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Onto the role of social media and the internet in distance learning in primary schools
The present bachelor thesis focuses on the role of the Internet in German language teaching at the second level of primary schools. The coronavirus crisis has brought with it a number of unexplored aspects that we have never had to deal with in the past, and it has become clear that the Internet will play an indispensable role in teaching in general. Distance learning has changed the preparation of teachers for teaching German but also the preparation of the students themselves. In my thesis I focus on the role of the Internet in teaching before the pandemic broke out, and then point to its increased role in online teaching. I summarize its positives and negatives. Subsequently, I try to apply the new findings from online learning to the full- time teaching of German in primary 2 and to highlight the new possibilities offered by this global network. In the penultimate section, I list the opinions of experts commenting on the use of modern technologies in teaching and try to contrast positive and negative opinions. At the end of my thesis, I have selected a vocabulary of German words that originated or began to appear very frequently among people only during the coronavirus crisis. Furthermore, in my work I have selected possibilities for learning new vocabulary in a different form than mere memorization, which may not be a suitable way for every learner to acquire new vocabulary, and these selected possibilities could at least point in a direction that may become part of the routine learning of not only vocabulary but also other parts of school grammar in the future.
Parental responsibility and netolism.
The thesis deals with netolism and other risky behavior of children and adolescents on the Internet, points out the fundamental role of parents in this issue. It introduces the concepts of dependence, the family and parental responsibility. Attention is paid to addiction to social networking sites and online games and some other types of risky behavior on the Internet, e.g. cyberbullying, sexting, cybergrooming. The impact of excessive internet use on the development of children and adolescents is considered. The theoretical findings are supplemented by the view of social worker's of the Authority for Social and Legal Protection of Children and a non-substance addiction prevention worker of the Pilsen Region which was obtained by conducting semi-structured interviews.
Závislost na internetu jako téma zdravotní politiky
This thesis deals with internet addiction and how it is reflected by selected health policies. The first part offers an analysis of the addiction itself. Attention is paid to its subtypes - online game addiction, pornography addiction and social networks addiction. The typology of addicts, causes, methods of measuring, diagnostics and as well as the impact of human life. The second part offers an insight into how four selcted countries (or international institutions) respond to the treat of internet addiction. It follows an approach in two asian countries (China, South Korea) where considerable attention is paid to the issue, including some controversial methods such as re-educational camps or legal restriction on the playing time. And situation in the West where such steps have not yet been taken.
Analysis of crisis communication of the state administration (state) towards the population in times of crisis situation
VACÍK, Slavomír Ladislav
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of analysis of crisis communication of the state administration (state) towards the population during the crisis situation, which proved to be relevant from today's coronavirus crisis point of view. The analysis was based on a questionnaire survey, which was attended by 162 respondents. The questions were answered mainly by people aged 21 to 65, mostly with a university degree, living in municipalities of various sizes. Within the questionnaire, the respondents' satisfaction with the communication of the state administration towards the public was ascertained regarding the communication channels used, the type of information provided about the emergency, its comprehensibility and credibility. The evaluation of the research revealed that the Internet was mostly used by respondents to obtain information about emergencies, especially news portals and social networks, as well as traditional television and radio broadcasting. Most respondents stated that they could quickly find important information about the crisis situation and that it was understandable to them. It was also found that most respondents were able to distinguish the true message from misinformation and also tried to verify important messages from multiple sources. To do so, they mainly used public radio, television and its news internet portal, because they were considered the most trustworthy. Respondents to the questionnaire also stated that they obtained the information mostly from ministries and municipalities. The research resulted in several recommendations for the state administration. The state should consider creating a special mobile platform that would inform residents about emergencies and measures to manage them. It should also ensure the rapid, comprehensible provision of important, consistent information using all new and traditional communication platforms.
The use of monitoring and filtering software at lower secondary school and its pedagogical impacts
RYBA, Jakub
The aim of this bachelor thesis was to map what are the possibilities and limits of using monitoring and filtering software in primary schools. To find out their advantages and disadvantages, focus mainly on the role they have during teaching and describe the programs that schools use. Discover what type of filter they are using in school network and which specific areas of the site they focus on when filtering the network. In the research, the researcher examined more cases, so he chose a multi-case studies. This knowledge was achieved by studying the relevant literature, which focused on what these software can do, and the knowledge of schools that already use these technologies in teaching, this helped in understanding the issue .He further analyzed the findings and compared them in order to achieve the most accurate view of the issue. Research has shown that schools often use similar solutions to these problems, and that the great majority of their experience with these software is positive. This work can show schools that do not yet use these technologies the issue and limits of these technologies for education in practice.
