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System of alternative family care in Czech Republic and Spanish Kingdom
Krojová, Eva ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Poláčková, Věra (referee)
The main of this document is the comparation of systems of alternative family care in Czech republic and in one of the autonomy regions in Spain, Galícia. The document processed it with a wiev to the institutional care and its caracter is established as on the teoretical as the emphiric base. The first part of it processed theoretial basis thereof, overwuiv of relevant responsible institutions, its historical context and legislative base. This document is also engaged in characterization of particular specializations and professions entering the relevant appraising process and subsequent care in the scope of system of social and legal protection of children. This is made in connection with the executed comparation of the relevant intervention of the responsable institucional. On the base of obtained informations the main differences of systems of protection of thtreatened children in cz and galicia are stated therein. In the chapter concerning the statistic data there is relevant comparation of number of children in cr, spain, galicia includet. The second Part concerns analysis of one significant difference concerning the compared systems which is total absence of any diagnostic institution in the scope of system of institutional care of G and such analysis is based mainly on the made of emphiric study. All...
The specifics of the educational process for children in school facilities for institutional care
Fořtová, Markéta ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
FOŘTOVÁ, Markéta. The specifics of the educational process for children in school facilities for institutional care. Charles University in Prague. Philosophical fakulty, pedagogical department, 2012. 123 number of pages. Diploma thesis. The topic of the thesis is problems of specifics of educational process by children in school facilities for institutional care. The thesis set a goal discover by observation difference between the educational process at ordinary basic school and the educational process at basic school by children's home. Within an educational process the author has been comparing both of types of schools. The theoretical part of thesis defines the educational process and specifics of education of children with behaving disorders. The qualitative research has used to achievement a goal. There have methods of observation and interview used in research. Knowledges and results of research can be exploited to improvement of quality of the educational process in practice.
Hospice care to improve the quality of life of the dying
Hohenbergerová, Mirka ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Poláčková, Věra (referee)
This diploma thesis is mostly theoretical. It is focused on helping people at the end of their lives and on helping their relatives. It offers a complete view of hospice care in the Czech Republic. It deals with its development, analysis of provided care and its status in the system of care about clients. In detail it is focused on specific needs of dying clients and the methods of work, which fulfill these needs in terms of hospice care. Main idea of this work is oriented to individual social pedagogical methods which are used during accompanying dying patients. The aim of this thesis is to show the way how to help them to pass away with dignity and without suffering.
The development of financial literacy of the youth leaving children's home
Kačabová, Alžběta ; Valenta, Josef (advisor) ; Lorenzová, Jitka (referee)
This thesis is focused on education of financial literacy of children living in children's homes. It is based on current state of education politics in the fields of financial literacy, the contents of educational programmes and qualitative research of real current state of education of financial literacy in children's homes. The research itself will be made via structured interviews with children from children's homes. The research is focused on discovering the level of financial literacy of older children (15 - 18 years old) permanently living in children's homes, searching for possibilities of improvement of education of financial literacy in children's homes and therefore increasing prevention of social exclusion of young people leaving children's homes due to over-owing which is usually caused by low level of financial literacy. Key words Financial literacy, a client of a children's home, over-owing, social exclusion, the standards of financial literacy, educational politics, educational programs, economizing on financial resources.
Problems of Vietnamese children in Czech school system
Pavlíčková, Naděje ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Poláčková, Věra (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to capture the current situation of Vietnamese children in Czech schools. The thesis is of the theoretic-empirical character. The first, theoretical part generally follows the phenomenon of migration focusing on the arrival of the Vietnamese community in the CR. It also puts attention to the legal status of an alien regulated by legislation of the CR, especially in education. It also reflects the overall picture of the alien situation and relationship between majority and the Vietnamese minority. Then it focuses on some socio-cultural characteristics of the Vietnamese community such as raising children, family traditions and communication. The essence of the theoretical part is more detailed chapter, which describes the education of Vietnamese children. It explains a value of children education for members of the Vietnamese community and it informs about the assumptions for their education. It also broadly focuses on the issue of integration of the Vietnamese children in Czech schools and on the specifics of pedagogical work with them, with the emphasis on communication between teachers, Vietnamese pupils and their classmates and on the school success of the children. Defining and handling the problem by this theoretical framework allowed focusing on empirical investigation in the...
Civic advisory bureau as the intermediary of social-pedagogical assistance
Paštiková, Jaroslava ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Poláčková, Věra (referee)
The thesis summarizes present knowledge about civic consultancy in The Czech Republic. Theoretical data of social pedagogical help are allocated in the beginning with the help of mentioned literature. Following part contains brief history of the civic consultancy in the UK which was the inspi ration for the genesis of consultancy in The Czech Republic. Main focus of the thesis is in the description of the work with clients in civic advisory bureau from the view of the cl ient and advisor. Theoretical parts are complemented by practical experiences of the author, who is working as an advisor in civic advisory bureau for two years. Theoretical part is followed by analysis of one civic advisory bureau which includes case report and processing of statistical data from 2006 and 2007. The aim is to intercept contemporary knowledge about civic consultancy in the Czech Republic and create a complete text which hasn't been written so far and which can be used as a methodical support in process of teaching new advisors.
