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Apposition in the headlines of the Czech and English online media
Stanjura, Jakub ; Hirschová, Milada (advisor) ; Holanová, Radka (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on apposition and its syntactic and semantic characteristics in the headlines of Czech and English online media. In the theoretical part, the format of a headline is introduced as a part of written journalistic texts as well as significant Czech and English concepts about appositions are presented. The selected approaches are then united into a classification which is later used for the purposes of the linguistic analysis in the practical part. The aforementioned analysis deals with syntactic and semantic aspects of appositional units, classifies the language data and describes them in detail. The final chapter of the thesis contain the conclusion and offer the results of the linguistic analysis. KEY WORDS apposition, nominal apposition, nonnominal apposition, nominal phrases, clause, sentence, appositional constructions, appositives, headlines, Czech media, English media, online media, restrictiveness, non-restrictiveness
Language Analysis of Dog Owners' Internet Communication
Bílá, Pavlína ; Holanová, Radka (advisor) ; Chejnová, Pavla (referee)
This thesis is focused on the language analysis of the dog owners' internet communication. The subject of the analysis is the examination of a few chosen examples taken from internet discussions and chat communication on and The theoretical part of the thesis describes the specifics of internet communication and the practical part examines them thoroughly from the point of stylistics and linguistics. It's main focus is dedicated to objective and subjective stylistic factors influencing the use of language in internet discussions and online chat and to the description of phonetics, morphology, lexikology and syntax.
Communication Channels and Marketing Strategies of the Herbář Tv Serie (With Emphasis on Social Networks)
Camrdová, Šárka ; Holanová, Radka (advisor) ; Janovec, Ladislav (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on communication and marketing strategies of the Herbář TV show. The main aim of the theoretical part is to introduce the topic therefore it contains the characteristics and categorization of the show and its position among other culinary programs. It also summarizes the basic theory of internet communication, social networks and marketing. The methodological part presents research questions, goals and research methods. Research variables are explained here. The practical part includes the research itself. It aims to map the communication channels of Herbář with the help of descriptive analysis, quantitative content analysis and qualitative analytical-comparative methods. It also aims to describe in which ways and in what language the show communicates with its audience and what type of content it offers. The work summarizes which marketing trends can be traced in the case of the show with a special focus on social media. All the findings are supported by specific examples. KEYWORDS electronic communication, media, social networks, Herbář TV show, language resources, advertising, gastronomy
Intertextuality in selected works by Terry Pratchett
Nečesaný, Tomáš ; Janovec, Ladislav (advisor) ; Holanová, Radka (referee)
IN ENGLISH The thesis deals with intertext and architext relations in some works of T. Pratchett. It tries to introduce some variants of intertextual referencing, their possibilities and above all to map the use of this literary phenomenon together with its interpretation. The aim of this work is to create at least an approximate map of links with their description. The method of work is primarily a thorough study of novels in translation and their originals. The introductory part of the thesis deals with the theoretical basis, the central part of the work is a summary of individual passages containing an intertext or architectext reference and their analysis.
Facebook and Instagram in Media Education at the Lower Secondary School
Smola, Lukáš ; Holanová, Radka (advisor) ; Janovec, Ladislav (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on social networks and their usage in media education at a lower secondary school. The thesis exclusively deals with Facebook and Instagram and is divided into two parts, the theoretical one and the practical (empirical) one. The theoretical part studies both types of social networks and presents their development. Moreover, it focuses on the specifics of electronic communication and alludes to other topics such as media communication, media literacy, media education etc. The concluding passages of the theoretical part then focus on the relationship between media education and the curricular documents of the Czech educational system. The following practical part applies the outcomes of the theoretical part. Firstly, it takes into account works of several Czech linguists on whose findings the empirical analysis rests. Secondly, the reasons why media education should be present in education are listed. In its main part, the thesis then presents an analysis of selected material related to media education and offers possible methodological suggestions relevant to media education. The outcomes of those suggestions for the curricular documents are present, too. Finally, it also copes with research conducted on Czech language teachers and their stance towards Facebook and...
