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Green widows as a phenomenon of contemporary society
Smolová, Kristýna ; Duffková, Jana (advisor) ; Illner, Michal (referee)
The thesis deals with the phenomenon of green widows in today's society. The main goal of the thesis is to identify whether there are women in the Czech Republic which can be considered as green widows. Even though this issue is becoming more and more topical, especially with the increasing suburbanisation of our cities, this problem has not been profesionally tackled and described yet. There is no available literature or qualified research concerning this issue in the Czech Republic. The problem of green widows in this thesis is discussed in regard of the process of suburbanisation and the specific lifestyle of people living in satellite towns. One part of the thesis also deals with psychological aspects such as solitude, marriage crisis, cuckoldry and different kinds of addictions connected with these aspects. The thesis also includes an internet questionnaire focused on general awareness about green widows. The goal of the questionnaire is to find out who is a green widow in the opinion of respondents. The problem of green widows is also examined via interpretation of internet discussions and discussions regarding articles published on internet. Furthemore the thesis reveals outcomes of a research conducted by the Depertment of Social Geography and Regional Development of the Science Faculty at Charles...
Urban Gardening: Motives and the Possibility of Transformation of the Public Space in the City
Papoušková, Kristina ; Illner, Michal (advisor) ; Grygar, Jakub (referee)
This diploma thesis pursues the phenomenon of urban gardening. It especially focuses on urban gardening in the form of community gardens, whose number has multiplied in Prague in the recent years. This trend has also caused an interest of the media and thus its is natural to research the motivation of the people, who participate in this activity, whether it is deeper or if it is just a fad. As a theroretical footing the ideas of Manuel Castells about urban social movements as well as the ideas of Henri Lefebvre about the right to the city were used. These authors believed that in the city the human scale is the most important and not financial value of the urban space. In the next part of the theoretical work the problem of public space and its interpretation in social sciences is presented. The analysis is dedicated to urban gardening in Prague. It aims to find whether it is just a temporary fashion or if the gardens could become permanent part of the public space in Prague. The function of community gardens is analysed with the use of a case study of one such garden. The work also tries to find out if the gardens in public space only bring positives or if they can also cause conficts.
Residential differentiation of socio-economic classes - the case study of the city Prague
Hastrmanová, Šárka ; Illner, Michal (advisor) ; Duffková, Jana (referee)
The social inequality is one of the most discussed problem in today's world. Inequality among different socioeconomic classes are also reflected in the character of today's cities. Residential segregation is a spatial form of social inequality in the area of towns. Spatial differentiation is the process which caused spatial segregation of different groups of inhabitants. The spatial differentiation has not only negative effects on the condition of towns and population, but also the experience with segregated poor ghettoes and deprivated neighborhoods in American cities shows how important this urban phenomena could be if we do not pay enough attention to it. The thesis in theoretical part outlines the context, causes, typology and possible consequences of the residential segregation in cities, there are also described policy preventive precautions. The paper is inspired by the American school of urban sociology, together with comparison of the environment of European and American cities. The second part is dedicated to the methodological discussion about the most useful tools to measure and identify segregation. The case study of the city Prague, which is the key part of this paper, display the situation of 22 administrative districts using the secondary analysis of census data in four dimensions (the...
Where is the community? Case study of neighborhoods in Žiar nad Hronom
Kirschnerová, Hana ; Illner, Michal (advisor) ; Kuchař, Pavel (referee)
Community and its ties to locality have been bothering sociologists and researchers since society has abandoned its traditional organization. Many of them considered positive and negative aspects of industrial and later modern society's influence on community sense and human relationships. This thesis will walk the reader through the influential writings on the topic of community, meaning of space and human relationships. Starting with the appreciation of traditional community, through worries about its disappearance, diminishing importance of local ties and ending with complete anonymity and individualization. The empirical part of this thesis brings up results of the research conducted in neighborhoods of Žiar nad Hronom, town in central Slovakia. Findings from the interviews were confronted with ideas of New Urbanism, basically confirming role of architecture design in neighbors' relationships. Intensity, frequency and quality of interaction among neighbors are thus influenced by factors of spatial design, length of residence and busyness of residents. Nature of the relationships among neighbors is far from ideal (as in traditional community) but people look for communities in wider sense, creating networks with people from other social circles than those bounded to a place.
Regeneration of brownfields - actors
Stibůrková, Lenka ; Illner, Michal (advisor) ; Růžička, Richard (referee)
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IN ATTENDANCE OF PUBLIC..analysis of public discussion about the transport policy of city district Prague 6
Ptáčková, Kateřina ; Kabele, Jiří (advisor) ; Illner, Michal (referee)
Using the instruments of discourse analysis these master theses intend to explore, what is the core of the transport policy discussion in Prague, what are the main sources and discourses forming it. The discussion on the transport policy in one of the Prague city district's is used not only for the analysis of the transport base of the discussion but also as the illustration of forming the public discussion in general. The analysis focuses on the roles of two main groups of collective actors of public decision-making - elected politicians (local authority) and NGOs. Discourse is in analysis understood in the Foucault's view as the practices which form the objects of which they speak and do not speak. With reference to Fairclough it concentrates also on the specific role of individual actors. The analysis indicates that the main sources of the good transport solution are their suitable transport funcioning, evironmental assets and public support. First two sources are discussed in the first part of the thesis. The public support source is discused in the second part of analysis, dealing with the democratic discourse. The democratic discourse is identified as the framing discourse of the public discussion in general. Public participation and deliberation are considered both by politicians and NGOs to be...
Municipality strategic plan for development as a dead document?
Kudrna, Libor ; Illner, Michal (advisor) ; Ochrana, František (referee)
This thesis is devoted to strategic planning of municipalities. To render the life cycle of the strategic document the diploma work uses process models of public policy and is dedicated to the problem of not implemented strategic plans of some cities in the Usti region. Study constructs and analyzes it as a publicly-political problem. This thesis identifies the views on the strategic plans in the cities where it exists, but is not systematically used to managing of the city.
Together for a Better City
Sládek, Jan ; Illner, Michal (advisor) ; Kostelecký, Tomáš (referee) ; Bernard, Josef (referee)
The goal of this text is to provide understanding of the role that locally organized citizens have in changing general political behavior of Czech people after 1989. The text combines knowledge of urban sociology, political and urban transformation, and citizen/political participation in post-1989 Czech Republic. Theoretically, the text is based in critical reception of urban sociology showing its rather low rate of understanding when analyzing the role of citizens in urban change. The text works with the concept of transaction activism, using it to analytically evaluate the forms of examined collective local action of citizens. Last but not least, attention is paid to the role of ICTs, notably the Internet, in forms of local citizen engagement. To provide the necessary context, the text reflects on main events in political participation on state level as well as it reflects on main urban changes after 1989. Methodologically, the work is based on data from two representative questionnaire surveys and fifteen interviews with representatives of citizen organizations. The main theses are following: (1) low direct experience with political issues leads to predominance of "the politics" as portrayed by mass media, yet it is rather easily unmasked by direct political experience; (2) Although the public opinion...

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