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Czech sports television stations on social networks: comparison of private and public service channel
Nejedlý, Matěj ; Turková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Langer, Miroslav (referee)
The topic of the thesis is a comparison of Czech public and commercial sports television in the presentation on social networks. The thesis aims to map the current state of social network management of domestic sports televisions, their ambitions and strategies in this dynamically expanding segment. In the diploma thesis, social networks are placed in the context of the use of their potential in the field of sports marketing and their historical development. The main part of the work is focused on defining the correct hypotheses on the basis of which quantitative research is carried out on the Facebook social network. The hypotheses are divided into three main thematic blocks, the quantity of published contributions of individual televisions, their format and thematic focus depending on the telecast of a prominent sporting event are examined in turn. In the next part, the collected data is subjected to analysis. They also aim to support interviews with important representatives of both Czech sports televisions, which are carried out for this work and which are available in the appendices of this thesis. It turned out that Czech sports television stations do not have work with social networks as a priority. Social network administrators publish content primarily in connection with the broadcast of a...
Marketing research comparing fitness centers in Sedlčany
Procházka, Martin ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Opelík, Daniel (referee)
Ttitle: Marketing research comparing fitness centers in Sedlčany Objectives: The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to use quantitative research to find out the preferences of customers in two selected fitness centers in Sedlčany. the next task is to propose a series of recommendations for fitness center owners, based on the knowledge obtained in this way, which would lead to an increase in the satisfaction of the customers of these fitness centers. Method: In this bachelor's thesis, the questionnaire survey method was used. Specifically, it was a quantitative research that took place through an electronic questionnaire. This work will draw on both primary and secondary data. Primary data was obtained using an electronic questionnaire, which was conducted with visitors to the fitness centers PeVan Gym and Vltavan sport. Results: The result of the work is the identification of the preferences of the customers of the investigated fitness centers, on the basis of which a recommendation for the future development of the given fitness centers was subsequently created. The most important preference for choosing a fitness center is the quality of the machines. Furthermore, when choosing a fitness center, respondents pay the most attention to the location of the equipment. Respondents cited recommendations...
Modern Application of Facebook Marketing in a football environment
Sočka, David ; Opelík, Daniel (advisor) ; Voráček, Josef (referee)
Title: Modern Application of Facebook Marketing in the Football Environment Objectives: The objective of this thesis is to propose recommendations for the management of FORTUNA:LIGA's Facebook account as a marketing tool. Methods: The main method used in the research was an analysis, which focused on posts published on the FORTUNA:LIGA Facebook page. To ensure the objectivity of the results, this method was supported by the analysis of official statistics and the realisation of a focus group with experts. Results: The research confirmed that Facebook is currently an important part of FORTUNA:LIGA's marketing communication. The analysed papers reflected certain aspects of modern trends based on information found in the literature. These included the creation of entertaining content, behind-the-scenes videos, or the publication of posts with a high level of user engagement. The proposed recommendations then focused mainly on areas where certain shortcomings were identified. Of the nine recommendations, the first seven aimed for general advice on managing Facebook accounts. They can therefore be used by entities with a different focus, considering their own specific needs. The next two points were directed at certain areas, namely ensuring up-to-date video footage of football matches and close...
Marketing planning in a construction company
Radojković, Milica ; Pohlová, Pavla (referee) ; Dohnal, Radek (advisor)
The thesis deals with the issue of marketing planning in a construction company. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part of the thesis defines the problem of marketing planning in the construction industry. It describes the construction market, marketing mix, analysis of micro and macro environment, international marketing and application of marketing plan in a construction company. The practical part of the thesis consists of two parts. The first part contains an analysis of the public procurement laws in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Czech Republic. The second part describes a specific construction company. On the basis of the individual analyses, a marketing plan is prepared for the company XYZ, which plans to expand its scope of activity to the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The aim of the thesis was to analyze and describe how marketing planning affects the participation of a construction firm in public procurement. The output of the thesis is the definition of a marketing plan proposal for a specific construction firm based on the identified state of this firm and the environment.