Somatisms in Czech Phraseology (The Respiratory System)
Máchová, Miroslava ; Janovec, Ladislav (advisor) ; Holanová, Radka (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the linguistic picture of the world of somatic idioms with components of the respiratory system, namely the nose, throat, lungs, diaphragm, and bronchi. The theoretical part explains the basic concepts and fundamentals of cognitive and cultural linguistics, primarily focusing on cognitive linguistics, the linguistic picture of the world and its definition and properties, anthropocentrism, the theory of conceptual / imaginary schemes, metaphors, metonymy and its types, and last but not least, phraseology. The practical part is organised into chapters, each of which revolves around a single corresponding somatism. Their etymological and anatomical characteristics are discussed, as are particular semantic areas and idioms in which the somatisms play a primary role. Lastly, those imaginary schemes thar are involved in the conceptualization of a given organ in the linguistic picture of the world are presented. The thesis is supplemented with the knowledge of psychosomatics which, given the premises of some idioms being conditioned directly by psychosomatics itself, have turned out to be of great utility.
J. D. Salinger's "A Perfect Day for Bananafish" Translation. Linguo-stylistic Analysis
Válková, Veronika ; Hirschová, Milada (advisor) ; Holanová, Radka (referee)
This thesis aims to analyse several translations of J.D. Salinger's short story A Perfect Day for Bananafish: namely two translations and two edited versions of the latter one. The contrastive view is used to discern the main differences in meaning of the original and the translated texts. There are several points of view adopted to recognise the differences. On the syntactic level, the contrast between the texts was found to be present in the treatment of the author's style, predominantly in the narrative perspective. Not employing nominal structures a great deal, the author's style was not lost in the translation process. Comparing the translated texts, a tendency to adhere to the syntactic surface structure of the original text was found in the less recent versions. Another level of analysis explored the temporal relations of the texts, with the original text relying mostly on structures expressing sequences of events and also simultaneity of events, but not the perfective aspect to a great degree. These time relations are also found to be communicated in the translated texts successfully. It is not only the narrator that is discussed in this thesis, as a great portion of the short story consist of dialogues. The analysis aimed, using certain excerpts of the story, to find to what degree...
Speeches in the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic
Lužíková, Nicola ; Holanová, Radka (advisor) ; Hirschová, Milada (referee)
This thesis focuses on the quality of speech of Ivan Bartoš. That is being examined through three speeches, which were selected as representative for a specific type of political speech. Because of their spoken nature, the transcription of those speeches is attached, as well as a list of symboles and abbreviations used in the transcription. The key section of the thesis is linguistic analysis of the speeches, which is made on five linguistic levels. Each chapter has its relevant theoretical basis, then concrete exemples show whether the speaker adheres to the stylistic norm. In the conclusion of every analysis is a comparison of the speeches, it si a determined how the speaker adheres to the stylistic norm of rhetoric in general and whether his speech has any specifics. In the conclusion of the thesis, the findings of the research are summarized, the specifics of the speakers speech are mentioned and it's determined whether the speech of Ivan Bartoš could be considered a quality one.
Bachelor Diploma Thesis: Genre of the Bachelor Diploma Thesis, its Formation and Contemporary Form
Hybner, Otakar ; Holanová, Radka (advisor) ; Schneiderová, Soňa (referee)
HYBNER, Otakar. Bachelor Diploma Thesis: Genre of the Bachelor Diploma Thesis, its Formation and Contemporary Form. Prague, 2019. Master thesis. Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Education, Department of Czech Language. Supervisor PhDr. Radka Holanová, Ph.D. This master thesis deals with the context of conditions leading to the existence of the bachelor thesis genre. A style norm of this expert communication genre is interpreted on the basis of the available literature. The overall conception of this issue in the available literature is evaluated. With respect to the style norm, criteria that are expected to be fulfilled in a bachelor thesis are set. The fulfilment of the criteria is tested on a randomly selected sample of bachelor theses.

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