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Determinants of economic security building block of well-being of university students
Jindřich, Jan ; Kočí, Jana (advisor) ; Syřiště, Ivo (referee)
This bachelor thesis is dedicated to the topic of a comprehensive examination of the relationship between economic security and the well-being of university students. The aim of the thesis is to determine how financial stability, financial literacy, and other economic factors affect psychological and physical well-being. Everything is placed in the context of the current economic and social conditions, which are constantly changing. Global and geopolitical events that have influenced the view on well-being as such in recent years and forced the population to reconsider priorities and the way of perceiving security and overall well-being are mentioned aswell. The theoretical part of the thesis addresses individual concepts and current trends in well-being, for example, the PERMA+4 model, which expands well-being to include economic security. Everything is set in the context of influencing overall well-being in connection with financial literacy and financial stability. Subsequently, the theoretical part discusses factors that affect economic security, such as proper management of financial resources, financial literacy, or investments. This section also provides an assessment of the risks and pitfalls of financial market tools and brief guides for achieving better economic security, from a general...
Pension fund investments in the Czech Republic
Novotný, Ondřej ; Vybíral, Roman (advisor) ; Večeř, Miroslava (referee)
Pension fund investments in the Czech Republic Abstract and keywords The thesis deals with the regulation of pension fund investments in the Czech Republic, specifically the investments of participating funds, transformed funds and the pan-European personal pension product. In the thesis, I have described each of the considered systems in turn and made a comparison between them. The aim of my thesis was to describe the regulation and to suggest possible adjustments to the regulation so that it could lead to better outcomes for participants in pension products. I have used communication with investment professionals and academic papers on the subject to determine the practical impact of each regulation. The analysis I carried out led to the development of recommendations, which I used to conclude the sections for each pension product. I also inserted some recommendations into the sections on the different aspects of the pension products. The thesis is divided into four chapters, the first of which is an introduction to the system that has been established in the Czech Republic. The following three chapters describe and evaluate the legal regulations of the different pension products according to the date of their creation. Thus, in the second chapter I deal with supplementary pension insurance, describing...
A forecast of Commercial Real Estate Development and Investment Volumes in the Czech Republic
Nguyen, Thanh Tu ; Jandík, Tomáš (advisor) ; Streblov, Pavel (referee)
This thesis attempts to forecast investment volumes of the commercial real estate market in the Czech Republic in the medium-term from 2017 to 2020, using both qualitative methods and econometric models. Fundamental analysis and chart analysis are employed while judgemental forecasts by market experts are collected. In order to find evidence of historical and upcoming commercial asset price bubbles, a state-of-the-art peak-tagging technique and chart analysis for the graph of commercial real estate capital value index are used before integrating with market specialists' opinions. Neither CRE bubble nor signal for future major downturn has been found since 2000 despite the occurance of minor overpricing periods. ARIMA and several VAR models with endogenous and exogenous variables are run to find the best quantitative forecasts. Final forecasted investment volume for the upcoming years is found by integrating experts' opinion and results from the chosen model. JEL Classification R33 Keywords commercial real estate, investment, investment volumes, prime yields, office properties, shopping centres, industrial properties, Czech Republic Author's e-mail Supervisor's e-mail
Investment asset management comparable to fund management
Pivko, Petr ; Vybíral, Roman (referee)
4 Investment asset management comparable to fund management Abstract This thesis concerns the analysis of the legal regulation of the functioning of mini-funds, or persons according to Section 15 of Act No. 240/2013 Coll., on Investment Companies and Investment Funds. These are entities that can manage investment assets without requiring the relevant public authorisation granted by the Czech National Bank. The essence of their existence is the fact that they fulfil some of the characteristics of investment funds, although they are not investment funds. The popularity of the use of this institute in the context of collective investment escalated during the pandemic of the Covid-19 disease. In my thesis I analyse the rights and obligations linked with this management, the legal relations towards investors and also towards the Czech National Bank. The thesis consists of several parts, namely an introduction of the European legislation on which the Czech legislation is based, and the most important part, both in terms of its scope and significance, containing a description and analysis of the Czech legislation. The thesis also includes research on the domestic mini-fund market, where data representing a part of the market are presented and provide insight into, for example, how much assets mini-funds represent...
Business Plan - the Selection of Appropriate Investment Method for ICE Invest spol. s r.o.
Vincensová, Lucie ; Ing.Zdeněk Novák (referee) ; Rompotl, Jaroslav (advisor)
The thesis serves as a proposal for a possible variants investment in ICE invest spol. s r.o. This thesis is based on the theoretical background which is followed by an analysis of the current state and its own proposals for dealing with the issue.
Business Plan Focused on Financing
Pochyla, Martin ; MBA, Jan Hůla, (referee) ; Mašterová, Lucie (advisor)
The diploma work presents financing from a structural funds of the EU and analysis of problems of this type of financing. Main focus is on elaboration feasibility study (economical project rating), that is an inseparable part of the application for grant from these funds. It also speaks about alternative methods of financial resourcing essentials to realize the desired business plan.
Software Support of Project Planning
Netolický, Petr ; Waldhans, Miloš (referee) ; Nováková, Jana (advisor)
This thesis deals with project management and compares the programs that are designed to control the investment project. These softwares are used to plan, manage tasks, resources, and surveys the current state of the project. At work I compare the programs that are most commonly used management of these projects. To demonstrate planning, will be selected in each of the programs created by the project construction of a residential building.
Analysis of Costs and Benefits
Mezei, Peter ; Hromádka, Vít (referee) ; Korytárová, Jana (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with analysis of completion of plaza in the city centre, determination of it´s cash-flow and economic efficiency and afterwards the work determinate the costs and benefits of the investment for city district of Nitra and for it´s inhabitans in comparison to currently approved variant. Theorethical part of work descripe the basic terms, methods and theory that will be used in the practical part of work Practical part of work look to potentionally real project, specify its cashflow and efficiency and also relative externalities, costs and benefits for city district.
Investment Proposal Evaluation in Lucidum Millenio, s. r. o.
Tvrzníková, Anna ; Herzán, Jaromír (referee) ; Zinecker, Marek (advisor)
Master´s thesis deals with the evaluation of economic efficiency and risk analysis of change of two investment projects conducted in company Lucidum Millennio s. r. o. The thesis is divided into three main parts, which are theory, analysis and proposal. The theoretical part specifies the essential knowledge needed to evaluate the economic efficiency of investment. Analytical part is focused on the evaluation of the financial health of the company (strategic and financial analyses). The proposal is concerned with the introduction of investments, evaluating the economic efficiency of construction of the new production plan and analysing risks related to diesel generator.
Creation of an Investment Portfolio According to the Economic Results of the Issuers
Veselý, Tomáš ; Širůček,, Martin (referee) ; Ptáček, Roman (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis focuses on companies which are emitting shares on the Czech stock market and following creation of the investment portfolio of the acquired knowledge. The investment portfolio will be compiled for a physical entity living in the Czech Republic.

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