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To Dvur Kralove by train - Transfer Terminal in Dvur Kralove nad Labem
Burešová, Karolína ; Lekeš, Architekt MSc Vojtěch (referee) ; Foretník, Jan (advisor)
The assignment is to elaborate the architectural design of the new transfer terminal in Dvůr Králové. The terminal has to associate current bus lines and a new train line using the current siding. In the proposal I was primarily concerned with connecting the Terminal to the city with respect to the development area of the city. The shape of the building is based on urban planning. The building continues in the rails and turns into a street line. This creates a scattering surface towards the ground floor of Christmas decorations. The conveyor solution enables the pedestrians to move freely through the platform without crossing the means of transport, facilitating movements of the body and the visually impaired. The stops are located in the immediate vicinity and a direct bus-train-public transport will be created. The aim of the project is to design a node of all movements - pedestrians, cyclists, trains and buses. The proposal builds on all important directions and considers the creation of a city ring from the terminal, the city center and the zoo.
Structure - space - city Urban block complation
Burešová, Karolína ; Kurtis, Gabriel (referee) ; Palaščák, Michal (advisor)
Based on a regulatory plan, I chose a plot of the city corner for my diploma thesis, which is an introduction to Francouzská Street. At present, this plot is used only as a parking lot, but it is located in an interesting busy place in the mouth of the five roads. Based on the new regulatory plan, the plot is located on the dominant site of the city piazzetta with a function full of people and commercial partners. My goal is to create a significant city corner, which will be a local dominant of the nearby area. The filling of the house is commercial, administrative, and residential. The proposal will allow fluctuations in the ratio between these functions due to the variability of market demand. With the statue of a staircase, I want to create a communication space for the residents of the house, where PROMENADE will be created and at the same time will serve as an interesting backdrop for the parterre.
Špica/ Brno, Nové sady 49°11'20.3"N 16°36'29.4"E
Tomašáková, Alexandra ; Burešová, Karolína (referee) ; Palaščák, Michal (advisor)
The aim of this project was to cultivate a part of an area used mostly as a storage space, not reflective to its surroundings, which present many opportunities. The place offers, among other sights, a great view of the Cathedral of St. Peter and Pavol which is located nearby. The borderline od the layout is made out of an open city unit which dominates at the corner, along with the public area in front of the Town Hall. The concept of the building meets the needs of a modern Town Hall serving multiple purposes. The building takes an advantage of the potential of the area, and with the planned development of greenery near Little America, forms and cultivates its surroundings.
Leisure activities and its influence on risk behavior within adolescents
Babcová, Tereza ; Burešová, Karolína (advisor) ; Tvrzová, Ivana (referee)
(in English): The topic of the thesis is Leisure time and its influence on risk behavior of adolescents. The aim of the study was to characterize the relation between manners of leisure time spending and risk behavior in adolescent age. The first part is dedicated to a theoretical basis for research. There are definitions of the terms leisure time and its specifics of adolescent, particular attention is paid to leisure activities. Following is characterized the period of adolescence. The conclusion of theoretical part deals with risk behavior, its various forms and factors that affects it. The second part is dedicated to research, which took place on the Semily district. Based on the analysis of scientific literature and researches was prepared a research tool - the questionnaire. By obtained data analyze I was able to fill the objective of the work and thus characterize the relation between manners of leisure time spending and risk behavior in adolescent age. The effect of the regular participation in leisure activities was proofed as one of the protective factors in risk behavior. Further, the relation between place and manner of leisure time spending and risk behavior was statistically confirmed. Powered by TCPDF (
Vernacular architectural elements. Mitigating climate conditions in the category Cfa
Burešová, Karolína
Vernacular architecture is a source of inspiration and guidance for the design of housing in a particular region, as well as for protecting and improving the environment, it shows the use of the proper material and can save energy costs, as these buildings cope with the climate through the passive design strategy. The case study discovers the unmechanised architectural form of the elements, which react to the climate conditions on the built environment of the vernacular architecture. The cases are selected according to the Köppen climate classification calculated for the Czech Republic for the period 2071-2100, which is in the category Cfa, along with European cases in the same category Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Spain, and Krasnodar-Russia. These representatives are observed by Google Street View, and the forms of the architecture are compared. The potential of the research is to use the results in combination with architectural elements of the vernacular(1), contemporary(2) and ecological(3) housing architecture to design a new balanced housing model.
Psychohygiene of a primary school teacher in the context of a difficult situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic
Soukop, Jakub ; Sedláčková, Daniela (advisor) ; Burešová, Karolína (referee)
The presented bachelor thesis entitled Psychohygiene of a primary school teacher in the context of the challenging situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic consists of two main parts. The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis is based on the background of health psychology and related sciences, working with topics such as life and work stress, stress in the teaching profession, burnout syndrome, depression. It also addresses the issue of strategies for coping with mental discomfort. These topics are already reflected in the theoretical part in the context of the changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The empirical part of the bachelor thesis is a simple research conducted by qualitative method of data collection. The main research question is "What are the effects of the changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic on the mental health of primary school teachers?" is addressed using a questionnaire survey and conducting interviews with a research sample of primary school teachers.
Burnout syndrome of after school club teachers
Prosecká, Simona ; Valášková Vincejová, Eva (advisor) ; Burešová, Karolína (referee)
The bachelor's thesis "Burnout syndrome of after-school club teachers" deals with the issue of burnout syndrome among after school club teachers. The theoretical part is focused on clarifying the concept of burnout syndrome and the factors that most often affect the occurrence of the syndrome, especially the social climate. The practical part aims to find out what is the incidence of burnout syndrome among after-school club teachers. The survey was conducted among after-school club teachers in the Czech Republic by quantitative research with the help of structured questionnaires on the burnout syndrome and the social climate of the school. Powered by TCPDF (
,,The relationship between motor skills and impaired communication ability of preschool children and the specifics of thein education"
Krahulíková, Lenka ; Komárková, Tereza (advisor) ; Burešová, Karolína (referee)
The work consists of two parts, the theoretical part and the practical part. The theoretical part follows the overall development of children's motor skills from birth to preschool age, with all of its possible deviations, as well as the development of children's communication abilities from birth to its termination, together with an insight into common disorders within impaired communication abilities, but also the more serious ones. At the same time the theoretical part explains and describes specifics in the education of such children. The practical part will examine the relationship between impaired communication skills and gross motor skills of preschool children and how far they influence each other. It is carried out in the form of research, which includes observation, comparison and subsequent evaluation of pre-assigned tasks for two groups of children of different preschool ages,

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