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Evaluation of Selected Biomechanical Parameters in Triple Jump
Sivila, Siddartha Humberto ; Hojka, Vladimír (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Bachelor thesis title: Evaluation of selected biomechanical parameters in triple jump Prepared by: Siddartha Humberto Sivila Supervisor of the bachelor thesis: Mgr. Vladimír Hojka, Ph.D. Aims of the thesis: The aim of the thesis was to determine the correlation between individual phases and overall performance in the triple jump, whether approach speed is an influencing factor, and if there is any correlation between performance and ground contact time in individual phases. Methodology: This study focused on utilizing the method of secondary analysis and correlation comparison to identify relationships and trends in data obtained from the Championship of Czech Republic, published on the website of the Czech Athletic Association. Results: The research demonstrated that the most decisive role in triple jump performance is determined by the hop phase, followed by the step phase. 18,8 % of the triple jump performance can be explained by the approach speed. Keywords: athletics, triple jump, analysis, evaluation, biomechanics, performance.
Analysis of Final Scores in Czech Video Game Media
Svoboda, Filip ; Houška, Jan (advisor) ; Švelch, Jaroslav (referee)
In a video game review, it is common to include a numerical recommendation rating in addition to a textual evaluation of the product (game). How (on what scale and how to use such scale) and whether to evaluate numerically or otherwise is a subject of extensive debate in the video game journalism context. The thesis aims to answer the question of how video game reviewers perceive the problematic aspects of the final scores through the interviews with Czech game reviewers. It compares the findings with each other and provides context. It also maps how scoring systems have changed over time.
Instruments for evaluation of the structure of the day in the occupational therapy
Račanová, Jana ; Rodová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Rotbartová, Eliška (referee)
BACHELOR THESIS ABSTRAKT Name, Surname: Jana Račanová Supervisor: Bc. Zuzana Rodová M.Sc. Title: Instruments for evaluation of the structure of the day in the occupational therapy Abstract: The bachelor thesis is theoretical-practical. The thesis summarizes the basic information about the tools used in occupational therapy to evaluate the structure of the day and the areas related to it. It is the structure of the day that is important component in the occupational therapy assessment and together with the other areas assessed it allows the occupational therapist to take a holistic view of the patient. Assessing all of the factors that may be affecting an individual's health is essential for setting appropriate therapeutic plans and goals. Therefore, the theoretical part includes chapters dealing with concepts related to the structure of the day that should not be overlooked in occupational therapy practice. Basic concepts of the profession (occupation, activities, habits) as well as concepts such as participation, occupational balance, roles, etc. are described. At the same time, the work includes brief information about models that address the issue. The aim of the practical part is to translate one of the instruments, namely the Occupational Balance Questionnaire 11 (OBQ11), and to test it in a standard...
Vliv problémové rodiny na školní úspěšnost středoškoláka
Přikrylová, Natálie
This bachelor thesis content is focused on the success of disciples in school in regards of problems in a family environment. The main goal of this work is to find out how a problematic family conditions affects the disciples success in school. In theoretical part of this work, I will define individual influences and concepts, that are closely related to school success. Next, I will define individual influences that considerably affect school success. The following part of this bachelor thesis is dedicated to family environment. Every individual person throughout life lives in different family conditions, that may affect them in their own way in their academic upbringing. Because of this, I incorporated in this work different kinds of conditions. Since my work is focused on period of high-school education, I dedicate to characteristics of adolescence in my work. The final chapter of the theoretical part is focused on individual functions of family and the problematic burdens on it. Empirical part of this bachelor thesis refers to my results obtained in exploratory investigation, data needed for this research I obtained using a qualitative method. I used semi-structured conversation form, individual data I then analysed, using open coding and thus, I got the necessary results that are part of the empirical part.
Hodnocení a metodika výběru dodavatele pro malé podniky ve stavebním průmyslu
Cejnarová, Adéla
The bachelor thesis deals with the method of evaluation and the methodology for selecting suppliers for a specific small company in the construction industry, which specializes in the realization of roads using the cold recycling method. The introductory part of the work describes the principles of supplier evaluation and the basic structure and functioning of customer-supplier relationships. Subsequently, data about suppliers for a specific company are analyzed and evaluated. A supplier evaluation methodology for a given company is proposed.
Metody hodnocení a zkoušení medu s důrazem na jeho jakost a pravost
Kučerová, Tereza
This bachelor thesis is concerned with the methodology of honey evaluation and testing. It characterises the different components contained in honey and its properties. The thesis deals with the determination of these parameters and presents methods for their determination. It describes mainly the chemical and physical analysis, which includes sensory analysis, determination of water content, determination of sugars, sucrose content by polarization, 13C/12C isotope ratio, hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), antioxidant content of electrical conductivity, thiric acidity and pH. The last part includes microscopic analysis and characterization of microorganisms in honey.
