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Flexible forms of work performance
Mašková, Barbora ; Hůrka, Petr (advisor) ; Tomšej, Jakub (referee)
1 Flexible forms of work performance Abstract This diploma thesis concerns the topic of flexible forms of work performance, which is very relevant in today's era of rapid technological progress and changing labour market. Its aim was to describe those institutes of flexible work performance that are regulated by the Labour Code, as well as to consider each institute's advantages and disadvantages and to offer a view on the possible development of labour law. The considerations de lege ferenda are based on the identified practical shortcomings of the current legislation and the direction of the European Union, which to some extent determines the image of the domestic legal order. Part of the thesis is devoted to a brief introduction of several basic concepts essential for understanding further interpretation of flexible forms of employment. Furthermore the text focuses on the activities of the European Union and especially those of the Court of Justice. In particular it describes its fundamental doctrines concerning the direct effect of directives. In this context, the thesis presents two relatively new directives, which should have already been implemented into our legal system. The outcomes of this thesis are based mainly on the legal provisions and opinions contained in the literature accompanied by the...
Issues of effectiveness and relevance of evaluation in the environment of educational organization
Stránský, Jiří ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Kříž, Jaroslav (referee)
The aim of the final bachelor's thesis is to describe the approaches in employee appraisal and to consider its relevance and effectiveness on the basis of these sources. The research part of the thesis includes a questionnaire survey which focuses on examining the form of teaching staff appraisal, its effectiveness and relevance. The aim of the investigation is to quantitatively analyse the approaches to staff appraisal in different educational organisations and to map its impact on staff. The thesis examines whether it is even possible and appropriate to evaluate staff performance in an educational organisation setting and to take steps to improve effectiveness based on this evaluation. Effective appraisal aims at implementing measures that promote and maintain satisfactory job performance and prevent poor performance. It enables the organization to set up an internal system of employee training, or to identify the need for external training, and process improvement, to decide on the relevance of employee pay and job classification. Appraisal allows to detect the potential of employees to be promoted to a position where they can better use their competences and motivate them with career advancement. The questionnaire survey showed that more than half of the respondents carry out staff appraisals...
Coaching applying in work performance management in school practice in Královéhradecký region
Jezdinská, Daniela ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Kitzberger, Jindřich (referee)
This thesis deals with coaching, which is a necessary and important management activity. It is used for developing of knowledge, skills, abilities and therefore human work performance. The theoretical part summarizes knowlwedge of science literacy dealing with coaching method, management of work performance in firms and it informs about the currant status of these activities in school management. The practical part presents results of research survey using questionnaire and guided interview. KEYWORDS coaching, work performance, work performance management, development of human potencial, manager
Work-related satisfaction - causes and manifestation
Konečná, Hana ; Rymeš, Milan (advisor) ; Kirovová, Iva (referee)
Bachelor thesis summarizes knowledge from the psychology of work and organization field, in particular from the field of job satisfaction. The theoretical part covers different approaches to job satisfaction and its characteristics. In introduction apart from basic terminology important theoretical approaches to work satisfaction (e.g. single-factor and double-factor theories) are presented. Further the main focus is on factors related to job satisfaction such as age, seniority, gender, education and salary. Also the effect of job satisfaction on phenomena such as work motivation, work performance, fluctuation and absenteeism is mentioned. The final chapter of theoretical part of the work is focused on the methods of job satisfaction evaluation in the Czech Republic as well as in the world. The theoretical part of the work is followed by empirical part which designs a research project of job satisfaction in actual organization. Research project is divided into two parts. The chosen job satisfaction evaluation methods contains qualitative and quantitative approaches, namely questionnaire Employees job satisfaction evaluation developed by Research institute of labor ad social affairs in Prague, further analysis of mainly human resources documents of the company and semi-structured interviews, which...
