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The influence of construction investments in tourism infrastructure on the development of regions
Fojtů, Jakub ; Pelčák, Svatopluk (referee) ; Dufek, Zdeněk (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of EU regional policy in relation to regional development. The main topic of the bachelor's thesis is public construction investments implemented in tourism with the help of regional operational programs from the program period 2007 - 2013. The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to find out whether the original interventions during the approval of these investments are being fulfilled and whether the development of the region is taking place through these investments.
New Technologies in Travelling and Tourism
Dieu Nguyen, Thuong ; Walek, Agata (referee) ; Smutný, Milan (advisor)
Cílem téhle bakalářské práce je prozkoumat transformující dopad nových technologií na odvětví cestovního ruchu se zaměřením na informační a komunikační technologie (ICT), E-turismus, umělou inteligenci (AI), rozšířenou realitu (AR) a virtuální realitu (VR). S důrazem na zvýšenou dostupnost informací je probírána historie přechodu od tradičních způsobů dopravy k integraci moderní přepravy a internetu. Práce se zabývá definicí, funkčností a praktickým využitím umělé inteligence, rozšířené reality a virtuální reality a zkoumá jejich výhody a problémy. Jsou představeny praktické implementace v cestovním ruchu, jako jsou prohlídky muzeí s podporou AR a virtuální prohlídky destinací. Adaptabilita těchto technologií a jejich role při obnově turistického odvětví ukazuje, že se dokážou vypořádat s pandemií COVID-19. Jsou zdůrazněna etická dilemata, jejich vhodná implementace a potřeba regulace pro udržitelný růst v tomto novém prostředí, neboť zavádění těchto inovací nadále mění cestovní ruch, jak jej známe.
Family Winery in the Moravian Countryside
Adamcová, Kateřina ; Šindlar, Jiljí (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
The subject of the thesis is the design of a small family winery in the Moravian countryside. The chosen location is the heart of the South Moravia wine region and offers attractive views of the Pavlov Hills. The work is loosely related to the pre-diploma project, which aimed to map and evaluate the current situation of wine houses/cellars in the village of Strachotín, which lies on the border of the Nové Mlýny dam. The development of tourism and the modernisation of buildings has had the most noticeable impact on the historic cellar buildings, which have gradually disappeared or are being rebuilt for recreational purposes. The diploma project is situated outside the nowadays "fragmented wine alley" and presents a possible proposal for a new architectural form in the landscape, right among the vineyards.
Perception of the Ore Mountains as a tourism destination among the residents of the Czech Republic
The bachelor thesis includes a theoretical research based on tourism with emphasis on tourism destination, destination management and marketing. The practical part introduces the Ore Mountains as a tourism destination, its development and present, including the operating destination organizations. Then it describes the form and course of the questionnaire survey as the chosen research method. The research itself examines the awareness of the Ore Mountains among the residents of the Czech Republic, how they perceive and evaluate the destination in various aspects. The evaluation and analysis of these results provided the basis for the preparation of proposals for destination development and marketing communication, which is the main aim of the thesis. The results of the survey will also be provided to the Destination Agency Ore Mountains for further potential use. In this thesis, the proposals for destination development concern the organisation of cultural event, new accommodation options and innovation in hiking. Within the marketing communication proposal, possibilities for the application of advertising, personal selling, public relations and sales promotion are presented.
Building marketing advantage by using aroma marketing in the selected company in tourism
The bachelor thesis deals with the study of the influence of aroma marketing on customers in the restaurant Penzion Pohádka. The data collected from questionnaire survey and observation analyses whether this type of marketing has an impact on customer satisfaction in the restaurant. The main objective of the bachelor thesis is to propose a specific application of aroma marketing in the selected tourism enterprise. The methodology involves a combination of quantitative and qualitative research including questionnaire survey and observation. The resulting findings showed that the aroma of cinnamon positively influences the perception of the restaurant environment, contributes to overall customer satisfaction, increases customer financial spending, increases the time spent in the restaurant and other findings. This work provides new insights into the importance of the influence of aroma in a restaurant establishment that can lead to competitive advantage and customer loyalty to the establishment.
Building marketing advantage by using aroma marketing in the selected company in tourism
RAMBOVÁ, Kristýna
This bachelor thesis explores aroma marketing as an innovative approach to improve the marketing position and competitiveness of a tourism business. The thesis combines theoretical foundations which are then used in the practical part where the effects of cinnamon aroma through diffusers and coffee aroma are tested. A questionnaire survey and emotion analysis using FaceReader were used to assess guest reactions and the influence of scents on the perception of the environment. The purpose of this bachelor's thesis is to assess the benefits and effectiveness of aroma marketing and determine if it has a positive effect on the overall customer experience and ambiance. The results of this study provide valuable information for the business, contributing to creating a competitive advantage.
The Role of Social Networks in Destination Marketing in Southern Bohemia
This bachelor thesis focuses on the identification of the influence of social networks and its gradation, specifically in the tourist destination of South Bohemia. Social networks have integral part in recent years and are connected to many areas of the modern world. The bachelor thesis will focus on Instragram and Facebook, as these two platforms are the most active in marketing the destination South Bohemia and on both of these platforms South Bohemia is promoted and has an account called "South Bohemia" Bachelor thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. In the theoretical part of the bachelor thesis, right after the introduction, we will focus on the literature search in the field of tourism, destination marketing and social networks. The aim of the practical part in the bachelor thesis is to identify the influence of social networks on tourism, specifically on the tourist destination South Bohemia.
Slow tourism
HAŠKOVÁ, Michala
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to define slow tourism and clarify how this form of tourism differs from other forms and what benefits it has compared to mass tourism. This work is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part deals with defining tourism, sustainability in tourism and the positive and negative impacts that tourism brings. The work then focuses more closely on slow tourism itself, on its definition and the emergence of this form of tourism, as well as on the requirements that destinations should meet in order to be suitable for slow tourism. Furthermore, the work examines the potential for the development of slow tourism in the Czech Republic and deals with the only destination in the Czech Republic that focuses on slow tourism, namely Orlické hory and Podorlicko. At the end of the analytical part, there is a proposal for a new slow destination. The practical part uses research based on data from questionnaires, it was distributed in electronic form and then each question is processed graphically and commented.
Marketing Strategy of Hotel Bítov
Růžičková, Žaneta ; Kočí, Alena (referee) ; Kočí, Alena (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
My diploma thesis deals with the analysis of the current situation, and subsequently, the appropriate marketing strategy for Hotel Bítov in the vicinity of Vranov dam. The theoretical parts deals with the isme of using marketing tools in the field of hotel services. The practical parts consists of the inner and outer analysis of the hotel surroundings. The results are summed up in the scope of a SWOT analysis from which the final marketing strategy follows.
Marketing Mix of Hotel Maximus Resort
Tomášková, Lenka ; Ing.Ondřej Bena (referee) ; Mráček, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of this study is marketing mix of hotel Maximus Resort. Theoretical part contains definitons of marketing, marketing mix and communication mix. In the practical part I present the hotel Maximus Resort in global and his problems with the guest occupancy. My vision is to create an offer package which would be attracted for new guests and also the reason for the guests to come back. I wont to pay attention to the famillies with small children – specially animation programs in the hotel, which are not widly extended in the Czech republic and that is also one of the reasons why many famillies prefer vacancy in abroad.

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