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Judicial Decision-Making in Proceedings of Judicial Care for Minors With a Focus on the Issue of Parental Manipulation of a Minor
Mašková, Karolína ; Frintová, Dita (advisor) ; Střeleček, Tomáš (referee)
Judicial Decision-Making in Proceedings of Judicial Care for Minors With a Focus on the Issue of Parental Manipulation of a Minor Abstract This thesis focuses on the issue of parental manipulation of a minor in proceedings of judicial care for minors, particularly in terms of proceedings regarding the child custody and personal contact with a parent. The objective of this thesis is to study the forms of parental manipulation and its consequences for a child, as well as analyze the role of parental manipulation in judicial decision-making in the aforementioned proceedings. The final aim of the thesis is to evaluate whether there is room for improvement of the situation of children affected by parental manipulation, and if so, bring up de lege ferenda proposals. The first chapter describes the legislation of proceedings of judicial care for minors. It focuses mainly on procedural aspects of the proceedings, describing them from the moment of the initiation of the proceedings to the enforcement of the decision, including the description of interim measures. Special attention is devoted to amicable settlements, in particular to the Cochem model which has continued to gain significance in recent years. Substantive law issues addressed in this chapter include characteristics of the forms of child custody, their...
The Issue of Childcare in a Home Environment in a State of Emergency
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of care for children in the home environment in an emergency state. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to find out how the closure of schools due to the state of emergency affected parents in the work sphere and in society. In the theoretical part, there are four chapters that define the period of younger school age, Covid-19, state of emergency and distance learning. The practical part is developed using a quantitative research strategy using the questionnaire survey method. The respondents were parents of children who were aged 6 to 12 in the 2020/2021 school year and participated in distance learning during the closure of schools due to the spread of Covid-19. A total of 77 respondents participated in the survey. The data obtained by means of the questionnaire survey were then processed in Microsoft Excel. The results of the research showed that parents who did not have the opportunity and their jobs did not allow working from home during the pandemic could hardly cope with the combination of childcare and work responsibilities and had to use the help of other family members and friends. On the other hand, for parents who had this opportunity, the combination of work and child care was a little easier. The bachelor thesis can serve as a feedback for social workers with families with children, but also for teachers on how home schooling and child care affected parents during the state of emergency.
Cultural diversity of early childcare
This bechalor thesis is refers to diverse ways of early care for children across the cultures. This is also the main topic of this thesis. In the first part, the thesis clarifies the roots of the cultural diversity and its reasons. Further, the thesis clarifies the concept of early care for children and also describes the child´s development, it´s needs and also deals with the aspects that influence the early care and upbringing. In the next chapter, the thesis deals with its main topic which is the early care for children across the cultures. The thesis follows up the childbirth, breast-feeding, sleep, crying and the child´s contact with the mother. In the last part, the thesis deals with the interaction between an early age child and games and also with the fact what the early care for children in Czechia looks like.
Career versus infant care dilemma as seen by working mothers of infants
This bachelor thesis deals with career versus infant care dilemma, as seen by working mothers of infants. Theoretical part summarises the main topics of the work according to the scholarly literature, practical part describes qualitative research. Practical part of this thesis is devoted to qualitative research, the main method of data collection is a semi structured interview. Results are described in five case reports and in the inter-case comparison afterwards. The results show, that significant reason for mother's comeback to work is her need of self-fulfilment and also need of being financially self-sufficient. Results show high ratio of involvement of grandparents in childcare, mainly grandmothers. Mothers describe first days of nonmaternal care as difficult and link it to regrets and doubt about their decision. Mothers talk about a great deal of workload not only at their jobs but also at home, fulfilling the role of the main caretakers.
