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Speech therapist's communication with a child
Laiblová, Tereza ; Saicová Římalová, Lucie (advisor) ; Hudáková, Andrea (referee)
The text deals with the issues of speech therapist's communication with a child of preschool age. The text of the theoretical part of this bachelor thesis discusses the speech therapy as a branch of science, the term of impaired communication ability, dyslalia and its diagnostics, speech development of a child and child directed speech. Against the background of this information, the text of the practical part of the thesis devoted to the analysis of the speech therapist's communication with a child on the basis of the research. The text informs about the general organization of the hours of the speech therapy, which contributes to efficient work with the child. It also describes the different types of exercises and activities that the speech therapist performs with the child during the speech therapy. It emphasizes individual differences between the observed children. The text also seeks to analyze verbal and nonverbal communication of the speech therapist to note the different practices that the speech therapist used for efficient communication with the child. To obtain the necessary data and information we conducted the research and in its framework, we applied a case study. One kindergarten in the Central Region complied with our wishes. To preserve the anonymity of participating children we do...
Accessibility of Social Services for Deaf Seniors in the Czech Republic
Veselá, Barbora ; Hudáková, Andrea (advisor) ; Kodymová, Pavla (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of the provision of social services to the deaf elderly - users of Czech sign language, especially within the Prague area. The aim of the research is to map the possibilities of providing these services and to find out their usability, quality, satisfaction as well as the cooperation of family members while arranging them. The thesis is based on the fact that the topic of the accessibility of social services and the research on the frequency of deaf clients in social care services have not been properly researched yet. The problem is also the lack of professional sources. The theoretical part of this thesis is based on sources of a legislative nature as well as professional sources talking about the provision of social services in general. Later on, it also describes individual organisations providing outreach and ambulatory social services to deaf people and chosen residential services providing such services for the deaf elderly abroad are described here too. The research part of the thesis, which is based on interviews with various groups of respondents, investigates the presence of social services for the deaf elderly in Prague, the representation of deaf clients in regular homes for the elderly and possible methods of communication between the client...
Issues of Czech deaf people from the point of view of psychologist
Dvořáčková, Šárka ; Hudáková, Andrea (advisor) ; Holubová, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor's thesis topic is issues of Czech deaf people from a psychologist's perspective. This work describes a community of deaf people as a linguistic and cultural minority, their rules and habits. In the next part of this work, I am focusing on options for psychological intervention with Czech deaf people and deaf people from foreign countries. At the end of the theoretical part, I am focusing on the educational systems of psychologists on issues of deaf people in the Czech Republic and foreign countries. Part of this work is research, in which the goal was to map the consciousness of Czech deaf people among psychology students and already active psychologists. The final discoveries I put in context to our psychologist educational system. Key words: deaf, communication of deaf, deaf culture, sign language, psychologist, psychology student.
Book as a support for reading literacy development in children with hearing impairment in a kindergarten
Neubauerová, Mirka ; Homolková, Kamila (advisor) ; Hudáková, Andrea (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on working with the book as means of achieving reading preliteracy in kindergarten children with hearing impairments. In the theoretical part of the thesis are presented the definitions of literacy, reading literacy and reading preliteracy. Afterwards, the thesis points out factors that influence reading preliteracy in the preschool period. The following chapters explore the connections between this issue and the current curriculum and reading strategies appropriate in preschool education. The final chapter of the theoretical part, highlights the issue of children with hearing impairment in relation to reading preliteracy and briefly mentions the topic of the book and its importance for the development of reading preliteracy. The practical part of the thesis is then devoted to the research of possible ways of implementing solutions for kindergarten children with hearing impairments and their reactions to these activities.
Acquisition of handshapes in Czech Sign Language
Buchtelová, Hana ; Hudáková, Andrea (advisor) ; Saicová Římalová, Lucie (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the acquisition of Czech Sign Language by one child up to 36 months of age. This child is living in a family where Czech Sign Language is being used as the principal means of communication. The main attention was given to one specific aspect of language acquisition - development of handshape in Czech Sign Language. The thesis presents comprehensive review about sign language acquisition in general, then it focuses on the acquisition of handshape in various sign languages over the world and finally it summarizes results of foreign research. The analysis was based on video recordings that were provided by one family and captured communication between a deaf parent and their child. The main objective of this thesis is to describe a repertoire of handshapes acquired by child as well as their development. Additionally, comparison of handshapes produced by child with handshapes produced by adult users of Czech Sign Language will be made. Results of the analysis will be contextualized and correlated with findings presented by foreign researchers.