Personal assistance as a means of psychosocial development of people with health disabilities
Zoulková, Luisa ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Poláčková, Věra (referee)
This work deals with the theme of personal assistance and its influence on psychosocial development of people with health disabilities. The character of this work is theoretically empirical. The theoretical part provides the chapter on personal assistance, where a definition of personal assistance, its characterization and principles it is based on as well as its typology and its benefits for people with health disabilities can be found. Next chapter is engaged in the origin of personal assistance and the Independent Living movement. This work gives also a description of the evolution of situation in the Czech Republic regarding personal assistance and the influence of a newly accepted social services law on providing these services. Following chapters deal with a determination of terms concerning health disabilities and with a description of specific features of personal assistance provided to people with particular types of health disabilities. Finally, attention is paid to the psychosocial development of people with health disabilities and to the role of personal assistance in it. The empirical part of this work is focused on the influence of self-determinating personal assistance on psychosocial development of people with physical disabilities, also the accessibility of this service as well as primary...
Disciplinary problems in the classroom
Nová, Helena ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Váňová, Růžena (referee)
Th e t he s i s "di s c ip l in a r y pr ob l ems i n the c l a s s ro om" i s fo c us ed on t he ex pr e s s io ns of l a ck o f di s c ipl i ne , o c cu r r i n g du r in g s c ho ol h ou r s . The th eo r e t i c a l pa r t d e s c r i b e s t he b a s i c c o nc e pt s r e g a r di n g t hi s i s su e , g e ne r a l l y ch a r a c t e r i s e th e c au s e s of d i s c ip l in a r y p r ob l ems i n t he c l a s s ro om a nd d e s c r i b e s po s s i bl e a p pr oa ch e s a nd t e ch ni q u e s , h ow to p r ev e nt o r sol ve l a c k of d i s c ip l i ne . Pr a c t i c a l p a r t d e a l s wi th d i s c i pl ina r y p ro bl ems in t he c l a s s ro om du r in g t e a c hi n g in s e co nd a r y s ch oo l s . Ba s e d o n th e s ur ve y a nd s t ru c t ur e d o bs e r v a t io n pr ima r i l y d e t e rmin e s wh a t a r e t he mos t c ommo n an d mo s t s e r i ou s ki nds o f l a ck o f d i s c i pl ine t ha t t e a c h e r s me et , wha t me th ods an d pr o c e d u r e s a r e f r e qu en t l y us ed in t he pr e v ent io n a nd r e so lu t i on o f l a c k o f d i s c ip l i ne , wh a t i s pe r c e i ve d b y mos t a s i t s c aus e a nd h ow s a t i s f i ed th e y a r e wi th t hems e l ve s in p r e v e nt i n g a n d r e sol vi n g s ch ool l a ck of d i s c i pl in e .
Socio-pedagogical assistance to partially-autonomous patients and to their families (As conducted at GARC Kladno s.r.o.)
Slavíčková, Markéta ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Krykorková, Hana (referee)
This thesis called 'Socio-Pedagogical Assistance to Partially-Autonomous Patients and to Their Families" (as conducted at GARC Kladno, s.r.o.). aims to map the health and social situation of partially-autonomous patients (hereafter PAP) as a result of a chronic condition, a disability or geriatric conditions in the context of their actual living environment. The theoretical part deals with health and social challenges confronted by PAP focusing on social and individual rehabilitation in conducting daily life. It is divided into five parts. Part One describes health issues faced by PAP with emphasis on particular issues which affect this group. Part Two defines the basic terminology of disability and autonomy.Through work experience it was possible to provide first-hand observation of particular issues which affect this group, e.g. physical disability as a factor limiting autonomy. Both subjective and objective observations of this group can weigh heavily on the value of the outcome. Part Three places PAP in his environment and at the same time evaluates the role of the family members and various services available to PAP under the Social Services Act No. 108/2008 Coll. Part Four looks into rehabilitation services available to PAP and other assistance available to them. Particular methodologies...
The role of probation and mediation at work with troubled youth
Hanincová, Zuzana ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Poláčková, Věra (referee)
Graduation thesis called The role of probation and mediation at work with troubled youth ranges probation and mediation service into the system of methods whitch works with troubled youth. The first chapter describes the dilemma of social deviation in general and specifies possible causes of deliquency of young people. According to these causes the probation worker might decide for concrete model of work with client. Main part of the thesis is dedicated to Probation and Mediation Service of the Czech Republic as the covering organisation of probation and mediation. There is described history and roots of probation service, clients and probation workers specifics as well as practical modes of work with client. The thesis concernes laws linked to this topic, specificly Zákon o odpovědnosti mládeže za protiprávní činy a o soudnictví ve věcech mládeže (218/2003 Sb.) and Zákon o probační a mediační službě (257/2000 Sb.). The last part is focused on the supervision in helping professions concerning the Probation and Mediation Service. This chapter contains also draft of the supervisory system and further education of the probation workers.

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