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The evolution of Far-Right political parties and movements in the Czech Republic
Svoboda, Jiří ; Collins, Jonathan (advisor) ; Kocmanová, Markéta (referee)
Following the Velvet Revolution in the Czech Republic, far-right political parties and movements began to emerge. Since the Republican party, the far-right scene in the Czech Republic transformed several times, changing key topics and communication approaches. The objective of this paper is to examine the ongoing security dilemma that has been present throughout the entire existence of the independent republic. This paper explores far-right actors by examining various aspects and identifying trends, in contrast to studies that only focus on one aspect of a particular actor. The main goal of this paper is to answer the research question How have Czech far-right parties developed, changed, or stayed the same from 1993 to 2023? This is done by the content analysis research method. The research shows that the contemporary far-right carries similar themes to its predecessors, but it managed to adapt to a democratic reality in the Czech Republic by becoming less extremist and carefully choosing topics that might attract more voters and sympathizers. Findings of the paper may help scholars or security actors prepare themselves for a potential future development.
Exploring the Election Fraud Conspiracy Theory: A Qualitative Comparison of Selected U.S. and German QAnon Telegram Channels
Wittmann, Anastasia ; Aslan, Emil (advisor) ; Collins, Jonathan (referee)
This thesis delves into the far-right extremist movement QAnon, known for its affinity for Donald Trump and continuous propagation of conspiracy theories. The movement has gained notoriety through violent outbursts, with the attempted insurrection on January 6th , 2021, acting as a symbol of violent and anti-democratic activity. The objective of this thesis is to take an explorative and qualitative snapshot of the movement in order to understand its activity, beliefs, dynamics, and potential for future implications. The thesis focuses on QAnon's reproduction of the election fraud theory, a central element of the extensive conspiracy nexus. For this, the textual content disseminated through QAnon channels on Telegram, which constitutes a popular platform in the scene, is collected for this purpose. Additionally, in light of the movement's international expansion, a transnational comparison of the election fraud theory is undertaken. Germany, next to the United States, presents itself as a suitable country for comparison due to QAnon's extensive activity and presence. A qualitative content analysis is employed in order to identify concepts and categories in the QAnon U.S. and German textual corpus, which are then compared transnationally for similarities, differences, and patterns. The results...
Instability and Upheavals in Post-2011 Lebanon: A Regional Security Perspective
El Hajaly, Joy ; Weinfurter, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Collins, Jonathan (referee)
This thesis delves into the significant role played by civil society organizations and social movements in post-2011 Lebanon, focusing on their impact on the country's security dynamics, societal changes, and the contestation of sectarianism through the lens of the Regional Security Complex Theory (RSCT). The research explores how these movements have been instrumental in driving political reforms and conflict resolution by pressuring the government, advocating for policy changes, and garnering public support, leading to the adoption of new laws addressing societal grievances. The emergence of social movements in response to regional uprisings and the Syrian displacement has presented Lebanon with both challenges and opportunities. While existing power structures and resistance to change pose obstacles, the interconnectedness of these movements through digital technologies and shared goals has amplified their ability to mobilize and shape political discourse, thereby holding the potential for transformative change and creating opportunities for a more inclusive and democratic society. Empowering and supporting these actors will be crucial in fostering a more democratic and equitable nation. As Lebanon moves forward, the transformative power of civil society stands as a beacon of hope. The people's...
Beneficial or Detrimental Relationship? The Case of State-Sponsored Terrorism and the Identity of Violent Non-State Actors
Dvořák, Daniel ; Doboš, Bohumil (advisor) ; Collins, Jonathan (referee)
With the slow, but steady, amelioration of relations between Israel and the Gulf monarchies, the Islamic Republic of Iran is becoming even more regionally ostracized and may currently present a potential threat to the stability in Middle East. This, coupled with an uncertain domestic stability, may incite a rash decision within Tehran's leadership in order to both alleviate its domestic issues and assert its position in the region. This frustration may be directed towards Israel, the Gulf, or any other potentially threatening presence. One of the tenets of Iranian external power is its support for various resistance movements in Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and the Gulf. Iran's long-lasting relationship with two of these movements - Hezbollah and Hamas - is particularly interesting in the context of ever-changing dynamics in the region. Thus, the aim of this diploma thesis to assess whether the relationship between a benefactor, in this case the Islamic Republic of Iran, and a two proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas, is beneficial or detrimental to the latter. The assessment focuses on ideologies and goals of both sides of the relationship and how they man contradict each other at times.
Ignorance is risk: Social media and insecurity as understood through a regime of agnotology
Colomb, Noé Louis André Annet Merlin ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Collins, Jonathan (referee)
Despite the ever-growing presence of social media platforms, few have studied their impact on security as a whole. While discussions on security issues that stem from social media often hold users responsible, this thesis argues that the platforms themselves and the way they are constructed create insecurity. This project aims, first and foremost, to establish the role of social media platforms in eroding ontological security and spreading agnotology. These two concepts play a central part in this project's explanation of the security threats emanating from social media platforms. To examine these threats, the thesis will make use of a dual methodology. Firstly, its research method involves a scale by scale analysis, referring to scales of security. The individual and international scales offer complimentary outlooks on social media's spreading of insecurity. The individual scale will lead us to discuss the links between social media, ontological security and how addiction creates a vicious circle for individual users, through the instrumentalization of secondary literature analysis. Through its study of the international scale, this thesis will highlight social media's role in creating and fostering alternative perspectives on truth and reality and how this, in turn, leads to real-world security...
Examining the causes of the recent rise in right-wing terrorism within the Western world
Collins, Jonathan ; Kazharski, Aliaksei (advisor) ; Aslan, Emil (referee)
right assailants within the past five years. The thesis uses David Rapoport's seminal theory political pressures. Therefore, using Rapoport's measurement criteria, the project focuses on methods empirical analysis, the thesis contends that the data's common themes and patterns fulfil Rapoport's distinctive wave conditions within the phenomenon's international nature, the American and European experiences. Therefore, in satisfying Rapoport's conditions and

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