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School on The Joy, Zdar nad Sázavou
Morávek, Jakub ; Mačuda, Michal (referee) ; Vítek, Jiří (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis refers to the official assignment of the management of the school Na Radosti in Žďár nad Sázavou. It is a democratic school where the teaching system is based on freedom of decision and non-archiving of individuals in the community. This school is now located in various locations in the city and needs a new quality space that meets current requirements and standards. The school with a capacity of about 100 pupils should create a pleasant space for teaching and support concentration. The demarcated plot of land directly encourages the direct connection of the school with nature, which is also required by the given system of teaching, as the teaching is also distributed to the outdoor areas.
School on The Joy, Zdar nad Sázavou
Kučera, Petr ; Mačuda, Michal (referee) ; Vítek, Jiří (advisor)
The final bachelor's thesis responds to the request of the management of the Na Radosti school in Žďár nad Sázavou to design a new building for a democratic school. Due to the unsatisfactory current situation, where the school is located in several places in the town, it needs a new suitable space corresponding to their specific requirements and needs. A democratic school is a system of teaching based on the free choice of the individual. The new school, with a capacity of approximately 100 pupils, is to create a suitable space for learning, play and sport. Thanks to the designated land, it will also offer a connection to the landscape and create a creative and learning environment within it.
Svoboda, Jonáš ; Turek, Filip (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
Calm film tries to be a kind of portrait of a young free life in the city. Freedom, upachtěnosti. It's a portrait of notes from phone, lemonade flavored with emptiness. Humbly evaporate. Passionate amateurism, because the toilet are not alone, there is with thee Wittgenstein. The fact that we saw a squirrel as a mouse eats. The fact that when we go to town, so we are pretty huge. The fact that it all actually means something. "Vynuděnej klidňák" Lord hate emotions and Jagr afloat bet. The fact that I have one whole night inhaled Pizza Hawaii, which became Pizza Pearl Harbour because I fell asleep. The fact that it is good then the rest of charcoal dance. About how he met at kávomatu dudes, gunk and artificial intelligence to agreed that hate and love must prevail over truth and falsehood. Instead, after a quill on the bottom of the crucible DNA they found God. Then came the doorman and said that the school is non-smoking. And then there is the moment when we lack love, peace, and we have a long time we were visiting. The fact that we were in rehab and has since everyone involved. The fact that Tomas přidělal the old wheel chair and wrote on it "ZEUS". Contemplation of revolting tag Elektro Planeo on the wall. Because staring contest with the camera is a job like any other. The fact that my vegetables says I'm outside because he hates anyone who is interesting. A tag is an interesting question - "is not a vegetable shit?" Humor in the joy of grief. Because I have sympathy with the man who has read this. Something is simply in a poem trapped and can not get out. The method of the Hitler-Stalin-Picasso, the smell and pain, emptiness and dullness, sabotage and nervousness, contactless man, colorful variety of residues of superpowers in said "yes" and the superhero resistant to alcohol. Nuclear metaphysics in a world where the Lord God far and high. In the role of a collector's Bizarre man playing Lord dimes with the task to deliver power to the last ten-kávomatu fate. The Old Man and the wine, which put on a fag and he will tell you that genius is hiding at the bottom, vigilance and misunderstanding diletující memory and increasingly sadder smile. Nasty weather and the feeling that "next door is fucking nations" - (Paul Ondračka - The celebration of music and poetry). Method free stream of consciousness portrayed as a method of glaciers. The fact that the last time I lost my laptop when I tried if underwater works wifi. Dementia and escape from evil - as far as possible. Trying to focus, at least for a while. Since I was working basically a documentary (- the film's treatment of captured video archives), the choice of media video-essays, hence the film entirely clear. The illustrated try to look out of their personal, participant of view, but also with a "judgmental - documentary apart." I inspiration for creating Calm sought mainly in the work of Werner Herzog, Karel Vachek and their relation to the relativity of truth and nature. Compared with its previous results, which were more experimental in nature evaluate his work as a targeted and focused. The aim of the work is a portrait of the place, time and people. He has absolutely no practical benefit, except perhaps enrich the viewer's soul and portrait modes.
ODA as an actor in the formation of the right and Czech conservatism
Brožová, Karolina ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Franěk, Jakub (referee)
The aim of this thesis will be to characterize the formation of Czech conservative and rightwing thinking in political practice, which seemed to be something completely unimaginable in the communist environment of the time. Although the roots of Anglo-Saxon conservatism go back to the 18th century, it is difficult to define it as a modern ideology at this time. Its meaning has evolved and changed over time, but in some ways it could be said that the basic principles of conservatism have survived to this day. In this thesis, I will primarily reflect on values such as freedom, equality, property, tradition and morality because it is these values that the ODA, as the primary actor with which this thesis is primarily concerned, drew upon in a society shaped by communism and the vision of socialism as the only possible path for the emergence of rightwing politics.
Postmodern Philosophy and its Influence in Russia
Karela, Jan ; Krámský, David (advisor) ; Hogenová, Anna (referee) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
The first part of this thesis describes the development of philosophy in Russia up to the so- called diamat, that is, to the period of Lenin's philosophy of dialectical materialism. In the second part it is described postmodern issues in contemporary Western thought, including the contexts in historical development. The last part deals first with the general features of Russian postmodern thought. Next part of the last chapter deals in more detail with the thought of M. N. Epstein and his view of the development and state of postmodern thought in Russia. Russian thought was marked by a long isolation from Western thought. In an effort to quickly catch up with the West, features of messianism are emerging. Russia is convinced that the West will quickly catch up and has the potential to overtake the West and become the thought leader of Europe. Said leads to the acceptance of the idea of communism and the subsequent further isolation of Russia. Nevertheless, in 1991 is rapidly coming to terms with postmodern thinking. M. N. Epstein concludes from this that there are identical features in communist ideology with postmodern thought, and therefore it was postmodernism in Russia much earlier than in Europe. KEYWORDS Ideology, information explosion, communism, postmodern thought, freedom, Russia, the West.
Man is Adam, man is Christ: according to st. Augustine
Šavel, Tibor ; Vopřada, David (advisor) ; Salvet, Ondřej (referee)
Annotation: This thesis will address the view of the state of man in paradise and the state of man at the moment of disobedience that occurred through an act of man's will contrary to the manifested will of the Creator communicated to the creature through reason and will. It will describe the condition of man who, through his incarnation, was accepted by the Son of God, namely Jesus Christ. This incarnation is a historical event and encourages man to follow the one who incarnated him. In doing so, man can participate in building the kingdom of God here on Earth. All this will be written according to the anthropology of St. Augustine, as described in his writing. Key words: man, disobedience, sin, will, freedom, healing, celebration
Ethics Horizons at a Gymnazium
The thesis deals with the state of interpersonal relationships, students' relations to humanities and science and ethical values in grammar school. The theoretical part deals with the principles of upbringing and education at grammar school and the definition of the concepts of ethical values. The practical part includes a system of evaluation of the interpretations of students' interviews with regard to the quality of interpersonal relationships and level of teaching, students' attitudes and relationships to the school subjects taught and ethical values. The quality of interpersonal relationships appears to be at a very good level in connection with the size of the gymnasium of around 400 students. The level of teaching meets the expectations of the students and the requirements for admission to universities and thus legitimises the existence of a generally focused grammar school. The students accept with slight resentment the disbalance in favour of science while subjects of humanities are neglected, and they show the practice of basic ethical values.

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