Work performance management and evaluation of kindergarden pedagogical workers
Rydvalová, Ivana ; Trojanová, Irena (advisor) ; Trojan, Václav (referee)
The main target of this thesis is to describe and explore the process of performance management and evaluation of teachers in nursery school. The theoretical part looks into the basics of personal work, especially its core activities - the performance management and evaluation of work performance of employees. As a component of this theoretical part is the specifications of these personnel activities in schools and school facilities. When it was found in literature also in nursery schools. The analytical part is related to the research in an environment of nursery schools, its target was to analyze whether and how is the process of performance management implemented to teachers and how is set up a system of evaluation. The survey was chosen as an exploratory questionnaire method. For data collection were used two methods: Individual standardized interview and analysis of school documents. The study was finished with a short questionnaire survey of staff in the monitored school. The conclusion contains a summary and evaluation to the main target of this thesis. The significance of the thesis consists in extending of the theoretical knowledge and practical benefits to executives, students of school management and education management in the implementation of performance management and evaluation of...
Problems of alcoholism in relation to working life
Kohoutová, Jana ; Gruber, Jan (advisor) ; Janiš, Kamil (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the problems of alcoholism in relation to working life. First, the attention is paid to alcoholism itself in terms of its conception, process and an individual who suffers from it. Then the thesis focuses on three possible causes of alcoholism associated with working life, which are stress, tolerant environment to alcohol consumption and unemployment. The attention is also aimed at high-risk professions of hospitality workers, laborers, medics and artists; it also deals with the impact of alcoholism on job performances of both an alcoholic and his colleagues. The thesis is also concerned with the problem of alcohol in the workplace in terms of the Labour Code and the employer sanctions. This topic is illustrated by a specific example of an employer procedure in addressing problems with alcohol in the workplace. Besides, the thesis addresses the issue of alcoholism prevention in connection with working life. In the end, the theoretical findings are illustrated by an alcoholic's work experiences as well as with the perspective of an individual who was in a close working contact with an alcoholic.
Employee Remuneration System in the Selected Company and Proposal of Changes to its Improvement
Šreková, Veronika ; Konečný, Štěpán (referee) ; Kruntorádová, Markéta (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the questions of the evaluation and remuneration systems of employees in a selected company. The first part focused on the basic theoretic concepts related to employee evaluation and remuneration. The second part contains an analysis of the problem in a particular company. The last part proposes changes in the system of evaluation and remuneration system
School Board and its participation in School Management
Kubíček, David ; Trojan, Václav (advisor) ; Veteška, Jaroslav (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of setting up school councils in elementary schools. Respondents of empirical research were directors of complete primary schools in the Hradec Králové Region. In particular, the results of the survey can be used to find possibilities for cooperation between the principal and the school council, so that its activities can help to the overall development of the educational process in the given school. As a basis for reflection, it can serve all stakeholders, i.e. school management, pedagogical staff, founders, and last but not least parents. The aim of the bachelor thesis was to find out to what extent and in what areas the school council influences the management of the principal. The partial aim was to specify the problematic areas of the relationship from the point of view of the principal and to suggest how to mitigate or eliminate their effects. KEYWORDS School board, work performance, headmaster, school law, competence, Czech school inspection.
Feedback in the management and leadership of non-medical healthcare professionals and management of their work performance
Houžvičková Zvelebilová, Růžena ; Růžička, Michal (advisor) ; Trpišovský, Milan (referee)
In my dissertation, I discuss the problematic of feedback in a leadership of medical non- doctor personnel and in directing its working performance. My aim was to comprehend and elucidate the process of feedback between superior and subordinate personnel, specifically between bedside nurses/assistive personnel and a charge nurse. As a secondary objective, I decided to investigate potential areas for improvement in leading management and to suggest possible advancements, which could contribute to more effective directing of work performance through the use of feedback. The dissertation is divided into two parts, theoretical and empirical. In the first theoretical part, I begin with defining the meaning of feedback. Following, I introduce topics that include: feedback in social communication, feedback in the process of directing work performance and work motivation. In the second empirical part, I present research conducted with the use of qualitative methodology, where the reader can view the discussed problematic from the perspective of subordinate (bedside nurses/assistive personnel) and superior (charge nurses) personnel. Key words: feedback, social communication, work performance, medical non-doctor personnel, bedside nurse, assistive personnel, healthcare, nursing, work motivation

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