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The satisfaction evaluation of the drop-in centres clients within the area of Zlín region of pandemic COVID-19
Hanáková, Karla ; Šťastná, Lenka (advisor) ; Jandáč, Tomáš (referee)
ITRODUCTION: Worldwide pandemic COVID-19 and enforcement of restriction measurements necessary to limit the virus spreading in area of public health has affected entire aspects of modern life and impacted inter alia also the area of using drugs, the drug trade including social and medical reactions to the drug phenomenon. As a result of taking the measurements the pressure on addictology services, their operations, the employees and last but not least the clients was getting stronger and stronger. AIM: The purpose of the work was to determine the scale of satisfaction/ dissatisfaction of the clients within the area of Zlín region contact centers with the interventions and services offered during the period of time in context of pandemic COVID-19 and maintaining anti-pandemic measures in order to minimize the impact of pandemic upon the clients and the contact centers' employees and to check this way the ability of the Drop-in centers to react and adjust flexibly to the current situation. METHODS: The respondents were chosen by intentional selection via the institutions. The mean of feedback represented the satisfaction evaluation. A questionnaire was used as a tool of data collection. The whole file consisted of 40 respondents in total. Acquired data were evaluated by STATA® 15.0, Statistic Data...
Summative evaluation of the Act on protection of health from harmful effects of addictive substances with emphasis on use of tobacco products
Kučerová, Klára ; Nekola, Martin (advisor) ; Ochrana, František (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the evaluation of Act No. 65/2017 Coll., The Act on the protection of health from the harmful effects of addictive substances with emphasis on use of tobacco products. The evaluation of this Act was approached on the basis of the principles of summative evaluation, which focused on the impacts of the health protection Act and on the fulfilment of its set objectives. Apart from evaluations, the theoretical and factual basis of the work includes mainly tobacco control in the Czech Republic. The practical part of this thesis is based on quantitative research that uses secondary data. This research was subsequently supplemented by information from semi-structured expert interviews. The analysis is focused on the evaluation of a total of fifteen indicators, which represent areas on which the adoption of the examined law may have had some impact. These indicators mainly concern the area of smoking and health, but also the tobacco industry, hospitality, and the state budget. The evaluation of the indicators is based on a comparison of two time series, while one of them shows the real situation and the other extrapolates the situation without the adoption of the examined law. The results of the analysis were subsequently discussed in relation to the fulfilment of the set...
Analysis of a social adaptation of handicapped students at specialised high school
Pokorná, Jitka ; Janošová, Pavlína (advisor) ; Syslová, Hana (referee)
In the theoretical part of this diploma thesis I dealt with the analysis of social adaptation of students with disabilities in high school with a special focus. I was interested in factors related to this issue. I tried to point out the possible pros and cons of involving these students in a special high school environment. I also pointed out the risk factors in the educational needs and limits of students with specific types of disabilities. The thesis also contains some recommendations for a suitable educational approach. The practical part contains research that was conducted qualitatively. For this purpose I chose the method of semi-structured interviews with nine respondents (students of one class from high school with a special focus), the age range of students was 18-28 years. I believe that thanks to the chosen procedure I had the opportunity to find out in more detail how students with disabilities subjectively perceive the environment in which they study, how they perceive ties in the class team, what support they see in their teachers and how they perceive the educational process at this particular school. Also where do students see possible obstacles or shortcomings and how they perceive evaluation (classic form of marking). The results of the interviews showed that students with...
Evaluation of Zippy's friends for primary school age children
Masařová, Anna
The thesis focuses on the Zippy's Friends prevention program, which is aimed at promoting social skills among children between 5-7 years of age. The first part of the thesis presents the theoretical framework for the main practical part. The goal was to conduct an evaluation of the implementation of this programme. The thesis is focused on alternative uses of the methodology and application. The data was obtained through semi-structured interviews with five respondents. The research shows that working with the methodology is not just a matter of the teacher within the classroom, but it involves a wider sphere of professionals working with children. In practice, the methodology is used not only for children between 5-7 years of age, but also for older children with various specificities. According to the respondents, some flexibility in working with the methodology and adapting it to the needs of specific children seems to be effective. According to interviewees, the Zippy's Friends methodology is a very versatile tool that can be used in different ways. However, the essence of the programme in the form of "Zippy Tips" and the Zippy's Friends story remains in most cases. Despite the fact that none of the evaluations conducted so far have dealt directly with alternative uses, some similar conclusions...
