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Sound Form of Anglicisms among Players of Selected Video Games
Mužíková, Viktorie ; Vlčková, Jana (advisor) ; Holanová, Radka (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the analysis of the sound form of anglicisms among players of selected video games (Among Us, Overwatch, World of Warcraft). This thesis is divided into a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part deals with the characteristics of the gamer community, the definition of anglicisms, the description of the adaptation principles, differences between the phonetic systems of both Czech and English and a short study of previous works. The practical part delves into the descriptions of the chosen video games, the description of the analysed group of speakers and the analysis of the terms excerpted from the video recordings. The conclusion then summarizes the overall results of the analysis of the excerpted terms.
Stylistic Analysis of Selected Interviews of Miloš Zeman Given to the Media
Hanušová, Ivona ; Holanová, Radka (advisor) ; Hájková, Eva (referee)
This thesis introduces an analysis of the selected interviews with the former president of the Czech Republic Miloš Zeman. Primarily it examines the stylistic devices and the use of persuasive techniques and stylistic elements within these interviews. The theoretical part introduces concepts such as journalistic style, dialogue, media dialogue, media image, persuasion, argumentation, and media discourse. The empirical section comprises a stylistic analysis of specific interviews. The objective of this thesis is to examine the persuasion within the analyzed texts. KEYWORDS dialogue, stylistic analysis, argumentation, Miloš Zeman, media dialogue, persuasio
Didactic Potencial of the Project-Based Approach to Teaching Journalistic Style and Media Education at Secondary Schools
Černý, Matouš ; Holanová, Radka (advisor) ; Vlčková, Jana (referee)
The main aim of this thesis is to describe and analyse the possible benefits of the project-based approach to teaching journalistic style and media education at secondary schools on the basis of my own pedagogical practice. The first, theoretical part deals firstly with the role of media and mass media in modern society, with an emphasis on the current state of the media environment in the Czech Republic and the habits of pupils in secondary schools in consuming media content. This is followed by a definition of the concepts of media literacy and media education, a set of publicly available inspirational sources, curricular anchoring of the topic and the perspective of Waldorf pedagogy. A basic insight into the characteristics of journalistic style and project-based learning is also provided. The second part of the thesis is devoted to a description and reflection on the project of creating a class student magazine at the Waldorf Lyceum in Prague. First, the principles of teacher self- evaluation and the principles of the 3A methodology (annotation-analysis-alteration) are introduced, then the genesis and context of the described project, its progress and reflection are described. In the project, the pupils discovered the functioning of a journalistic editorial office - they decided the content and visual...
Media and Stylistic Analysis of Texts of Chosen Public Person
Kolouchová, Julie ; Holanová, Radka (advisor) ; Adam, Robert (referee)
The diploma thesis concerns the discourse of a selected public official (Tomio Okamura) in the media. The thesis contains three parts. The first of them discusses the media in general and also their connection to politics. The second part deals with the discourse style in the media communication sphere and it includes specific language elements that are typical for discourse in this area. The last, third part contains the analysis of three discourse types: radio interview, TV interview and TV debate. In each of these three groups, 4 speeches are analyzed. At the end, the thesis comes to a synthesis of characteristic elements and assessment of how these elements affect the overall style of Tomio Okamura's discourse.
Media Education and Misinformation at the First Stage of Primary School
Burešová, Kamila ; Holanová, Radka (advisor) ; Vlčková, Jana (referee)
This master's thesis deals with the connection between reading and media literacy and the potential use of this connection in primary schools during of not only the Czech language lessons, to develop these literacies within the cross-curricular topic of media education. The first part of this thesis explains important concepts related to reading and media literacy and everything related to this topic. In the practical second part, the knowledge gained from the theoretical part is utilized to create a methodology and working sheets. The methodology serves as a guide for teachers on how to work with the worksheets with students in the second educational period of the first grade of primary school. The created worksheets should contribute to the development of media and reading literacy for students attending the 4th or 5th grade of primary school. KEYWORDS Media literacy; media education; reading literacy; obtaining and verifying information (fact- checking); disinformation; critical thinking.
Linguistic Analysis of a Pre-Election Campaign
Škeřík, Martin ; Holanová, Radka (advisor) ; Šmejkalová, Martina (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on a linguistic analysis of the pre-election campaign during the 2021 parliamentary elections in Czechia. The aim of this thesis is to demonstrate which persuasive techniques were employed in specific pre-election campaigns. The analysis itself is based on the principles used by both commercial and political advertising with the main focus being on persuasive means and negative political advertisement. Such means are used by the elections participants in order to attract the attention of a potential voter and to secure their vote and long-time support. The analysed material was obtained in both printed and electronic form. It is divided by genre into further categories, those being election programmes, pre-election newspapers, letters to the voters, billboards and posters and finally internet platforms and social media. Based on the analysis, we found that among the most used persuasive means were imperatives, exclamatory and appealing sentences. The election participants also frequently employed questions which are used to simulate direct contact with the recipient. Metaphors, similes, epithets, hyperboles and phrasemes were also often used. A frequent persuasive technique was also the repeating of slogans and phrases, most political parties have also employed some...
Stylistic Analysis of a Selected Set of Journalistic Texts
Dolejšová, Adéla ; Holanová, Radka (advisor) ; Doležalová, Eliška (referee)
The bachelor thesis named Stylistic Analysis of a Selected Set of Journalistic Texts is focused on analysis of a set of texts from the tabloid site The aim of the practical part is to find and analyze specific phenomena typical for tabloid journalism on the sample consisting of twenty journalistic texts, which share the same topic (the death of Queen Elizabeth II.). The texts are analyzed on various linguistic levels. The theoretical part introduces journalistic style and tabloid journalism as its subgenre. It also explains other terms that are used in this thesis. KEYWORDS style of journalistic texts, tabloid journalism, queen Elisabeth II., stylistic analysis

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