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The future of the past: Methodology of participatory care of cultural heritage on a volunteer basis
Dryáková, Kateřina ; Kassl, Nikola ; Hudec, Petr
The focus of the methodology seeks to support local care for cultural heritage, cooperation with local communities and the development of volunteerism. Its purpose is to provide ideas, inspiration and methodological approaches to strengthen participatory care of cultural heritage through the involvement of volunteers and local communities. It also offers foreign experience and interdisciplinary insights into this issue.
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Reflection on Neighbourhood Evolution at a Pre-Fabricated Panel Building Area
Pfaff, Tomáš ; Čermák, Daniel (advisor) ; Říha, Martin (referee)
The master's thesis, framed as a sociological case study, aims it's interest at the theme of neighborhood evolution at a pre-fabricated panel building area. The subject of interest is the reflection of neighborhood evolution given by the original residents of the research locality. The research locality is represented by the most populated street in Hradec Králové, Edvarda Beneše boulevard, which drew considerable attention both of lay and academic public at the time of it's emergence due to unique architectonic and urbanistic design. The defined research problem is the question asking about current state and underwent changes of a neighborhood situated at specific environment of a block-of- flats area located in a contemporary city, specifically in the most populated area of Hradec Králové statutory city. Also three separate research questions were formulated. They ask specifically about the current state of the neighborhood, it's underwent changes during time and the role of it's physical a geographical situatedness. The aim of the thesis was to perform complex exploration of current state and evolution of the studied phenomenon, both in social and physical dimension. The thesis doesn't provide description of the current state and evolution only, but it also identifies local relevant factors...
Everyday life in the period of socialism in the Podblanicko region
Lapáčková, Jana ; Šalanda, Bohuslav (advisor) ; Šmídová, Olga (referee)
The topic of the thesis deals with everyday life in Podblanicko Region during the socialist era. This is a local research that tries to show the memories of rural people on the period of normalization, defined by the 70s and 80s of the 20th century, in terms of food, clothing and housing. The research deals with the strategies, tactics and improvisations of the inhabitants of this region in the period of socialism, among other things focused on the lack of required goods in shops, poor supply, searching for not very high-quality construction materials and fashionable clothes. Apart from individual expressions, it deals with community style that inherently belongs to the rural population. The era of socialism is strongly ingrained in the mind of the people who lived at that time. It is clear from many sources that before the year 1989 people in the countryside did not live just meaningless lives, remarked and emptied by a totalitarian regime. In many cases, they tried to ignore the regime or they just were not interested in it. In their everyday life they created values, which were more important to them. However, they were able to realize the values mostly only partially. In order to achieve the things they considered important, their ingenuity, strategy and tactics were essential. A life in the...
Where is the community? Case study of neighborhoods in Žiar nad Hronom
Kirschnerová, Hana ; Illner, Michal (advisor) ; Kuchař, Pavel (referee)
Community and its ties to locality have been bothering sociologists and researchers since society has abandoned its traditional organization. Many of them considered positive and negative aspects of industrial and later modern society's influence on community sense and human relationships. This thesis will walk the reader through the influential writings on the topic of community, meaning of space and human relationships. Starting with the appreciation of traditional community, through worries about its disappearance, diminishing importance of local ties and ending with complete anonymity and individualization. The empirical part of this thesis brings up results of the research conducted in neighborhoods of Žiar nad Hronom, town in central Slovakia. Findings from the interviews were confronted with ideas of New Urbanism, basically confirming role of architecture design in neighbors' relationships. Intensity, frequency and quality of interaction among neighbors are thus influenced by factors of spatial design, length of residence and busyness of residents. Nature of the relationships among neighbors is far from ideal (as in traditional community) but people look for communities in wider sense, creating networks with people from other social circles than those bounded to a place.
School as a Community Center - the Reality and Possibilities of Development of Community Education
Neumannová, Klára ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Valenta, Josef (referee)
and key words School as a community center - reality and possiblities of development of communtiy education Key words: local community, school as a community center, cooperation, community work, lifelong learning, case study. This thesis deals with the community schools in the Czech Republic and the possibilities of their development. Firstly, it defines basic concepts like community education in an international context and the notion of community schools itself. Secondly, it discusses certain theoretical assumptions and presuppositions as well as current challenges of development of the community schools. The research is based on a multiple case study and it describes the current situation of selected community schools. The current situation of the schools is compared to their situation and conditions six years ago. Basing on the diachronic comparison using the academic document "Analysis of environment in the Czech Republic and the possibility of the development of community schools" of 2008, the research revealed that community concepts in schools are almost unchanged. Finally, the work challenges possible causes of this stagnation of development. Its contribution is in addition to the design possibilities for further development of community schools in the Czech Republic. Further value added...