The Remuneration System of Employees and Proposal of Changes in the Selected Company
Hojačová, Kamila ; Hojačová, Lenka (referee) ; Procházková, Kateřina (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the system of remuneraation and evaluation of employees within the branch network and a specific branch in the selected company XY, a. s. The first part contains theoretical knowledge and selektor theoretical background. The second part of the thesis analyzes the current state and the influence of external and internal factors on the remuneration system. The third part of the work is focused on own solutions to the researched issues.
Employee Remuneration System in a Manufacturing Company and Proposals for Its Improvement
Němec, Martin ; Hornungová, Jana (referee) ; Procházková, Kateřina (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the system of remuneration of employees at a manufacturing company. The theoretical part discusses the concepts related to the issue of remuneration and motivation of employees. The analytical part analyzes in detail the situation in the company using various methods and indicators. The design part is dedicated to the actual proposals to change the current remuneration system
Mathematical Methods in Economics
Suchý, Martin ; Šustrová, Tereza (referee) ; Novotná, Veronika (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the use of fuzzy logic for evaluation of forklift suppliers. The output of the thesis will be a mathematical model that will facilitate selection of suitable forklift for company Tam a zpět, s.r.o. in warehouse use. This model will be designed based on conditions and criteria set by the company. This work will be processed using MS Excel and Matlab.
Unsupervised Evaluation of Speaker Recognition System
Odehnal, Ondřej ; Plchot, Oldřich (referee) ; Matějka, Pavel (advisor)
Tato práce je vystavěna nad moderním systémem pro rozpoznávání mluvčího (SID) založeného na x-vektorech. Cílem bakalářské práce je navrhnout a experimentálně vyhodnotit techniky pro evaluaci SID systému za použití audio nahrávek bez anotace tj. bez znalosti mluvčího. Pro tento účel je z každé nahrávky bez anotace vytvořen embedding. Ty se poté používají pro shlukování nahrávek a následné vytvoření pseudo-anotací. Na těchto anotacích se SID systém evaluuje pomocí equal error rate (EER) metriky. Za účelem vytvoření pseudo-anotací byly navrženy tyto shlukovací algoritmy učení bez učitele: K-means, Gaussian mixture models (GMM) a aglomerativní shlukování. Po testování vyšel jakožto nejlepší experimentální postup K-means se Silhouette metrikou, která používá kosinovou podobnost jako míru vzdálenosti. Nejlepší metoda dosáhla 5,72 % EER s referenčním EER = 5,15 %, které bylo spočítané se znalostí anotace na části datasetu SITW dev-core-core. Podobné výsledky byly získány na části datasetu SITW eval-core-core s odhadnutým EER = 5,86 % a referenčním 5,08 %. Rozdíl mezi hodnotami tvoří 0,57 % pro eval-core-core a 0, 78% pro dev-core-core. Další testy na NIST SRE16 a VoxCeleb1 datasetech byly provedeny za účelem ověření správnosti navrženého postupu. Obecně se dá říct, že navržený testovací postup měl chybu přibližně 1 %, což je poměrně dobrý výsledek pro algoritmus učení bez učitele.
The influence of automation of machining processes on the passage of the order through the company
Pavelka, David ; Marek, Tomáš (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
The goal of this master's thesis is valorisation of automation influences, affecting machine processes, which has strong importance on the passage of the order through the company. Master's thesis is processed in cooperation with FERMAT CZ, s.r.o company, which is based in Based. Theoretical part is focused on detailed research of current state of science and technology and system analysis of solved problems. Practical part is focused on design proposal and evaluation of changes in the production of the mentioned company. All the details are based on calculations, tables and graphic illustrations in the text of the final thesis.

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