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The personal well-being at work of the probation officer
Vachoušková, Veronika ; Drahoňovský, Jan (advisor) ; Novák, Petr (referee)
The work focuses on the personal well-being, specifically in the work environment, of officials of the Probation and Mediation Service at the center in Prague. The method of solving the problem is qualitative research, for which data were collected using prearranged interviews with randomly selected officials of the center. The aim of the research was to map individual areas of personal well-being for individual respondents. The method of comparison and contrast was used in the data analysis, the data are then interpreted and made clear in the created tables. The result of the research is more frequent positive comments from the respondents on the given topics, no significant difference was detected between people with a shorter and longer tenure at the center, in some opinions, center leaders differ from their subordinates or from officials with little work experience. In addition, deviant and contrasting answers appeared in the interviews. The validity of the data was subsequently discussed in the Discussion chapter, there is a possibility of distortion of the answers due to the recent relocation of the center or due to the questions presented to the respondent in advance. The research was compared with the mentioned research from the chapter Overview of existing knowledge. For a more in-depth...
Ethical dilemmas in social work from point of view of social workers in public administration (probation officers)
Volák, Michal ; Havrdová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Hajný, Martin (referee)
The thesis is focuse on professional ethics and ethical dilemmas in the work of a social worker in public administration / probation officer for adults. The main object was to find out what social workers consider as ethical dilemmas, how they are experiencing these situations, which strategies they choose to cope with these and what sources of support do they have. The overview part of the thesis is focused on a topic of values of social work and values of social workers. Overview part gives more attention to conception of justice and social justice, with which, among other documents, the codes of ethics work as one of the fundamental values of social work. It examines the professional values of social work by analyzing ethical documents - ethical codes. Research part of the thesis is based on qualitative research carried out through in-depth interviews with social workers in public administration. The objection of the research was to find out what professional situations social workers consider as ethical dilemmas, how they experience them, what strategies they choose to manage these situations and what sources of support do they have. The main findings of the research point out that social workers as ethical dilemmas perceive mainly situations when it is difficult for them to make decisions in...
Social stabilization clients with probation supervision imposed
Podzimková, Marie ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Burešová, Karolína (referee)
The thesis focuses on the socio-educational work methods of the probation and mediation services and of its workers in relation to their clients with imposed probation supervision and on the opportunities for development and support of their healthy social functioning. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part initially are defined the basic concepts and terms, then it is described the target group of conditionally released from prison clients, which currently are under supervision of a probation officer. The thesis sees the imprisonment as a difficult life situation and it deals with the influence of penitentiary environment on the personality of the convict in relation to his further development. In the second part are described the specific activities of the probation and mediation service workers in relation to clients from the target group. The thesis focuses on the socio-educational work of the probation officers, as well as social workers or other organizations for social prevention and their impact on the social stabilization of individuals, belonging to the target group. Here the concept of social stabilization is concretized and related to individual areas, which should be implemented within the probationary period. The practical part shows...
Punishing of teenagers in the Czech Republic
The bachelor's thesis deals with the criminal prosecution of juvenile offenders in Czech Republic and is mainly based on the Act on Juvenile Justice. The case study of the juvenile offender's criminal procedure is based on documents from the trial court with a juvenile offender from Czech Republic. It draws more information from interviews with probation officials, social workers from the Department of imprisonment in a prison in Všehrdy and the South Bohemian police spokesman.
Preparation of imprisoned persons for their release and resocialization.
The subject of the bachelor's thesis is the preparation of imprisoned persons in Příbram prison for their release from imprisonment. The aim of this work is to closely monitor the extent of preparation of convicts for their release from prison and difficulties they will face back in civil life. The first part of bachelor´thesis is dedicated to the progress of the imprisonment, to employees participating on education of convicted persons and work with convicted persons. The second part is focused on the release of convicted persons and their entry into civil life. The third part is practical, dedicated to the convict´s course of fife before and during imprisonment and after his release. The aim of the research was to find out how the convicts prepare themselves for their release and to monitor the problems facing them during transition to civil life.
The probation officers work with clients of probation and mediation service with a focus on ethical conflicts
The work deals the terms probation, mediation, probation officer and ethical conflict. The diploma is trying to describe the work the probation with clients of Probation and mediation service. What it task of the probation officers, what knowledge have to for performance ones profession. Distance describe, what kind of ethical conflicts he needs to solve while working with clients. I highlight the posibility of connection to the law number 257/2000 about probation and mediation service. This it in the theoretical part. In the practical part I descrie the ethical conflicts occur in the practice of the probation officers.
Reintegration of Offenders Back into Society
The first part is theoretically. Target of first part was describe procedures and activite, which are be done within execution of a punishment of imprisonment, where the preparations are concered of probléme after liberation of execution of a punishment. Actives are enlisted to the practise part and simple descriptio of activites of some employee who are interesed in non-integration of condemnedes. Further on there are susults of investigation, from which I wanted to fin, which services or help condemneders used in execution of punishment of imprisonment and which after liberation of executin of a punishment.

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