing, performance, space, time
Emotional Cartography
Rygálová, Monika ; Pfeiffer, Jan (referee) ; Sterec, Pavel (advisor)
The work aims to artistically compile perception of maps as a fact, what let us think about The world - how we know it from the map. I work with data, which I gain by displaying technology – eye tracking, which helps me to record track of moving eyes during watching any kind of picture. The observations will be people from different places such a place of stay etc. Gained data I am going to use as a study, which I will componate to maps and different vizualizations of world, countries etc. "Where i have not ever been before, it does not exist" – is idea of percepting world, wich I also work with on that project. Study will contain all aspect of perceiving maps and systematicly shown world related to the person, his memories to that place, fyzical contact and his impact in his scale person versus a the world.
City as a place of mind - Wilderness in public space
Vondrušková, Eliška ; Pfeiffer, Jan (advisor) ; Tsikoliya, Lenka (referee)
The thesis discusses the phenomenon of a city with a special focus on public space and its wilderness aspect. It examines the city as a place for non-human organisms to inhabit and discovers its specific habitat, which is populated by a vague terrain of various sizes. It traces the relationship between the city and nature, how this relationship has evolved throughout history, and how nature is brought into cities in the form of gardens and parks. It alludes to the theme of the second nature that surrounds cities. The main theme is urban wilderness, the uninvited nature of cities and its aspects. The aim of this thesis is to explore the topic of urban wilderness, its aspects and manifestations, which are then didactically transformed. This is preceded by the study of literature and fieldwork, which includes archiving and mapping of different spaces. The central city for this exploration is my birthplace and hometown of Prague which enables observation on an everyday basis (whether intended or unintended). The didactic part of the thesis focuses on the transformation of the topic into three wholly different art assignments, which offer the students three different perspectives. Each perspective is tied to their personal experience and two of the perspectives also directly include their presence in...
Implementation of the Cross-Curricular Subject Environmental Education in the School Subject Art Greenery as a city oasis
Zálešáková, Ester ; Pfeiffer, Jan (advisor) ; Sedlák, Michal (referee)
The goal of this diploma thesis is to find a way to implement the cross-cutting topic Environmental Education into the Art Education subject through an art project called Greenery as an Oasis of the City. And to find out whether it is therefore possible to lead pupils of two primary school classes to the principles presented by Environmental Education through an art project. The art project was based on the personal experience of the students gained during a few-hour stay in a selected city park and art activities that made this stay special and contributed to a more perceptive view of the environment in which the students moved. To verify the results achieved, qualitative research methods were used in the form of a structured interview with five randomly selected pupils from both classes. The students' answers showed that even through an art project, it is possible to strengthen the students' positive relationship with nature and the environment and contribute to the acquisition of internal motivation for a respectful and sustainable approach to nature. At the same time, it emerged from the pupils' answers and reactions that the overall benefit from the project for each pupil depended on the approach they took to the project, to what extent they concentrated on individual activities and to what...
Špitálská, Anna ; Pfeiffer, Jan (advisor) ; Kuříková, Michaela (referee)
(English) This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of videodiary and its integration into art classes. The theoretical part of the thesis defines the basic concepts related to video diary, such as video, diary, videoart, video installation, artistic/authorial documentary, and vlog. Furthermore, a probe into the history of visual media is conducted to create a sum of basic principles of videodocumentation. The theoretical part concludes with a comparison of selected authors dealing with the use of video in artistic production. The works of these artists are also included as inspirational material for the individual projects proposed in the didactic part. In the practical part, an author's project of a video diary presenting a video archive that explores everyday perceptions and obsessions of observation is realized. At the same time, the post-production process related to the project and the process of analysis of the individual recordings are described. The presented project is also used as an inspirational source for the projects in the didactic part of the thesis. The didactic part of the thesis presents the possibilities of using video diary in teaching. Reference is made to the outcomes in RVP and the didactic use of achievable documentation technologies. In three didactic proposals it aims to...
Experience in The Artwork and in The Gallery Space
Havránková, Simona ; Pfeiffer, Jan (advisor) ; Francová, Sylva (referee)
The theoretical part of the thesis is comprised of three interrelated areas: the exhibition as a medium, space, and curation. The chosen areas each include a presentation of the development of space. The thesis explores elements that transform the audience's overall experience of visiting an exhibition and the audience's impression of the displayed piece. The chapter which follows the facilitator's role in the exhibit determines the most common causes of the public's dismissive stance towards art. The third chapter is focused on curation and introduces the curator's role. The practical part of the thesis proposes solutions for a three-dimensional installation and offers means of linking artworks to their surroundings. In relation to the subject of the public's detachment from art, the thesis explores art from the viewpoint of the audience and the audience's experience. The thesis aims at designing an arrangement that aids in bettering the relationship between the public, the gallery, and art, through the use of gallery education. The practical part involves the author's project - a curatorial conception for which thematic series are provided in the didactic part. The basis of the work is finding relationships between different areas of art and viewing exhibitions from an educational perspective....
Creation vissual process
Šuková, Klára ; Pfeiffer, Jan (advisor) ; Fulková, Marie (referee)
The work focuses on the personal authorial process. The author compares these personal processes and experiences and confronts them with other views on the subject. The aim of the work will be to highlight the process as a necessary part of art. The work will also examine authorship as itself. Emphasis will also be placed on the work of current and past authors and their process over decades of work. In the practical part, the work deals with "art based research" where the author analyzes her own works and tries to find recurring patterns in her creative processes. She also points out the importance of the teacher's role and leadership to the importance of the process and not just the goal. KEYWORDS Art based research, authorship, authorial process, creation, the process of creation

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