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Customer satisfaction with services of Avalon fitness center
Roztočil, Jiří ; Janák, Vladimír (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: Customer satisfaction with services of Avalon fitness center Objectives: The main goal of this diploma thesis is to determine customer satisfaction with the services provided by Avalon fitness center through the SERVPERF questionnaire. Based on the results, make changes and propose recommendations that should lead to improved quality of services in the Avalon fitness center. Methods: A modified SERVPERF questionnaire method was used to determine customer satisfaction with the services in the Avalon fitness center. This questionnaire measures the actual perception of the quality of services provided. In addition to the questionnaire survey, semi-structured interviews were conducted to deepen the issue with management, trainers and selected customers of the fitness center. Results: The results of the questionnaire survey are shown using graphs and tables. It is clear from the results that the customers of the Avalon fitness center are very satisfied with the services provided. Customers are most satisfied with the opening hours, equipment, provision of services at the agreed time and coaches. On the contrary, they negatively perceive the cleanliness of the background, the behavior of the receptionists, lockers in the locker rooms and updating the schedule. Keywords: customer satisfaction,...
Research of service quality of selected fitness center
Šebek, Roman ; Pecinová, Markéta (advisor) ; Janák, Vladimír (referee)
Title: Research of service quality of selected fitness center Objectives: The main goal of this thesis is to identify the problematic areas of services provided by the selected fitness center and define specific proposals and recommendations for the management of the organization leading to the improvement of customer service. Methods: Research service quality of selected fitness center was used the modificated SERVQUAL questionnaire for sport services in Czech republic. This questionnaire compares the expected quality of services in an excellent fitness center to the actually perceived service quality in the selected club. The data collection took place in the period from February 2020 to March 2020. Results: Based on the analysis of the service quality, it seems that the offered quality of fitness centre services is at a relatively high level. However, the research also identified some shortcomings in the individual indicators and found room for improvement. According to the identified shortcomings, recommendations and other steps were proposed to the fitness centre, which should contribute to even better services. Keywords: sport, fitness, services, marketing mix, quality, SERVQUAL
Marketing Research
Šmerda, Lukáš ; Mráček, Pavel (referee) ; Schüller, David (advisor)
The Bachelor's thesis focuses on the marketing communications of GFS s.r.o. This thesis is divided into theoretical, analytical and proposal part. The theoretical part ex-plains the concepts that are contained in the analytical part. The practical part deals with the analysis of the company and marketing research in the form of a questionnai-re survey. The analyzes are then evaluated and, based on them, suggestions for impro-ving the current situation are proposed.
Financování veřejně poskytovaných služeb v obci Pustiměř
Zbořilová, Lenka
Zbořilová, L. The financing of the publicity provided services in the municipality called Pustiměř. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2016. This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of the funding of public services that are provided to its citizens by the municipality called Pustimer. There are defined concepts of municipality, the function of municipality, authorities of municipality, budget, individual parts of municipality budget and indebtedness of municipalities in the theoretical part. Subsequently the bachelor thesis deals with the most significant incomes and expenses of the specific municipality and their development trend is here described. The most important services that are provided by the municipality are described in the following part. There are listed possible proposals for the improvement of using property and increase the amount of services provided. The aim of this piece of work is to evaluate the financial situation in the municipality on the basis of the financial analysis and the possibility of improving management.
Kvalita poskytovaných služeb Hotelu u Tří lvů
Miková, Veronika
Miková, V. Quality of services provided at Hotel U Tří lvů. Bachelor thesis. Brno, 2017. The bachelor thesis is focused on the quality of services provided at Hotel U Tří lvů in České Budějovice. The aim of the thesis is the compilation of draft recommendation for the improvement of quality providing services and awareness of the Hotel U Tří lvů in the South Bohemia in the Czech Republic with regard to corporate social responsibility. For the achievement of results, it has been made research by questionnaire, which was aimed to people living in South Bohemia. The result of research informs about awareness and satisfaction with Hotel U Tří lvů followed by the compilation of SWOT analysis and draft recommendation including corporate social responsibility.
Marketing v pojišťovnictví
Marinč, Lukáš
The subject of this bachelor thesis is to create a communication mix for Halali - všeobecná pojišťovna, a.s. based on analysis of the environment of bussiness. Secondary data available from annual reports is used to generate the analysis, primary data obtained from the questionnaire survey is used to adapt the mix. Responses were collected on the Internet and 100 respondents participated. After the business analysis, a communication mix is designed to match the specifics of the insurance products and the results of the questionnaire survey among the clients of the insurance companies. Due to the development of online marketing, most of it is focused on it, for the respondents was one of the most trusted and the most common ones they meet.
Vliv faktorů kvality destinace na loajalitu návštěvníků městských oblastí
Machátová, Aneta
The bachelor thesis examines and assesses the impact of various destination quality factors depending on a satisfaction and the visitors loyalty with a focus on urban areas. The first part describes tourism, quality of service and destination. The main source used in this work are the results obtained from the questionnaire and later evaluated using the statistical techniques. Based on the econometric modeling results, some findings and aspects are interpreted with the aim to find the reasons for the obtained ratings.
Efektivnost reklamy ve specializovaném zařízení služeb
Dvořáková, Michaela
The bachelor thesis deals with the economic effectiveness of advertising in a specialized service facility, namely the Infinit Maximus wellness centre in Brno. Services, wellness, marketing, and economic indicators for measuring objective economic outcomes are described in more details in the thesis. To determine the effectiveness of Infinit Maximus advertising, actual costs of advertising and the result of the respondents answers in the questionnaire are analysed. The questionnaire also serves to determine the satisfaction of the service offer, its quality and the price of the provided services. At the end of the thesis, there are suggestions how to increase attendance of the wellness centre.
Nástroje telemarketingu služieb a ich vplyv na rozhodovanie spotrebiteľa
Bendíková, Monika
Bendíková, M. Telemarketing tools of services and their impact on consumer´s behavior. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel university, 2016. The bachelor thesis is focused on the telemarketing tools of services, like the inbound so the outbound telemarketing tools. Further on the impact of tools on consumer´s behavior during the shopping through the phone or while calling the customer service. It is also dealing with differences in perception of telemarketing which depend on the consumer´s characteristics. The data for the thesis was acquired through the internet enquiry. The results were statistically analyzed.
Marketingový mix vo vybranom podniku poskytujúci služby
Mesárošová, Natália
Mesárošová, N. Marketing mix in the selected company provided services. Ba-chelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2018. This bachelor thesis is focused on elaborating a proposal to improve using indivi-dual elements of the marketing mix of the company Maxim Bakery. The theore-tical part deals with theoretical knowledge of the marketing mix that is based on literary sources. There is firstly made an analysis of the environment, analysis of marketing mix of the company and the segmentation of the market in the practical part. Based on analysis and segmentation, suggestions and recommendations are made to improve the situation. The thesis is cocluded by setting the budget and suggesting inspections along with measuring the efficiency.

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