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Špica/ Brno, Nové sady 49°11'20.3"N 16°36'29.4"E
Tomašáková, Alexandra ; Burešová, Karolína (referee) ; Palaščák, Michal (advisor)
The aim of this project was to cultivate a part of an area used mostly as a storage space, not reflective to its surroundings, which present many opportunities. The place offers, among other sights, a great view of the Cathedral of St. Peter and Pavol which is located nearby. The borderline od the layout is made out of an open city unit which dominates at the corner, along with the public area in front of the Town Hall. The concept of the building meets the needs of a modern Town Hall serving multiple purposes. The building takes an advantage of the potential of the area, and with the planned development of greenery near Little America, forms and cultivates its surroundings.
Structure - space - city Urban block complation
Burešová, Karolína ; Kurtis, Gabriel (referee) ; Palaščák, Michal (advisor)
Based on a regulatory plan, I chose a plot of the city corner for my diploma thesis, which is an introduction to Francouzská Street. At present, this plot is used only as a parking lot, but it is located in an interesting busy place in the mouth of the five roads. Based on the new regulatory plan, the plot is located on the dominant site of the city piazzetta with a function full of people and commercial partners. My goal is to create a significant city corner, which will be a local dominant of the nearby area. The filling of the house is commercial, administrative, and residential. The proposal will allow fluctuations in the ratio between these functions due to the variability of market demand. With the statue of a staircase, I want to create a communication space for the residents of the house, where PROMENADE will be created and at the same time will serve as an interesting backdrop for the parterre.
Comparative Analysis of Czech and Norwegian Educational System: Analysis of chosen actual problems
Šejnohová, Kristýna ; Burešová, Karolína (advisor) ; Kasíková, Hana (referee)
Comparative analysis of Czech and Norwegian educational system is focused on comparing topics of inclusive education and teacher training between both countries. The aim of thesis is comparation of chosen educational topics, which is based on study and analysis of curricular and legislative documents, white papers etc. of the Czech Republic and Norway with reference to their links and differences. The main focus of thesis is synchronous data comparison and suggestion of solutions for pedagogical reality. Comparison of selected pedagogical problems is supplemented by chapters that briefly present demographic, historical, economic, etc. data on the countries concerned, including a brief overview of education systems. The results of the thesis can serve as a basis for further research of selected topics or may be an inspiration for practice. Key words: education system of Czech Republic, education system of Norway, teacher training, inclusive education, educational policy
The Psychosomatics and it's educational and socially pedagogical aspects
Petříková, Lucie ; Burešová, Karolína (advisor) ; Krejčová, Kristýna (referee)
The theme of this diploma thesis is psychosomatics and its educational and socially pedagogical aspects. The main goal is to characterize this theme and describe its aspects in the educational process. General framework for understanding the term psychosomatics in this diploma thesis is a holistic way how to act as a teacher to the students, remembering his physical and psychical part and not forgetting the psychosomatic troubles. In the description part there are terms, history of the psychosomatics thinking, examples of psychosomatics troubles, the influence of the family, stress in the educational process. The practical part contains of research, which had as a main goal characterize, which of the psychosomatic troubles are according to the teachers from Gymnázium Jiřího Ortena in Kutná Hora the most common according to their pedagogical experience. Key words Psychosomatics, psychosomatical troubles, education
Educational Aspects of volunteer Projects
Beranová, Martina ; Burešová, Karolína (advisor) ; Valenta, Josef (referee)
This master diploma thesis examines the possibilities of personality development through the volunteer work, with a focus on the educational and pedagogical aspects, from the perspective of volunteers themselves. The theoretical part provides an insight into the concepts of personality development, including selected development theories, followed by part about role of education in a personal development, goals of education and selected educational concepts. The theoretical part ends with a chapter about volunteering in Czech context, with a focus on a process of volunteer professionalization and benefits of volunteering by research. The empirical part is mapping particularly an importance, benefits and pitfalls of volunteering from the point of view of volunteers themselves. The empirical part is based on qualitative research, where the acquired data is generated through semi-structured interviews. The research results show the specific benefits volunteering can provide to volunteers, describe the importance of volunteer work for volunteers themselves and identify the pitfalls that volunteer activity may entail. The master thesis concludes with evaluation of presented findings and suggestion of applicability of research conclusions for practice.
