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Islamic Culture in Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue and its Reflection in the Czech Lands
Gombárová, Jana ; Soukup, Václav (advisor) ; Soukup, Martin (referee) ; Novotná, Yvona (referee)
PhDr. Jana Gombárová Islamic Culture in Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue and its Reflection in the Czech Lands Abstract The general aim of the present Ph.D. thesis is a reflection of Islamic culture within the Euro-Mediterranean multi-cultural dialogue. Its specific aim is a study of reflection of the Arab and Islamic communities in the Czech Republic. The first chapter provides methodological and theoretical analyses of the conceptions of "end of history" by Francis Fukuyama and "clash of civilisations" by Samuel P. Huntington, which provoked a wide and controversial discussion both around the world and in our country. It also provides an analysis of more recent "catastrophic scenarios" (Laqueur, Spencer, Rodrígez, Sarazin). The Islamic culture within the Euro-Mediterranean dialogue and with the history of Barcelona process of cooperation of the European Union with the South- Mediterranean countries, which culminated in founding of the Union for Mediterranean in 2010, are also included in the chapter. Anna Lindh Foundation as a European non- government organisation and its network in the Czech Republic is an object of special interest. The last part of the chapter includes the controversial results of the "Arab Spring" characterized by the rise of Islamists to power. The second chapter is focused on...
Identity in transcultural perspective. Symbols in the creation of cultural identity
Šafaříková, Jana ; Soukup, Václav (advisor) ; Horáková, Hana (referee) ; Jirka, Luděk (referee)
Despite its geographical distance and the specific ways in which the state of Australia came into existence two centuries ago, both Europe and Australia share a number of similarities in their recent cultural, social and political development, with Australia to some extent anticipating trends which later also appear in Europe. Two of the most widely discussed issues, that have dominated public and political debates in Australia for decades, are related to immigration and the politics of multiculturalism, both of which form the very pillars on which the national and cultural identity of Australia is based upon. Especially within the last years, the questions of immigration and multiculturalism have also entered with full force the public and political discourse in Europe, with both topics gaining a prominent place in the debate. However, while Europe has been made aware of these issues at last during and after the migration crisis of 2015, in Australia, they have been present for a substantial part of the state's existence, and more prominently since the 1990s when the One Nation Party, a political party in many aspects similar to the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) in Germany and the Rassemblement national (RN) in France, gained substantial electoral success. The dissertation presents a...
Patterns in Cultural Performance
Vondrášková, Sára ; Soukup, Martin (advisor) ; Soukup, Václav (referee)
Sára Vondrášková- Patterns in cultural performance- abstract The subject of this thesis is a theoretical analysis of chosen factors which influence creative process that leads to an art work. Theese factors are comprehended as patterns that determine this process and their origin and function is studied by different approaches. The first part deal with time as an element, restitutional and reductional approach according to Borecký and Apollonian and Dionysian concepts according to Nietzsche. The second part is dedicated to the impact of technology and emotions on the character of an art work and it deals with their influence on a form and effect of the art work. Key words: Art work, Pattern, Technology, Emotion, Existence
Theory and practice in presentation of exotic art in Czech Republic
Štěpánová, Kateřina ; Soukup, Václav (advisor) ; Soukup, Martin (referee)
Thesis deals with the history and influence of exotic artifacts to the cultural sphere in the central European state- Czech Republic. Defines and classifies the categories of exotic art and describes their impact on our area of collecting, art and science. Particular attention is devoted to the Czech interest in the exotic art in the sphere of collectors and art.
