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Kytková, Alexandra ; Cenek, Filip (referee) ; Ptáček, Jiří (advisor)
My bachelor's thesis is based on a visit to the international conference which will be held at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev in May 23-25, 2013. The purpose of this visit is to record video footage that will be used in the final output.
Pechánková, Petra ; Svobodová, Marta (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
Scaffolding and videoprojection on the gallery floor act like challenge to watch videos from the right focus – from the top of the safoolding. Instalation should mostly force the audience to get in touch with situation, which is unbearable for someone, who is scared from the heights – acrophobic.
Literature in moving image. A case study of selected films by Martin Ježek.
Hrončeková, Ivana ; Csefalvay,, Andreas (referee) ; Mazanec, Martin (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
The dissertation deals with selected films of experimental filmmaker Martin Ježek, who interpret works of experimental literature of the 1960s, or literary works that preceded it. In this pattern, I follow the tightness of the relationship between literary text and film, which I describe in the analytic explanations of films. Text and film represents three types of application: in structure (script and score), performativity (performative reading of the text in while filming) and in sound of the film. This tightness, the way the text is interpreted, simultaneously defined the categorization of the selected sample. This chapter also represents the catalog of selected films. A special category is the analysis of the aspect of performativity, which is present on three levels: in the situation of film projection, during filming and during post-production of the film. Another level of the work is dedicated to a review of Martin Ježek´s filmography from the perspective of gallery practice and contemporary art. In this part, dissertation also analyses the conceptual strategies and contexts that accompany the filmmaking process. The focus of the research is organically based on the practical part of the dissertation, which takes the form of an author´s video, exhibition and screening program.
Video Synthesizer
Richtr, Pavel ; Cenek, Filip (referee) ; Krekovič, Slavomír (advisor)
Generating a video signal for ATtiny85 , authoring software worldwide for video game console ATARI2600 on the theme of UAV attacks and their media image - a reinterpretation of using "low res" generated video.
Untitled Toy
Ambrůz, Kryštof ; Artamonov, Vasil (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
Instalation is dedicated to nature, materials and technology. Using the post-internet aesthetics, i want show form which is not usual in our art environment. By creating imaginery laboratory, easily say place where the things arise or where we working on it, and with planed layout i want evoke impression like from the memorial places. Main place in this memorial occupies a table where every work from this year araised.
Fickerová, Hana ; Cenek, Filip (referee) ; Smetana, Matěj (advisor)
The work which discribes studies at art school.
Contingency Methods / Hungry eyes and Dog soul / Bind your laces while walking
Svoboda, Jonáš ; Lungová, Barbora (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
The camera, as a creature, wanders through space, takes action. We feel tense, every moment of time. In everything. Dance of particles, screaming in unreal tempo. The spatial properties of the haptic world are given by the composition of a score for particle dance. Free notation for sysyphian eternal soul players. Playing a common song of our time and space. Wave. Space between the particles - emptiness. The shape given by the structure of particle dances. So how can you get it. Radiation, Fuse. This is the erosion of the score, the decomposition of the system. Deacon and cleaners. Treasure hunters. Is space between shapes empty? Slavery is not due to the impoverishment of man, but to his transformation into an instrument. The impoverishment of the film's medium is the transformation of the instrument from the instrument into a human being. From the apparatus - rewriting the environment of three-dimensional shapes to the surface, on the apparatus - the emulation of human experience schemes. From indifference to false experience.
Šprincl, Petr ; Havlík, Vladimír (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
Hollywood is an experimental 8mm film that illustrates the text in a diary of my grandfather. The film is notionally divided into two parts - a "landscape of memories" and "landscape of fear and death". Grandpa here remembers his childhood in Dolní Loučky, which is also associated with the death of his grandfather, friends, that there he had in childhood and last but not least, the place where he wants to become his last rest. In the second part of his character is intertwined with the "landscape of fear" which is filmed near Litvinov, bleak countryside illustrated his concern about a retirement home and a gradual loss of his will to live. He illustratively passes through this country and trying to find his salvation.

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