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In-line skating training methodology for the preschool children
Entová, Klára ; Bačáková, Radka (advisor) ; Gnad, Tomáš (referee)
Title: In-line skating training methodology for the preschool children Objectives: The aim of this work was to create a methodology for teaching inline skating to preschool children, mainly in the form of games. Methods: The literary recherche and the empiricism were used in this thesis. The theoretical part was written based on the literary recherche and contains essential information regarding the in-line skating, history of this sport and information regarding the development regularities in the preschool age. The empiricism and the literary recherche particularly are combined in the practical part. Individual games and exercises were created based on my empiricism obtained during the teaching of the in-line skating of the preschool children. Results: Composition of the simple methodology plan of the in-line skating training in the form of a game. Selected preparatory exercises and games shall the children tackle without major issues. The thesis contains following simple steps - falls, standing up, postures and basics of the ride forward and backward. All these movement skills can be developed in the form of a game. Keywords: skating skills, kindergarten, age regularities, game, physical fitness, sport, health
Integrated education of children from socially disadvantaged families
Řiháčková, Nela ; Kohoutek, Jan (advisor) ; Novotný, Vilém (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of integrated education of children from socially disadvantaged families on the preschool level. This topic is currently very relevant due to recent changes in legislation and the increasing trend of inclusion of children with some type of learning disadvantage to the mainstream education. The topic of integration of socially disadvantaged children has a potential to be explored from the point of view of preschool facilities, which are participators in the issue. The main goal of this research is to identify how integration of socially disadvantaged children works in practice. This research also found out which specific methods kindergartens apply, how much does the process follow legislation and also how its employees evaluate the effectiveness of integration. The thesis also provided an overview of the tools used in integrated education through the theory of public policy instruments. The findings of this bachelor thesis came primarily from a case study of kindergarten Mozaika, which is located in Jihlava. The research goals were fulfilled thanks to experience of interviewed teachers. Findings from interviews were supplemented by data obtained from a research of literature, legislation and statistical data.
Speech therapy prevention in kindergartens in the Klatovy region
Vilhelmová, Simona ; Korandová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Klenková, Jiřina (referee)
The subject of this bachelor's thesis, which deals with one of the sub-fields of special pedagogy - speech therapy - is the provision of speech therapy prevention in kindergartens in the district of Klatovy. The aim of the work is to examine the provision of this prevention in the Klatovy region. The paper is divided into three chapters, while the first two define the theoretical basis of the thesis. With the help of professional literature, the topics of communication, speech therapy intervention with an emphasis on speech therapy prevention, speech development, preschool age or the most frequent types of impaired communication skills occurring in preschool age are defined. The empirical part analyses the data of a qualitative research survey conducted in the form of interviews with teachers in kindergartens. The work explores the course of speech therapy prevention, the cooperation of kindergartens with professional external institutions regarding speech therapy prevention, the tools used as well as the pitfalls in providing prevention. Based on the research survey, attention was drawn to the insufficient cooperation of kindergartens and clinical speech therapists or special pedagogical centres. The outcomes also indicated the individuality of each kindergarten, i.e. the class, not only during...
Growing Microgreens in Nursery Schools
Kapuciánová, Karolína ; Jančaříková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Loudová Stralczynská, Barbora (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the topic of cultivating microgreens in nursery school. Microgreens are young plants of various species of vegetable, that are grown in soil and are harvested approximetely after ten days. The simplicity of growing microgreens makes it an appropriate activity for preeschool-age children. Besides rewarding the children with nutricious food, it brings children the oppoturnity to develop key competences and pre- literacies. The theoretical part is an information base for growing microgreens in kindergarten conditions. It describes cultivating plants in kindergarten, it deals with historicaly, legislatively and didactic point of wiew and also describe kinds of microgreens, possibilities of use and cultivation procedures suitable for kindergarten. The aim of the diploma thesis is to present the possibility of growing microgreens in nursery school with preschool children. The empirical part focuses on the design and implementation of a set of activities in which children in kindergarten grow microgreens. In addition to cultivation, other activities are also included, in which children use the topic of microgreens in individual stages of growth. The set of activities aims primarily on reaching environmental education goals and is created using a logical model. It is...
Use of musical fairy tale in the musical development of a preschool child.
Nosková, Terezie ; Selčanová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Jiřičková, Jiřina (referee)
Title of thesis: Use of musical fairy tale in the musical development of a preschool child The bachelor's thesis focuses on the phenomenon of musical fairy tales and possibilities of its application in the musically creative process. It represents a musical fairy tale as a mean to develop musical, physical, singing, instrumental and art creative activities. The work focuses on preschool children. It briefly characterizes their development in terms of the development of musical abilities. It presents a fairy tale as a way to creative activities. The theoretical part focuses on the musical fairy tale, its functions, comparison with folk tales and historical excursion. Moreover, it explains the developmental psychology of a child aged 5-6 years and the specifics for a given age, especially in terms of musical development. It also points to the educational aspect of the fairy tale and competence, which can be developed in the child through this musically dramatic genre. The practical part reveals the project of a musical fairy tale, which was carried out in the Kindergarten Telč. The goal of the work is to demonstrate variety of activities and through the music areas to fulfill goals of all five educational areas of the Framework Education Programme for Preschool Education (FEP PE). KEY WORDS Musical...
Supervison in nursery school
Šanderová, Veronika ; Viktorová, Ida (advisor) ; Vozková, Anna (referee)
Supervision is a relatively new concept in Czech education, which in recent years has been trying to become part of the working process of educators. Supervision is intended to help a worker cope with stressful situations, understand current situations, deepen his experience and develop new perspectives for his professional behaviour. The aim of this thesis is to try to map the positive and critical points during the Supervision meetings and to define the differences in the two selected kindergartens. Since each kindergarten is specific in its climate and teaching methods, supervision meetings should also differ in certain aspects. The work is processed qualitatively, with interviews with kindergarten teachers as the main research method. Klíčová slova: supervision, supervisor, nursery school, helping professions

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