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Political-Military Risks for Tourism in the Middle East
Krajňák, Tomáš
Political-Military Risks for Tourism in the Middle East Abstract The master's thesis analyses the perception of political-military risks for incoming tourism in the Middle East from the perspective of Czech potential tourists. The examined area of the Middle East bears some geographic and geopolitical ideas, that are still absent in the Czech scientific milieu. Tourism in the Middle East also operates in the environment of political-military risks. Scholarly literature suggests that these risks represent one of the main factors influencing the choice of destination. The paper deepens understanding of this relationship by focusing on the perception of political-military risks in space, in terms of their typological diversity, and analyses determinants of this perception. The main research tool, a questionnaire, served to collect data that was analysed through descriptive statistics and statistical inference, as a paired t-test, analysis of variance (ANOVA) and correlation analysis. The findings are mostly in consensus with theoretical knowledge and previous studies. Individual types of political- military risks showed different impact on the perception for realization of tourism. A statistically significant difference exists between violent and non-violent political-military risks. In some cases, however,...
The issues in methodology and data interpretation in studies of tourist attractions' attendance
Nekolný, Lukáš
THE ISSUES IN METHODOLOGY AND DATA INTERPRETATION IN STUDIES OF TOURIST ATTRACTIONS' ATTENDANCE Lukáš Nekolný Abstract Attendance belongs to the main quantitative indicators of tourism which is one of the most important sectors of human activites. Knowledge about number of visitors has substantiation in scientific research and in destination management. In this case it is essential to combine the sustainability and the economic benefits. The number of visitors (visits) is important regarding to education and media. Therefore the use of comparable methodology is appropriate before interpretation of corresponding data. The aims of this thesis after analysing methodologic risk issues are to create the recommendation and to compare data of tourist attractions. The main points of recommendation we can mark are to compare individual attractions regardless of the ownership structure and to separate counting of tour routes and counting of visitor numbers with season tickets without distorted coefficients. All these issues are completed through the model cases from zoos - one of the most visited tourist attractions. Keywords: tourism, attendance, tourist attraction, methodology, interpretation, zoo
Analýza a potenciál efektivního rozvoje CHKO Brdy
The thesis deals with analysis and potential of an efficient development of landscape park Brdy. Its aim is to raise public awareness of a recently established nature conservation area. A part of the thesis introduces a qualitative research cariied out in form of interviews with visitors in the area. The empirical part of the thesis deals with analysis of opinions and experiences of the visitors. The main aim of this part is on the grounds of respondents´ answers to propose basic arrangements for a future effective development of some sections of the tourism in the area. The findings are summarized and the given hypothesis is evaluated in the end of the thesis. There is also a proposal of new opportunities of an efficient development of this area in compliance with conservation of the current landscape form.
Turismus ve venkovském prostoru - příklad obcí Švihov a Strážov
The main objective of the thesis was to find out current situation in tourism in two towns in Klatovy district and to compare these results with the potential of a place for tourism. Specifically, the towns were Strážov and Švihov, which are similar in population. The theoretical part contains the facts from literature related to tourism, rural area and rural tourism. In the research part both towns are characterized and these characteristics are supplemented with photos. The results of the survey for visitors and the results of the local inhabitants survey, as well as the interviews with the mayors are evaluated.
Venkovský turismus v oblasti Blanského lesa - případová studie obce Křemže
Bachelor thesis with the topic of Rural tourism in Blanský Forest analyzes the situation in the selected area - the village of Křemže by the case study. The theoretical part defines the key concepts such as a tourism and its forms, a rural tourism. South Bohemian Region is characterized here, as well as The Blanský Forest Protected Landscape Area, including Křemže and its adjacent settlements. It captures the types of rural tourism that are used in Křemže and its surroundings. The practical part summarizes the empirical survey based on questionnaires completed by residents and tourists of the given site. A detailed analysis of the tourists and residents´ views assesses more aspects of rural tourism - in view of the infrastructure and of the impact of rural tourism on the environment in that municipality and its surroundings. Finally, rural tourism and its impact on nature and population in the Křemže region are evaluated.
From glory to oblivion? Changes of the site of pilgrimage Křemešník in the 20th century
The submitted work aims to clerify changes of the image of the site of pilgrimage called Křemešník in social memory during the dynamic 20th century. Author leans on her bachelor's thesis, which was focused on Křemešník in the first thirty years of the 20th century. Now she tried to describe rivalry of ecclesiastic and touristic segment in the first half of the 20th century, replaced by establishment of the communist dictatorship. The reports of the church secretaries helped to find out the attitude of ruling power to Křemešník, means of changing or deleting the memory of the site and the success rate of this effort. Attention was also paid to perception of Křemešník by ordinary people, compared with contemporary state using a questionnaire. Extant written sources were supplemented with memories of contemporary witnesses.
Technical monuments in selected region and their use in tourism
The aim of the thesis is to characterize the concept of technical monuments, analyze the technical monuments in selected region, and present a research on utilization of these monuments. The goal is to design a tour to increase the utilization of the selected technical monuments in Ostrava city, as it is a region where many of the interesting technical monuments are located.
The use of historic battlefields for tourism development in the Czech republic
This bachelor thesis explores how to use the potencial of places where particular battles happened. It is a part of tourism which belongs to dark tourism, concretely military tourism. The research is done through a survey, which takes place in South Bohemia, mainly the town of Písek and its surroundings. The main objective is to find out, how to improve battlefields and adjacent areas for visitors. Destinations have to be more attractive to achieve higher attendance. This paper deals especially with the battlefield at Sudoměř, where the monument of Jan Žižka can be seen. It is the main tourist attraction in this location. The output of the research is to provide a report with recommendations to popularize the entire location and to prompt people to visit it.
Holiday Buying Behavior of Residents of South Bohemia
ŠVECOVÁ, Kateřina
This diploma thesis focuses on holiday buying behavior of residents of South Bohemia. The aim of the diploma thesis was to analyse and evaluate buying behavior of residents of the Region of South Bohemia during holiday planning and the holiday itself and to give recommendations to businesses working in tourism. First, terms concerning tourism, buying behavior, market segmentation and marketing research are explained in the theoretical part. Thereafter marketing research was conducted to gain the necessary data by questionnaire. The questionnaire results were converted into charts and graphs in Microsoft Excel and described in the practical part. The presented hypotheses were accepted or rejected on the basis of the evaluation of the received data in Microsoft Excel and the statistical program Statistica. The data analysis of the questionnaire and statistically significant differences served as the basis for summarising recommendations for businesses in the tourist sector focusing on single segments in the holiday market.
Visitors' Profiles in the Tourism Area of Prácheňsko a Pošumaví
The main aim of this thesis is to compile profiles of typical visitors in the tourism area of Prácheňsko and Pošumaví based on quantitative research. Another aim is to segment the market on the demand side and select key and promising target segments for sustainable tourism development in the destination.

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