Geoturistický potenciál vybraných geologických a geomorfologických lokalit v okolí Milov ve Žďárských vrších
Pospíšil, Jan
The interest of this bachelor thesis is the evaluation of the geotourism potential of seven selected geological and geomorphological localities around Milovy in the Žďárské hills, their very characteristics and evaluation using the already established methodology of geosites / geomorphosites Mrs. RNDr. Lucie Kubalíkové, Ph.D. Selected localities represent not only natural monuments or nature reserves in the form of rock formations, which are in terms of geotourism within the area of interest very attractive, but also neglected meanders of the Svratka River. Geotourism potential is evaluated on the basis of methodological evaluation and questionnaire survey, designed for the target group of respondents. The key participants of the questionnaire survey are local residents (stakeholders) and visitors (tourists). The thesis compares the view of local residents and tourists on geotourism itself in the given locality and informs about the possible positive and negative impacts of tourism within the area of interest with an emphasis on selected geological and geomorphological sites.
Standardization of evaluative instrument for verify basic education standard in the branch Physical education
Havel, Rostislav ; Fialová, Ludmila (advisor) ; Řepka, Emil (referee) ; Hřivnová, Michaela (referee)
Title of the work: Standardization of the evaluation tool for verifying the standard of basic education in the field of physical education Author: PhDr. Rostislav Havel The dissertation deals with the knowledge area of the standards of the educational field Physical Education. The main goal was to create a didactic test for verifying the knowledge component of 9th grade elementary school students. The first step was the creation of an item database of 75 test tasks. Subsequently, pre-research (N=669) and pilot study (N=168) were carried out, which were mainly focused on the estimation of reliability, validity and item analysis of tasks. The final (standardization) version of the test was administered to 3 271 9th-grade elementary school students and contains 28 multiple-choice tasks with one correct answer and three distractors. The item response theory (IRT) method was used to analyze the test items, namely a three- parameter model with the values of the discrimination parameter, difficulty and pseudo- guessability parameter. To assess the dimensionality of the test, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis was chosen as a part of the pilot tests and the final version. Based on expert assessment, content validity was evaluated. Cronbach's alpha coefficient and McDonald's omega value were used...
Nutritional labyrinth - institutional, expert and lay paths
Slepičková, Klára ; Stöckelová, Tereza (advisor) ; Klepal, Jaroslav (referee)
The Nutritional Labyrinth - Institutional, Expert and Lay Paths Bc. Klára Slepičková vedoucí práce: doc. Mgr. Tereza Stöckelová, Ph.D. Abstract: The diploma thesis offers ethnographic insights into the black box of school canteens. It follows heterogeneous actor-networks that emerge in the processes of planning, preparation, serving, consumption and disposal of food. It shows that the current (problematic) quality of school dining is not the fault of either unwilling cooks or picky diners, but is the result of negotiations between different norms of what "good food" actually is. Using the concept of ontonorms the thesis asks what values and beliefs uphold specific eating practices and how these norms establish different categories of foods and bodies. It also asks who or what, for whom and in which contexts mobilizes different registers of valuing. The thesis draws upon data from research in six school canteens, and the "Vaření" (Cooking) project in a Montessori school, training for cooks as part of the "Máme to na talíři" (We have it on our plate) project and the online environment of websites representing these projects and canteens. The research was conducted as diplomatic ethnography with an effort to give voice to those who are often considered incompetent to decide what "good food" is and thus creates...
Conceptualization of the recruitment and selection process from the perspective of recruiters and the use of psychometric and psychological tools
Špádová, Zuzana ; Heider, David (advisor) ; Rudorfer, Lothar Filip (referee)
The main objective of this bachelor thesis is to highlight the individual conceptualization of the recruitment process and the various psychological insights, methods and tools that are used by human resource practitioners in a recruitment agency. The theoretical part includes the introduction of selected methods of contemporary recruitment (hiring) and the theoretical use of psychological knowledge in this process. The empirical part focuses on the conceptualization of the recruitment and selection process as well as the use of psychological tools and concepts in the daily activities of human resource workers in the environment of the selected recruitment agency. Particular attention will be paid to the use of psychological tools and concepts by recruiters with psychological and other backgrounds. The aim of the thesis is to find out how the recruitment process (and candidate assessment) is perceived by individual recruiters and what differences exist in the process of candidate assessment with regard to the procedures and knowledge that are used in the specific practice of recruiters and how their use varies according to education, length of experience and how their validity (effectiveness) is subjectively assessed. The thesis will be developed using qualitative methodology, specifically by...

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