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Social dynamics and interethnic relations in educational settings
Vorlíček, Radek ; Samek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bittnerová, Dana (referee) ; Synková, Hana (referee)
Radek Vorlíček ABSTRACT The dissertation explores the dynamics of social marginality and dominance in educational settings. It explores social distance dynamics among pupils in elementary school, and its impact on their position in social hierarchy. I focus on social interaction in a group of children, and record the context in which the inclusion or exclusion of non-dominant identities take place. Special attention is paid to the role of schools in the process of boundary constructions. Larger framework of the research is integration, segregation and assimilation tendencies of school systems. The dissertation is based upon long-term qualitative inductive and ethnographic fieldwork. The central method of my fieldwork is observation. To some extent, the research was conducted in the framework of goffmanian interactionism. The data for this study have been collected over a period of ten months in twelve elementary schools located in various regions of the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. The dissertation is structured in four parts: (1) Introduction, referring to the aim and structure of the dissertation; (2) Methodology, presenting the research process, strategies and methods as well as data analysis, theoretical and methodological discussions, reflexivity and ethical aspects; (3) Elementary schools in...
Vaclav's Havel second presidential term 1990 - 1992
Halamíček, David ; Stracený, Josef (advisor) ; Samek, Tomáš (referee)
The work is dealing with Vaclav Havel's second presidential term, namely with three aspects which were determining fulfilment of his duties. It is specifically focusing on break up of Czechoslovakia, economic transformation of the country and Havel's opinion of voting systems. The work is trying to prove interconnection of these three points and offers a detailed insight into the matter. It then shows that Vaclav Havel as the last Czechoslovak president had to face these issues and lead an uneven battle with them. There is a stress on shorter two year term of lawmakers which influenced negative development in both parts of the country and why Havel insisted so much on it. KEYWORDS Break up of Czechoslovakia, economic transformation, electoral system
Influence of the American economic crisis of 2007 on Czech economy
Gajdošová, Veronika ; Tichá, Milena (advisor) ; Samek, Tomáš (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on financial crisis from 2007 and its impact on Czech economy. Special attention is given to four macroeconomic indicators in Czech Republic and their transformation during this crisis and after it. First part focuses on definition and description of characteristics and stages of business cycles, first in general and then specifically when talking about 2007's economic crisis. Subsequent practical part analyses specific economic repercussions stemming from the crisis, pointedly in macroeconomic indicators, state budget and mortgage market. In the final part of this thesis, the knowledge and findings about these areas, which accurately depict overall status of Czech economy during the crisis and after it are evaluated and commented on. This thesis may be used by humanities' teachers to illustrate the functioning of business cycles and their impacts on economies. KEYWORDS: Czech economy, business cycle, trade cycle, economic crisis, mortgage crisis, globalization
Didactic analysis and proposal of the topic: "My family" in Civics at Lower Secondary School
Sanetrníková, Tereza ; Dvořáková, Michaela (advisor) ; Samek, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis analyses the approach to the concept of family in general Czech educational programme, specific educational programs of selected schools and currently used textbooks for Civics. The analysis is put into the context of current state of knowledge of the topic Czech family. Based on these findings, a teaching concept of the topic family at Lower Secondary Schools is presented. The proposed concept aims to help the children understand their family situation as well as prepare them for future situations while respecting the children's privacy. It combines methods of cooperative teaching, competence learning and unstructured staging. In the proposed concept, children form groups representing simulated families and take roles of given family members. A list of supporting teaching materials is attached in the appendix. These materials can be used to create a portfolio of information about the simulated family. KEY WORDS didactics, family, Lower Secondary School, family problems, Civics
Fake news - a phenomenon not only nowadays
Říha, Vladislav ; Dvořáková, Michaela (advisor) ; Samek, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis is a source of information and a practical guide for teachers' basic orientation in fake news issue. It presents various forms and examples of misinformation in the historical and political context. The history of hoaxes includes several centuries. Fake news accompany people from the invention of book printing to the present. For better understanding I will introduce them to teachers and students for their clear imagination of the situations in which mankind has encountered due to fake news from the past up to now. Knowledge or at least minimal awareness about the functioning of various information sources and the way how the fake news can influence users and customers help teachers to understand this problem and modern information sources as well. Then they can explain it to their students. Specific cases related to the environment of mystification of the public will help teachers to realize that information from the media should not be only blindly received and disseminated, but subjected to critical thinking about its credibility. First the educators should to be able to understand how to recognize false messages, what mechanisms does disinformation influence public opinion and where. Then they could pass this knowledge to their students. Findings from the overt non-standardised...

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