The final apprenticeship exam according to a unified assignment - a description of the current state in selected secondary vocational schools for the Deaf in the Czech Republic
Maděrová, Sára ; Hudáková, Andrea (advisor) ; Okrouhlíková, Lenka (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the final exam which was, in 2014/2015, unified for all the graduates of secondary schools providing secondary education with apprenticeship certificate. The point of this thesis is to analyze said final exam in certain hand-picked secondary vocational schools as well as some vocational schools for the Deaf. Furthermore, this study deals with the process of applying this mandatory unified assignment, how the individual needs of a student are met, how the supporting measures fit in and how the traditional approach affects these changes. In the second part, the research survey, the method of content analysis of curricular documents (framework educational programmes and school educational programmes), observation during final exam and semi-structured interviews with teachers has been used. Key words: apprenticeship certificate, Deaf student, final exam, secondary education, secondary vocational school for the Deaf, student with special educational needs, supporting measures, unified assignment, vocational school for the Deaf
Reciprocity in Czech Sign Language
Tamchynová, Veronika ; Hudáková, Andrea (advisor) ; Richterová, Klára (referee)
The thesis describes the possibilities of expressing reciprocity in Czech sign language. The term reciprocity and its defining criteria in language are first defined based on both Czech and foreign research literature. Videos for elicitation were selected based on the conditions that a reciprocal event must fulfill. Pairs of reciprocal and non-reciprocal events involving the same verb were analyzed. The form of reciprocal verbs was then compared with their non-reciprocal counterparts. Other means of encoding reciprocity were also described. One of the goals of this research was to determine whether the strategy used to express reciprocity is related to the type of the verb in its citation form. The results were compared with other languages, mainly with different sign languages. Keywords: reciprocity, reciprocal verbs, agreement verbs, types of verbs, Czech sign language
Making non-linear audiovisual media service accessible to deaf users via closed captions
Syrůčková, Pavlína ; Hudáková, Andrea (advisor) ; Prokopiusová, Šárka (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focusing on the topic of closed captions as a way of providing an access to the non-linear audiovisual media services to deaf users; for comparison, included are also the linear audiovisual media services. According to a valid act, the providers of the audiovisual media services on demand are required to caption the programmes offered via non-linear audiovisual media service. The aim of this thesis is to decribe how Czech public and commercial television companies make accessible their non-linear audiovisual media services in these days to deaf users, and especially to find out to what extend they provide their programmes, accessible via online libraries, with subtitles and closed captions.
Communication education at second level of selected primary schools specialized in education of pupils with hearing impairment
Svěráková, Tereza ; Hudáková, Andrea (advisor) ; Vaňková, Irena (referee)
(English) This bachelor's thesis deals with the topic of communication education at the second grade of selected primary schools specialized in the education of students with hearing impairment. The aim of this work is to find out what place communication education occupies in these schools, to what extent it is an integral part of the educational concept of these schools and in what forms it is implemented. The work is designed from a general basis to specific topics, so in the first chapters it defines the terms communication and communication education, then outlines the historical and current form of communication education in our country and then analyzes the individual components and methods of communication education. Subsequently, it places these topics in the context of the issue of students with hearing impairment. The practical part of this work includes a content analysis of curriculum documents (general and specific), semi-structured interviews with communication education pedagogues at selected schools and a didactic and content analysis of the provision of teaching materials and student works provided by particular schools. Key words (English): communication education; students with hearing impairment; deaf students; education of students with hearing impairment; primary school for...
Finger alphabet as an integral part of Scouting?
Ficková, Veronika ; Hudáková, Andrea (advisor) ; Vaňková, Irena (referee)
This Batchelor work concentrate to Czech fingerspelling. The work inspects and descripts as its traditional form used by deaf society (separately also as part of speech in sign language), as nontraditional form of use fingerspelling by hearing society of Czech scouts. The work indicates its use at scout (and except it) and also why young scouts learn the fingerspelling. This work compares use of fingerspelling at folklore with use of fingerspelling at scouting with its use at deaf society (casually in community of the Deaf people). Also, collected data about form of pronouncement fingerspelling are compared. The work progresses by collecting relevant facts, next is researching probe by semi-structured interviews and finally these data about fingerspelling are enlightened by their reciprocal relationships. By researching, the work answers the question, if the fingerspelling is a part of scouting, or a part of the child folklore. In the end the work is analysing the use of fingerspelling by the deaf members of scout group 53 Potkani Powered by TCPDF (

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