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Political-Military Risks for Tourism in the Middle East
Krajňák, Tomáš
Political-Military Risks for Tourism in the Middle East Abstract The master's thesis analyses the perception of political-military risks for incoming tourism in the Middle East from the perspective of Czech potential tourists. The examined area of the Middle East bears some geographic and geopolitical ideas, that are still absent in the Czech scientific milieu. Tourism in the Middle East also operates in the environment of political-military risks. Scholarly literature suggests that these risks represent one of the main factors influencing the choice of destination. The paper deepens understanding of this relationship by focusing on the perception of political-military risks in space, in terms of their typological diversity, and analyses determinants of this perception. The main research tool, a questionnaire, served to collect data that was analysed through descriptive statistics and statistical inference, as a paired t-test, analysis of variance (ANOVA) and correlation analysis. The findings are mostly in consensus with theoretical knowledge and previous studies. Individual types of political- military risks showed different impact on the perception for realization of tourism. A statistically significant difference exists between violent and non-violent political-military risks. In some cases, however,...
The issues in methodology and data interpretation in studies of tourist attractions' attendance
Nekolný, Lukáš
THE ISSUES IN METHODOLOGY AND DATA INTERPRETATION IN STUDIES OF TOURIST ATTRACTIONS' ATTENDANCE Lukáš Nekolný Abstract Attendance belongs to the main quantitative indicators of tourism which is one of the most important sectors of human activites. Knowledge about number of visitors has substantiation in scientific research and in destination management. In this case it is essential to combine the sustainability and the economic benefits. The number of visitors (visits) is important regarding to education and media. Therefore the use of comparable methodology is appropriate before interpretation of corresponding data. The aims of this thesis after analysing methodologic risk issues are to create the recommendation and to compare data of tourist attractions. The main points of recommendation we can mark are to compare individual attractions regardless of the ownership structure and to separate counting of tour routes and counting of visitor numbers with season tickets without distorted coefficients. All these issues are completed through the model cases from zoos - one of the most visited tourist attractions. Keywords: tourism, attendance, tourist attraction, methodology, interpretation, zoo
Strategic Planning in Tourism Policy of the Federal State of Tyrol
Venušová, Petra ; Šmidrkal, Václav (advisor) ; Kunštát, Miroslav (referee)
This master thesis deals with the function of the strategic planning for the tourism policy in the Austrian federal state of Tyrol. Tourism stands for a very important sector of the Tyrol's economy and there are many participants who influence its coursing on the vertical and horizontal level as well. The issue is very complex, multi-layer and cross-sectional. Strategic documents belong to the characteristic attributes of the Tyrol's tourism policy since the 1970's. Their existence is enshrined in the Tyrol's Law on the Tourism Policy. The newest strategic document is called Der Tiroler Weg 2021. The mainstay of this master thesis is based on the analysis of the attitude, that the Tyrol's political system holds on the forming of this special and non-legislative document. The strategic planning is intentionally shifted from the political system to other extern subjects, to them the following belong: the organisation Tirol Werbung GmbH, Economic Chamber of Tyrol and the Association of the Tyrol's Tourism Unions. The master thesis aims to find out, what motivations make the political system to act in this way and how can this outsourcing in the strategic planning for this multi-sectoral sector help to coordinate the different interests of many involved participants, towards the sustainable development...
History of mauntain rescue service
Fejfar, Aleš ; Waic, Marek (advisor) ; Bobrík, Miroslav (referee)
Summary The aim of this thesis is to describe the history and development of the Mountain service in Czech countries as well as in available archives look for documents giving evidence of its history and development. Another target is to point out the associations connected with the mountain terrain or associated with the origin of the Mountain service. Another goal was to monitor the development of the symbol, membership cards and technology which was or stil is used by the Mountain service. The thesis also contains an overview of commencement of rescue associations in selected European countries where the organized rescue of people in mountain terrain has a similar period of origin and similar circumstances. Those organizations, which mostly helped to create mountain rescue service, were Alpine clubs, tourist clubs, conservationists or gymnastic associations. From the territorial prospective we speak about Austria, Germany, France and Italy. From the time point of view the formation of rescue service dates from the middle of the 19th century. The greatest reason for an increasing amount of people (tourists) coming to the mountain terrain in Europe was mostly the scientific-technical progress in the second half of the 19th century. Due to the construction of railways throughout Europe, development...
