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Simulation of Infectious Disease Dynamics
Tučková, Martina ; Janoušek, Vladimír (referee) ; Peringer, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with simulation of infection disease dynamics and is focused mainly on current epidemics of the novel coronavirus. The simulation illustrates the spread of a virus in different circumstances with various precautions. The program is implemented in the C++ language. Graphical user interface is created in framework Qt. The final application is suitable for educational purposes and can be used to predict epidemics.
Model-Based Design of Smart Home Control
Čada, Roman ; Rozman, Jaroslav (referee) ; Janoušek, Vladimír (advisor)
This work deals with model-based design of Smart Home control and implementation of this system. The goal is to create a model that serves as a design and according to this model implement the system. Model-based programming tools do this well. The work first describes the model-based design, the modeling languages that are used to create such a design and the technologies that are used in Smart Home. Based on this knowledge, the model is created as a design using the SysML modeling language and then this design is implemented using PowerDEVS and Node-RED.
Path Planning for Autonomous Agricultural Machines
Chripková, Martina ; Janoušek, Vladimír (referee) ; Rozman, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis presents the design of a coverage path planning algorithm for autonomous agricultural machines. The main goal of this work was to design an algorithm that can minimize the route. As a result, it saves time and costs associated with the management of agricultural land. Algorithm also takes care of the needs of soil protection against erosion.
Code Generation from Object Oriented Petri Nets
Kelemen, Erik ; Janoušek, Vladimír (referee) ; Kočí, Radek (advisor)
This thesis focuses on transformation model described by object oriented Petri net to sequence diagram, which allows reverse mapping to original description. As a solution is used discrete simulation of model described in PNtalk language. Result of work is fully automated generator, which generates sequence diagram according to gathered data from simulation. Generator aims for minimal loss of relevant information and presenting valid sequence diagram.
Remote Monitoring of Selected Vehicle Subsystems
Drahovský, Peter ; Peringer, Petr (referee) ; Janoušek, Vladimír (advisor)
This thesis describes the concept and  realization  of embedded system and cloud application, which is designed  for remote monitoring of car subsystems over CAN bus.    There are written several ways of getting information from car subsystems  and process of decoding messages sent over internal car bus.   Data gathering is realised by device based on ESP32, which is sending them to cloud application using wireless networks. Application UI is adapted for mobile devices and serves views containg current and historical gathered data.
DEVS Simulator Implementation in C++20
Šurina, Timotej ; Janoušek, Vladimír (referee) ; Peringer, Petr (advisor)
This master's thesis deals with the issue of modeling and simulation of systems based on the DEVS formalism. The result of this work is a library that is inspired by the adevs tool and based on the classical DEVS formalism. The library is implemented in the programming language C++20 and is supplemented by predefined models of components for creation of queueing systems. The library also contains a set of examples for use in teaching. In comparison with the paralel adevs tool it is less effective but it has simpler interface with focus on clarity, which is more important for teaching. The library also simplifies definition of models with the use of modules, intelligent pointers for memory management and the use of mentioned components.
Comparison of JavaScript-Based Web Application Development Tools
Gajdošík, Jakub ; Rozman, Jaroslav (referee) ; Janoušek, Vladimír (advisor)
The aim of this work is to explore the modern web application development process. Comparison of procedures and tools used in web application development. The work will be mainly focused on a new trend, web application development using JavaScript using various frameworks. The work will compare two frameworks for application development.
Path Planning for Autonomous Vacuum Cleaners
Hranický, Jan ; Janoušek, Vladimír (referee) ; Rozman, Jaroslav (advisor)
Complete coverage path planning is a task of finding such path that passes over all points in given area at least once. This thesis applies complete coverage path planning to autonomous vacuum cleaner robots. Thesis summarises current deal of autonomous vacuum cleaner robots. But mainly it focuses on describing complete coverage algorithms. Selected algorithms are implemented using Java vizlib library.
Comparison of Tools for Modeling and Development of Process Oriented Applications
Spišák, Samuel ; Kočí, Radek (referee) ; Janoušek, Vladimír (advisor)
Thesis deals with the comparison of tools for modeling, development and deployment of process-oriented applications. Three tools with a similar approach to the design and development of these applications were selected for comparison. The tools I chose are developed in companies Netgrif, Camunda and Bonitasoft. Main goal of this thesis was to separately develop an application with identical functionality and to describe the development process. Based on acquired experience, thesis summarizes strengths and weaknesses in the approach chosen compared tools. After reading this thesis, the reader should be able to get an idea of the development methods specific to each tool and to choose from compared tools, if interested in creating a process oriented application himself, the one most suitable for his needs.
Comparison of Cloud Systems for Smart Home
Sobol, Patrik ; Zbořil, František (referee) ; Janoušek, Vladimír (advisor)
This thesis deals with comparison of the biggest cloud computing platforms, Amazon and Google, with high interest in services focused on smart home. It examines connection of services between each other and it summarises options of data transport between device and cloud using protocol MQTT. By integrating of cloud services dashboard is created, which allows to control devices in household.

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