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Preschool children and the role of the media in their lives
Běťáková, Anežka ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Neumann, Lukáš (referee)
This thesis deals with the issue of use of media and multimedia by preschool children, and their parents. The thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is based on the study of literature and is divided into five main chapters. In these chapters, I discuss the characteristics of the preschool child in relation to the topic. I describe the field of media and multimedia and look at how media affect preschool children and what the role of parents is in the work of preschoolers with multimedia. The last chapter, which deals with literacy, is divided into two subchapters, which address reading literacy and preliteracy and multimedia literacy. In the practical part, I implemented a questionnaire survey directed to parents and also semi-structured interviews with preschool children. Through this research investigation I aimed to find out how preschool children currently perceive the media world. I also focused on the extent to which multimedia is used by today's families compared to other media or other leisure activities and how parents approach the use of multimedia by children. A sub-objective of the practical part was also to create, put into practice and then evaluate the lessons with a children book that addresses the issue of multimedia, with using reading...
Speech therapist's communication with a child
Laiblová, Tereza ; Saicová Římalová, Lucie (advisor) ; Hudáková, Andrea (referee)
The text deals with the issues of speech therapist's communication with a child of preschool age. The text of the theoretical part of this bachelor thesis discusses the speech therapy as a branch of science, the term of impaired communication ability, dyslalia and its diagnostics, speech development of a child and child directed speech. Against the background of this information, the text of the practical part of the thesis devoted to the analysis of the speech therapist's communication with a child on the basis of the research. The text informs about the general organization of the hours of the speech therapy, which contributes to efficient work with the child. It also describes the different types of exercises and activities that the speech therapist performs with the child during the speech therapy. It emphasizes individual differences between the observed children. The text also seeks to analyze verbal and nonverbal communication of the speech therapist to note the different practices that the speech therapist used for efficient communication with the child. To obtain the necessary data and information we conducted the research and in its framework, we applied a case study. One kindergarten in the Central Region complied with our wishes. To preserve the anonymity of participating children we do...
To the nature with Jáchymáček - support for environmental education in preschool education
Bachelors thesis is focused on environmental education in kindergarten. Environmental activities contained in this thesis aids for connection between nature and preschooling as well as building-up positive attitude to nature it self amongts children. Bachelor thesis further defines tems related to environmental studies and koncept with in educational framework program. The Author among others things also mentioning the influence of environment on children which is closely related to environmental studies. Than points out on benefits children gains while Theky being educated in nature. The practical part contains thematic units together with specific activities created by the author those are designed for clinical kindergarten and its nearest surroundings such as Vajgar pond, meadow and field ecosystems Jindra´s leasing travil, Slavik forest, kindergarten garden and garden that belong to secondary school. Those units and activities are than evaluated.
The media as a possible source of danger to a preschool child through the eyes of their parents.
Brázdová Vančurová, Jana ; Koželuhová, Eva (advisor) ; Loudová Stralczynská, Barbora (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the topic of negative media effects on preschool children. The initial part of the work is devoted to the explanation of the term medium, its typology and functions. Furthermore, the work concerns the importance of media and digital literacy and its deployment in educational programs for preschool and primary education. The work also includes a description of the developmental specifics of preschool children and a description of the negative effects of the media. The last chapter of the theoretical part is devoted to educational styles in the family and their use for media education. The aim of the work was to find out how parents of preschool children perceive watching the media and whether they are aware of the possible negative effects that media have on children. The research was based on a quantitative method and a non-standardized questionnaire was used for data collection. 166 respondents took part in the survey based on the data analysis and interpretation of the results. The results show that parents of preschool children are aware of the negative effects of the media and are interested in the content that children consume in the media. They use parental control rules and settings to regulate media viewing. KEYWORDS media, influence of media, preschool...
Usage of Petr Horáček's books in dramatical education at work with children in preschool age
Podskalníková, Sára ; Ferklová, Alžběta (advisor) ; Sobková, Ivana (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the possibilities of using Petr Horáček's books in drama education with preschool children. The theoretical part characterizes the development of the preschool child. At the same time, it defines dramatic education, its specifics in kindergarten, the goals and the personality of the teacher. Then the methods and techniques of dramatic education, its connection with literature, criteria for the selection of literature and appropriate literary genres for preschool age. The last chapter is devoted to Petr Horáček and his books, on which the drama lessons in the practical part are based on. The practical part consists of ten lessons on chosen books, which are: Silly Suzy Goose, The Mouse who ate the moon, A Best Friend for Bear, Blue penguin, The Best Place in the World, The Perfect Present, The Greedy goat, The Mouse who wasn't scared, Puffin Peter and Elephant. The lessons are implemented in one heterogeneous group of children in preschool age. These lessons explore how can books be used practically in dramatical education. After the implementation of all lectures, reflection and dialogue with children is conducted, looking for understanding of recent lesson which is evaluated afterwards. KEYWORD kindergarden, dramatic education, Petr Horáček, preschool child, methods...
Contemporary Preschool Children's Knowledge and Preferences of Fairy Tales
Svobodová, Julie ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Novotná, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with fairy tales in relation to contemporary children of pre-school age and their knowledge and preferences of these fairy tales. My ambition is to point out what is the meaning and value of fairy tales for children as well as the importance and benefits of children's fairy tales knowledge and preference investigation. In my opinion, it is necessary to find out how children are currently doing in the field of fairy tales to let it contribute to their development. The theoretical section of this thesis is dedicated to characteristics of the preschool children in relation to the topic of this thesis as well as to the factors influencing children's reading which include family, kindergarten teachers, reading-stimulating environment and libraries. Also there is a part dedicated to literature characteristics for children as well as generations raising today's children and their relationship to children's literature. It can also affect children's relationship to literature. The next important area in the section is the fairy tale itself, its characteristics, types and fairy tale characters as well as the role of the fairy tale in kindergarten and what interaction options it brings. The aim of the practical part was to identify what fairy tales chosen group of preschool...
Development of Emotional Competencies of Preschool Children
The bachelor thesis entitled The Development of Emotional Competences in Pre-School Children focuses on the development of emotional competences by pre-school education teachers working with children from three to six years of age. The thesis consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part contains three main chapters. The first chapter deals with the concept of emotional competence, the second chapter pays attention to the characteristics of pre-school children with respect to their emotional and social development, and the third chapter summarizes knowledge concerning the possibilities of the development of emotional competences in children attending nursery schools. The practical part is focused on three-year-old children. It contains a programme to develop their emotional competences and describes selected topics of activities aimed at learning about individual emotions within the time period of five months. These activities can be used by nursery school teachers in the education of pre-school children to develop these children's emotional competences.
Dog-assisted education for preschool children
Canistherapy has a wide range of applications and is used in social, health care and educational sectors. We can say with certainty that the concept of canistherapy is known to the general public, but the understanding of more specific approach of AAI is unfortunately distorted. The aim of the bachelor's thesis focuses on the methods of applying the AAE to children of preschool age and what impact has the presence of a dog as a part of education of children in preschool. As part of the research methods, qualitative research methods were used, specifically participant observation, semi-structured interview, secondary data analysis and photo documentation. The results of this thesis confirm that canistherapy, specifically the AAE method, is very widely used in practice, but its correct recognition does not occur. Many preschools are very interested in canistherapy, but unfortunately as a one-time experience to secure diversification of the educational process, although its use in the field of therapy has huge possibilities. The result of research shows a large deficit in the awareness amongst preschool teaching staff. Based on the results of the research investigation, a methodological practise for one-time and regular canistherapy was proposed with a focus on the AAE method, and at the same time an information leaflet was compiled, intended specifically for preschool teachers.

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