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Relation of depression, stress and anxiety levels and current mood state with the size of the complex response during stimulation of reflex turning according to Vojta
Košatková, Zuzana ; Nováková, Tereza (advisor) ; Švojgrová, Andrea (referee)
Author: Zuzana Košatková Title: Relation of depression, stress and anxiety levels and current mood state with the size of the complex response during stimulation of reflex turning according to Vojta. Aims: The main aim of the thesis is to clarify whether there is a relationship between the level of depression, anxiety and stress levels and current mood state with the size of the complex response during the stimulation of reflex turning according to Vojta (VRL). Other aim is to find out whether reflexive turning according to Vojta has an effect on current mood state. Methods: The study was conducted on 27 healthy women aged 19-25 years. At the beginning of the research participants completed the DASS-42 and POMS-SF questionnaire. Then, a 10-minute placebo stimulation of reflex turning ("chest zone" between the 2nd and 3rd ribs) was performed. During the 10-minute break, probands again completed the POMS-SF questionnaire. This was followed by 10-minute of reflex turning stimulation by Vojta from thesupine position from the thoracic zone between the 6th and 7th ribs. At the end of the session, participants completed the POMS-SF questionnaire for the last time. Non-parametric repeated measures ANOVA, post-hoc Durbin-Conover test and correlation matrix with Kendall's Tau B correlation coefficient were...
Psychohygiene of a paramedic
This study focuses on the psychohygiene of emergency medical responders, aiming to understand the professional demands on their mental health and well-being. The work analyzed stress factors, burnout syndrome, and mental health, examining the influence of stress on individuals and the importance of mental hygiene and self-care. The main objective was to ascertain the perception of psychological demands among emergency medical responders in prehospital care. The theoretical part of the study addresses issues of mental disorders, the influence of stress, and its effects on emergency medical responders. The practical section sought answers to predetermined hypotheses through research. The research was based on a questionnaire survey distributed among emergency medical responders. Based on the findings, it was observed that many responders experience stressful situations related to their work, which can have a negative impact on their mental health and well-being. We found no significant difference in the perception of psychological demands between genders. There was no difference in the perception of psychological demands based on length of practice. We also identified various activities that emergency medical responders engage in for their mental hygiene. The results indicate that providing support for stress management and mental health care is crucial for emergency medical responders in their professional lives. The conclusions of this study may contribute to a better understanding of responders' needs and the support of their mental health and well-being in the workplace. In the conclusion of the bachelor's thesis, in addition to summarizing the research results and evaluating the fulfillment of objectives, recommendations for current practice among emergency medical responders are provided. These recommendations are derived from the findings and can serve as a practical guide for improving the care of mental health among emergency medical responders in their professional environment.
The influence of travel on the personality of young people
This bachelor thesis deals with two thematic areas - young people's motivation to traveling, especially to long-term travels, and at the same time the role of traveling in shaping their personalities. The author analyzes, among other things, the phenomenon of youth travel, associated with young generation, where young people, after completing their education, prefer traveling combined with seasonal work over building a career, partnerships, and family relationships. In the practical part, she used the method of qualitative research. Through interviews, she aimed to capture not only the motives of individual respondents and the positive influence of the aforementioned way of life on their personalities but also any potential negative impacts. The author reflects on this issue through her own travel experience.
Witnesses of the bus ZaBřehem Problems of alternative space
Benčíková, Barbora ; Šrek Bromová, Veronika (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
The diploma thesis concerns my life project ZaBřehem and my activity in this project, which has the character of cooperation, organization, DIY, home design, web design, painting, crafts and over time also cultural organization and curation. The work goes through several components of the whole project and aims to defend the role of the artist in creating a new place that has the ambition to change the approach to people diagnosed with mental illness. At the same time, it focuses on the space specifically of one of the rooms, the layout of which the author considers her own work, as well as the method of transferring this space to the school premises for defense, which will create another site-specific installation.
Black Woman
Orlová, Jana ; Alster, Darina (referee) ; Ruller, Tomáš (advisor)
Black woman as a symbol. Black woman as the dark side, as a shadow. Black woman as extinction, destruction, death. Black woman as a manifestation of the archetype.
Defensive drive
Zapletalová, Kateřina ; Tylšar, Vladimír (referee) ; Semela, Marek (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of driver education and practice safe, dangerous and aggressive driving. The aim is to map the issue of safe and defensive driving and define the principles of defensive driving. The first part deals with the theory of defensive driving, which analyzes psychologically and legally sides of that problem. Another part deals with road safety, which is described in the context of direct and indirect indicators of road safety. The research then analyzes in detail the specific situation on the road that leads to accidents. This analysis is performed on based data of real accidents. Of particular situations accidents are then defined the principles of defensive driving.
Mobile Application for Recording of Compulsive Behavior
Foltýn, Martin ; Janoušek, Vladimír (referee) ; Hrubý, Martin (advisor)
The main goal of this bachelor thesis is to design, implement and test mobile application for iOS platform. It will be used to monitor drug and psychical addiction. The app can help the user to see his progress over time, patterns and triggers of its addictive behavior and guide him to the right direction towards abstinence. It is here to understand the user's problems, motivate and give a helping hand. Important aspects in the development were the study of programming of mobile applications, existing solutions, research of the target group of users, theory of addictology and therapy, design and implementation with understandable user interface, testing of results on real users.
Proposal of the recommendations for the use of guerrilla marketing
Kulčák, Bruno ; Kaňovská, Lucie (referee) ; Havíř, David (advisor)
This bachelor thesis works with the topic of guerrilla marketing as one of the non-traditional forms of marketing and its use in marketing campaigns. At the same time, the psychological side of the matter is looked at and the fact that psychology is closely related to marketing. In the theoretical part, literature and concepts from the field of marketing and psychology are introduced. The analytical part is divided into 2 parts, where each part discusses different approaches to guerrilla marketing campaigns. Subsequently, in the design part, the parameters of each campaign are compared and from the findings, an output and recommendations are proposed. Finally, a proposal is made on how to create such a guerrilla marketing campaign using the findings of this thesis.
Psychological influence of light on humans
Hána, František ; Baxant, Petr (referee) ; Škoda, Jan (advisor)
This Bachelor Thesis is dealing with properties of light and colours and their effects on human psyche. Using this knowledge and also findings of public opinion survey I have designed the ideal arrangement of the entrance hall in a building of Technology university of Brno Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, Technická 12. While I was solving this problem I took Feng Shui System into consideration. The Feng Shui System describes how to arrange interior to reach the best possible flow of energy Chi.

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