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Study of gender stereotypes of students (both girls and boys) of the selected basic schools
Zemková, Jana ; Mojžíšová, Jarmila (advisor)
The thesis is aimed at finding if the ninth-year students (both girls and boys) of selected basic schools have been affected by gender stereotypes, and if the gender stereotypes approach their ideas, perception and decision making. Besides gender concept, the theoretical part also includes chapters related to gender theories, attitudes, gender stereotypes, equal opportunities for men and women in occupation, and the role of men and women in a family. The central chapter deals with topics of gender and education. The practical part of the thesis is focused on determining students'attitudes towards gender area. Using questionnaire inquiry, the author has got data from 204 students (both girls and boys). The obtained data were faced with finding from the relevant literature.
Relationship of a child with ADHD and his family and his teachers
Konůpková, Olga
The thesis deals with the relationship of the child suffering from the ADHD and the child's family to the school. The objective was to find out what is the most important to the parents and the children and what influences the relationship and attitude of the child and the child's family to school. The theoretical part describes in which way the ADHD symptoms in the child influence relationship situations of all parties involved. It points out to potential problematic situations, lack of understanding in communication and potential risks for occurrence of conflicts. The crucial part of the thesis is a qualitative research survey carried out in the form of interviews with children and their parents. Its results show that mutual communication of the family and the school is very important as prevention from a lot of negative experience on both sides. The most frequent problems the child and the family cope with include non-functional communication with the teacher, bad relationship of the child with the teacher, insufficient cooperation and lack of understanding on both sides, which often escalates to changing schools. KEYWORDS ADHD in kids, family, school, teachers, mutual communication, changing schools, use of psychopharmaca
Abused child. Child abuse and its referential framework in individuals placed to a diagnostic instituce
Víravová, Jiřina
TITLE: Abused child: Child abuse and its referential framework in individuals placed to a diagnostic institute AUTHOR: Jiřina Víravová DEPARTMENT: The Department of Special Education SUPERVISOR: Doc. Boris Titzl, Ph.D. ABSTRACT: The submitted thesis focuses on the phenomenon of child abuse and neglect. The theoretical background for these issues had to be found in the science branches which have so far made the contribution to the explanation of the child abuse and neglect. Medicine (mainly traumatology) explains the mechanism of physical abuse, psychiatric- psychological approach not only enhances the topic with the psychical abuse and neglect, but also offers a backup to a non-moralizing explanation why abusing persons behave in such way. Sociological and ethological approach helps to understand the contextual factors which could foster the child abuse and neglect. The social work point of view is used to introduce the system of care of the abused children. Special pedagogy part of this thesis approaches the situation and education of the abused children mainly from the ethopedical point of view and reflects specific questions of institutional education. This part of the thesis is illustrated by real stories of abused and neglected children from the institutional education. In the research part of the...
Perception and coping with the specific learning disabilities impacts on everyday life of children with this diagnosis
Vilímová, Zuzana ; Kucharská, Anna (advisor)
TITLE: Perception and coping with the specific learning disabilities impacts on everyday life of children with this diagnosis. ABSTRACT This text is focused on recognition of impacts of the specific learning disabilities on everyday life as the children with this diagnosis themselves see it and the strategies used by these children in order to cope with these disabilities. The theoretical part summarizes the necessary knowledge of the early school age developmental stage, the interaction of a child with the family, and briefly the stress and the coping. The results of previous mothers of specific learning disabilities diagnosed children research are also presented. The empirical part is based on semi-structured interviews with six children diagnosed with the specific learning disabilities attending fourth or fifth grade of primary school. Based on it's qualitative analysis, the thesis attempts to clarify how the specific learning disabilities diagnosed children perceive and experience the impacts of this disabilities on them and how do they cope with it. KEYWORDS specific learning disabilities (SLD), child, family, school, failures, coping strategy
Pašková, Katarína ; Frinta, Ondřej (advisor) ; Lederer, Vít (referee)
Surrogacy Abstract The thesis deals with the topic of surrogacy as one of the options for treatment of infertility in couples. It deals with the approach to surrogacy taken by the legislator in the Czech Republic and raises the question of whether the current legislation is appropriate. The thesis examines the proposition that in a globalized world, it is not effective to prohibit surrogacy, but it is more effective to define its legal limits to protect the fundamental values and persons concerned. The thesis first defines surrogacy and the basic terms associated with it. It deals with the legal regulation of surrogacy in the Czech Civil Code. It describes the whole process of surrogacy, the legislation that affects it and the risks that are associated with it. First, it deals with the question, whether the law at all allows artificial insemination of a surrogate mother. It also deals with the issues of determining parenthood of a child, adoption of a child and the admissibility of financial compensation to a surrogate mother. It examines whether it is possible to conclude a valid contract on surrogacy and whether artificial insemination of a surrogate mother can be covered by the public health insurance system. It deals with the effects of surrogacy on labour law and social security law. It draws attention...
Public Opinion on the Role of Men and Women in Family - February 2020
Spurný, Martin
In its February survey CVVM examined attitudes of Czech citizens to roles of men and women in family. According to the Czech public opinion should be the domain of men in a family doing common household repairs. Cooking and tidying up were considered as typical women's activities.
Czech citizens’ opinions on partnership, marriage and family – February 2020
Čadová, Naděžda
In February Public Opinion Research Centre included a block of questions connected to partnership, marriage and family. Respondents commented on specific set of statements connected to cohesion of partners, marriage, divorces and parenthood in general. We also examined the views on the optimal number of children in a family and the ideal age for men and women to become parents.
Step-Motherhood in Czech Context
Skálová, Barbora ; Sokolová, Věra (advisor) ; Ezzeddine, Petra (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is stepmotherhood, specifically its implementation within relationships between women and men who already have a child or children. The basic motive of my work is to identify the construction of several conceptions that are considered natural, given or unchangeable, and which often represent very specific norms, especially dependent on gender. I define stepmotherhood here as a concept that in practice violates many cultural norms and which has the potential to enrich critical discussions about the family, reproduction and motherhood, and parenthood in general. My search is based on information gained through narrative interviews, which complement theoretical discussions representing the constructivist paradigm.
Left-handedness and its acceptance in contemporary education system and families
Svobodová, Libuše ; Vančata, Václav (advisor) ; Ehler, Edvard (referee)
TITLE: Left-handedness and its acceptance in contemporary education system and families AUTHOR: Libuše Svobodová DEPARTMENT: Department of Biology and Environmental Studies SUPERVISOR: doc. RNDr. Václav Vančata, CSc. ABSTRACT: The diploma thesis entitled Left-handedness and its acceptance in contemporary education system and families follows up and complements the bachelor thesis entitled The issue of left- handedness in the development of children and youth - history, present and perspectives. The first and second chapters of the theoretical part of the diploma thesis focus more deeply on the characteristics of left-handed writing styles, advantages and disadvantages of left-handed writing, suitable writing aids, classroom order, organization of work environment and writing methodology. The third chapter is devoted to laterality tests with a focus on the upper limb, lower limb, eye and ear, test tasks, their conditions and evaluation. The last fourth chapter of the theoretical part deals with the central nervous system, more precisely the brain and its asymmetric anatomy, function, control of upper limb movements and motor development of the upper limb. The practical part of the diploma thesis consists of five researches. The first research verifies the occurrence of left-handers in primary schools and...

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