Text simplification in Czech
Burešová, Karolína ; Pecina, Pavel (advisor) ; Bejček, Eduard (referee)
This thesis deals with text simplification in Czech, in particular with lexical simplification. Several strategies of complex word identification, substitution generation and substitution ranking are implemented and evaluated. Substitution generation is attempted both in a dictionary-based manner and in an embedding- based manner. Some experiments involving people are also presented, the experiments aim at gaining an in- sight into perceived simplicity/complexity and its factors. The experiments conducted and evaluated include sentence pair comparison and manual text simplification. Both the evaluation results of various strategies and the outcomes of experiments involving humans are described and some future work is suggested. 1
Understanding of Majority Language and Romani language among preschool population
Pokorná, Zuzana ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Burešová, Karolína (referee)
This thesis is devoted to the issue of understanding Romani and the majority languages by Romani preschoolers in order to consider the possibility of introducing Romani language in schools. Also it analyses the influence of using Romani language on the ability to perform age-appropriate tasks by Roma preschoolers. The work is divided into two parts. The first, theoretical part presents a summary of the relevant works on school failure of Romani children with an emphasis on their language handicap. We also pay attention to the theory of language shift, language code, and subtractive bilingualism. In the second, empirical part a primary research is carried out examining the degree of understanding Romani and majority languages in three locations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. As a methodology, a mixed research design was chosen. It was divided into two phases. During the first phase a field research was conducted, followed by quantitative evaluation of tasks performed by the Romani preschoolers in the second phase. Research has shown, that there are different linguistic situations in the surveyed locations and therefore no generic measure can be introduced. At the same time the outcomes rejected the presumption that children who speak Romani better than the majority language will be more successful in...
Recent trends in education of the unemployed people in Denmark and the Czech Republic
Brand, Anežka ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Burešová, Karolína (referee)
The objective of master thesis "Recent trends in education of the unemployed people in Denmark and the Czech Republic" is to describe active labour market policy of Denmark and the Czech Republic. The focus is specifically on young unemployed people representing the group with the highest unemployment rate on the Europeans labour market. This master thesis introduces to the instruments of active labour market policy and focuses especially on education as the most effective instrument of active labour market policy. The thesis is a theoretical study, working with relevant information sources of these two countries and with documents of EU. The result of this thesis is to be acquainted with the recent trends of this area, e.g. support of the further education or internships as an instrument of education in praxis. Moreover the thesis contains inspiration for the Czech active labour market policy Keywords Unemployment, active labour-market policy, youth unemployment, education for unemployment people, internships, improvement of qualifications, further education
The activities of a pedagogical worker with clients of asylum house
Michálková, Kamila ; Komárková, Tereza (advisor) ; Burešová, Karolína (referee)
The theme of the thesis is The activities of a pedagogical worker with clients of an asylum house. The target is to find out what activities the pedagogical worker does in this kind of facility, what is the work description, how the worker works with clients and their children. Further more the thesis deals with necessity of pedagogical worker in an asylum house a their in/sufficient capacity. The thesis is focused on finding out the success of a pedagogical worker in this kind of facility and how the pedagogue reaches the target of their activity. In the theoretical part there I describe particular activities which the pedagigical worker carries out in an asylum house, it means in socially disadvantaged environment. In the empirical part of the thesis there I research whether the pedagogical worker is neccessary in this facility and wheteher and to what extent their work capacity is sufficient. The research includes finding out the success of a pedagogical worker in asylum house primarily with the help of reached targets made by clients. Key words: pedagogical worker, asylum house, a client, children, socially disadvantaged environment, education

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