Adjustment of child circumstances after the divorce
Prostředníková, Anna ; Hendrychová, Michaela (advisor) ; Šustek, Petr (referee)
Adjustment of child circumstances after the divorce Abstract This diploma thesis focuses on the adjustment of circumstances of children of divorced parents. Structurally, the thesis is segmented into an introduction, 6 chapters and conclusion. In case of content the thesis can be divided into four pivotal categories. The first part provides a general view into the elemental problems of parental liability. The second part focuses on the problem of the adjustment of circumstances of children after the divorce of their parents as such and examines all attributes in detail that the adjustment approaches. Great attention is given to the types of childcare, child-support and the contact of the non-resident parent with the child. The topic of the third part is the analysis of reasons that can be the cause of change of the present conditions. Finally, the fourth section provides a comparison of the current Czech legislation with the one of the Netherlands. Key worlds Parental responsibility, divorce, child, childcare, maintenance obligation, alimony, contact,
Motherhood of Women with Heavy Visual Disability
Viktorová, Šárka ; Mužáková, Monika (advisor) ; Květoňová, Lea (referee)
In my work, I deal with motherhood from the perspective of mothers with severe visual impairment. I focused especially on parenthood planning, on the period of pregnancy, childbirth and stay in the maternity ward and on the care for the child from birth to the age of three. I was interested to find out, whether visually impaired mothers encounter prejudices on part of the well-sighted people, whether they were worried that they could give birth to a handicapped child, what are the difficulties that severely visually impaired mothers come across most often in the individual period of development of the child, if and how education of children is different from the perspective of visually impaired parents from the perspective of well-sighted parents and also whether the child growing up in a family with at least one visually impaired parent is deprived of something or whether, on the contrary, this family situation has any advantages for such child. The objective of my diploma thesis is to map out various aspects of life of visually impaired mothers with small children in the greatest detail, directly from the point of view of those women. I attempted to achieve this objective by means of a qualitative method research, in particular in the form of a structured interview with six visually impaired mothers.
Parent Center operators as "nurseries"
Poláková, Šárka ; Hejzlarová, Eva (advisor) ; Klimešová, Magdalena (referee)
The parent center is currently the phenomenon, which is compared with the "State" schools or more today to discuss "the children's group" devoted less attention. And, in particular, in the section that deals with the care of children without parents. Although the parent centers help solve one of the social and political problems, the Czech Republic- the lack of places in nursery schools, in crèches, they lack support. Legislative support, support the child care area in MC without the participation of the parents. In the Czech Republic currently operates a total of 427 MC and in the Liberec region, on which I focused in the empirical part, has 21 maternity center. Of these 21 parent service center to care for children without parental involvement provides a total of 14 maternity center. And the MC feels the need to legislative support, which would be welcomed by, clearer rules for the operation of the parent center, especially in the environment of a child without the participation of the parents. This support is important in all activities that MC. Maternity Center is not just about "meeting", but also on the promotion of intergenerational cohabitation, create facilities for families with children, and last but not least, active participation to facilitate the return of women and men back into the...
Neglected child in kindergarten
Tržilová, Jitka ; Hanušová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Marádová, Eva (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to describe the historical development of child care in the Czech Republic and in the world. It was never easy for children in the adult world. At the origination, the leader of the tribe decided about their lives. In the past murders of little girls were common, men could fight and protect the tribe or nation better. Boys were often killed by enemies so there was no descendant left. It was not until the acceptance of Christianity in 16th century that it had changed. It was still not a peaceful childhood, but there were no child murders. On the other hand, a lot of childen ended up in monasteries without parents. Nowadays at least children in the developed world should have a real childhood. Unfortunately there is still a considerable amount of adverse cases. Another goal was to familiarize the reader with CAN Syndrome. In 1962 the term "Beaten Child Syndrome" was used, later the name CAN Syndrome became common. This syndrome was first described in the USA, where they noticed children have injuries their parents cannot make clear. Categories included in CAN Syndrome were established by the Council of Europe in 1992. One of the most important goals of the thesis was to focus on child neglect (its forms, conditions and signs of neglect). In the research part I determined...
Court deciding on the custody of a child with a special regard to selected institutions of civil law
Mazur, Jiří ; Salač, Josef (advisor) ; Švestka, Jiří (referee)
The court decisions on child's custody - summary The upbringing of children is one of the basic institutes of parenthood. As every legal institute even this one can be approached from different perspectives of legal regulation. This thesis is focused on aspects and consequences of court proceedings and decisions on the child's custody issues in relation with the divorce or separation of parents - as regulated in Sections 26 and 50 of the Act no. 94/1963 Coll., Family Act, as amended. I have chosen this particular topic for personal reasones. From the formal point of view, the thesis is divided into six chapters. In the first chapter, sources of the law and main terms are defined. Furthermore, the current legal regulation of the court's decision on the child's custody is compared to the legal framework, which is yet to come into effect, and in a more details the judicial application of the regulation is analyzed considering the legal and factual relations with the divorce and the parents separation. The second chapter and the third chapter are focused on the outline of the substantive law - the second chapter on the current legal framework, the third chapter on the rules set down in the new civil code. The fourth chapter contains the overview of the procedural regulations and institutions. The fifth chapter...

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