Analysis of the Local Specifics of Young Drug Users' Lifestyle as Basis for Prevention Planning
Pelich, Jan ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
(in english): The Bachelor thesis "Analysis of the Local Specifics of Young Drug Users' Life Style as Basis for Prevention Planning" focuses on the young drug users' life style in the town called Hostivice. It aims to suggest changes in the local prevention program on the basics of analysis of the drug users' life style and analysis of the primary prevention program. In the theoretical part, the concepts of the environment, local community and life style are defined beacuse of the focus the whole thesis. It describes and analysis local primary prevention program. The practical part is contained by ethnographical research, which it analysis young drug users' life style by participant observation and interviews.
Culture Chamge in a Local Cultures of Papua New Guinea
Grúzová, Julie ; Soukup, Martin (advisor) ; Bláha, Jan Daniel (referee) ; Soukup, Václav (referee)
Culture Change in a Local Cultures of Papua New Guinea Author: Julie Grúzová Abstract The subject of this dissertation is the study of the local Nungon community living in Papua New Guinea. It focuses mainly on those sociocultural changes, which occurred as a result of the environmental protection in this area, and on their impacts on the cultural identity of the local inhabitants. Special attention is devoted to the study of visualization and representation of culture, nature, biodiversity protection, social and cultural changes and the future of the community. A partial objective is also to present ethnographic data and facts about the local Nungon community. A range of methods has been employed in the effort to fulfil the set objectives; the work is based on field research in the observed local community and on the techniques associated with it. The specific technique used to study cultural identity is a native drawing which was used to analyze cultural representations and visualizations of culture. Analyses of native drawings enable uncover a native understanding of the phenomenon of biodiversity conservation and related cultural changes. The thesis represents a unique visual material, which served as the basis for the analysis and interpretation of the sociocultural changes that are taking place in the...
Migration in a small village (The history of centripedal and centrifugal migration forces and the impact on village in 1989-2019: Case study of Jirny)
Hloušková, Michaela ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Mikešová, Renáta (referee)
This paper explores the phenomenon of suburbanization. The paper examines the small village Jirny and the influence of population migration on its evolution. In the theoretical part the paper explains the concept of suburbanization, negative effects of suburbanization and other related concepts. The empirical part describes demographic evolution of the village and specific fields that were or could be effected by the increasing number of new residents. For that purpose the paper chooses case study design and method of framework analysis or triangulation. One of the outcomes is SWOT analysis. Conclusion and recommendation are based on the survey results.
Humans of Lusanja. Anthropological study of development cooperation in Uganda.
Havlová, Nikola ; Soukup, Václav (advisor) ; Půtová, Barbora (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the development cooperation and implementation of projects in local cultures using example of Ugandan community from the Lusanja village. The aim of this thesis is to describe the impact of development cooperation on the community and its expectations, to map the dialogue among the various actors of the project and to provide feedback to the Western non-profit organizations from the local culture. Based on field research conducted using ethnographic methods, the thesis brings an emic perspective of the local community to the Western idea of development cooperation. The emic perspective is mostly omitted from the development discourse, eventhough it could significantly affect the sustainability of implemented projects in developing countries. The thesis also covers the daily life of the Lusanja people. Key words: development cooperation, local community, NGOs, Uganda, sustainable development, ethnographic research
The Definition of community school concept in the Czech educational system
Lauermann, Marek ; Bendl, Stanislav (advisor) ; Trojan, Václav (referee) ; Matulayová, Tatiana (referee)
This dissertation is designed as a theoretical research study, whose aim is to explore the possibilities of mapping and development of the community aspect of schools. This field of study is still relatively unexplored. The goal of this dissertation is to outline theoretically the concept of a Community school, and to stress the change of paradigm of current education and focus on how the role of school changes in current society. The dissertation also focuses on theoretical aspects of school perception and current scientific knowledge in given area. The research focuses on the analysis and characteristics of the Community school model. Further goal of the empirical research was to determine whether there is a reliable instrument to help identify the type and quality of a given Community school, identify a basic typological distribution of Community schools in the Czech Republic, identify how individual concepts of Community schools differ in the content and delivery of their curricula, and how are principles of Community schools interconnected with the principles of inclusive education, and in particular with the provision of equal opportunities. The qualitative research was carried out in five elementary schools in the Czech Republic that identify themselves as Community schools. These five...

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