Influence of Social Networks on Perception of Ideal Appearance in Early Adolescence
The bachelor's thesis entitled "The influence of social networks on the perception of ideal appearance in early adolescence" deals with the use of social networks and aims to identify possible impacts on self-esteem in people in early adolescence. The practical part of this bachelor thesis focuses on the quantitative research of the influence of social networks on the perception of ideal appearance in early adolescence in people aged 10-15 years.
Websites of care service providers in the South Bohemian Region according to the Register Social Service Providers
The objective of my diploma thesis is analysing the webpages of chosen care providers in the Region of South Bohemia from the perspective of individuals currently interested in using care services for a family member. With regard to the character and objective of my diploma thesis, I chose three research questions. How do candidates evaluate the design and clarity of the webpages belonging to the chosen care service providers? How do service candidates evaluate the ease of finding and the amount of information on the webpages of chosen care service providers and what information is important to them on the webpage? How do prices for individual acts of provided services differ in chosen providers? To reach the objective of my diploma thesis and to answer research questions I have chosen to combine the methods of both, qualitative and quantitative research. In the qualitative part, I chose a semi-structured interview with ready questions that I asked for in all analysed provider webpages to be the data collection technique. In the quantitative part, I used the technique of a questionnaire with closed scaling questions to be the data collection technique. There are two research files appearing in my thesis. One of these are people currently interested in care service and the other are webpages of care service providers. For research purposes, I picked five webpages of providers who differed from each other in their organization form. The results prove that in case of the first research question, from the perspective of webpage design and its clarity, the following aspects are viewed as important, the font, the colours, and photos. Clarity is then linked to the above-mentioned factors together with the amount of information and its placement on the webpage. From the perspective of provided information, according to the research, the subjective feeling, the amount of information, ease or difficulty of finding specific information and how the visitor evaluates the web´s information being current, matter. In the last part of my research, I did a comparison of providers´ price lists within my research file and compared the given prices per task or a time interval to the Decree No. 505/2006 Coll. In majority of cases, the prices were stated equally in all organizations, they only differed in details. All organizations follow a financial limit based on the above-mentioned decree. The results of my thesis could serve as feedback to care service providers from the perspective of an independent observer who has minimal knowledge of this service, but on the other hand, is interested in given social service.
Neologisms related to the Covid-19 pandemics
The main goal of this Bachelor's thesis is to find out if there are any new words coined in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, what is their frequency and level of novelty. First the work descries the global situation of Covid-19 pandemic between March 2020 and June 2021. Then it introduces the main word formation processes, explains what neologisms are, lists some of the examples of newly coined words/phrases and determines their word-formation process. In the Practical part it contains an analysis of the results of the corpus research. The research contains ten chosen articles from British and American online news platforms, blogs etc. and with the help of the programme #Lancsbox, own corpus is created. Then the work analyses the frequency of the newly coined covid-words and what is the level of their novelty. The work is written in English language.
Youtubeři a jejich místo v životě dětí a dospívajících
This Bachelor Thesis deals with an influence and meaning so-called youtubers and their place in the lives of children and adolescent. The Theoretical part of this Thesis describes the period of the adolescent, mental development and identity development in this period. The Thesis also focuses on the description of the socialisation of adolescent and the creation of their values. It also contains description of the adolescent's relation to media and social networks, in which adolescents currently spend the most time; The Thesis focuses on YouTube as a platform and on phenomenon so-called vloggers (youtubers) in detail, which is associated with it. The practical part of the Thesis is based on the outcome of fine research, which is based on diaries filled in by respondents (so-called diary research). The research focuses on, how much time the responders spend on YouTube videos, what content they watch and for what reason, whether They are thinking over the content they watch and whether the youtubers motivate them to do something.
Parents and teachers upon prevention of high-risk behaviour of children on the Internet and social media
This bachelor thesis aims to find out how much are the second grade pupils informated about the risks of the Internet and social networks. Next intentions are to find out how the prevention looks like in the practice and what attitude do the future teachers have towards this problem. The thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical part and practical part. The theoretical part is developed based on the current sources. It aims on the Internet and social networks, risk behavior, the prevention of risk behavior and help. Practical part is wrote up with the help of quantitative research method, specifically it is a questionnaire research. Its goal is to detect how much are the pupils informated about the risks of the online world. The partial goals are to find out how the prevention looks like in schools and how future teachers perceive this problem.

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