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Evaluation and classification of pupils in Art education at primary school
Paulíčková, Kateřina ; Richterová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Linková, Marie (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of evaluation and classification of pupils in art education. The aim of the diploma thesis is to describe the form of evaluation and classification of art education at the second stage of primary school for selected teachers. Following the aim of the work, the following questions were asked: How do teachers evaluate pupils in art education? Does their evaluation subsequently correspond to the classification? According to art teachers, is classification necessary? What do teachers emphasize when evaluating a student's artistic performance? Within this work, qualitative research was performed. Selected research methods include observation of lessons of selected art teachers and subsequent interviews with them. Each of the teachers teaches art education and another subject at primary school. The main conclusions of the research include the finding that according to the respondents, evaluation is an activity that helps teachers in critical evaluation of student work, evaluation criteria and form of evaluation are not uniform among respondents and ideas about evaluation and classification often differ from the observed reality. Furthermore, respondents evaluate and classify in different ways. However, they clearly agreed on the importance of classification in art...
Evaluation of the Financial Situation of the Company and Proposals for its Improvement
Pešková, Helena ; Kruntorádová, Markéta (referee) ; Žižlavský, Ondřej (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the evaluation of financial situation of the company Microtex a.s. in years 2015-2019 using financial indicators and methods. These methods and incicators are described in the theoretical part of this thesis and later on they are interpreted in the practical part of this work. In the practical part it is also analyzed the company and it is described the competing company as well. The final part presents the suggestions for improvement of the company’s situation based on the results of the financial indicators.
The Design of the Maturity Model for Measuring Effectivity of the SIEM System in the Organisation
Kosková, Zdeňka ; Lukáš,, KUBÍK (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
The bachelor‘s thesis addresses the issue of evaluating the effectiveness of the SIEM system in an industrial environment. The goal was to propose a methodology that uses a MITRE ATT&CK matrix for ICS for evaluation. The thesis first analyses existing solutions and their potential applications, followed by a description of monitoring evaluation in an energy company, which together with the matrix form the basis of the proposed solution. The main output of the thesis is a proposal for quantitative evaluation of individual techniques of the matrix, such as graphical interpretation and the possibility to share results securely with other CERT teams.
Performance Assessment of the Selected Company according to Model Start and Proposals for the Improvement
Verner, Pavel ; Putnová, Anna (referee) ; Veselý, Josef (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the terms and methods of measuring business performance in the theoretical part. The analytical part also deals with the evaluation of the performance of EMKO Case a.s. according to the START model, identifying the strengths of the company and opportunities for improvement, based of which specific suggestions for improvement are elaborated in the proposal part, which are the output of the work.
The Application of Fuzzy Logic for Rating of Suppliers for the Firm
Ondruch, Lukáš ; Šebestová, Monika (referee) ; Dostál, Petr (advisor)
The master’s thesis deals with the use of fuzzy logic for evaluating the quality of suppliers of IT goods and other material for a selected company. The fuzzy model should facilitate decisions when selecting individual suppliers who should deliver goods for the implementation of IT projects. The model created in Microsoft Excel and MathWorks MATLAB should be helpful to the company's management and sales representatives.
The Application of Fuzzy Logic for Evaluation of Quality of Customers
Špinár, Lukáš ; Šebestová, Monika (referee) ; Dostál, Petr (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the use of fuzzy logic in the evaluation of customers in the business company SPINA Trade, s.r.o. MS Excel and MATLAB are used to program two models. Based on the input attributes regarding the customer, the model evaluates the recommended approach to the customer and his priority.
Development of a calculator for assessing vulnerabilities in Javascript
Škrhák, Pavel ; Fujdiak, Radek (referee) ; Holasová, Eva (advisor)
The aim of this work is to describe the known methods of vulnerability assessment, and to implement them in a web application using the Vue.js framework. The thesis describes two vulnerability assessment systems, namely CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) and OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Risk Rating Methodology. Their parts, metrics and methods of calculation of the evaluation are described. Subsequently, these systems are compared and their strengths and weaknesses are determined. The work then evaluates some known vulnerabilities using these two assessment methods. The work then describes the design of the frontend and backend of the web application. The frontend uses the Vue.js framework, which allows the creation of dynamic one-page web applications. The components and layout of the application are designed. Furthermore, the appearance of the front application and its components is designed. The backend was designed to suit with the Djnago framework, which together with the django REST framework can be used to quickly create an API (Application Programming Interface) communicating with the database. A model for storing data from a frontend application was designed. The work then describes the implementation of this application divided into frontend and backend. The backend describes the implementation of the API and the database. The implementation of the model itself, serializer and methods for communication with the frontend application are described. In the frontend, a vue router is created, which is used to dynamically change the content of the page, then the components themselves are created, which serve as building blocks of the application. These components contain three parts, namely structure, JavaScript code and CSS (Cascading Sytle Sheets). Components can pass data and call functions of other components. The last part of the work is testing of the application itself. Its functionality is tested by calculating the score of already assessed vulnerabilities and some items of the OWASP ASVS (Application Security Verification Standard). Furthermore, security is tested by testing several known vulnerabilities, along with testing with OWASP ASVS.
The Performance Evaluation of the Company using the EFQM Excellence Model
Kocián, Oldřich ; Hél, Petr (referee) ; Bartoš, Vojtěch (advisor)
The master’s thesis evaluates the performance of SUEZ CZ a.s. company applying the EFQM Excellence Model and subsequently discusses proposals to improve company’s performance. The thesis is divided into three parts. The first part outlines the necessary theoretical bases, that are further used and applied to the chosen company SUEZ CZ a.s. in the second part. Lastly, in the third part, the conducted questionnaire survey is evaluated and measures for improvement in problematic areas are proposed.
Proposal for the Improvement of the Motivation System in the Company
Sikorová, Anna ; Kaszperydesová, Pavlína (referee) ; Novák, Petr (advisor)
Diploma thesis is focused on motivation system in the manufacturing company Třinecké železárny, a.s. The first chapter of the thesis describes motivation and motivation system terminology. Company and its current employee motivation system are characterized in next chapter. This chapter contains also analysis of the survey. In the conclusion of this thesis there are described proposals for the improvement of the motivation system, which will lead to increase of employee satisfaction.

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