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Methods of Recruiting Workers in the Staffing Agency
Adamusová, Hana ; Hornungová, Jana (referee) ; Konečný, Štěpán (advisor)
Diploma thesis Methods of recruiting workers in the personnel agency deals with the recruitment of agency and regular workers. The theoretical part summarizes and defines the activities of the personnel agency, defines the meaning of recruitment and pays attention to the recruitment of workers by external companies. In the analytical part, the company is characterized and the field of its business is described. This section also focuses on the current system and way of recruiting workers. In the research part of the diploma thesis, I will focus and try to find out whether the company can secure a sufficient number of suitable applicants for its clients and partners and thus fill the required vacancies. Based on the research, proposals will be recommended to streamline the recruitment process.
Evaluation of Business Performance Through Financial Analysis Tools
Chudá, Tereza ; Maliha, Radek (referee) ; Hornungová, Jana (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the evaluation of the economic performance of the Narex Ždánice company for the years 2017-2021 by using financial analysis tools. In the theoretical part there are described various methods of financial analysis and indicators which are applied later in the work. In the practical part, previously described indicators are used to perform a financial analysis of the company. The final part focuses on proposals that could prove beneficial for the company’s current situation.
Business Plan for Establishment of a Bakery
Kanderová, Petra ; Kuchárik, Daniel (referee) ; Hornungová, Jana (advisor)
The thesis is focused on the development of a business plan for the establishment of a small bakery Chlebík in Piešťany. The aim of the work is a real bakery in the area and penetrate the market with a quality product that is missing in the market at a given location.
Business Plan for the Establishment of a Vegetarian Restaurant
Vyčítalová, Michaela ; Černohorský,, Jan (referee) ; Hornungová, Jana (advisor)
The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to design a business plan for the establishment of a vegetarian restaurant which includes also an alternative club that will be used for musical and theatrical activities. The work comprises theoretical background essential for the formation of the company. It also includes market research in the field of competitors and customers, which provides a preview needed for implementation on the market.
Employee Remuneration System in a Manufacturing Company and Proposals for Its Improvement
Němec, Martin ; Hornungová, Jana (referee) ; Procházková, Kateřina (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the system of remuneration of employees at a manufacturing company. The theoretical part discusses the concepts related to the issue of remuneration and motivation of employees. The analytical part analyzes in detail the situation in the company using various methods and indicators. The design part is dedicated to the actual proposals to change the current remuneration system
Evaluation of the Financial Situation of a Company and Proposals for Improvements
Jelínek, Marek ; Hornungová, Jana (referee) ; Poláček, Tomáš (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis will be to use selected methods of financial analysis to evaluate the current level of the financial situation of the company for the period between 2016-2019. This work examines, estimates, and evaluates the current financial health of the company, strengths, and weaknesses, and based on the data and data proposed measures to improve the financial situation in the company In the theoretical part of this diploma thesis, data, procedures, and the overall theoretical approach to financial analysis will be clarified and approached. In the second, practical part, the work is devoted to a specific company, in this case, Pohankový mlýn Šmajstrla s.r.o and based on accounting documents and financial analysis procedures of this company, there will be an assessment of the current financial situation of the company, its strengths, and weaknesses. At the end of this work will be presented own proposals to improve the financial health and situation of the company.
Fluctuation of Employees in State Company
Matuszná, Veronika ; Ligocki, Miroslav (referee) ; Hornungová, Jana (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to focus on the scale of fluctuations employees in the state company. The thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. In the first part are defined the basic concepts as fluctuation, causes of fluctuations, positive and negative impacts on the social environment. The practical part focus on the personal description of the company by analysing the company fluctuations in years 2010 – 2015. The research of the satisfaction of employees is necessary part in this thesis, because of its impact on fluctuations of the company.
Business Plan for Establishing a Company Octago s. r. o.
Malast, Martin ; Dohnalová, Veronika (referee) ; Hornungová, Jana (advisor)
The subject of my bachelor work is processing the entrepreneurial object of the foundation and operation company Octago. The work is divided into theoretical, analytical and practical part. The theoretical section contains of the definition of entrepreneurial plan, enterprise, entrepreneurship and juridical form of enterprise. The entrepreneurial plan for Octago is conducted in the practical part. The aim of this work is basing company Octago.
Proposal of Changes in Motivational System in a Selected Company
Harachová, Kristína ; Hornungová, Jana (referee) ; Konečná, Zdeňka (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the proposal of changes in a motivation system in the chosen company. The theoretical part explains basic terms, definitions and procedures that are connected to the analyzed topic. Second part of the paper introduces the company and analyzes the current state of a motivation system via company’s documents and a questionnaire. The last part includes the writer’s own suggestions of solutions resulting from the second part’s analysis.
Evaluation of the Corporate Performance
Pecháček, Jiří ; Hornungová, Jana (referee) ; Pavláková Dočekalová, Marie (advisor)
This thesis describes evaluation of a company via various methods, with focus on the financial analysis. The document is divided into three parts: theoretical, analytical and suggested improvements. The theoretical part is used as input for the practical part which analyses the company called Kimberly-Clark Ltd. The last part describes the proposal how to improve the current situation of the company.

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