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Issues of penitentiary treatment of juvenile convicts
Svoboda, Oto ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Bajcura, Lubomír (referee) ; Jůzl, Miloslav (referee)
The thesis Issues of Penitentiary Treatment of Juvenile Convicts analyses current penitentiary approaches to male juvenile prisoners in the Czech Republic which is the aim of this thesis. The characteristics of juvenile convicts as a specific group of prisoners are discussed in the theoretical part. Juveniles are further described from a criminological perspective in relation to the specifics of committing an illegal activity, from a penological perspective in relation to punitive actions, and from a penitentiary perspective in relation to the execution of the punitive action. The thesis also presents the Prison Service of the Czech Republic as well as the penitentiary treatment of juvenile convicts in Slovakia. The empirical research itself focuses on the analysis and characteristics of the penitentiary treatment of juvenile convicts in Czech prisons which are profiled for juvenile males. The qualitative research using a case study and a structured interview was conducted as a part of the empirical research. KEY WORDS Juvenile convicts, prison, illegal activity, treatment, education, upbringing, delinquency, crime, penology, restorative justice, penitentiary studies
The School Preparedness of Children from a Socio-cultural Disadvantaged Environment
Císařová, Jitka ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Mrkosová, Eva (referee)
My diploma work focused on the perception-cognitive level of children fřom socially and culturally disadvantaged backgrounds in order tol look at how they were prepared for school and to develope an optimal stimulation programme for them. The acquired knowledge can be the basis for the creation of individual educational plans and can also help in making school educational pian of higher quality. In this way the handicaps of children could be moderated or even eliminated and the children would háve easier start of school education. In order to compare the data gained I also looked at how children fřom non disadvantaged backgrounds were prepared for school. Powered by TCPDF (
Integration of the Children of Immigrants into Schools in Austria
Bečvářová, Zuzana ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Mrkosová, Eva (referee)
Diese Diplomarbeit hat das Ziel, das aktuelle Problém von der Schulintegration der Immigrantenskinder in Europa zu mappieren, vor allem in einem der Staaten EU, in Ósterreich. Die Methoden, die ich benutze, gehen vor allem von meinem Studienaufenthalt in oberósterreichischen Linz aus. Die Hauptmethoden sind Besichtigungen, Besprechungen und praktische Tátigkeit als Lehrerassistentin in einigen pádagogischen Einrichtungen in dieser Stadt Die Ausgabe von dieser Diplomarbeit soli eine Beschreibung von der guten Praxis in einem Land werden, das schon lángere Erfahrungen mit dem Leben in der multikulturellen Gesellschaft und mir der Schulintegration der Kinder mit anderen Muttersprache als die Sprache von Majoritat hat Diese vorlegende Beschreibung konnte eine Inspiration der Tschechischen Republik werden, dem Land, an das diese anspruchsvolle Aufgabe erst wartet.
Using analytical - intervention methods in Low - Threshold establishment for children and youth
Filípková, Zdena ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Hadj - Moussová, Zuzana (referee)
The topic of this work is the application of the group programme PROSLUCH for preschool children, which deals with auditory perception component areas stimulation within individual conditions, and it's use as a part of afternoon activity of children at nursery schools. The theoretical section defines the auditory perception as a set of sub skills, and it describes the areas that can be included in auditory perception. It also concerns the auditory perception diagnostics, the description of the auditory perception difficulties, and the question of re-education. Within this section also a training programme for pedagogical staff is mentioned. The practical section describes the PROSLUCH programme in more detail. The gained data are compared, and the findings are analysed. The outcome of the work is the countercheck, and the application of the mentioned programme in the individual form, and also the possibility of integrating the programme into school education programmes.
Comparison of primary prevention at the second level of elementary schools in Most and Prague
Müllerová, Petra ; Felcmanová, Lenka (advisor) ; Šotolová, Eva (referee)
The diploma thesis Comparison of primary prevention at the second level of elementary schools in Most and Prague discusses the implementation of primary prevention at the second level of elemetary school in these two selected locations. The diploma thesis is thematically divided into six chapters. The first part defines the basic terminology related to the topic of primary prevention. This section also contains information about particular topics of risky behavior and counsulting services of elementary schools. The second part follows a survey among school prevention methodologists in Most and Prague. The objective of the following practical part is to identify and compare what form and under what conditions is implemented primary prevention of risky behavior among pupils of the second level of elementary schools. For the survey was used quantitative method, in the form of a questionnaire divided between school prevention methodologists in both cities. In the final part there are interpreted the data obtained in the survey, which confirmed that in both areas there are different approaches to the implementation of primary prevention at the second levels of elementary schools. KEYWORDS: Primary prevention, risky behavior, the second level of elementary school, school advisory department, minimal...
Drug prevention at upper elementary school
Anlaufová, Bohumila ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Mrkosová, Eva (referee)
This bachelor thesi s deals with drug prevention at upper primary schools. In the theoretical part it focuses on basic information associated with drug prevention. Further it mentions general methods, solutions and ways of prevention, and also the system of prevention used in schools. The practical part describes the role that teachers have in the prevention system. The research was realized at three schools in the Pribram region. Teachers from upper primary schools took part in the research. The method of questionnaires enabled monitoring of the teachers' awareness, knowledge and activities in the field of drug prevention. From the acquired data it was deduced how much the teachers are involved in drug prevention.

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