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Influence of singletrails on wildlife distribution in the tourist attractive area of Mariánské údolí (Brno)
Drimaj, J. ; Mikulka, O. ; Kamler, J. ; Plhal, R. ; Homolka, Miloslav
The growing popularity of active movement in nature in the form of an adrenaline experience is the cause of the great expansion of singletrails. New singletrails are still being built with varying degrees of difficulty, and the density is thickening across the entire Czech Republic. This form of leisure time use is closely linked to the forest environment and the animals that occur in it. The cyclist usually moves very quickly along a narrow path through the forest and it is a question of how his disturbance will affect large mammals around the singletrails. For monitoring purposes, we selected four study areas (two with singletrails and two without singletrails) with the presence/absence of hiking paths where we observed the long-term influence of singletrails on the distribution and behaviour of common species of large mammals through animal marks. The results showed that where the roe deer was not disturbed, a balanced proportion of beds (places where the roe deer rested) and marking places (places that the roe deer marked) was recorded. However, in areas with disturbance in the form of tourists, far fewer beds were found than marking places. The presence of singletrails did not play a role in this.
Comparison of the use of reclaimed areas in the North Bohemian Brown Coal Basin for the needs of recreation and tourism
Peksová, Eliška ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Boudný, Zdeněk (referee)
Comparison of the use of reclaimed areas in the North Bohemian Brown Coal Basin for the needs of recreation and tourism Abstract Revitalization of industrial areas in the form of recultivation has been on the increase in the last several years. The recultivated sites are becoming significant regions for tourism. This bachelor`s thesis is a comparative study of recultivation projects in the North Bohemia brown coal mining region. The goal is to evaluate the recreational function of selected recultivation projects. Further determined were the types recultivation, area of the recultivated region, and the type of area utilization. Also, an analysis of web pages was made with the target of comparing promotion and engagement of the public and private sectors in the examined recultivation projects. The work evaluates activities of interest and attractions in the areas. The first part of the work includes a list of literature and terminology. Also described are the individual recultivation projects. In the last part, projects are evaluated within the framework of activities of interest and attractions and the importance for the tourism. Key words: reclamation, tourism, recreation, North Bohemian Brown Coal Basin
Analysis of tourism in the Příbram region with a focus on mining tourism
Mokruša, Oldřich ; Vágner, Jiří (advisor) ; Jelen, Jakub (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of tourism in Příbram. More specifically, it focuses on mining tourism, its manifestations in the world, in Europe and in the Czechia, and then studies in detail the possibilities and development of the model area of Příbram. The aim of the work is to characterize a new form of tourism and apply the acquired knowledge to the selected area. The first part focuses on the definition and delimitation of mining tourism in the world tourism. The complexity of the definition, suitable assumptions and the importance of this form of tourism in the global, European and specifically in the Czech scale are discussed. The work also deals with the current state of mining facilities in the Příbram region and their use in mining tourism. At the same time, the negative impacts caused by the ongoing covid-19 pandemic are being discussed. From the acquired knowledge and guided interviews, shortcomings are analyzed and the possibilities of further development of mountain tourism are created. The results showed that although mountain tourism in the Příbram region is well developed, there is still untapped potential for the future growth. Key words: tourism, mining tourism, Příbram, Mining museum
Comparision of children interest about tourism on the second grade in the primary school in Liberec and in Prague
Bucharová, Tereza ; Kašpar, Ladislav (advisor) ; Dlouhý, Martin (referee)
TITLE: Comparision of children interest about tourism on the second grade in the primary school in Liberec and in Prague AUTHOR: Tereza Bucharová DEPARTMENT: Department of P.E. SUPERVISOR: PhDr. PaedDr. Ladislav Kašpar, Ph.D. ABSTRACT: In this bachelor's thesis I specialise in children on the second grade in the primary school in Liberec and in Prague, concretely on their interest of tourism. In the teoretic part I mention general information about tourism. More precisely I analyse tourism of children. In practical part I detect information with questionaire from children about their tourism activities. KEYWORDS: Tourism, children, trip, interest, proficiency, Liberec, Prague
Development of Business Activities of a Travel Agency
Pitlová, Veronika ; Schüller, David (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the development of business activities of a franchise of travel agency Invia located in Kuřim close to Brno. In the theoretical part are explained the significant concepts and are defined the analysis, which are going to be subsequently apply. The output of the bachelor thesis is a proposal of a foundation of its own travel agency which will help to extend an offer, to increase competitiveness and also overall profits of the company.