Analysis of the effectiveness of the use of marketing tools in the project „Nová Zbrojovka“
Borozdina, Valeriia ; Budíková, Michaela (referee) ; Dohnal, Radek (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to analyze marketing tools used in the development project «Nová Zbrojovka». To assess their effectiveness and expediency of use in the future. The result of this work will be a proposal for the further use of the analyzed marketing tools. The theoretical part is devoted to the description of the construction market, strategy and marketing strategy, situation analysis and its tools. The basic concepts, divisions and structures are explained here. The practical part describes the project «Nová Zbrojovka», the current situation of using marketing tools and marketing strategy of the project, analysis of these tools and recommendations for their use in the future.
The Use of Promotion as a Tool of Marketing Mix in the Selected Organization of Education Systém
The diploma thesis deals with the promotional activities of a selected subject of the educational system. The Secondary Polytechnic School in České Budějovice has been selected for this purpose. The aim of the diploma thesis is to reveal and evaluate the use and importance of promotion as a tool of marketing mix for a selected subject of the educational system. Based on the information obtained to propose a more appropriate use of promotion tools and determine measures leading to further development of the promotion of the selected organization. The first part of this work, literary research, includes mainly the promotional mix problematics. The practical part includes several parts. At the beginning of the practical part, the current promotional mix of the organization is presented. The following are the results of a supplementary questionnaire survey and evaluation of hypotheses using statistical evaluation of data. An important part of the work are recommendations designed to optimize promotion and promotional activities.
Marketingový mix vybraného minipivovaru
This bachelor thesis deals with an analysis of the marketing mix of Minibrewery U Stočesů. The work is divided into two parts - the theoretical and the practical part. In the theoretical part are knowledge from literary sources about brewing and basic information about the minibrewing industry are processed. It also describes the individually components of the 4P marketing mix and other possible marketing mix concepts. The practical part describes the introduction and characteristics of minibrewery U Stočesů and the analysis of its marketing mix. The aim of the work is to evaluate the individual components of the 4P marketing mix, compare with other minibreweries and propose changes for the future that would lead to improvements.
Innovation of the marketing mix at the Mercedes Milan Král Company
The basics of thesis is innovation of marketing mix of the selected subject, which specializes in car sales and sevice. The company is called Mercedes-Benz Milan Král a. s. and its official authorized dealer of a brand Mercedes-Benz. The first part explaining the basic terms related to the marketing mix or an ino-vations that are used in the practical part. The theoretical part was followed by a practi-cal part. Here was analyzed a factors of the society. A necessary information were given by a marketing director and some information were on a website. For a correct analysis was necessary to analazy a competition and create a PEST analysis that showed an effects of the environment on a business. After the analysis was created questionnaire investigation focusing on all parts of the marketing mix. From a results were compiled graphs and comments with an impact on the company. Four problems from questionnai-re investigation were submitted to the marketing director for consultation. She ruled out some of them, Finally was created a proposals for innovation, which include a calculati-on, activity description and pricing. The results will be sent to the company as service improvement tool.
Marketing Strategy of the Contributory Organization
ČAREK, Martin
The aim of the Bachelor thesis called "Marketing Strategy of the Contributory Organizati-on" was to find a suitable marketing strategy for a chosen company using analyzes from the marketing environment and market research. The organization is located in the field of service provision and focuses on education and entertainment. The theoretical part is fo-cused on the description of the non-profit sector and its principles for creating a marketing strategy. The marketing mix, analysis of the competitive environment and marketing re-search are also defined there. The practical part describes the activities of the non-profit organization DDM Písek and deals with a situational analysis of the environment, which includes SWOT analysis and analysis of the marketing mix. The following is a questi-onnaire survey that obtained information about public awareness of DDM Písek's acti-vities. Based on the results of the analyzes and the results of marketing research, the last part of the thesis focuses on the proposal and recommendations for improving the marke-ting strategy of the organization.
Use of social media in business practise
The bachelor thesis deals with the phenomenon of social media and their use in company marketing. Specifically, it discusses the possibilities of marketing communication on the internet and the current trends in this area, which relates to the description and analysis of marketing tools in online marketing. Based on the analysis of marketing tools are analyzed the most popular social media. The research is conducted on the company Fleppi s.r.o, which deals with sales of stationery supplies in the Czech Republic. The analysis of its social media focuses on Instagram and Facebook activities. Part of the analysis is also an interview with the owner of the company. The results bring feedback, which will help the company make any necessary changes to its activities on social networks and make a better marketing strategy.

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