Innovation in tourism using the heritage of Cheb
Životová, Lenka ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Klsák, Adam (referee)
Inovation in tourism using the heritage of Cheb Abstract The thesis is a comparative study of the towns of Cheb and Hof. The goal is to propose possible innovations to improve the tourism offer in Cheb. The innovation proposal was based on the results of a questionnaire survey conducted amongst visitors to the town of Cheb, interviews with stakeholders, and comparison of the offer of services for visitors to both towns. In addition, the attitude of the municipal leadership of Cheb to potential innovations in tourism was ascertained in the thesis. The thesis compares the services of the Tourist Information Centres of Cheb and Hof. The thesis also specifies the significant monuments and cultural events in both towns. In addition the thesis contains an analysis of the budgets of both the towns in question. The thesis proposes innovations which could be implemented in Cheb that also take into account the opinions of the town's leadership. Key words: tourism, innovation, Cheb, Hof
Effect of lower limb length-bike rime size relationship on psychophysilogocal response of the organism
Sukovič, Richard ; Brtník, Tomáš (advisor) ; Šafránek, Jiří (referee)
VLIV VZTAHU DÉLKY DOLNÍ KONČETINY A VELIKOSTI RÁFKU NA PSYCHOFZIOLOGICKOU ODEZVU ORGANISMU Cíle: Cílem této práce je posoudit vliv délky dolní končetiny (DK) na psychofyziologickou odezvu organismu při jízdě na horském kole s odlišnými velikostmi ráfků. Metody: Soubor probandů tvořilo 20 mužů ve věku 26,4 ± 4,2 let. Jednalo se o experiment. Psychofyziologická odezva byla stanovena na základě výkonu (zajetého času), tepové frekvence a subjektivním hodnocení jízdních vlastností horského kola a vlastního vynaloženého úsilí hodnoceného na Borgově škále. Ke kontrolní analýze při testování byl použit přístroj MetaMax 3B. Testovány byly tři velikosti ráfků o stejné šíři plášťů. Jízdy byly realizovány na 800 m dlouhém okruhu. Testované osoby absolvovali každou jízdu s individuálně zvoleným fixním převodem v poloze v sedle s maximálním možným úsilím. Výsledky: Při jízdě na různě velkých ráfcích jsme u skupiny č. 2 (85 -90 cm DK) shledali velký rozdíl (P = 0,016) v dosažených časech při jízdě na různě velkých ráfcích. U skupiny č. 1 jsme shledali významné rozdíly v průměrné tepové frekvenci (P = 0,010), který činil 3 tepy a u subjektivního hodnocení vlastního vynaloženého úsilí pomocí Borgovy škály jsme se pohybovali na hranici významnosti (P = 0,060). Skupina č. 3 (97 - 101 cm DK) se pohybovala na hranici...
Czech Pacific Railway, railway or tourist atraction?
Malátek, David ; Vrhel, Matěj (advisor) ; Fialová, Dana (referee)
Rail transport around huge cities is a part of the suburban system transport. The railway line 210 passes through a popular tourist and recreational area Posázaví (around Sázava river). This line is known as Posázavský Pacifik ("Czech Pacific Railway"). This thesis examines suburban and tourist potential of this railway line. Suburban transport is related to getting citizens to work and schools. Another important source of informations about usage of the railway line is a number of occupancy of the lines. Based on another thesis and literature sources will be determined the basic characteristics of suburban and tourist importance of the railway. Also there is going to be an analysis of advantages of the connection based on factors which influence the usage of the railway that will be created. As a result there will be a complete characteristics of the importance of Czech Pacific Railway including an evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of this railway and possible opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis). Key words: Czech Pacifik Railway, railway, Posázaví, suburban transport, tourism
Polná ideal, the castle and under the castle
Kapraľová, Kristína ; Sedlák, Jan (referee) ; Kiszka, Josef (advisor)
The aim of the work is regeneration and reclamation of the main formal places and points in the Polna town, on the level of the town (part of the town), the castle complex and the main court. Using the town acupuncture method and focusing on the main and the most important parts, I created the system of segments (plateaus), which like the separate elements create the appearance of the town as a whole. In my diploma thesis I focused on segment of castle complex. Using the gradual regeneration of the main formally important places and points, I created its overall “ideal” condition. The result of my work is the design of alternative use of castle complex and castle court elements.
Urban and architectural study of environmentally friendly tourist area Strachotín
Nekolná, Alena ; Volnohradský, Radan (referee) ; Urbášková, Hana (advisor)
Urban and architectural study of environmentally friendly tourist area Strachotín The urban and architectural concept will take into consideration the landscape characteristics with view to the economic, social and environmental aspects.

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