Historical Houses Jihlava
Pešková, Jitka ; Navrkal, Martin (referee) ; Havliš, Karel (advisor)
The subject of interest of this thesis is the analysis and solution of the site around the Gate of the Mother of God in Jihlava. The aim is to evaluate the current state of the area with the inclusion of houses owned by the city, which are part of the urban conservation area. The thesis also addresses the issues of tourism in the city, transport infrastructure and parking, property relations and the connection between the city centre and the suburbs. The design part deals with the evaluation of the current condition of three historic houses owned by the city, their reconstruction and new use. It also addresses the new construction of a parking structure on the site of the former bastion and the connection between the historic centre and the suburbs. The proposal was prepared on the basis of the requirements of the Jihlava City Council and is governed by the limits of the conservation area.
Staff Training as a Tool to improve Travel Agency Services
Leščišinová, Nikola ; Konečný, Štěpán (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of employees education in the field of tourism. Thanks to the questionnaire review, this bachelor thesis is able to analyze the current state of education in the researched area. In my work I used a questionnaire survey and created a SWOT analysis. In the analytical part based on the analysis I made proposals and economic evaluation, which lead to the improvement of services in tourism.
Architecture of the extreme
Nohejl, Jakub ; Müller, Rudolf (referee) ; Kaftan, Martin (advisor)
Inhospitable environment of mountain ridges was considered uninhabitable for a long time of human civilization. Adverse weather with extreme fluctuations and difficult accessibility discouraged many people interested in development of this location. However, there still were objects that tried to withstand the weather. One of the examples is the exposed chalet Chata na Rozcestí located on the ridge of the Krkonoše Mountains at an altitude of 1,349 m above sea level. The chalet has been constantly struggling with the inhospitable environment of almost 90 years. Its aim is to provide shelter and refreshments for tourists passing by. Over time, all existing buildings in this location suffered from the bad weather. Due to the high operation demands of the current building, the owner is very interested in rebuilding the chalet. The design of chalet Chata na Rozcestí brings a new perspective on the problematics of this locality. In response to the surrounding landscape of the Krkonoše National Park, the design works not only with weather conditions, but also in terms of sustainability and self-sufficiency.
Architecture of the extreme
Honzák, Jiří ; Wlazel, Adam (referee) ; Kaftan, Martin (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is a new building proposal of a mountain hostel in an inhospitable conditions of czech mountains, concretely on a flank of the mountain Jelenka located in CHKO Jeseníky, not too far from the mountain Praděd. The building is situated in a location of former hunting lodge Alfrédka where many summer and winter tourist trails intersect and therefore it is a frequent place of rest for tourists, cyclists and cross-country skiers. On the other hand the locality is quite isolated from civilisation and its visit rate is dependent on tourism, which is something program of proposed building reacts to. The building can serve as a place of refreshment during hikes through the Jeseníky mountains, as a night haven for whole-weekend tours, or as a hinterland for educational school trips. Above all it provides a place where people of similar interests can get to know each other and share their travelling experience. The proposal is focused on utilisation of local energy potential which is hidden in climatic conditions of mountain regions of the Czech republic. Furthermore it is focused on evaluation of energetic loads and gains with a usage of modern computational methods and on simulating of light behavior in space. Chosen architectonic solution is a polygonal building insetted into the flank which opens towards tourist trails and a public space and on the contrary closes towards family housing so that it does not disturb its privacy. The building is inserted into convex part of the terrain and is connected to it from above so that it becomes its own part.

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