Cultural Aspects of Cartographic Creation: Use of Mental Maps in Cross-cultural Research
Bláha, Jan Daniel ; Soukup, Martin (advisor) ; Soukup, Václav (referee)
Cultural Aspects of Cartographic Creation: Use of Mental Maps in Cross-cultural Research Abstract: Diploma thesis deals with study of interdisciplinary issue of cultural aspects of cartographic creation. The first part of the work consists of theoretical introduction dealing with the map con- tent, map stylistics and map language, in which maps show the greatest cultural differences. The map figures here in a role of the image of reality and visual manifestation of culture. The analogy between a map and a classical language (linguistic anthropology) and the analogy between early maps and primitive cultures' maps are described. Beside the language, as determinants of the human spatial perception and other categories related to the map creation could be mentioned the environment, the experiences and the society, in which man lives. Several examples of so- called cultural map styles, especially from Australia and Oceania, are introduced as well. In the methodical part of the work in connection with cultural-anthropological research a method of cognitive maps, respectively mental maps of map users and map makers is discussed in detail. Just these maps are suitable to explore the cultural particularities of cartographic creation. The application part of the work presents the results of field research of mental...
Spaniards captured by Czech culture. A comparative study of Spanish teachers and managers in today's Czech Republic
Sečková, Kateřina ; Soukup, Václav (advisor) ; Soukup, Martin (referee)
Job migration is a very developed phenomenon in the world today. After 1989 many foreigners from all over the world started coming to the Czech Republic. Also the mutual relations between Spain and the Czech Republic began to reinforce in all aspects. It was not only Spanish tourists who came to Czech Republic but also university students, specialized workers and businessmen, who came for longer periods. Moreover, after the entry of the Czech Republic to the European Union the process of employing foreigners became even easier for European Union citizens. Nowadays there is a Spanish minority living in the Czech Republic. This minority is formed mainly by men, official statistics (to May 31st, 2008) allege 498 persons. Spanish people in the Czech Republic live mainly in Prague (because of the biggest job market, seat of business of many companies and schools.) This work deals with the adaptation strategies of Spanish teachers of Spanish language to the conditions in the Czech Republic. The aim was to find out how the process of adaptation of the chosen group proceeds. The qualitative research was chosen for the data acquisition, the main method was a direct unstructured interviewing and side methods were participant observation and diagnostic drawing. From October 2006 to August 2008 I carried out eight...
Imigration and cultural identity. The estabilishment of asylum-seeker's cultural continuity and identity in the Czech Republic
Rameš, Filip ; Soukup, Václav (advisor) ; Soukup, Martin (referee)
The issue of this work is the process of establishing and transformation of cultural identity by migrants and aliens, above all by asylům seekers in the Czech Republic, within the process of acculturation. In the work are included analyses of processes of acculturation and integration in diachronic and synchronic perspectives. Befallen are both globál trends and local conditions in the Czech Republic in the political, sociál and cultural field. Construed work tries constructively deal with the problém of various discourses of integration and migration in different countries of European Union and in the Czech Republic. This discourse is described in his own historical progress included all of the influences and it is indicated his nearest progress in the future as well. The main theme of this work remains the ontological, psychological, sociál and cultural reactions within the culture contact witch contribute to the transformation of identity by the immigrants. The thesis is supposition, that the new identity will be transformed in the transition field witch is constructed with the discursive borders. During the asylům claim rises a characteristic "liminality period" which provides speciál time gap, during which happens important revaluation of cultural values, norms and ideas. The character of the new...
Complex and its relation to the motivational part of personality
Opatrný, Martin ; Borecký, Vladimír (advisor) ; Soukup, Václav (referee)
The submitted essay focuses on the very broad and problematic idea of complex which is characterized as "king road to unconsciousness" by Car1 Gustav Jung. The aim ofthe essay is to identify and theoretically describe the fundamentals of the complex-phenomenon and to point out its relation to the motivational part of personality. The basic hypothesis of the essay is the presumption that complex might function as a positive motivational drive of human behaviour. That is the reason why it is necessary to analyze, theoretically and in detail, the process of motivation, too. Different from the specialized psychological works, this essay is to be seen from broader, cultural point of view and it summarizes both the new approaches to the field of motivation and complex and the older thoughts of the great psychologists Car1 Gustav Jung, Alfred Adler, Sigmund Freud and many others. Despite the fact that neither in the domestic nor in the foreign literature we can find any monographies that would handle the problem of complex and the related phenomenons in detail, I tried to reveal the possible relation between complex and the motivational part of personality. Based on former studies of scholar1y literature I have conc1uded that it is necessary to view both mentioned terms in various context as without it the full...

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